Another Full Moon coming up! If we follow the ‘tropical’ astrological methods, we are awaiting the most specific, the most painstaking, the most healing energy of VIRGO. Pisces & Virgo are ‘partner’ signs within the circle of demonstrated energy. While Pisces looks to the Divine, Virgo scours the Earth & gets its work done. And for Virgo, WORK is a wonderful thing!

Virgo energy responds to the dreaminess of Pisces with a plan. Never afraid to start at the beginning, Virgo methodically moves in the direction it deems most appropriate. Order once instituted makes space for healing. We all have a lot of healing to do.

Before the next New Moon, (Aries & at the Equinox!!!), Mars will finally pass his ‘shadow’ point at the end of Gemini energy & will be just about ready to shift energies from fanciful Gemini & into moody, meditative Cancer.

Saturn will have just shifted into Pisces where he will be ready to restructure & refine that which we designate as real. The collective chaos of the past few years needs to be swept away & purified. In Pisces, Saturn is able to draw down divine energy to facilitate the fundamental healing of the manifest reality. The next few years will be a good time to align with whatever it is YOU identify as a higher power. Without a guiding principle, life becomes rather meaningless. Find it for yourself & make it your compass as you journey through your life.

And Pluto,

the archetype of the secret soul within us all is at the 30 * mark of Capricorn energy. Get ready for a wild ride through the collective consciousness for the next 2 decades. This upcoming transit through Aquarius is going to be a LONG one. Meanwhile, as we wait for the restoration of faith (1* Aquarius), be prepared for secrets & lies to be fully exposed (30* Capricorn). As you confront the truth that was called a lie, be open to what you hear, to what is revealed. It takes guts to admit that you were wrong & even greater guts to realign to what you discover to be true. We have been traumatized & assaulted over the past few years with untruth after untruth & now is the time to shake off the lies, reconsider our options & take appropriate action. In each our own way, we must carry the light so that we can illuminate the dark.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:



There is so much going on under the surface of things that it is inevitable that there will be instances when there might be ‘eruptions’. Volcanos are generally considered with a degree of ominous awe but in fact, sometimes it is necessary for there to be a cleanout. In nature, though the volcano is initially destructive, it layers the earth with vital minerals that eventually will nourish a resurgence of life. On an emotional level, it is not healthy to keep things bottled up. That is the strategy that results in dis-ease. We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, ready to clear the air. On the collective level, it’s about truly huge issues that will eventually determine how this current human experiment develops. Individually, we must look deep into our own psyches & release fear, hate, anger, greed, sloth & deception. If we can do this, both individually & collectively, the promise is of a rejuvenation; of celebration; of a loosening of the chains of slavery & despondency. We want to purge ourselves of all that is holding us back & throw ourselves wholeheartedly into RENEWAL. From a volcanic eruption straight into an Easter parade, so to speak.

Spring is almost here. This winter has been long. There is a feeling of hope & optimism around us & the astrology of the times certainly supports this. Enjoy the last few days of Pisces/Virgo. Take a nap & then go clean your closet & get ready for the inspirational energy of Aries to rush right in!