Sagittarius: The Call of the Unending Quest 

“Hello Darkness, my old friend…” sang Simon & Garfunkel back in the day…And so we arrive at the nadir of the yearly cycle. We are a mere 30* away from Winter Solstice when the wheel of the year shifts from waning to waxing once again. This is the place of Sagittarius, the fiery mutable energy of the zodiac; intense, urgent, anticipatory. The natural world is saying, “slow down, be still, cocoon, sleep…” but inside of us we are shaking our collective heads and saying, “Something is about to be born!”

We are not quite sure just exactly what that something is, and there’s the key to Sagittarian energy: the quest for that unknown ‘something’.


We have the sense that SOMETHING is about to appear. We feel every throb of life, every beat of our pulse, every circuit our blood makes. This is the pause before the leap, that moment of almost unbearable anticipation. In the northern hemisphere, and especially the farther north that you go, we live more in the dark than in the light, eagerly looking forward to the turning point in the yearly cycle when the light begins to increase.


In some ways, we can co-relate the Winter Solstice, 0* CAPRICORN, to the New Moon phase—the beginning of all things–since this gateway marks the time of the yearly cycle when the Sun once again begins to gather strength; that is, the days begin to grow longer. Thus, this time period–THE TIME OF SAGITTARIUS– just before that singular point of birth and becoming can be aligned to the Dark Moon or Balsamic Moon phase where everything is reduced to its most essential self. The end merges with the beginning. The rich compost of experience is now poised to fuel and nudge the hard seed deep within the earth and to soften it in preparation for the call of the Spring Equinox when it begins to send forth its roots and tender shoots and to find the Sun once again. Sound exciting, confusing, intense, hopeful, sort of hard but ever-optimistic? Well, there you have Sag, an energy that has many sides to it.


It is fitting that Sag fills this most intense part of the yearly cycle with its relentless questing energy. We know that there is a brighter day just beyond the horizon and even though we sometimes feel as if we are flailing about in the dark, we remain hopeful that we will eventually find something that makes sense out of the chaos. Sagittarius is much like this, confusing, yet hopeful, intense, yet not constant, urgent but perhaps not keenly focused. And yet, at all times keenly interested in the underlying meaning of all things, looking always for the bigger picture where all the seemingly inane minutia of life begins to make some sense.


Sagittarius is part of the group that includes Aries and Leo and is also aligned to Gemini, its polarity sign, as well as Virgo and Pisces by mutability. Mutable energy is adaptable, constantly in movement with the capacity to support tremendous change. Fiery energy is action-oriented, creative, passionate, and aspiring. Sagittarius is the Free-spirited Wanderer in contrast to the Warrior, Aries, and the Royal, Leo, his fire brethren.


The symbol associated with Sag is the Centaur, a creature of myth who was part human and part animal. Contained within this symbol is yet another aspect of the Sagittarius nature. There is an aspiration to nobility and spirit as signified by the human head of the creature and a link to the animal nature of desire and impulse as shown by the horse’s body of the creature. In Sag there is an ongoing struggle to reconcile the so-called lower nature with the so-called higher nature. The Centaurs were both students, particularly of the healing arts, and carousers, given to wine, women, and song. The term ‘party hardy’ covers their attitudes nicely.  On a subtle level, however, we can begin to understand that in Sagittarius we can find the pathway to spirit through the physical experience as opposed to the usual understanding that the search for spirit necessarily means that the seeker must reject his physical self and the DESIRE body connected to it.

On the ‘natural wheel’, Sagittarius is found in the 9th house, usually associated with the higher mind and the quest for spiritual understanding. How interesting then, that we may find a clue to the means for this quest in the symbol that represents this energy, the centaur. Here is the power-packed message that many miss when considering Sagittarius. We must integrate the lower nature and the higher nature so that they work together in their ‘flight’ into spirit. This idea is nicely represented by the half-man, half horse symbol of Sagittarius. To deny that we are human, contained in flesh, subject to the desires and needs associated with being material creatures is to profoundly miss the point of why we are here on this plane of existence. Sagittarius tells us to honour the so-called ‘lower’ self; that is to feel the body, sate the mind, salve the emotional self, while also honouring the aspiring part of ourselves to reach out for the god/dess within each of us, that is, spirit. We have all come to this plane to have the material/physical experience and through that experience to find Spirit. As long as we are here, we will never find Spirit by denying that we are fleshly.


