The Aquarian Archetype

The Aquarius Archetype: Unrestrained Originality


The 12 signs of the zodiac represent the entirety of the energies of the human psyche. Starting with Aries and culminating with Pisces, they describe the archetypal journey through the developmental process. Each of us has a unique mandala that contains all of these energies and so, everyone has the unusual, extraordinary energy of Aquarius somewhere in their psyche. Understanding the essence of this energy provides us with clues about how we think, imagine, set ourselves apart and even how we fit in.

Though the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, this is not watery energy! Rather, as we open up the complexity that is Aquarius we enter into the realm of the intellect; fixed in terms of modality and airy in terms of element, Aquarius is partnered with Gemini & Libra by element and Taurus, Leo and Scorpio by mode. Formerly, Aquarius was linked to Saturn but since the discovery of Uranus, it has been linked to that planet. And so, it is the 10th & 11th house of the horoscope where we naturally can locate Aquarius.

Some of the archetypes are The Thinker, The Visionary, The Futurist, The Revolutionary, The Iconoclast, The Community Activist.

All energies can express in both LIGHT and SHADOW. In fact, it is the Shadow that teaches us how to find the Light. If we understand the shadow parts of ourselves, we can create strategies to integrate shadow so that it is more reflective, more light-filled, more externally oriented. It is when we deny or repress our shadow selves that we can actually lose the potential for Light.

The Shadow of Aquarius is fracture, a breaking apart of that which could be whole. If you work with the Tarot, take a look at your Tower card. The seemingly solid structure of the Tower is being shattered by an unexpected force represented in some decks as a lightning bolt. Aquarius can manifest in this way within the psyche, a sudden insight that sweeps you off your feet, a jolt to all that you thought you knew that creates a reversal of fortune. The key is to be willing to consider the message and not kill the messenger! This sense of inside out-ness, upside down-ness is reinforced by a reactive response to whatever is being shaken. Ego always wants to preserve that which it knows, even when that is something that may not be ideal. The known quality is the comfortable one. We can see this play out in real terms when we find ourselves in situations that are less than desirable and yet we are either unable or unwilling to leave those situations because that which is unknown seems more frightening than that which we know. It is for this very reason that evolution is painstaking, slow and often interrupted. The self is blindfolded and walking through an unknown landscape in search of the soul. But this is exactly the key! The soul calls us to seek healing. Healing is based on finding ways to integrate, to create a sense of wholeness. In Shamanism, the skillful shaman travels into the underworld to retrieve pieces of soul that have splintered off. He brings them back to the person who needs the retrieval. This is a beautiful representation of the process that we, the astrologer shamans, can undertake by exploring ourselves via the astrological method. We can dive into the underworld of our personal psyches, face the demons that lurk therein and locate those elements of ourselves, the fractured pieces of our soul, that have been lost because of the traumas that we have endured. And we have all suffered trauma.  Trauma is not relative. It is unique to each individual. One person’s trauma does not eclipse any other person’s trauma.


So, in Aquarius, we come face to face with our individual fracture, unearth the traumas that have contributed to that fracture and, most importantly, find the means to heal from those traumas.


This is also the energy of the grand intellect. It is the future that beckons from afar. If you have ever had an inspiration that seemed to have come out of nowhere, the Aquarian part of you was probably involved in some way. Aquarius also calls you to be unique. Individualism is born in Aquarius. Interestingly, the call to individualism ultimately leads us into community, a sense of family based on shared interests born out of that core uniqueness. When we set ourselves apart, think for ourselves, we begin to seek those others who have also set themselves apart and begun to think for themselves. In the final analysis, we are tribal creatures in search of that tribe that is uniquely ours. That is the community part of Aquarius.

If you were born at the end of January and into the first half of February, you are that quirky, relentlessly unique individual who can call herself an Aquarius. Your season is that bridge time between Solstice and Equinox. You know how to build connections between the old and the new, the seed and the stem, the beginning and the middle.

But you don’t have to have a birthday in Jan/Feb to demonstrate Aquarian traits. If you have this energy at any one of your cardinal houses, the ascendant, the IC, the descendant and the MC, you march to the beat of your own internal drummer. If you have an active, heavily aspected Uranus, you know how to think for yourself. You see things in a way that is NOT usual. Strongly Aquarian types probably feel varying degrees of frustration cyclically. When everyone else sees a circle, they see a square. And yes, it is a square, but just try and tell everyone else that! If any one of your personal planets is found in Aquarius, you will approach life in an Aquarian way.

The Moon:     Cool, calm and collected; always in control—maybe a tad too much at times; able to navigate emotional dramas with a skill that far surpasses the rest of us. You need to work on your heart chakra and open yourself to the energy of love so that your natural fellow feeling is amplified and strengthened.


Mercury:       Innovative, out of the box thinker; able to make connections that the rest of us can never find. You are the genius of the Zodiac. You have to monitor your freewheeling intellect so that the rest of us can catch up to you. Possibly a tad too detached from time to time. Remember to include emotions.

Venus:           You can love just about anyone and anything. Distinctions do not bother you. In fact, they tantalize you. The bigger the difference, the better for you. You love approaching ethical situations from every point of view except the accepted one. You have the capacity to challenge the status quo and bring in new ways of understanding the world we live in.

Mars:            Jack of all trades and also, master of many! Clever and capable, able to learn how to do things quickly and easily. You are indiscriminate when it comes to getting things done. Whatever works is what you will use. Non-judgmental, inclusive, able to work well with others or go it on your own. You must watch your electrolytes because you can run on empty for much longer than the rest of us.

Wherever you have Aquarius in your birth mandala, this is where you may manifest that quirky, unique, individualistic part of yourself. And it is vital that you do so. Aquarius will take you into your own potential. It will guide you into the brilliance that you can be. Follow the breadcrumbs into the shining parts of your soul force. Be unique. Be singular. Find your tribe!

If Aquarius is found in your 1st house:

You like to do things in your own way and at your own pace. You know how to take the lead though not because you want to be a leader. You are able to approach situations with innovation and adaptability. Watch out for a tendency to be ornery just for the sake of it!


2nd house:

You need to create a unique and creative set of values. It isn’t easy for you to go along with your ancestors’ point of view unless you first make it your own point of view. Money is a tool, not a commodity for you so you might find that you go through cycles of prosperity and cycles of want.

3rd house:  

Communication is universal for you. You need to be able to understand EVERYONE and you would like everyone to understand you. Innovative and creative when it comes to intellectual pursuits, you might have to slow down a bit so that the rest of us can catch up.

4th house:

At the core of your being you are completely and utterly individualistic. Family for you is based on a commonality of philosophy more than a genealogy. Emotionally independent for the most part, watch that you do not detach yourself from others to the point of no return. Your job is to keep it personal with those that you need to keep it personal with.

5th house:

You need a measure of independence when it comes to romance. Creative and prolifically so for the most part. There is a certain uniqueness in the way you express yourself so depending on the rest of your chart, you could be an artist that cuts a new path societally.

6th house:

You prefer to create your own work habits and your approach to the day to day is singular. You know how to work independently and how to set your own time schedules when it comes to completing projects. Inventive? You bet!

7th house:

Relationship is like a book that has yet to be written for you. Conventional ways of relating make you want to pull your hair out. If it is weird, you can handle it. If there are rules, you want to get up and leave. The thing that is the most seductive to you is anything that doesn’t abide by predetermined codes of conduct. Keep them guessing is your motto.


8th house:

You can be fearless when it comes to the mysteries of life. Nothing can stop you when it comes to exploring secrets both within yourself and others. If something doesn’t make sense, you will keep trying to make sense out of it until you do. Nothing shocks you when it comes to the underbelly of why people do the things that they do. Because of your ability to detach, you can be a real facilitator to those who are experiencing trauma.

9th house:

You are intoxicated with all that you have yet to discover. Strange-ness does not phase you and you prefer the company of those who you do not yet know intimately. Always ready to go one step further than the rest, you are an intrepid traveler both literally and philosophically. You enjoy challenging yourself with cutting edge ideas and approaches to being alive.

10th house:

You have the ability to create new strategies both personally and socially. You can inspire others to step outside the lines, to be unconventional, to challenge the status quo. Because you have the vision to see a possible future, you can be a leader when it comes to changing things. If something is established but you can see that it is no longer working, you have the courage and insight to put a new plan into action.

11th house:

You love the tribe. Community is something that is a core motivation force for you. What you want is a new kind of community, a different way of being part of a group. You are a revolutionary, a one of a kind activist when you find the thing that makes you want to fight for the right!

12th house:

The depths of your psyche is a weird and wonderful playground. Often able to pull up memories that come from other times and even other psyches, you are not afraid to be alone with your own thoughts. There is always something new to discover deep within yourself. Complicated and yet strangely simple, they broke the mold after they made you!


Aquarius is the flavor of the future. As we shake off the last vestiges of the Piscean age, we sense that something wonderful and exhilarating is just a breath away. The egalitarian energy of Aquarius promises us equality, justice and truth. Do we have the capacity to embrace the nobility of that promise? Can we build something that will be fair for all? I guess we are about to find out!


