Capricorn Full Moon, July 13, 2022 @1:38 PM CDT

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022 @ 1:38 PM


With the New Moon in Cancer two weeks ago, our emotional centers were triggered and the themes of self-care, self-love, and self-affirmation were highlighted. Any wounds that were hiding deep within our hearts may have been opened up to the possibility of healing or at the very least, to the beginning of exploratory work by us into sensitive areas. Now, with a glorious summer Full Moon in the partner sign to Cancer, CAPRICORN, we can take the steps that are needed to implement strong and steady strategies that could facilitate ongoing self-reliance, self-assurance, and self-promotion.

Capricorn is the energy of competency, self-motivation, and efficient management of all areas of living. Its real-time application of real kinds of strategies—not pie-in-the-sky fantasy but hard-core, down-to-earth things that actually might work in the now. In Capricorn, we set aside histrionics, moodiness, and co-dependency. Now we enter into the arena of responsible adulthood, taking charge of our reality, and ensuring the success of our undertakings. And, not because of some vague emotional desire but rather, because we have made good solid plans of action that will incrementally and inexorably lead to that desired success. As the Moon soars in the summer sky, we drink up the truth serum that she bestows upon us via the hard-nosed and unrelenting rays of Capricorn.

So, how are you doing with addressing emotional stresses? Have you taken some time to face up to any issues that may be lurking around in your psyche? If yes, good on you. Keep at it. If not, set aside some time for self-reflection and let that fat full Moon work her magic on you.

This Full Moon is full of earth-shaking energy if we choose to access it. At the exact Full Moon point, lady Moon is fast approaching Pluto and both are ruled by Saturn in Aquarius. This combo of energies reinforces objective realism. Yes, we seek meaning but we do so with a cool detached perspective, not allowing personal prejudices to influence us. We want the facts, without the editorial content. Once we have enough data, we will make our own conclusions under the light that comes from a spiritual (ideally) perspective. By around 11:00 pm, the Moon will have conjoined Pluto @ 28* Capricorn, while making a square to Mars & finishing off an earthy trine to Uranus. Unexpected rumblings can definitely still occur. Always be conscious of Moon/Pluto dances as this union has the potential to explode into awareness and especially when Mars & Uranus are involved. In Capricorn, the Moon is technically restrained, controlled & self-managed but when Pluto sticks his finger into the pot, anything can happen, even in Capricorn.

One possible manifestation of Moon/Pluto is ANGER. Monitor your responses (MOON) so that they do not get out of control (PLUTO) before you know what is happening. Plutonic energy is often hidden until it is not…LOL!

Adding a sense of lightness & frivolity to the rather somber Capricorn energy, we have Venus in delightful Gemini & Mars in sensual Taurus. Read a romance novel or even better, engage in a real romance. Go on a date. Send someone you like/love a mushy card. Throw an impromptu party. Just don’t forget about Moon/Pluto lurking in the background. Having fun can sometimes dissolve into mayhem if we aren’t careful to moderate ourselves…

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:






There are definitely times when we must recognize that it is better to surrender than to fight. If we are going through personal trial, facing issues within ourselves or dealing with issues that involve others, we must be uber aware of how to engage, how to proceed, & when to pause. If we have been long denying the reality of a given situation, let us be willing to at long last, call it like it is. And ultimately, on a strictly spiritual level, let’s recognize that we are not ‘in control’ and if we feel that we are, it may be time to surrender to the truth that we definitely ARE NOT IN CONTROL. And that is just fine.

The Cancer symbol guarantees that if we wait, with patience & composure for our ‘boat’ to arrive, it eventually will. In fact, it is the act of surrender, highlighted in the Capricorn symbol, that provides us with the capacity to be patient, to wait, to stay calm & to have faith in the inexorable process of life. Let us all stay in the present moment without regret for the past or anticipation for the future. We have everything that we need JUST HERE, JUST NOW…at this moment.

We are living in interesting times. Reality is shifting before our eyes. Nations are rising & nations are falling and we, this generation, are witness to it. Fortify your own self. Be clear about your own values. Hold fast to your own truth & TRUST that love will ultimately prevail.

Enjoy the MOON as she sails the darkening skies…