A Sagittarius persona then is a mixture of seemingly opposing drivers; the pursuit of pleasure is juxtaposed against a deep inner desire to understand the meaning of life. Joy is easily accessed in the hurley burley, topsy-turvey race into life. Decisions can come quickly and sometimes impulsively and words can sometimes spill out of the mouth before the mental body can check them for suitability. This is all due to the incredible zest that underscores every moment for the ‘Sag’ type.


The horse part of the Centaur is a powerful representation of energy in motion. As a power animal, Horse brings a sense of freedom, will-power, speed, independence. There is a sense of stamina and endurance. He is the harbinger of adventure and the distant horizon that beckons to the traveler. There is an inherent wildness contained in this symbol, a connection to the primitive power of muscle and bone. Interestingly, Sagittarius is connected to the thighs and we all know how powerful the thighs of a horse can be. Energetically, the thighs represent our ability to carry ourselves forward, to propel ourselves through life’s landscape, no matter the terrain we encounter. Sagittarius mirrors this ability. There is a deep-seated optimism found in the pure energy of Sag. Nothing is insurmountable and the cup is always half full!


The reactive or SHADOW side of this energy can be demonstrated by exaggeration, random impulse resulting in chaotic results, thoughtlessness, and deceit.  All of these things are rooted in the underlying exuberance of this energy. It is vital that anyone with a focus of Sag in their psyches maintain a watchful awareness of these tendencies. The exaggeration is a result of sometimes mindless optimism. The random impulse may well be a result of the abundant energy inherent in a strongly Sag psyche which has yet to learn managing mechanisms so that their exuberance and impatience is directed mindfully and not haphazardly in a higgledy-piggledy way. The thoughtlessness is just unchecked impulse and the result of having a kind of matter of fact attitude to being ‘honest’, without taking into account that truth is seldom absolute. The deceit is connected to a tendency to amplify and expand, the ‘storyteller syndrome’. As always, any of these negative manifestations are merely a distortion of the energy and, with some application, can be modified within the personality and used in a proactive fashion. We need persons who are optimistic and ready to tackle whatever comes their way, people who are enthusiastic, devoted to honesty, and able to entertain us with their wit and mental agility. Who can imagine a party without someone present who can make others laugh, who can incite others to fun, as an example. These are the gifts that Sagittarius gives to the collective.


In Sag, we come to understand that it is definitely NOT the destination that matters but rather the ongoing journey to some destination. Sag never arrives. Arrival at a predetermined end is anathema to the Sag spirit.

Sagittarius is, after all is said and done, an energy that seeks truth, the higher mind and meaning in the midst of the madness of seemingly random existence. It is only when we are willing to explore that which is unknown and not familiar that we can get a glimpse of the potential that we all have within ourselves. The Sagittarius part of the psyche is where we can connect to this exploratory, truth-seeking impulse!

Jupiter, the Ruler of Sag

Every sign has a planet associated with it and in the case of Sagittarius, that planet is Jupiter. There was a time when Astrologers looked for a ‘well-placed’ or ‘powerful’ Jupiter in a chart when doing delineation. They were looking for the ‘luck’ factor in someone’s life. A well-placed Jupiter was often found in the charts of those who rose to great heights or were able to achieve that which their peers could not. The birth charts of the royalty were often altered so that they contained a powerful Jupiter. Today, we understand that there is more to life than luck, the quality often associated with Jupiter. We also understand that the saying, “Too much of a good thing” can be painfully true. That is how the Jupiter part of the psyche can be—big, beautiful and rather overwhelming, taking up the whole darn room and leaving little place for anything else.


On a deeper level, Jupiter co-relates to right-brain kind of thinking, creative, circular, holistic as opposed to Mercury which is more linear, detail-oriented, and logical. We now know that these two supposedly separate parts of the brain are not so separate after all and actually work together, sending messages from one side to the other. Still, it is interesting that visionary thinkers often focus on the ‘big picture’ leaving the nuts and bolts part of the process to others to work through. The Jupiter function within the self seeks vision and an underlying theme to whatever it is exploring. Once the idea is hatched, the left brain is enlisted to work out the kinks and make things run smoothly or just make sense of it. And what planet rules the logical thinking mind?  Mercury, which is associated with Gemini & Virgo. Yup! You need more than just one energy to help logic things out, especially in our modern times when the art of CRITICAL THINKING has been almost entirely lost to groupthink & conformity. Interestingly, the partner sign to Sagittarius is Gemini and so we see the link that should exist between logical, process-oriented thinking & free-flowing, creative thinking. Each part of the process NEEDS the other part to excel.