The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is one of the most magical times in the ‘wheel of the year’. The Sun is reborn and the earth begins to turn her frosty face towards him. From now on, the days will get just a little bit longer and the light a little bit stronger. Yay!

It is always useful to take some moments and reflect on all that has transpired since the last Winter Solstice. These Cardinal Ingresses are much more a ‘New Year’ than the calendar date of January 1.  However, the Capricorn Ingress is so close to the calendar date that the secular world uses that we can just extend our reflectiveness all the way into January.

This magical moment is filled with the hopes and dreams of generations of our ancestors. Long before this time was linked to Jesus, it was a pivotal time of celebration in the so-called pagan world. The traditions that we moderns associate with Xmas are drawn from rituals and symbols that depicted re-birth, renewal & restoration. Way back in the 300’s a very clever Roman emperor named Constantine married the old pagan ways to the new Christian ways when he formalized the then new Christian faith. Recently converted himself, he very astutely recognized that there was no way to stop these zealous Christians from proselytizing. He understood that it was merely a matter of time before there were just too many Christians to keep killing as had been the custom until then. Feeding them to the lions was becoming a non-option. What to do? He decreed that the birth of the new god, Jesus, would be celebrated right around the Winter Solstice! This kept the pagans happy and pacified the Christians all at the same time. Remember, Winter Solstice is the re-birth of the Sun which by its warmth and light bestows life on all. Jesus, the Saviour, gave the hope of everlasting life to all when he sacrificed his life on Calvary Hill and was resurrected 3 days later as a spirit being. The co-relationship is unmistakable. The most beautiful part of the Story of Jesus is this hope and faith in something everlasting, something that supersedes pettiness, rivalry, hatred and everything dark. Just as the Winter Solstice marks the return of the LIGHT. so does the essence of the Jesus story. Clever Constantine!

So, at 10:19 pm on December 21, here in the central time zone, we shake off the last few fiery impulses of Sagittarius and enter into the steady and secure energy of Capricorn. I know. It doesn’t feel all that secure or steady. In fact, with Pluto transiting Capricorn and only about halfway through this cardinal earth sign, any steadiness is being shaken. We see it all around us on a global level. I know that it feels like CHAOS but step back, take a breath and really observe what is going on. Birth, transformation, actually transmutation, is messy, often indescribable, incoherent, even bloody. Evolution—and this is what is happening, involves a measure of random destruction. Whatever is no longer useful or applicable must be done away with. Not everyone will be on-line with that and sometimes, it may not even look like that is what is going on. Trust the process. Though it may be incomprehensible from this point of view, there is a method in the madness. Set your egoic fears to one side and try to see the big picture. To come up with a new world order, an old world order must be eradicated. Remember, we are merely at the beginning of the process. Most surgery, at the start, can be scary.

So, what to do on an individual level at this most magical, most mysterious time of the year? The Sabian Symbol for 1*Capricorn is AN INDIAN CHIEF DEMANDING RECOGNITION. I will restrain myself and not co-relate it to the literal world—smile.  Rather, let’s find that inner personal place of authority and use it in this coming year. What have you learned? What do you know to be true? Have your values changed, grown, shrunk, whatever? These are useful questions to ponder because what we are is the sum total of all that we have experienced. Have your experiences opened up your heart and mind or have they shut it down?

The light of the Capricornian Sun is fully focused on the 2nd quadrant. The heart is being activated to express itself in full creativity. How can we align our actions to our deepest sense of who we are? Are we expressing ourselves positively, fully, and with love? Can we connect to the archetypal Artist who lives in all of us and let her SHINE?

For this Solstice, the Moon embraces the mystery and magic of Scorpio. The authority of Capricorn is underlined by the power of Scorpio. This is intense energy that demands to be felt. We are being asked to go deep, to be fearless in our quest for truth, to define ourselves with authenticity and courage no matter what we find in the secret places of our hearts. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let’s pull up our britches. We can do this!

This Solstice is powerful! Saturn, transiting Capricorn, sits side by side with Pluto. There is no more time left for shirking our duties. We must accept responsibility for all that we have done and all that we have become. Be willing to stand in front of the mirror and accept what you see. No more denial. No more rose coloured glasses! If we do not acknowledge that we must alter our behavior, we will never do so. That is the definition of insanity, refusing to recognize that what you are doing is NOT WORKING. Yes, its hard to admit error but it’s even harder to refuse to admit error. Truthfulness will lead us into transformation. Self-deceit will lead us into DEATH.

Finally, Keep an eye on the pesky fellow, Uranus. The fire of Prometheus has sparked many of us into action. His transit through Aries for the last 7 years has ignited the hearts and minds of people globally. We know its time for CHANGE. We want it. We are impatient as we wait for it. Now, Uranus has shifted into Taurus. The next seven years, as Pluto continues his transit through the last half of Capricorn and Uranus transits Taurus, will set the foundations for the change that is underway. Intrinsic structure is shifting. Everything that we thought we understood is morphing. The very essence of our reality structure is changing right before our eyes. Make no mistake, this is momentous. We must pay attention in our own lives to the things that we hold dear. What incentivizes us? What motivates us? What are our deepest held desires, beliefs, values? The answers to those questions will define who we are as we move into the next year and beyond. Don’t forget! Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius in a few short years. Let’s get ready NOW. Let’s make this mess work! We can do it!!

So, take a moment this Saturday and set some intentions for yourself. Who do you want to be this coming year? If you can’t come up with a coherent response, then give some thought over the course of the day and when you have a quiet moment, see if you can articulate a plan of action. If you can’t, never mind. The alternative course of action is to just move lightly through the next few weeks and let your feet find their pathway.


Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night!

The Age of Aquarius

This blog was first posted in 2010. It is even more timely today…

The Age of Aquarius

SO much has been expressed about this incoming ‘age of Aquarius’. There is, probably, no one in the western world who has not heard this expression. It is possible that no one anywhere in the world has not heard this expression.

We all know what it means when we call someone an ICON—a representative of a particular time, a symbol of a collective idea, someone who is more than themselves, even other than themselves. Well, this expression has become iconic. It suggests limitless possibility, unimaginable freedom, absolute justice; the fullness of what the future might bring to us all.  It is the hope that we all hold deep in our hearts. So many dreams are woven into this expression; so much anticipation, even longing. When we hear the expression, we look forward to something brighter and better, something that is more than all that we currently can imagine. It is a testament to the power of the astrological model that this little phrase has so permeated our consciousness, even to the point of being the title for a popular song, first released in the 1960’s.


The astrological ages follow a precise schedule and as we observe this apparent movement through the Zodiac we can co-relate the flavour of any given era on earth to the Zodiac sign that is associated with that time. The complete cycle through the 12 signs, when observed this way, takes about 26,000 years. Thus, each individual ‘age’ is about 2000 +/- years long. When we study history using this broader timeline, we can more easily see the major trends of any given epoch; the things that define a particular age. Futurists can gain great insight when studying history in this way and their predictions become more insightful, more precise. Looking back at history is always a good tool to use when attempting to look forward to the history that is yet to be made.


Obviously, at the transition point between the ages, things become intense, muddled and chaotic. At this point in time, we are in the final few gasps of the Age of Pisces or, put more positively, the first few breaths of the Age of Aquarius. Either way, both of these energies are manifest around us, collectively.


One of the resonances of the Piscean age was DEVOTION. This passionate mindset took many forms throughout the last 2000+/- years but we can see it very clearly in the KIND of philosophies, both secular and religious, that dominated. As a collective, we believed that we should be followers of a ‘god’ or of his apparent representatives here on earth. We deferred to ‘his’ better judgment and gave ourselves over to any number and types of dogmas and creeds. We saw ourselves as disciples or devotees of whatever doctrine we followed, whether religious or secular. We sacrificed ourselves to our passion, our chosen way of life. Who has not heard the expression, “For God and Country!” This is surely indicative of this type of devotion to something other than ourselves.  This kind of ‘devotion’, which can lead to the ultimate sacrifice, is aptly symbolized by the image of a man hanging on a cross. Who does not respond to this iconic symbol with some kind of emotion? It surely could be regarded as the symbol of the Age of Pisces, at least here in the west. Certainly, the symbol of the supplicant, whatever the religious protocol, is another of the images that can be associated with the Age of Pisces.


At the optimum level of vibration, Pisces taught us to aspire to higher principle, to believe in the magical aspects of faith; that it could sustain us even in the face of unimaginable circumstances. We learned to serve others and to exercise compassion to all. Reactively, we gave our power away to something outside of ourselves. We learned to feel like victims or martyrs to something that was larger than we could ever be. The distortions of this energy led to holy wars, wholesale killing in the name of some lofty ideal, judgment, censure and genocide. The primary lesson that we (hopefully) learned was that the essence of ‘god/dess’ could not be found outside of our own perception of reality.  Ultimately, we learned to turn inward and to locate the god and goddess in ourselves through the process of faith, that is through the DOING of good, rather than through some nebulous attachment to the idea of faith which, in and of itself, has no impact on our immediate community.


