Full Moon in Aries , September 24, 2018 @ 9:54 pm CDT

Its here! Once a year the Moon reaches her full point in the energy of Aries, calling us to action on the deepest of levels.

In and of itself, Aries is the impulse, courage, individuality and the celebration of being essentially, viscerally ALIVE. Undeveloped Aries energy can manifest as rashness, egocentricity and anger. Of all the energies, this is the one that we must cultivate most assiduously so as to extract the maximum benefit from it as it settles in our psyches. Everyone has this energy woven into them but how it works within each of us is another matter.

With this lunation, we can take the time to objectively examine why we do the things that we do, why we make the choices that we make and how those acts and choices either facilitate our growth and inner expansion or inhibit it.

Mars, the ruler of this particular Moon is pointing the way to broad philosophical exploration on our parts. Go back, he suggests, to your original reasons for the circumstances of your life. Dig deep into memory and your past and try to remember what motivated you, what led to the present moment. Understanding the beginning leads to a greater ability to navigate the present and to create the future of YOU. The key is OBJECTIVITY if you can get there. Don’t give in to self-centered analysis or to projection of personal angst onto others. That never works and only leads to further muddle and distemper.

Saturn, the archetype representing substance and personal responsibility sits squarely aligned to this lunation. Suck it up, he says and take charge of yourself. If you don’t like what you see around you, get up off your bum and start altering your reality. You are the boss of you. You are not a victim. Actions have consequences and consequences lead to actions. Be judicious and don’t act like a fool. The measure of any person is the ability to admit when they are wrong or when they need help. Be willing to be humble. It’s no skin off your back but, oh boy, does it ever make the angels sing!

I love this time of the year. We have passed the Equinox and the shadow of winter is on the horizon. With this beautiful Aries Moon we have one last kick at the can, one more surge of power and zest. Often, this is the Harvest Moon, calling us to mind the earth and reap the rewards of our labours. Go outside and breathe in the beauty of Gaia as she release herself into the arms of slumber. Make a bonfire and burn away the waste on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. Call down the fiery Moon as she glides across the sky tonight and let her do her magic in your soul. Yes, we are of the earth but we are linked to the sky. We are stardust from a long time ago, born in a distant place beyond the reaches of this little solar system. That memory is in us all despite the evident chaos and disunity. Our job is to re-discover the thing that bind us all together and to nurture it so that love and peace truly do rule the world. Aries, with all of its power and might can incite us to righteous acts of courage and the positive expression of personal will. Just do It!

The Sabian Symbols are :




Aries reminds us that we are individuals and that it is our duty to be true to who we really are. We are formed through a constant interaction both with ourselves and those around us. We become the sum total of all that we do, think and choose. We have the capacity to alter that which we do not like about the reality that we create. In fact, we must! So, think deeply, act wisely and choose cautiously at all time, but for goodness sake, do think, act and choose. That’s how change happens!


The Aries Celebration

I am the flame

That is born in the heart of the divine

I am joy and exultation

I am freedom and fearlessness

I am the song and the singer

Let the music flow…