Fill your tanks…it’s time to…READY, GET SET & GO!

As summer finally rolls in, we have a super-duper shiny Moon in the fiery and mutable sign of Sagittarius. It’s the kind of energy that has a hard time sitting still, so if you get a hankering for distant horizons, new adventures, or unknown locales, you are plugging into this exuberant, irrepressible energy. Devil may care? YES. Love it or leave it? You bet. Get rid of all the junk and finally be free? Close enough!

You must go outside for the next few nights and just gaze at that Moon. She’s shining brightly at the moment. Feel the hopefulness seep back into your bones as you look up at her. Yes, there is another option. Yes, the horizon beckons and it isn’t scary in the least. Yes, there is a new dawn, a new day, and even a new you if you want it.

Mercury has completed his retrograde motion thru Gemini & a dip back into Taurus and is now almost completely thru the shadow period of the retrograde cycle, nearing the degree when he Stationed RX. Creative impulses are ripe and ready to drop so be prepared to catch them, find the wave, and get carried into whatever activity brings you the most pleasure, satisfaction, and reward. For some, it might be the fullness of creative expression. For others, it could be getting right in the face of what you want to change about yourself. Whatever it is, creative energy is the energy of ACTION. If you do not actually follow through it will fizzle and wither away like a fire that is not fed. So, take that urge, however tiny or large it is and work it, baby, work it. With Mars, now speeding thru his home sign of Aries, the energy literally crackles with potential. Caution? Think twice before taking the plunge but, of course, be willing to take it!

Venus, comfortable in her home sign of Taurus is still flirting with Uranus so be prepared for unexpected events taking place! The promise of Uranus is sudden & unforeseen alteration of the status quo. A new lover could suddenly appear; money for nothing might come your way! It is the unsolicited gift, the thing that was not planned for but may well be better than the thing that was! Just roll with whatever comes your way.

The call to action with this lunation is to be courageous, bold, and self-aware. Do what feels right to YOU and not what you think should feel right to you. There is only one person that you must please and that is yourself. If you are fully in love with that person, all else will fall into place, the life choices, the relationships, the money problems, the responsibilities, and the obligations. Knowing exactly who you are and owning it provides a strong foundation for positive interaction with all aspects of your life on this plane. The Sag Full Moon says, be who you are. Be free. Be bold and adventuresome. Just be. And, above all, LOVE IT! FOLLOW YOUR HEART…


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




What hopeful images! Bluebirds have long been an omen of good fortune. To have a bluebird at one’s door is definitely an inspiring thought!

Along with the secondary image of playful children enjoying themselves even in wintry weather, we are encouraged to find joy & happiness in simple pleasures & make the most of what is available.

With Sagittarius energy, we look to the positive & accentuate that which we CAN do to improve our reality. Let’s all get on the frisky Sagittarian horse & gallop gallantly into a greener future!


Thought for this Full Moon

I am a warrior full of courage and fire;

I reach for the MOON and catch all the stars…