And so, here we are at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. What are the next 2000 years going to look like? Well, that really depends on us. In Aquarius we discover the principle of lateralism or egaliterianism. We understand that hierarchies belong to another time. We begin to truly understand that there can be no mediator between the god principle and the human being, thus, laying to rest the religious disciplines of the past 2000 years. We, each one of us, are the gurus. We, individually, can find our own pathway into illumination.


It is essential that the current feudal-like societies, where a chosen few have privilege, while the greater majority slave to sustain an unnatural social system, become a thing of the past. The ‘top-down’ kind of system is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the collective mind to swallow. Aquarius promises us a place within ‘the web’ of life’, with no one position being superior to another. This is the age of the ‘EVERYMAN’ where all can aspire to greatness. Individually we each can find a fullness of personal expression where our talents, whatever they might be, are expressed freely, easily and contribute to our community. And, really, if we could choose one concept to define the shaping of the next two millennia, let us choose COMMUNITY and let’s really begin to think in global, even universal terms. Let’s redefine the word, “border”, so that it refers only to that edge that exists around the outside of a card. Let’s forget that it describes a world divided into parcels of land and groups of people who regard each other with distrust and fear. With the electric energy of Aquarius guiding us, we have the opportunity to redefine what ‘community’ means, to transform the way we live with one another into something that is healing, supportive and totally different from the fractured communities that exist today. We are, truly, a group of peoples who naturally like to ‘tribe’. Today, this tribal impulse has been severely distorted. Though we live in what looks like a multi-member community—cities, towns, villages, even, to a certain extent, countries, we can go for days, weeks and even years when we barely say a word to our nearest neighbour. This is unnatural and we see the results of this distortion everywhere around us; an aging population that feels a growing fear because there is no support system, youth who are left to grow without direction because the parents are caught in the treadmill of necessary materialism, entire societies that have lost their sense of purpose and expend all of their energy in defensive actions rather than in the creation of strong and vital communities which can sustain and nurture their members. As we move into this ‘new age’, we face the challenge of recreating the way we live together and of truly implementing the ideals of equality and justice so that a new society can emerge from the ruins of our current global reality. Hopefully, it will be a true global community and not the unbalanced one that exists today where the strong rape the weak and the powerful dominate through force and in the interests of their greed rather than in the interests of the collective.


Aquarius, then, is the energy of the future. It is the energy of innovation and change. It is the ‘aha’ moment, the aspiration to a greater and better vision. The Aquarian personality excels in the application of mental energy. There is an inherent ability to ‘see’ things from a variety of focal points, giving the personality adeptness in the area of problem-solving. This energy is often linked to metaphysics because it describes someone who is able to think and reason inclusively rather than exclusively. Often, Aquarian types are ‘out of the box’ thinkers, able to make that impossible leap that propels the human mind into a completely new mode of thought and being. Some of the principles that are of paramount importance to Aquarian types are ones such as community, justice, fairness, equity. Innovative, often eccentric, sometimes solitary yet always able to network and make those necessary connections, Aquarian types are the hidden leaders amongst us. Social issues and group action are often linked to this energy so it is not unusual to find Aquarian type people behind the scenes in activist groups or for that matter, any kind of association or group. They have an intuitive understanding of the principle of collectivism, that there is strength in numbers and that unity leads to victory while discord ends in defeat.


Reactively, this energy can get stuck in its own brilliance and begin to believe that it has all the answers. I call this the “Egalitarian Dictator Syndrome”. The ‘dictator’ says, and with a smile that is oh so charming, “Please, do as you choose. Just make sure that is according to my instructions!” We hear the first part while missing the second part. Because Aquarius is so mentally agile, there is always another argument to support his position and the arguments are SO good! They make so much sense! And down that rabbit hole we go!


A strongly Aquarius persona must always, always, monitor their nervous system. Oftentimes, these folks can be very ‘sparky’, even giving off real electrical charges. They need regular rest, lots of water and the kind of exercise that facilitates grounding like Tai Chi or Yoga. It is easy to stay in one’s head and suddenly realize that the body has been left behind when there is so much mental and electrical energy being generated. Anything that can remind the Aquarian type that she inhabits a physical body is a good thing. With a lot of this energy present within the psyche it is fairly easy to disconnect from the emotional body so it is important that these ‘types’ access body work of all kinds along with strategies that open and balance the emotional part of the personality.


Astrologically, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, belonging to the family that includes Gemini and Libra by element and Taurus, Leo and Scorpio by modality. Fast moving, yet strong, light yet substantial. A key lesson for all Aquarian types is FOCUS and METHOD. There is little that an Aquarian type cannot accomplish once she learns to maintain focus on first thought and develop a practical method to support that first thought. The danger is that that first thought leads to another thought and another thought and ten other thoughts and so forth and that once the mind is engaged in the sheer delight of chasing the thoughts as they flit across its screen, any hopes of developing a method of application are dashed! So, Aquarius, hang on to that first thought and follow it through to its finish. Because the mind is so fertile, it is helpful to carry around a ‘jot it down’ journal to catch the ideas as they pass through. Remember, this is the ‘age of Aquarius’ so in a sense it is the Aquarian’s time. What comes through the filter that lies between us and spirit—the ascended energies—can certainly land first in the consciousness of the Aquarian type.


The symbol associated with Aquarius is the Water-Bearer and the Zodiac symbol is the double wave, representative of flowing water. Because of this, many wrongfully assume that Aquarius is a Water sign. Water, however, means life, movement, change, all aspects of this wonderful energy. Interestingly, water serves as the source for electrical power and the Aquarius glyph of the double wave does, indeed, also evoke a sense of electrical charge. This is such an important aspect of Aquarius; that it is plugged into the very source of being. After all, without the spark that gets things going, there is no life! The Water-Bearer is one of the few human symbols found in the Zodiac, again demonstrating the potential of nobility contained herein. It is through the conscious expression of the feeling body that we, as humans can aspire to a full expression of the god/dess energy within us all. Water is also a symbol of knowledge and as the Water-Bearer pours his water upon the earth, nourishing it, so does the Aquarian part of the collective bring us all a never-ending source of information that we can use to expand our minds and grow into a place of wisdom. The search for knowledge and understanding facilitates the evolution of the human psyche. The more that we understand, the more we expand; the more we expand, the more we learn and so forth.


Each of us has this energy wired into our psyches somewhere. When it is activated, we are asking ourselves to look at things from a different point of view, to be open to invention and re-invention. Wherever we find this energy in ourselves, is where we have the potential to soar to the greatest of heights, to find a unique expression of being and share it with our community of choice. Aquarius is the potential of genius in every one of us.



in the first house                                                     unusually motivated

2nd house                                                              detached from attachment

3rd house                                                                  uniquely articulate

4th house                                                                      individualistically connected

5th house                                                            brilliantly creative

6th house                                                                          independently occupied

7th house                                                               partnership plus, plus,plus…

8th house                                                                inclusively intimate

9th house                                                            broadmindedly explorative

10th house                                                                   dramatically different

11th house                                                    aspirationally far-reaching

12th house                                                                   the singular soul


Lovely Libra

Lovely Libra 

When the Sun finally moves into his transit of Libra, we have reached the midpoint of the astrological year, if Aries is considered as the start point. This is the time of the Autumnal Equinox. Light is once again balanced with shadow and we are now well and fully into the waning part of the sun’s cycle which began at Summer Solstice, moving into winter’s silence from this point on.


Libra is an interesting energy. Associated with the planet, Venus, first impressions lend themselves to images of lightness, grace, love and peacefulness. Well, as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving! There is a lot more going on in the beauty that is Libra.

Libra is a cardinal air sign. There is implied action here and a mental clarity that is often hidden behind the smiling face of conciliation. Libra’s opposite sign is the fire sign of Aries, also a cardinal energy, and just as Aries seeks to establish its sovereignty and individualism, Libra is avid in its search for dialogue and partnership. However, do not be fooled into thinking that Libra will always concede to someone else’s desires. This is not at all the case. Libra’s ability is best understood when we understand the contradictory image of the iron fist in the velvet glove. Libra knows how to forward its cause while appearing to consider everyone else’s needs and desires. So, though the picture may appear to be one of dialogue and compromise, the back story is all about absolute devotion to the pre-determined resolution that Libra has arrived at all on its own!


Libra has the ability to review and assess in advance, plot out a strategy and then maneuver through the situation, all the while adjusting, finessing and shifting but never, never, never, getting off track. When Libra responds with non-commitment to a query or suggestion, it is merely because it is looking for the temperature of the situation before making the next move. In most cases, Libra knows exactly what it wants even while appearing to be indecisive.


One of the great skills that this energy can have is the ability to create comfort. This is why Libra type people can be successful as negotiators. They have the mental clarity to keep on track, the emotional equilibrium to maintain balance and the simple sweetness to make everyone feel safe, not threatened, a necessary quality when it comes to finding common ground.


