This year we have the pleasure of TWO AQUARIUS Full Moons, the first one being in July at the beginning of the Sun’s transit through LEO & now, at the very end, 30* of the Sun’s transit through LEO. As with any Full Moon, the polarity energies are activated so find the LEO/AQUARIUS houses in your own natal chart & consider what areas of life are being triggered in your own personal reality.


1/7:    Relationship

2/8:    Resources

3/9:    Communication & Connection

4/10:  Personal Identity/ private & public

5/11:   Self-actualization & Community Consciousness

6/12:   Well-being/physical & mental



This collective Full Moon is a breath of fresh air after the last few lunations of deep introspection & soul-searching. It’s as if the divine universe is giving us permission to open our hearts & show our true colours to all & any who care to see them!

Jupiter is in close proximity to the Moon adding extra buoyancy & optimism while Venus Trines Saturn within about a degree (very close!) infusing us with the power of our considered certainty in all things. Both Venus & Saturn Trine the asteroid, Ceres, also in tight orb, emphasizing that care & nourishment of others works best when the mind is calm & the heart is strong.

We believe in the magical power of the heart & we are grounded in the knowledge of all that we have learned & discovered. No one will shake us from that which we know to be good & true no matter how hard they try. Saturn in Aquarius provides us with the stamina & strength that we need to stand squarely in our truth with love & light as our backdrop. Venus in Libra opens our throat chakra so that sweet words can flow & heal those around us. Ceres in Gemini connects us to those we associate with, in friendship.

All of these celestial objects are in the air element, suggesting clarity of thought, the objectivity of perspective & the ability to detach from emotionalism when interacting with others in potentially volatile situations. Air element infuses a cool, calm & collected atmosphere into the scene. We are rational. We deliberate. We do not jump to conclusions without doing the research. We are thinking beings, able to separate emotion from process. This is truly how we provide care & nourishment to those around us; by being steady in the face of fear & methodical in the face of terrorism. Make no mistake about it, we have all been terrorized over the past few years by improper handling of this so-called ‘threat’ to our physical safety. Most of us are traumatized without even knowing that we are traumatized so be kind to yourself & give those around you some slack as well.

Take the time for the few days around this Full Moon to just ‘BE’ in the energy of creative living. Feel the flow of it deep within your soul & body. Give yourself permission to express your deepest & possibly secret thoughts & feelings, if only to yourself & then incorporate them into your everyday activities to the extent that you are able to. The energy of method & process is highlighted at this lunation by the close conjunction of Mercury & Mars in the analytical sign of Virgo. Do not JUMP to conclusions without first thoroughly exploring as many of the so-called ‘facts’ as you can. Virgo says to be anal in your search for the data that makes sense. And do not forget that we are all operating from behind the film of fear. If you have only been listening to one narrative for the past few years, you have NOT been getting a balanced view of what has been happening. Critical thinking requires that a diversity of opinions be explored & examined & that is not what we have experienced since this hysteria has been perpetrated on the global village.

This lunation is square to the Nodes suggesting that we are at a crossroad. Which way will we go? Will we allow the goodness & truth of Jupiter in Aquarius to lead us out of this slavery to fear? Will we use the power of Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius to fortify us in the face of terrorism? Hopefully, we will.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


This mystical place, the blooming field of Ardath, was a destination where a traveler could find peace, rest & kinship. It could be likened to that spot to which spiritual seekers are drawn. It is in this hallowed place that the seeker finds his soul family & experiences a union of spirit with those who are like-minded. It is a place called HOME; the home that we all long for; that we spend entire lives searching for. Of course, it is to be found deep within each one of us; that is both the magic & the mystery of it; that which we seek is always right at hand if only our eyes of understanding could see it clearly.  In these strange & chaotic times, we must challenge ourselves to find our very own ‘field of Ardath’; to create peace out of friction; to bring peace to that which is not at rest. We must not wait for someone else to do it for us. We must do it for ourselves.

30* Leo:               AN UNSEALED LETTER

What do you want to know? What do you need to know? It’s all there for the taking but you do have to make the effort to actually pull it out of the envelope. Being informed is a choice. Today, many of us are choosing to NOT KNOW more than is comfortable to know. With knowledge, comes the responsibility to act on that knowledge. It is sometimes easier to just stay asleep & not be put into a position where some sort of action needs to be undertaken. This symbol also suggests personal action is necessary when seeking knowledge. If all that we do is turn on the TV & listen to the ‘party line’, we are not active participants in the search for truth. But, Truth is there, in that unsealed envelope, just waiting to be read! And truth, little seeker, will set you free to be at peace in the ‘fields of Ardath’ where humanity can finally find their HOME & reside in unity & peace.

Blessings to all…

mantra for the glorious Aquarius Full Moon

i am one we are one all is one blessed be