New Moon in Aquarius; Full Moon in Leo

January 31, 2022, @ 11:49 pm CST we have a New Moon in Aquarius. All three of the rest of the personals are still in Capricorn with Mercury nearing his Station Direct within a few days of the lunation, Venus now beginning to move forward after her retrograde period & Mars newly entered into that energy. The electric energy of Aquarius is held firmly to ground by the earthy support from these three archetypes.

Keep in mind as you ponder this New Moon that this is a time for the initiation of intention. What do YOU want to create? The Aquarius energy in YOUR chart is activated by the New Moon & collectively, we are all triggered to imagine what is possible. This is a most auspicious time to actually concretely articulate your hopes & dreams. Get them down ON PAPER. Set up a sacred altar space & place them on it surrounded by objects that are meaningful TO YOU. This is how to frame rituals in your own life.

Saturn forms a close conjunction to the New Moon adding a sense of resolve to the possibility of a new way forward. Collectively, we sense movement in the air, a feeling that we must all step up to the plate & create the kind of reality that we would like to live in. Aquarius is the future. It’s change, alternative thinking, inventiveness & ingenious solutions. Most of us are now admitting that, whether we are amongst the compliant or the contrarian, we are DONE. Something has got to shift. We are weary & beaten down by the insane condition of our social circumstances. Aquarius stirs the rebel deep within us & encourages us to imagine the unimaginable, to think way beyond the perimeters of THE BOX; to question, to challenge; to take the old & make something new from it.

This spirit of freedom is further reinforced by transiting Uranus in Taurus in a dynamic relationship with the New Moon energy of Aquarius & supported by the solid, responsible energy of Mars/Venus in Capricorn. Is it time to re-examine our core values, create strategies to refine & polish those values so that they more authentically represent what we love & aspire to? With Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn closely aligned to Pluto in Capricorn, we are determined to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the reality around us. We want to get to the bottom of the why’s, who’s & what’s of it all. Answers, we want answers that MAKE SENSE & that are based on measurable data, facts, not suppositions & manipulated numbers. As more and more data is uncovered, we want SOMEONE to pay the price for the decisions that have led to this current state of collective trauma. Capricorn & Aquarius are both linked to Saturn, the planet archetype that most closely represents KARMIC LAW. What goes around, comes around & in the end, the TRUTH will most certainly be revealed. Have no doubt, a payment for the foolish & destructive decisions of the past 2 years will be paid. The ‘fat man’ will finally get his just reward.

This is further underlined by the nodal shift into Scorpio (south node)/Taurus (north node). Whatever has been kept secret is due to be made public. We understand that this is a fight for survival at the most basic of levels & we stand in solidarity for OUR CHILDREN, the future of the human race.

The Sabian Symbols for the New Moon are:


Change is occurring. We sense it, even as we still struggle in uncertainty. And we know that the darkest time is JUST BEFORE the dawn when the pressure that erupts into change is the greatest. Often, at critical times such as these, we can feel hopeless. We can feel as if we cannot continue but the oracle is encouraging us to remember, that at the very moment that we think that we simply cannot go on, that will be the moment when we have arrived at that ever so critical tipping point. So, we must hold on & we must turn on our critical thinking faculties to the MAX so that we can carefully examine all of the incoming data & read it correctly. We will not be fooled again into believing a lie. What is the lie? That there is a SINGLE SOLUTION to any given problem. There are many ways to solve a problem (beat a virus)!


Meditative consideration is of utmost importance before decisions are made & subsequent actions are taken. The oracle informs us that we are still in the ‘waiting’ period, restlessly (the rocking motion) anticipating the call to action. We are encouraged to ‘hold the line’; to wait until the optimum moment when any action that is undertaken will result in the maximum of positive results. Keep investigating. Keep challenging yourself. Keep looking for more information to either support your suppositions or refine them. That is the REAL scientific method, ongoing observation & co-relation of the observation to potential conclusions. And, as we increase our knowledge base, as more and more information is added to our analysis, we MUST have the honesty to make adjustments to what we think is true. That is the real way to tackle any problem whether personal or collective.

February 16, 2022 @ 10:59 am CST: Full Moon in Leo

At the highest of levels, Leo/Aquarius is about the potent & creative energy of LOVE; how we love ourselves & how we love the rest. It is out of the vibrant energy of the heart (LEO), that we find the strength to extend ourselves out to the collective (AQUARIUS). This Full Moon forms a dynamic square to the Nodal Axis in Scorpio/Taurus.  Is this an opportunity to reboot? Do we have the capacity to ‘do over’? Are we brave enough to admit our errors, courageous enough to face the truth & revise our thinking & our actions? Our survival as a society & even more broadly, as a species is what is at stake here (Scorpio/Taurus).

The personals are still in a vital formation to support all of the above. Mercury, now direct & in Aquarius is still aligned to Pluto but now with a fresh approach & willing to explore new perspectives. Venus & Mars are tightly joined in Capricorn promising stamina, resolve & purposeful action. Jupiter in Pisces is closely aligned to Uranus in Taurus, suggesting that the explosive energy at the New Moon can now be sweetly directed into loving solutions to any long-standing issues that we are dealing with. By July of 2022, Uranus will meet the North Node & the change that we are sensing, the decisions that we are now making as we sense that incoming shift, will erupt around us. Will we be ready? Will we have the personal capacity to go with the flow of the change? We must, all of us who are even mildly awake to what is going on set the intention of LOVE for the changes ahead.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are:


There is a reality beyond this current reality & it is full of magic & promise. What we are capable of imagining, we are capable of creating. Yes, it will take effort & determination to ‘swim that turbulent sea’ but if we are fitted out with the right equipment, (like the mythical creature, the mermaid), we will be able to do it. Let’s use our collective gifts in the service of the greater good. Let’s develop ways to live in harmony with our environment, both physical & spiritual. Let’s make this human experiment work by throwing out the bits & pieces that obviously are no longer working & instituting new bits & pieces that work better. If we dream it, it will come; if we imagine it, it will be.


What an absolutely wonderful & hope-inspiring image! Out of the magic of possibility, change can be realized. It is as natural as breathing. The life story of the butterfly as it passes through its various stages is ORGANICALLY MAGICAL. It is a mystery beheld but impossible to understand. Who says there is no design to life? The fool says it. So, as we create possibility within our hearts & minds, we are assured that we will eventually SEE that possibility come into being through the inexorable process of transmutation. The oracle instructs us to HOLD ON, HAVE FAITH, ENDURE TO THE VERY END because the reward is worth the wait. Once that butterfly emerges, freedom will be our name.


My heart beats

in harmony

with the drums of freedom

I raise my arms high

up to the Sun

I sing my song

of liberation

from the bottom of my soul

under the light of LUNA

and to the ends of the heavens

it is there

that i will dwell

with the angels

blessed be

forever amen