The symbol associated with Libra is the Scales, the only non-living representation of a Zodiac energy. Sometimes, the Goddess of Justice is included in the symbol, holding those scales and weighing out whatever matter is at hand but for the most part, when we think of Libra, we think of those balancing plates, swinging back and forth like a teeter totter. There is a clue in this symbol as to what is actually going on within the Libra psyche. Rather than being in a place of balance, the Libra soul is actually searching for that place of inner balance. Thus, we see Libra’s determination to appear calm, even, peaceful. That which we focus upon is usually the very thing that is in short supply within ourselves!

The shadow side of Libran energy is the tendency to manipulate and manage others. The reason for the manipulation is usually related back to Libra’s need to create congeniality in its environment. Because of the mental clarity that can be associated with this energy, the Libra psyche is a great assessor of situations, able to nail down just exactly what is necessary in order to find solutions and develop compatibility and union. Any manipulative behaviour, then, is derived from this insight and the sure belief that the end—peace and coherence– must justify the means—seducing others into following Libra’s intention—emphasis on the seduction, by the way! One thing is certain, Libra makes it easy! This energy is so graceful, so accommodating that it is often not evident when coercion is being used. Libra makes us all want to do it! No aggression, no brow-beating, just simple sweetness and lots and lots of cupcakes to tempt us into it!

Libra can appear to be indecisive but again, we need to look a bit more closely at this. Usually, Libra knows exactly what IT wants but is reluctant to commit in case this commitment creates conflict. So, in fact, it is not indecisive so much as it is desirous of maintaining peace within the context of the relationship. Look a little closer and you’ll see that often as not, Libra will manage to find a way to do exactly what it has wanted to do all along and everyone else goes along willingly. Ever heard the term, Passive-Aggressive? Calm down, Libra, we all love you!

A great example of a famous (and, dare I say it, successful!) individual with a ton of Libra energy is Bill Clinton—Rising sign supported by both Venus & Mars!!! After all that Mr. Clinton has been accused of, alleged to have done and known to have been involved in, we just can’t help but love him. He makes it hard not to. To this day, his partner is still married to him, apparently still committed. He continues to charm and convince and inspire despite all of the evidence of his ongoing duplicity! He was also one of the greatest diplomats ever and to this day is called on for his negotiating skill. It was under Clinton’s leadership that peace talks between Egypt and Israel took place culminating in that famous concord announced on the White House lawn! Clinton’s indubitable Libra ability to bring together diverse and apparently discordant opponents as partners in process, was at work here.

Libra, then, is the energy of coordinated action, measured and appropriate application of the energy of peace and unity. Very fitting for a Venus ruled archetype!


Wherever you find Libra in your own birthchart, the issue of relating to partnership, inner balance, values and how to attune to them into your life will somehow be brought into play. The Libra part of your psyche is concerned with finding the right words to create dialogue. How do you enter into relationship? What sorts of strategies do you use when trying to establish common ground? Where is your own inner balance point and what forces are at play within your own psyche in this regard? As an example, if you have Libra somewhere in the first quadrant, the lower LHS of the circle, it will always be important to that you have balance in your life and action, that you are surrounded by beautiful things, that you are fair and just in all that you say and think—at least according to your own measure…


For all of you Aries people, this is your half birthday, a good time to review how your own birthday year has gone so far. Accomplishments? Realized goals? Non–realized goals? And what are you going to do about it? Take some time to sit and think about how you would like the next 6 months to look.


Star Crossings 

Venus, Earth’s closest companion in the solar system is the ‘ruler’ of Libra. RULER simply means that this is the planet associated with this energy. Sun in Libra people, Libra rising people or even those with a dominant Libra signature can all be said to be ‘Venus ruled’. Not a bad moniker to own!


Venus is the planet that represents our basic value system and how we demonstrate it both internally and internally. Ever heard of the ‘inner moral compass’? That’s your Venus energy operating deep inside of your bones.

She is linked to desire in that it is what we LOVE that we DESIRE or…we desire what we love. Venus is magnetic and a strongly functioning Venusian energy can result in the ability to draw what one wants (desires, values). Conversely, Venus energy still in development can sometimes encounter a sense of frustration in terms of getting what it wants. Whenever we feel friction, this is an indicator that some refining work needs to be done so don’t cave in if things seem hard to attain. Rather, take a good look at yourself and try and figure out where you can be more focused about identifying your basic wants. If you can do this, then it is much easier to make a plan and actually get that thing that you truly desire. But if you are unclear about what is meaningful to you, what fills you up, what makes you feel contentment and virtue, then its sort of like sending out a spray that falls every which way. Wasted effort.


The transits of Venus are quick, much like those of Mercury. This planet has an orbital time that is less than the Earth’s so Venus runs through the zodiac signs more quickly than does the Earth, our home. The Venus principle never falls more than about 2 signs either way of the solar principle. In a natal horoscope this can result in a person having the Sun in home loving Cancer but Venus in fun loving Gemini. Such a combination can create complexity within the psyche. Which driver does one serve, the nesting urge or the thrill-seeking urge? HMMMMM… For any of you who have read your daily horoscope and felt a strong disconnect from the description of the energy, it could be that your Venus energy is more reflective of some of your actions than whatever the Sun Sign is. The human psyche is multi-layered!


Venus transits can bring up issues related to relationship and desire. Sometimes, a windfall could come your way or long-lost friends and lovers may reappear. This is especially the case when Venus goes retrograde so keep track of this cycle and see what co-relates in your own life. During one Venus retrograde cycle, I reconnected with a long-lost friend seemingly out of the blue and that relationship has survived to this day, much to my Venusian delight!


Here is a quick cheat list of Venus through the houses.

Through house:


1:         What do I really desire?



2:         Is this really all mine?



3:         I love my friends!



4:         I want to go home!



5:         I feel sexy…anyone interested?



6:         I want to do what I love.



7:         Who can I call?



8:         Is this really all yours?





9:         The pleasure of distant places.



10:       I get the respect and adoration I deserve.





11:       Let’s have a party!




12:       The sweetness of silence; I need a retreat.



When we gaze up into the night sky, we can often see Venus shining brightly in the inky sky. There is comfort and a sense of connection to be derived from this simple experience. No wonder that the ancients attributed such positive characteristics to this planet. She brings us comfort. She gives us hope and she makes us gasp in awe and wonder. Almost close enough to touch and yet just beyond our reach. Ah! The magical, mysterious Venus!





The Venus Affirmation


I align my inner desire

with the path of highest good,

creating peace and grace

everywhere I go

and with everyone I meet.




Goddess, smile down on me

And let me rest

In your loving arms

I am the dreamer

And this is the dream

You are my keeper

And I am the kept

so hold me safe

in the soft love

of your

infinite heart…



Virgo. What an energy!

One of the most complex of all of the zodiac signs, Virgo is mutable and earthy. Of all of the Earth signs, it is, in some ways, the least “stuck” in its own position. There is a measure of flexibility here.

Virgo loves the process; loves creating a pattern that can be followed over and over. Order is synonymous with this practical and hardworking energy. This is the energy of application, analysis, functional practicality and all things systematic.

More importantly, however, is the relationship of Virgo to healing. When I meet someone with a load of Virgo energy, I listen very carefully to the words that they use when communicating. Invariably, I have found that in that particular and attentive soul, lies the need to serve, to heal, to nourish. Think about the time of year that the Sun transits this section of the zodiac. In the Northern hemisphere it is a time of fruition. The air is filled with the scent of the full and ripened earth. The fields are ready to yield their harvest. And what is more healing than freshly harvested food and the ability to enjoy a warm and pleasant outdoors?

On the highest of levels, this is Goddess energy, pure and simple. Virgo understands ritual and, in order to connect to spirit, we need ritual and those who can work the ritual. Come on in, Virgo. We have all heard the cliché, “God is in the details”. Well, guess who gets the details right?  Virgo!

The shadow side of Virgo is, for sure, the tendency to sink into criticism, to nit-pick, nag and chew away at something until everyone else runs out of the room screaming. Enough already, Virgo, they shriek. But, here’s the thing. Virgo has an innate sense of what works and if it is confronted with something less than this, it is a challenge to maintain detachment and allow mistakes to be made. Have you noticed how tight lipped some strongly Virgo folks can be? That’s them clamping their mouths shut to prevent those words from slipping out! The real reason that anyone falls into criticism is because they strongly desire everything to be …PERFECT. This longing for perfection can then lead to discontent whether expressed externally or nurtured within the self. The solution is, as always, to focus on what does work even when there is lots that is not working. Life lesson? Acceptance, of course.

