Gemini New Moon: May 30, 2022 @ 6:32 am

A new lunar cycle begins in the carefree & light-hearted energy of Gemini & partner sign, Sagittarius. There is nothing but optimism with this particular New Moon, despite the rather tedious Mercury Retrograde. There is a wonderful array of movement & comfort as we have Venus in her home sign of Taurus, Mars in his home sign of Aries & closely aligned to Jupiter newly entered into Aries—oh joy! Saturn is almost at a standstill in Aquarius & ready to go retrograde on June 4 where he will join Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde motion.   

Mercury, now retrograde & at his station degree @ Taurus 27 is closely aligned to both Aquarius & Pluto, by square & by trine. The Pluto trine facilitates deep thought, serious consideration & relentless probing into the fundamentals of anything that is currently giving you concern while the square to Saturn provides steely willpower & uncompromising determination to persevere despite any obstacles that pop up. Trine energy, especially in earth gives a sense of security & well-being. In the case of Pluto & Mercury this could manifest as an owning of your own personal authority, certainty in your own viewpoints & thought processes, a knowing that you have the facts to back up the assertions; confidence. The Square energy between Mercury & Saturn suggests that any unpleasant realizations can be faced with courage & methodical action. Make a plan & even if it is a challenge to carry it through, you have the resolve to do so. This Mercury Retrograde ends on June 2, though the shadow continues on into mid-June. Once Mercury has stationed Direct, whatever blockages you may have been feeling will begin to ease & action can be initiated with greater confidence that it will actually be unhindered. This is especially true for anyone with personal energy in early degree Gemini & late degree Taurus but everyone can feel the ripples of the glitches when Mercury decides to somersault backward through our lives!

Venus & Uranus meet & greet around June 11th & 12th with the resonance of this union extending a few days on either side. If you have a lot of Taurus/Scorpio energy at the 16* point (+/-) be open to unexpected pleasures coming your way…Be willing to receive that which you did not plan for!  Whoop-de-do!

Adding to the optimism of the Gemini New Moon are Mars & Jupiter both newly entered into Aries. Expansive action is the name of the game here and this is reinforced doubly as this combo finds itself in the irrepressible & forward-moving energy of Aries. “No” is a word that this combination of energy simply does not understand so we must all be mindful of not stepping right off the cliff into thin air. No matter what you plan to do, keep a tight leash on your emotions & count the costs before leaping into it—whatever ‘it’ might be.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:



This is a truly odd pair of symbols and yet eerily reflective of the times in which we are living. Most of us have the feeling that there is little that we can do about ‘controlling’ the circumstances of our lives in the broadest of senses. We are subject to decisions made by people we do not know & who, in some cases, we have not even specifically empowered to make those decisions. But here we are, flying together, falling together & hopefully, landing somewhere safely!

The second symbol promises a safe landing. Though we might be anxious & feel tentative about our collective future, the suggestion here is that we are on the threshold of something positive, something good, something that is not what we are currently enduring. The word, “opportunity”, literally means ‘before a harbour’. We are almost there. The ‘safe landing is within sight and once we have safely arrived at the port, something wonderful awaits us. We must, all of us, dream our collective dream of love, unity, freedom & goodness. If a sufficient number of dreamers unite, the dream will materialize. It is more than time to shatter the dark energy of greed & hate & take us all back to the garden!




“Be strong and of good courage;

be not afraid,

neither be thou dismayed:

for the Lord, thy God is with thee

whithersoever thou goest.” 

Joshua 1:9

And for the non-Christians

“She is with you;

she is your mother;

she will not abandon you;

be strong & fearless

in the face of the foe…”