New Moon in Cancer & the Solstice..woohoo!!! June 28, 2022 @ 9:53 pm CDT

New Moons are beginnings and yes, they do come around once every month so the initiations are not necessarily large-scale but more along the lines of short-range directives and easily accomplished goals; sprints rather than marathons. I really like these little incremental strategic plans of action. Goals that are actualized always result in a sense of accomplishment and act as a spur for even more courageous initiative on the part of the successful doer. It’s the easiest way to build up confidence. Set yourself small goals, fulfill those goals, and then take it to the next level.  Baby steps are always the best course of action. No leaping off tall buildings without some kind of safety net, please. We are not super-humans—YET…

You can tailor your plans of action around the central energy of each New Moon as it rolls around each month. So, for instance, this month it’s all about the emotional body—how we feel, how we react, how we process what the heart receives. Added to this is the fact that we have just had one of the most glorious events of the annual cycle—THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. We luxuriate in those long sultry summer days that drift lazily into sweet velvety nights filled with gorgeous celestial objects that enrapture us as we gaze at them, especially for those of us in the Northern hemisphere (the more north you go, the better).

We are more relaxed during the summer and this relaxation provides us with a measure of security as we review our relationship life, our feeling nature, and the things that incite emotion within us. The question:  How SECURE do you feel about this part of your life? What fears rise up in your consciousness when you think about these elements and/or issues? Can you come up with any strategies to address the things that are not working? Take some time to sit with these thoughts and brainstorm a few ideas. Then, as the month progresses, you can see if what you imagined can actually be put into action.

The call to action, then, is EMOTIONAL GROWTH, at the very least, and EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION, if we pull up our bootstraps and really get down to business. It’s about YOU, your deep-down feelings, your intimacy quotient, your family, your roots, and the place you call…’ home’. Wrap yourself up in the cozy energy of Cancer New Moon & explore it all.

Both Mercury & Venus have now shifted into Gemini, that lovely flirtatious energy! The mind, (Mercury) wants to keep things mobile & light & Venus desires nothing much more than fun in the sun. The directive here is to find ways to lighten your tempo as you process through emotional issues. Detach a bit from overly subjective or melancholic reactions if something rattles your rib cage & tries to grab a hold of your heart. The airy signs like friendship but not necessarily, overdependence on it. A friend can wear many faces so variety is the name of the game.

Mars & Jupiter are still in Aries though Mars will shift into Taurus in early July before the next Full Moon in Capricorn. What new initiatives can you create in your own life? Can you find the impulse necessary to be a new you? Do you have the guts to go for the glory? Aries is the energy of ACTION & boldness so take a close look at your own natal chart to see where the Aries part of your psyche is being prodded into action. If you have significant Aries energy, then this is YOUR time to go for the brass ring. Sun, Moon, or Rising Aries people will feel the heat of these fiery flames to get off their behinds & MAKE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, happen! With Jupiter continuing through Aries for the next year or so, (he dips back into Pisces from October 29-December 20, 2022), this is a very special time for all of you Aries types! The more that you can create an environment of hope and trust around yourself, the more likely you will reap the rewards that come from the goodness of Jupiter.

There is an almost perfect square aspect between the Moon & Jupiter. Squares crackle with energy. This energy can be quite explosive if we do not carefully manage our responses to others. With a square it can be like turning a corner & seeing the way out or, conversely, suddenly ramming into someone at a crossing, so, don’t be caught off guard. Watch your responses. Confrontations are a result of carelessness so be careful.

Uranus & the nodes of the Moon are doing the two-step, with the north node moving ever closer to Uranus in Taurus. What is the directional flow in your life? This is especially the case for anyone with Taurus/Scorpio energy prominently featured or the nodes in that polarity. Be willing to change your reality and work with, not against the rhythm of life. Plans are only made so that they can be broken or altered. What is the cliché? Life is what happens while we are making other plans…

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:








In shamanic teaching, rabbits are connected to the primal energy of FEAR. Emotional process often elicits a fear response within us as we face those inner insecurities. This symbol urges us to FACE OUR FEARS. By yanking them out into the clear light of day, we can focus on them & transform them. Instead of those troubling thoughts that lurk behind the corners of our minds, we can shake them out, ‘dress them up’ & review them as if they were ‘on parade’. Fears strangle us only if they are kept under wraps. Heroes are not fearless; rather they are willing to meet their fears head-on & work around them. We can all be the Heroes of our lives. It is a choice.

The second symbol is yet another promise of joy & victory if we make the choice to be a HERO! There is nothing more uplifting than hearing the sweet songs of birds. Songbirds are an omen of something good coming down the pikes. Last month one of the symbols was that of a bluebird at the door while this month, that bird has entered the house & is now heralding something wonderful!

So, enjoy the New Moon. Do what needs to be done this month. And always remember to insert some FUN, no matter how difficult that might be to do!



A quick word about the Summer Solstice:

There are 4 cross-quarter points within the wheel of the year. At the Summer Solstice, we reach that point, (in the Northern Hemisphere), when the Sun is at his strongest.

This year the energy of the solstice is all about reaching for the prize, taking action, cultivating hope & faith & believing in the promise of a change! The Moon & Jupiter unite in Aries & send the crackling energy of hope to the Sun in Cancer. We are encouraged to set some clear-eyed goals to make definable changes in our lives, to shake off doubts & fears & to pursue excellence at every turn. We are responsible for the reality that we live so it is incumbent upon us to dig deep & step up to the plate. No more denial, no more blaming others, no more procrastination. If we want it, then we must go after it. Period. Hopefully, you are feeling the enthusiastic energy that was captured at the solstice, Ready, Set & GO!