If you have Virgo prominent in your birth mandala, it is vital that you develop strategies that you can draw upon when you feel challenged and especially when you feel that you are not managing to keep things under control


When nothing seems to make sense & when it does settle down, something happens to skew you off course yet again


Detach from outcome & focus on developing trust


When your emotions are like a roller coaster and you can’t find your ground

Solution: make a cup of herbal tea & take a salt bath

(A good combination of herbs to promote calm is: mint, lemon balm, catnip, sage & a bit of honey. Be mindful of catnip as it is a strong sedative in humans. One cup before sleep can do wonders for your system.)

Secondary solution: Pour this stress energy into a task like purging & cleaning.


When your head is full of ideas but you can’t always make sense of them or you may feel like you have lost your mind

Solution: carry a tiny journal to jot down flashes as they occur

Focus on the immediate concern; resist obsessive compulsive thinking


 When nothing feels secure in your relationship life

Solution: love the one you’re with & don’t over think the future



When you keep running into obstacles and even having accidents

Solution: take time out to do breath work (10 minutes as needed).

Pause before running head on into whatever you think needs doing.

Tracking the transits of the outer planets is useful for the Virgo soul. (Well, its useful for all of us, really!) Virgo will find some comfort if she can co-relate the sometime cuckoo patterns that occur in life by keeping her finger on the moving parts—the planetary movement through the zodiac. The outers move slowly so it is especially useful to keep track of where they are in relations to one’s individual birth chart.  At all times, the key to integrating the unpredictable, transformative or discombobulating energy of the outers is to move into a place of detachment from outcome. Trust that once the earthquake is over, you will still be standing and you may even be aware of things that needed to be brought out into the light.


Star Crossings: What’s the deal, Mercury?


Every Zodiac sign has a planet (celestial object) associated to it. Virgo is aligned to that pesky little fellow, Mercury.


Mercury represents the mind within the persona. How we think, reason and communicate are all aspects of the mental body. No one part of the psyche or entity is more important than any other. We cannot forfeit our reasoning ability just so that we can experience love. On the other hand, we cannot turn our back on emotion just because our head cannot logic its way through the experience.  We cannot deny our spiritual needs just so that our physical body is nourished.  On the other hand, denying our physical body does not always lead to spiritual illumination. The integrated personality is one that honours all parts of the energy system and provides itself with what it needs on all levels of existence. No wonder that when we block or deny on one level, we can feel the effects on other levels. Things like depression, anxiety, denial, dislocation are all potential side effects when we do not acknowledge truth. In the personality matrix, the condition of our individual Mercury placement can reveal a lot about the way we get our ideas across, how we interconnect with others and our general thinking process.


The transits of Mercury are rapid and he is either catching up to the Sun during the orbital year or running ahead of him, but never by more than about 2 signs either way. However, since he moves so quickly, we may only mildly feel anything energetically, unless we are strongly ‘mercurial’, that is Mercury ruled or with a highly accentuated Mercury energy. So, Virgo, with her special connection to Mercury is more sensitive to the relative condition of this planet at any given moment. This applies, in some ways, even more so to Gemini, also connected or ‘ruled’ by Mercury.

When Mercury goes retrograde, that is appears to be moving backwards in the sky, even those of us who are not Mercury ruled can suffer the consequences. Obviously, he is not actually moving backwards literally but because of the relationship between the Earth and the other planets in the solar system, we have the experience of backward motion from our vantage point here on the earth.

So what’s the deal with Mercury Retrograde? Firstly, let’s understand that Mercury is a mini-activator within the energy field. When he transits points within the psyche, you can have something like the experience of a light-bulb being turned on. Or you might get a message, either literally or figuratively, within yourself. A Mercury transit could signal a time to make a deal, form a partnership or do some data work. When this planet appears to be ‘moving backwards’, all of these sorts of things are either up for review or perhaps just take a pause. Example: you are in the midst of signing a contract, maybe for a home purchase. Suddenly you realize that Mercury will be turning retrograde. Do not panic. Just do your do diligence and carefully and meticulously review all aspects of the deal. You may find that the deal dies but it may be in your favour for it to do so. When you review, you may notice a major oversight and thus have the opportunity to correct it. It is true that everyone has a story about the mini disasters that they have experienced when Mercury was retrograde but I feel that mindfulness can allay much of the chaos. Remember, Mercury is connected to logic and order, reasoning ability, so doing a bit of prep work in advance by ensuring that everything is in order can be very helpful. So, rather than being victim to the slings and arrows of fortune, keep track of the retrograde periods of Mercury ( 3x/year) and make preparation. Ensure that your computer is backed up. Keep your desktop clean and tidy. File your important papers properly and always in the same way. Creating pattern and order within your daily life will go a long way when dealing with ‘backwardness’. Its easy these days to keep up with the daily transits since it seems that everyone and their crazy aunt are doing astrology so there are no excuses when it comes to being caught with our pants down! Track those transits.

No matter what sign Mercury is in when he stations retrograde—remember it will only last about 3 weeks—take note of where this part of the zodiac falls in your own birth chart. This is where you could feel any of the things that I described above in your life. If you have Mercury located in the sign in question, the retrograde period could be a time of mental renewal for you. You could take the time to reflect on some of your mental goals and make any adjustments to your actual thinking process. Maybe you have let things slip organizationally. Use this opportunity to make adjustments in this area.


One thing that I have noticed with the transits of Mercury is that I have often received some sort of news when he was transiting either my 1/7 house pair and even sometimes my 3/9 house pair. People have told me secrets, old friends have resurfaced, relatives have suddenly reappeared! But, for the most part, this is a pretty innocuous little fellow, more of a nuisance than a trauma. And, even if the news is not so great, the transit is quick and the discomfort, if any exists, passes rapidly. So, TRACK THOSE TRANSITS! It truly is helpful. Here is a quick cheat sheet list for strategies to enact for each house.


When Mercury transits through house

1:  enact plans



2:  analyze resources


3:  intellectual curiosity is heightened; stay open



4:  increased activity at home; enjoy (hopefully)



5:  potential focus on fun; be ready to play



6:  opportunity to pay attention to the details



7:  perspective can be gained through dialogue



8:  tackle those deep, intensive projects


9:  plan ahead



10: step into the limelight and be heard



11:  the brilliance of networking



12:  a good time for a retreat




Affirmation for VIRGO

I use my ability in the service of others.







I am determined

To create


And prosperity

For the healing

Of the peoples

Of the earth


The Moon Is My Mother: Part 2; “the earth beneath my feet”: Moon in Taurus

“the earth beneath your feet”

The Sun is the future. It shines in the sky and draws growth from the earth. Without that sun, nothing can live. Astrologically, this is a very apt analogy. In the natal chart, the Sun represents the destination that we pursue as works in progress. It is the thesis that we are exploring in any given life. We gain as much from exploring what not to do as we do by exploring what to do. As we gain more and more experiences we acquire a certain amount of skill in how to actually live through our solar energy as represented by the Sun in the natal chart. Life is evolution and change while a static state is what we call death.

The Moon is the past. It governs the tides and other cycles of this earth we inhabit. It soothes and nurtures us after a long hard day’s work. Just as the Sun beckons us to all that we could possibly become, so does the Moon secure us to all that we already know and understand. It is the safety net that we hold within ourselves, that which we instinctively cleave to when times get tough or incomprehensible. It is the life habits that we don’t have to think about but that just kick in when necessary. It is the things that bring us comfort under duress. We can hide in our Moons, tucked away from the glare of the noonday Sun.

If you like the idea on ongoing incarnations, then think of the Moon as the container of all that you have ever experienced. And the operative word is experience rather than understanding. Understanding comes only after some pretty intense work on the part of the psyche to integrate experiences into some sort of coherent form. This could be after one experience or it might be after several repetitions of the same kind of experience. Learning is never simple or straightforward. (More on this in upcoming blogs.)

I have a friend who, when asked about the general condition of people’s mental health, says, everyone is [email protected]#*ed because we all have a Moon. She’s only half joking. What she means is that we are just as prone to develop bad habits as we are to develop good habits. It’s the bad ones that can really mess us up. Because the Moon is the seat of our emotional body, things don’t follow a straight line or a logical order. Once those emotions get involved, the sky can turn green and the grass can grow down rather than up. Perception, as they say, is everything and perception can absolutely play tricks on our poor little logical mind.

There is an intimate relationship between the Sun and the Moon, both literally, in the solar system, and astrologically, as they demonstrate how the psyche operates. Literally, the Moon has no light of its own but merely reflects light, the light of the burning Sun. And astrologically, the Moon holds (or reflects) all that the Sun has lived through. It ‘contains’ the sum of the parts and again, once you embrace the concept of ongoing incarnation, that sum can be quite massive. She really is our Mother and it’s where we came from in a very lyrical and poetic way.

In Part one of this Moon blog series, I talked about the Fire Moons with their impetuous and adventurous nature. Here we go with the Earth Moons.

By the way, there is an immutable order when it comes to energy. Wherever you begin, it never varies. Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Always. Its one of the basic things to understand when you are starting to learn astro-speak. Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Always and forever. And in that beautiful wheel that I call the mandala of the soul, aka, the natal horoscope, this sequence of elements repeats itself 3 times. (More about that in a future blog, as well.)

