Spring is upon us, no matter the temperature. It is the VERNAL EQUINOX. Thousands of years ago, ancient astrologer, Ptolemy, established what we now call the TROPICAL ZODIAC by referencing 0* of the CARDINAL FIRE SIGN, ARIES, to this seasonal shift. In TROPICAL astrology, Aries is thus aligned to the bursting forth of SPRING…& assuming the place of the first sign of the zodiac. The following 11 signs of the zodiac march along with the rest of the CARDINAL signs, CANCER, LIBRA & CAPRICORN heralding the seasonal shifts of Spring into Summer, (CANCER), Summer into Fall, (LIBRA), & Fall into Winter, (CAPRICORN). Using this ‘tropical’ method of working with Astrology, orients us to the Earth rather than the fixed stars. For now, as we are still bound to the earth, it is the environment where we are having the ‘experiential’ process of being alive. One day, we may be moving about in the celestial heights where the stars rule and we might want to adjust our zodiacal understanding accordingly. But, for now, we are creatures of this planet & aligned to the energies therein… ’all is one & one is all’…

This year, the exciting, energetic & indomitable Aries New Moon coincides with this organic shift from the dead of winter into the hopeful birth of spring—the Vernal Equinox.  (For most astrologers, this is month one in the parade of the year…)

The degree of this New Moon is 0* Aries 51”. This underlines the sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. We are all ready & willing to shake off the winter blues & turn our faces up to the brightening warmth of the Sun.

What are your ‘New Moon’ aspirations? Take a moment & doodle them into articulation. Give yourself a fleshed-out idea that you can then attempt to concretize in the days ahead. Make this a reboot of any resolutions that you may have made at the conventionally considered ‘New Year’. ( BTW, it’s possible that the reason why so many fail to follow through on the so-called New Year Resolutions is that they are being made at an incoherent time—the dead of winter when we are all in hibernation mode—LOL…) But, take a moment to check in with yourself & sense the growing appetite for activity & movement that you must be feeling now as the earth, our mother, begins to wake up from her cold & wintry sleep.

Here are a few highlights to keep in mind for this upcoming lunar cycle & Vernal or Spring Equinox:

We are still in the midst of a full throttled forward moving energy with all planets direct. This gives us the help we need to shake off any hesitation & get ourselves in gear. You should be feeling the desire to do something. So, do it.

Mercury will begin to slow near the end of this lunar cycle as he reaches his next retrograde degree. More on that next month. Take advantage of the slowdown by focusing your mental energies on any projects that you may have gotten going in the preceding weeks.

Mars has finally passed the shadow point degree of his long, long, long retrograde period and, at last, he will shift energies on March 28, leaving frisky little Gemini & moving into mild & moody Cancer. Self-care is highlighted with this shift. Find ways to nurture yourself first before expending all of your energies on others, within reason, of course. Keep changing those diapers & feeding those littles if that is where you find yourself. But, also take the time to pamper yourself & feed your holy body so that it can continue to serve your needs.

Jupiter continues his journey through Aries underlining the excitement & sheer joy of the season. Be open to seeing things in a new way, approaching issues with a fresh attitude & stay open to inspiration that takes you right out of the box of conventional thinking. Be bold in your dreams. Hope for what may seem to be impossible. Reach for the celestial heights.

The mid-point of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) is still under the unpredictable aura of Uranus, at 16*18’ of Taurus. Expect the unexpected in the area of life where this energy is present & if you are ‘ruled’ by Uranus or have significant energy in any one of the ‘fixed signs’, you are in the midst of a shift cycle that will take you where you least expected to go. Exciting & sometimes scary at the same time.

Neptune continues in Pisces & now, the ‘sidereal-ists have caught up to the ‘tropicals’. There are approximately 24 degrees between the signs as understood by Tropical & Sidereal Astrology. With Neptune now at 25*20’ of Pisces, both sets of astrologers agree that the collective is in full-blown dreamtime mode. Out of the resulting confusion & angst, a new vision will inevitably be born. What dreams may come? We will see. In the meantime, use the divine energy to draw life-giving spirit into your consciousness. Connect to whatever is spiritual in your own life.

Finally, Pluto will dip his toe into the electric energy of Aquarius on March 24, 2023. Transformation of the collective will now officially begin. In your own chart, whatever part of the psyche is highlighted is ready to redefine itself over the next 2 decades. Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride to the depths of your soul.

As Pluto transits the following areas of your psyche, consider how to facilitate the following:

First house: Delivery system adjusted

Second House: Inner moral compass refined

Third House: Communication clarification

Fourth House: Intimacy Reconsidered

Fifth House: Self-expression reignited

Sixth House: Organic overhaul

Seventh House: Partnership makeover

Eighth House: Purification of the core

Ninth house: Aspirational adjustments

Tenth House: Identity redefined

Eleventh House: Righteous revolution


Twelfth House: The Inner child awakens


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



Our suffering brings about our transformation, our perfection. That which comes out of the heart of this suffering is something new & as if cleansed by the waters of purification, just as the newly born baby is washed clean by the amniotic fluid in which it has been forming for the 40-ish week term within the mother.

We come into this life to be part of the natural living creation. Not only do we choose to embrace it, but we also need it to embrace us. We must be acutely aware of how we walk on this planet, and how we interact with all other life on this planet for from these things comes our survival on this planet. So, no matter the sacrifices that we may have to make in order to better align ourselves with the natural world, if we do it, it will make us ‘perfect’.

What a privilege it is to be here and now. We are living in extraordinary times. Boom or bust! Are we up to the job that we all have? Can we hear the call of our Mother, the Earth, & find our way back to her bosom? It is certainly a question worth exploring. Dig down deep into your akashic self. Remember what came before. Work hard so that you do not repeat the errors of the past. Be made new. Be purified & cleansed. Continue.

bless us all