So Earth follows the Fire. Which is good. After all that activity, a rest period is always welcome. And that’s kind of how the Earth Moons feel in the persona. Calm, steady, grounded and solid. Not Moon-like at all if you think about it.

There’s a thing in traditional astrology that classifies the weight and, I guess, a good word would be power, of planets in signs. It’s called the ‘dignities’ if you want to google it for yourself. Interestingly, The Moon finds both her exaltation and her fall in two of the Earth signs of the Zodiac. I don’t particularly like those words since they carry a certain assessment by their attachment to the position but I understand where the ‘traditionals’ were going when they came up with this system. They wanted to establish the way to describe the manner that the lunar energy, as represented by the Moon in the chart, might act in any given zodiac sign. There is potential in all placements, of course. And my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green, used to repeat, rather emphatically, that the reason anyone was born with whatever horoscope they had was because the soul that is behind the ego chose it for purpose. Nothing, absolutely nothing is haphazard. The essential nature of each individual’s experiential process is what contributes to the evolution (or not) or the soul. (Evolutionary Astrology absolutely encompasses an acceptance of the concept of ongoing incarnation.) So, no judgment for any given lunar energy. The words associated with the dignities, however, imply a ‘better than’ and a ‘lesser than’ state of being. So, I have long felt that we need to come up with a more inclusive kind of language when we talk about these positions within the wheel.

Never mind all that, however, and let’s just look at the earthy Moons.

Moon in Taurus people can often experience what the rest of us might call ‘luck’ when observed from the outside. This is truly the ultimate in ‘receiver’ energies. This placement is one of those ‘dignities’—the exaltation. What this really means is that the Moon finds total ground in Taurus. The normal changeable and erratic lunar energy is steadied and can be extremely focused and calm. Taurus is, after all, the ultimate earthy energy. It is all things organic and growing. It is the symbol of gestation, the creative force taking form. Do you know the Tarot? The Empress is a great depiction of all that Taurus can be. So when the skittish, moody Moon lands in Taurus, it suddenly becomes a force to be reckoned with.

In past lives, the Taurus Moon person diligently pursued the gifts of the spirit. He worked hard to manage his emotional energy. That’s why, in current life, he seems doubly blessed. But it isn’t by accident. The partner sign to Taurus is Scorpio so we know that this energy was somehow relevant to current life experience. Scorpio is, in part, the loss of what makes us secure, transformation, rebirth and all that sort of thing that can actually look pretty challenging at first glance. Taurus is the end result of the metamorphosis, the respite that comes after the storm.

If you have Taurus Moon, your challenge is to MOVE. Don’t just sit complacently in all that you have so far received. Be open to ongoing change and transformation. The contribution that you can make to the greater collective is much like the rudder on the ship. You have an almost palpable etheric energy that can be used to steady and steer through the waters of life. Your connection to the intrinsic cycles of life gives you the ability to trust and believe that ‘this, too, will pass’ when times get tough. Your intuitive sense of order and structure often can put you in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. You instinctively can ‘smell’ when to make that critical move. If you can harness the energy of powerful Scorpio, that shadow part of the Taurus/Scorpio partnership, to motivate yourself, you really can become an unstoppable force of nature.

When you feel threatened, Taurus Moon, you flee to nature; you surround yourself with tangible, physical comfort. It could be a long aromatic and warm bath in a candlelit room; a delicious and extravagant meal accompanied by wine and chocolate; a luxurious spa day where you feel pampered and stroked and don’t forget TOUCHED! All things organic draw you. And this is exactly what you can give to others; warmth, comfort, support, a sense of security. People might often say to you, You make me FEEL so safe and you don’t even know just exactly what it is that you have done! Just keep doing it!

I have a funny story that really illustrates the seeming serendipity of Moon in Taurus. A young man with this placement was moving house in L.A., a kind of a scary sort of city in many ways—and really, really big. He couldn’t find a truck to make the move and there he was on the last day that he had to do this. Without really thinking about it, he walked outside and made his way to one of the many freeways that criss-cross that city. He stood there at the side of the road for a bit watching the traffic speed by him. Then he saw a moving truck coming towards him. He flagged it down. What do you think happened next? You got it, he was soon moved into his new place. Chance? Luck? Maybe. But what really happened is that his natural wisdom kicked in, he intuitively made his way to the place where he would most likely find a moving van, he absolutely believed that he would find one and that whoever was driving it would help him. And that is exactly what happened. Taurus Moon—gotta love it.

Why Astrology?

Astrology is a pretty popular thing these days. This is good. And bad.

Good because its one way of seeing the bigger picture, realizing that there is something going on that involves us all and not any one particular preference, but rather the whole host of preferences. At least, that’s the way I see it.

Bad because the more popular it becomes, the more we seem to ‘dumb it down’…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for simplicity. Getting right down to the nitty-gritty. I don’t have a lot of time for the over-intellectualizing of anything. If you think that something has to be complex to be worthwhile, you haven’t experienced that singular satisfaction that is had after a drink of cool, clean, fresh, unadulterated water. Got that sensation in your mind? Feel that cool flow of liquid over your tongue? There you go. Simple, yet satisfying.

But, there comes a time when you may have just crossed the line with ‘dumbing it down’.  And I guess, with all the stuff floating around based solely on what is called SUN SIGN ASTROLOGY, that line, in my opinion, has been crossed. Sun Sign Astrology is great as an introduction to a beautiful and complete system of self-analysis and spiritual insight–which is the whole body of astrological knowledge–but it does a severe dis-service to it if that is where you park your car. You got to keep moving down that highway of information to get the maximum return on investment. The investment? Your limited and precious time and energy. In this fast paced world of gotta do and have to be, every minute is worth its weight in gold, or whatever other form of tender you choose to use.

And it isn’t really all that difficult to get the bigger picture of how astrology works. Not everyone who studies astrology needs to be a working astrologer–(that’s what I am)–and really, why should you? Just like not everyone can be a lawyer (that may be a bad example) or teacher, or medic or firefighter or physicist or…well, I think you get the drift. However, anyone who wants to can acquire a solid working knowledge of the subject and in fact, it is wise to do so like when you need to go see a medic, a lawyer and so forth. Maybe you won’t actually plead your case, but it helps to at least have some familiarity with the ground rules. Yes? Well, I say yes…

So what I will do in the next few posts is to explore in a very simple and uncluttered way, what the building blocks of astrology are.

Getting to know some of this stuff REALLY enhances the life that you live. Its all about flow. Finding YOUR own flow. Its about synchronicity–that wonderfully magical phenomenon that sends shivers through you when it happens. Here’s a lovely thought–synchronicity happens all the time! We just have to take those blindfolds off our eyes to see it. Astrological knowledge helps in that area! Its about coming to terms with things. That’s a big one for those of us who came into this world filled with vinegar and angst–yes, that was me, for sure. Its about inner alignment and yes, its about that kind of pretentious thing called SOUL PURPOSE. But if we understand that soul purpose is merely that thing that makes you feel like you are doing something–(get ready)–


sustaining exploratorynurturingcreativehealingco-operativemeaningfuladventuresomeusefulinspirational


well then, that changes things. Soul purpose  does not have to be a big deal except TO YOU. And, for most of us, it only matters to us that we are keyed into what our soul wants.

So, there you go. If you have read this and gotten through to the 12 key words that I used to describe SOUL PURPOSE, you have just had your first short astrology lesson. Each word, in the order that I used them, is aligned to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac in sequential order starting with Aries. There are plenty more words that we will get to later on to describe the 12 signs of the Zodiac, but even just starting with the 12 that I chose to use, will give you insight into how the different energies work.

Until next time, STAR GAZERS…

The Virgo Moon

The Moon Is My Mother…Part 2 continued

When an astrologer does a chart analysis, much is devoted to the Sun and the Moon both on their own and as a pair. The Sun signifies the visible part of the persona while the Moon represents the shadow side of that same persona. Sometimes this can be the reason why a person might read a description of their Sun Sign and feel that it is not quite on the money. Try reading the description of whatever sign your Moon is in and see if that fills out the picture a bit. 

All of the bits and pieces of the psyche are linked in an intricate web to one another even if there are no obvious aspects between them. They all come together to form what we call the personality. If the Sun and the Moon are in very different types of energies this makes the way that they work together more complicated. For instance, someone with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo, has to consciously bring these very different forms of expression together somehow. Aries doesn’t understand caution and planning while Virgo can’t live without it. It takes personal commitment to inner work to find a coherent way to get this type of pair to work in harmony. And sometimes, harmony is not actually the mode. It might just be a matter of compromise. Aries must learn to exercise some patience while Virgo gets all of her ducks in a row. Virgo must learn to relinquish control so that Aries can fly free. Not easy but absolutely doable and wow, what a combo once the strategies are acquired. Obviously the rest of the natal planets will contribute to the overall plan of action.

In Virgo, the Moon has the most adaptability of all of the three earthy signs. That’s because Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign, the modality that has the most movement built into it. This adaptability and movement adds itself to the already changeable energy of The Moon. By essential nature lunar energy is quicksilver.

At the highest level of function, this is the Moon of ‘practical magic’. I associate this energy to that of the Ritual Worker, the one who knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it. On an emotional level, this is the person who will make the warm cup of tea just in time to be there when the tears are flowing. She will make sure that your needs are met when you are under stress. A clean soft pillow, a bowl of soup, a warm blanket to stop the shivering. Emotions translate in physical ways and Virgo Moon instinctively zeroes in to these things and has practical ways to address them.

This is an energy that can get to the root of the matter through careful consideration. Analysis comes easily and once the analysis has been made, solutions are easy to formulate. It’s when we don’t understand something or feel confused by all of the contradictory data that solutions seem impossible. But every problem has a solution and every situation can be altered by a reasonable strategy. Virgo Moon knows this.

When under stress, this is the type of person who will throw herself into some kind of task to find safety. The joke is, ‘What is your favorite weekend pastime?—Cleaning my closet, of course!’ says Virgo. Creating order around her facilitates a return to sanity when under emotional pressure.

What you have to watch for, Virgo Moon, is not seeing the forest for the trees. Don’t get lost in the bits and pieces. Keep reminding yourself to look for the big picture. Be careful of setting that bar so high that no one, including yourself can ever reach it. Perfect is what is real and not what is imagined. The danger is that nothing will ever be good enough. That’s why, sometimes, this energy can devolve into the critical and sarcastic. It’s disappointment manifesting in the only way that it can.

The pathway into full actualization on an emotional level for this energy is forgiveness and compassion. (That’s reflected in the Pisces partner sign, always the counterpoint in any evolutionary process.) It’s challenging. To forgive emotionally is not easy, sometimes seemingly impossible. To exercise true compassion seems simple enough until you start to get lost in the bits and pieces of the situation. Virgo Moon must practice how to move beyond the doing and into the believing. To do is not enough and to have faith is not enough, what is necessary is to do from a place of faith. Easy to say, not so easy to do.

In past lives, the Virgo Moon person has acquired a vast amount of skill and know how in the area of the application of emotional energy. She has learned how to manage her emotions, how to control then and how to put them to good use. Probably, she has experienced some degree of hurt along the way. Boundaries were crossed, she may have been used badly and thus the retreat into the functional. In this life, she won’t easily let her true emotions show for fear of being hurt again. The challenge, of course, is to move into trust and faith, to believe in something beyond the literal physical reality, to really embrace a spiritual perspective. That doesn’t mean that she has to throw out her tool bag of functionality. 

It’s a complicated energy. But at the root of it, this is a healer Moon, a nurturer Moon, a caring Moon, the Florence Nightingale of Moons. Once true forgiveness is fully integrated into the pattern of behaviour, this is an emotional energy that knows no limitations and has any number of useful practical strategies to use when under stress. The key is to mindfully move into a state of grace in all things and incorporate a keen a sense of both the physical and the spiritual into the emotional syntax.

The Moon Is My Mother: Part One

Fire In The Sky

We all love the Sun. We adore it. We even worship it. It shines boldly in the brilliant daytime sky of our soul. And that’s as it should be. In astrology, the Sun is what holds it all together within the psyche. Everything finds its way back to this central energy of self. Everything is fed by the vibrancy of this part of the psyche or debilitated if it is not operating as it should…confidently, proactively, hopefully, positively. You get the drift, right?

But then the night comes and wraps itself around us. We drown in the darkness and we wonder where the light has gone. We look up into endless waves of indigo and black. And there she is. Floating across the nighttime sky of our soul…the Moon, Luna, She who Sees the Unseen, Mother to us all.

In astrology, the Moon, Goddess of the Silver Song, represents that part of the psyche where we need comfort, security and warmth. We can learn about our real Mamas by studying the Moon in our charts. We can understand our basic survival needs and what exactly makes us feel safe and secure. How we connect to our community of choice is another thing the Moon in the chart shows. Do we fit in or are we always on the sidelines trying to find the fit. Oh, lots and lots of aspects of the inner, personal, secret self are stored in that part of the psyche.

In Roman times, astrology was sort of commonplace—different than today in many ways. Their society was much more regimented and thus, the devices of that society operated somewhat differently than those of our society. That’s another topic, however, on which I’ll ponder at a later date. Here’s the thing, people were much more tuned into Moon Signs back then than we are today. The Emperors identified themselves by their Moon sign rather than their Sun Sign. Why, you wonder. Well, it’s a much more specific identification, that’s why. Your Sun Sign is established by being born in a roughly 30 day period of time. That’s a lot of days and you actually belong to a rather wide group of babies all born in that time period. But the Moon! She travels around the zodiac really, really fast. While the Sun lolls about for that month period, taking his time to get through a single sign (energy) of the zodiac, that frisky old Moon gets through ALL 12, yes, the whole zodiac, in the same time period.

What this means is that every 2 ½ days, the zodiac sign of the Moon changes. Ever wondered why that cousin of yours who was born just a few days after you were, is so darn different than you? Same Sun Sign, yes that’s true but, hey! Totally different Moon sign. So there you are, bold and courageous, a risk taker and an explorer and there she is, timid and cautious, careful and just a little critical. You know you are both Aries but what you don’t know is that Your Leo Moon makes you even more fiery than your Sun Sign indicates you would be and her Virgo Moon totally puts on the brakes when her solar energy gets wild and crazy. The thing is, most of us actually operate from that place in the psyche that the Moon represents, the emotional, reactive self. 

So…do you know your own Moon Sign? If you use astrology, you probably do or at the very least, you could find out, either from your astrologer or from some source material that you use to study astrology. Any student of astrology will find out where the Moon was when they were born first thing! Astrologers use something called an ephemeris which basically lists the position of all of the planets along with the Moon and some other things for every single day of the year. Practicing astrologers mostly have software that instantly finds where each planet was and comes up with a horoscope or chart for the person in question. So, today, it is pretty easy to just look up where any of the planets were when you were born and, if you are someone who plays around with the tool of astrology, you know that each planet represents a different aspect of the self. Actually, it is pretty specific and once you know how to ‘read’ the map, (the natal horoscope), the amount of insight that you can get is pretty overwhelming. I’ve sat in a room with strangers and discussed their natal chart only to see their eyes get wider and wider in some cases, more and more guarded, in other cases, as I unfold the chart and tell them things that only they know. That’s why this is sacred work. When someone gives you their birth data, it is something even more intimate than anything else two people can share. That’s why anyone who undertakes the discipline of astrology must approach it with integrity and reverence.

But the thing is this. Why learn about any of this stuff? Why find out what the Moon sign is, or any of the other planets for that matter? Simply answered, it is to be able to move through your experiential journey with acute consciousness, with an understanding and an awareness so that you can get a maximum experience rather than a minimal muddled one. Is it about learning? Ugh! Let’s find some other language to classify this process. Let’s call is absorption. Let’s be like vessels that are being filled with each and every thing that occurs in our lives and once we are full to the brim, then we can move along on that spiral of becoming that ultimately takes us home to source—you know, that big guy in the sky, the goddess of goodness and grace, the stars of wisdom and knowing—whatever you want to call it. I call it home, the place that I came from some-when, somehow, somewhere.

So, the Moon. Because she represents reactive energy within the self, it is really important to understand those mechanisms. You can’t always change negative or unproductive mechanisms overnight but you’ll never change them if you don’t become aware of them!

So, there are 12 zodiac signs, 4 elemental categories (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and 3 modal categories, (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable). Just knowing in which one of these your own Moon falls will reveal a huge amount of info about the way you seek security and interface with your community of choice. I’ll begin with the Fire Moons, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In my next posting I’ll talk about the Earth Moons.

Aries Moon gives courage in the face of anything. How do you behave when under threat? You fight back, that’s how. Pretty independent emotionally, you like it fast and furious when it comes to those warm and fuzzy moments. This is leadership energy. And if it can be used to inspire others to step up to the plate and take their own swing at things, you’ve learned to use it rather well.

The past life skill set is about a true grit deep within the soul, the ability to survive even when totally on your own, a hunger for the open road and the next mountain waiting to be climbed. In this life, find ways to include others in what you feel and need. Open up and try to remember that you aren’t here on your own.

Leo Moon loves to be loved. This is an energy of joy. When you’re under threat, your Leo Luna turns the tables on whatever is causing the insecurity. You have the ability to create mirages that obscure unpleasant realities. And boy, do you ever love DRAMA. In fact, it’s your middle name. This is a truly expansive energy that, at the optimum operating mode absolutely sizzles up any situation. Oh, don’t we all love that Leo energy!

In past lives, you experienced the feeling of being central to any situation that you were in. You felt the love that others gave you and came to believe that it was rightfully yours. In this life, work on the ideas of sharing and giving to others since you have so much love deep inside of yourself.

Sagittarius Moon is the seeker. You probably don’t even recognize that sense of insecurity that others might because you are always in exploration mode. But, in fact, your answer to fear is to push yourself beyond your limits whatever they might be. Feeding your needs might look like thrill seeking to others but to you, its all about the unknown and finding a pathway into that vast undiscovered country of the heart. You will need a partner who understands the gypsy in your emotional make-up.

In past lives you experienced emotional freedom to the max. You know how to detach and live in full faith. This time around, focus on connection rather than singularity. Dialogue with those around you and share that natural emotional wisdom that comes so easily to you.

Keep watching for the next set of lovely Luna energies—the Earthy group, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Astrological Profile of ‘The Healer’

What is healing, really?

Can anyone become a healer?

What is it that defines someone as a healer?

Can we identify the profile of a healer astrologically?

These are all questions that come up when the topic of healing, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, comes up. And this topic does come up in these turbulent and uncertain times when so many of us are struggling to find balance and wellness.

Healing is the process that brings back that which is broken or separated into a condition of wholeness and soundness. A good alternate word for healing is integration. When a physical wound begins to heal, it is reintegrated into the body. The cells of the body begin to regenerate and close the wound until all that might be visible is a scar where once there was a gash. Sometimes even a scar is no longer evident. This same process applies to emotional, mental and the more profound spiritual wounds. The bits and pieces of the emotional and mental bodies that may have been ‘wounded’ are nurtured and salved until they can be reintegrated into the self and contribute to the functioning ego. Spiritually, it is a process which restores balance to the psyche so that the individual can face his or her existence with confidence and hopefulness. A healed soul is a soul in balance on every level of its manifestation (existence). A wounded soul is one which is not able to experience a full and free expression of self on one or more of the levels of being.

In these turbulent and changing times healing has become a topic of great interest to those who are seeking this balance of being. Many have turned to alternate means to accomplish this integration of self though it must be stated that conventional medicine still offers some solutions in this area, particularly on the physical level. However, we know now that healing can be accomplished with or without the aid of conventional means. Our minds and ultimately, our souls, are a critical factor when we undertake healing. It is no wonder that so many seekers of spiritual understanding eventually find their way into the fields of alternate healing, like herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, reflexology, massage for the more physical types of ailments and shamanism and energy healing that includes both hands on and hands off methods for the mental, emotional and spiritual ones.

(For a good discussion of the various types of methods available google: Energy healing/types.)

Can anyone be a healer? The short answer to this question is, “Of course!” To suggest that only some can assume the role of the healer/facilitator is preposterous. However, on an astrological level we can hone in to a potential predisposition to being the healer type. 

The Virgo Healer

There are four signs of the zodiac which co-relate directly to the ‘healer’ profile. I want to emphasize that this does not mean that the other eight signs cannot perform as healers and we will explore this at a later date. However, let’s start with these four since they are the classical ‘healer’ type, wired to be natural givers and healers.

Let’s begin with the Virgo Healer and the physical body. The body is always in need of some form of healing. We have accidents, get illnesses and as we age the body systems begin to break down. In Virgo we find properties that fit the profile of the physical healer. Imagine the ultimate nurse who patiently and diligently attends to the physical needs of the ailing patient. The built in manual dexterity (Virgo is aligned to Mercury which rules hand/eye coordination), the efficiency that is a hallmark of this zodiac energy, the attentiveness to the minutia of patient care; these are all qualities that Virgo has the potential to manifest.

On the highest of levels, Virgo embodies the essence of the ‘Ritual Worker’, the one who is able to bring order to what is disordered. Ritual is actually process that has been refined over countless enactments to become something more than the sum of its parts. Through ritual, a greater ideal is being served. In the case of Virgo and the process of ritual, the greater ideal is healing. In the context of physical healing, it is Virgo’s innate understanding of process that contributes to a smooth recuperation and recovery. Virgo can establish a daily ritual or habit of patient care and through this aid in the recovery of the body systems.

The Capricorn Healer

Beyond the body, we know that much un-wellness can exist in the mind or the mental body. In this context we can turn to the superb efficiency of the
Capricorn Healer to heal the ailing spirit through the application of good management and gentle control. 

An unwell mind is one that has lost its grip on reality and as a result has become unbalanced. This zodiac sign is aligned to the planet Saturn. This is the planet that is representative of the function within everyone that deals with the essential construction of perceived reality by the ego self. The Capricorn Healer guides the ailing patient to examine her reality structures and explore ways to bring balance and equity to that reality. Slowly but surely, order is restored under the firm tutelage of the Capricorn Healer. Capricorn understands exactly what reality is. It is the energy within everyone that is concerned with protocols for orderly and successful living. It is the executive function within the ego. A Capricorn Healer is able to soothe the ailing spirit by the sheer force of his/her presence. The Capricorn ability to align action to outcome can aid someone with an ailing mind to slowly find a sense of stability and security and begin to make headway into mental wellness. Mental turbulence is gradually replaced by a growing calmness that is based on solid systems of living, well understood by Capricorn.

Capricorn is not considered to be a nurturing or personal energy and this also fits nicely. To support someone who is mentally unwell, a certain degree of separation and distance must be maintained. Transference or entanglement with the patient is one of the main issues that can arise in mental healing. Archetypally, Capricorn is ‘The Counselor’, he who guides and manages. The process of mental healing is one of the more complicated paths to take as a healer and in Capricorn, we find the abilities that can lead to success on this level, strength, discipline, resolve, detachment from emotional transference and a keen sense of purpose. 

The Cancer Healer

The emotional body is the third of the four body systems. Healing on this level is both complicated and arduous. Emotions are irrational. The causes of emotional dis-ease are never easy to untangle and in most cases, hard to define. People who are suffering from emotional un-wellness need long term nurturing and care. They need to feel loved. Fear is often a large part of emotional illness so the healer needs to create a sense of security on the most intimate of levels. The emotionally un-well individual must feel accepted and embraced by the healer. Cancer, aligned to the Moon, is well-suited to understanding the ebb and flow of the emotional body. Depression can be cyclic in nature and Cancer understands how cycles occur. The Moon, on a physical level, is connected to the tidal cycles of the world’s oceans. These tidal cycles are a very fitting representation of emotional tidal cycles that can ebb and flow according to some unseen but inexorable pattern. 

Archetypally, Cancer is ‘The Great Mother’ and just as the image suggests, it is an energy that nurtures and embraces. The body part associated with Cancer is the breast. Can you see, in your mind’s eye, the picture of a gentle, caring mother holding a crying child in her arms close to her breasts which, of course, are layered over the heart. This is the energy that provides the emotionally wounded person with ultimate safety, warmth, love and unconditional acceptance, all facets that are critical if healing is to take place on this most delicate of levels.

Of course, emotional un-wellness is often partnered with mental un-wellness. In the wheel of the Zodiac, Cancer and Capricorn are partner signs, positioned exactly 180* away from each other. The one balances out the other and vice versa. A strong hand to guide the mentally unbalanced individual and an environment of safety and security to support any emotional ills is a nice working partnership.

The Pisces Healer

The last of the four types of bodies is the spiritual or etheric body. When the spirit ails, all levels of being are affected. Spiritual counseling must be founded on the highest of all of the love energies, that is, the agape level, love based on principle and not on personal concern. The Zodiac sign that fits the bill in this capacity is Pisces. Pisces is aligned to the planet, Neptune and secondarily to Jupiter. Neptune is representative of that part of the psyche that seeks the divine. Jupiter demonstrates the psyche’s search for truth. Through the energy of Pisces, illumination and higher understanding can be realized. A Spiritual Counselor serves spirit by providing his patient with guidance that is devoid of personal agenda. The love that comes from the Pisces Healer is pure, true and uplifting. If it is working well, it is beyond the ego even though it flows through it.

Archetypally, Pisces is the acolyte, the Boddhisattva. This is a Sanskrit term that essentially means ‘wisdom-being’ or ‘enlightened one’. At the highest level, the Pisces soul is one who is motivated by ultimate compassion. This is the quality that serves as the foundation for the spiritual healer, that desire to be of service to all, to give of oneself for the good of the greater whole. The obvious symbol that clearly identifies this is, of course, Jesus. According to the story, this wisdom-being offered himself up willingly to cover the sins (ills) of mankind. 

Pisces is the partner sign of Virgo. While the spirit receives succor, the body is salved. And really, spiritual dis-ease ultimately results in physical symptom.

Everyone has these four energies within them, though some may have them more emphasized. Certainly, they can be cultivated even if they are not highlighted. Life is about choices and what we do with those choices. 

Finally, healing is not limited to the signs discussed. Any of the 12 energies of the Zodiac can be used in the healing process. There is the mystery of Scorpio, the sheer joy of Leo, the comfort and dependability of Taurus, the grace and beauty of Libra to name just a few. All such attributes can be funneled into healing. 

Within each of us resides ‘The Inner Healer’. It is incumbent on us all to locate and connect to her/him so that we can work towards a condition of balance and integration on all of the levels of being, whether as a service to others or just for ourselves.