In terms of cycles, Jupiter takes about 12 years to transit the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending about 1 year in each of the 12. For instance, someone could have a 5th ‘Jupiter return’ at age 59, just short of their 60th birthday. This once in 12-year turn of the wheel is a time of opportunity, expansion, augmentation, sometimes exaggeration, joyfulness, adventure, and often hectic activity in the area of life that the natal (or birth) Jupiter is keyed to. The Jupiter return is a great time to tweak any long term goals. It is a great time to reconnect to inner faith and renew a sense of meaning within the context of the life. This is a time of optimism and opportunity in most cases though, naturally, for a specific reading of this transit, it is useful to go to an astrologer and get detailed feedback.

Of course, as Jupiter circles through the zodiac, everyone will experience something ‘Jupiterian’ in their lives. We can get of sense of this by locating where in any given birth chart the Jupiterian energy might be active ‘by transit’. The key thought is that Jupiter augments. Augmentation can be great but it can also create challenges.


When transiting Jupiter moves through house:


1                 increase in activity

                   opportunities to explore new things

                    relationship & social increase


2                  resource riches; going out & coming in

                   getting connected to what you truly love

                   expansion of core values


3                feeling good

               about what you think & how you speak

                the mental life expands

                circle of friends increases


4                  the inner life expands

                   a focus on the home

                   sense of well-being

                   inner satisfaction


5                       fun increases

                   luck may show up

                   romance and attraction

                   the creative center is opened


6                 opportunity to refine the daily  routine

                   lots to do; benefits from work

                   a potential to create ritual in the day to day life


7                       friendships, partnerships, relationships abound

                   Luck in legal issues

                   Matters of mediation or negotiation go well


8                       the inheritance of unexpected blessings

                   a brush with the real meaning of life

                   potential for the ‘aha’ moment


9                       adventure calls

                   opportunities to travel, explore & imagine

                   honours come your way


10                the reward for effort made

                   recognition; notoriety

                   worldly success


11                the call to community feeling

                   opportunities for social action

                   potential to realize goals & dreams

                   alignment to aspiration


12                    mystical experience is potential

                   a reconnection to the divine

                   intuition increases


In all cases, the key to accessing the full potential of the Jupiter part of the self is to take the experience, whatever it might be, and look at it through the lens of meaning. This is where we are seeking a greater vision of who we can potentially be. This is that part of us that aspires towards a greater nobility of spirit, a deeper meaning of being. Wherever the floodgates of experience and opportunity are opening in our life, we must consciously manage the flow so as to not get swept away by the force of the deluge. Opportunity can easily turn into excess. Jupiter is the ‘great benefic’ or in layman’s language, the bestower of blessing. It is, however, up to each of us individually to maximize the gifts that Jupiter brings.






Here is a description of the energy of HORSE as a power animal.




Come, run with me into the valleys and across the plains. I will carry you like the wind into the future of yourself.


I am the POWER of WILL, the ability to do what needs to be done. I am FREEDOM and INDEPENDANCE. I know myself best when I am chasing the wind as it sweeps across the face of the Earth.


I can go a great distance and then keep on going. What do you need to ENDURE? I will show you how to endure it.


Listen to the pounding of my hooves as they carry me along. It is the drumbeat of life that pounds beneath me. It is the rhythm of being that carries me forward.


I will stand beside you in your journey into adventure. I will be there when you need me to whisk you away from danger. I am power. I am speed. I am distance.


Whisper into my ear and I will hear you. Run your hands over my smooth, sleek body and I will obey. But do not try to hold me. Do not fence me in. Jump up and lay your body down upon me and together we will gallop into the horizon, wild and free.


I can hear you, friend. I can hear your thoughts so think only those things that heal you. Fill your mind with goodness and with love. Be kind. Be gentle and yet be firm and strong.


I will show you how to manage your reality, to maximize what you have and to find what you need. Listen to my call and follow, follow, follow.


What do you want to do? What is your most secret dream? Where does your potential lie? I can take you to the place where the answers to these questions are waiting for you to find them. Come with me on this adventure into becoming.


Watch how I run alone. Watch how I run with others. Watch and learn.


I am HORSE and I will be your friend.




SHADOW PLAY: Scorpio Secrets


There’s a lot of commentary floating around about Scorpio, some of it bad & some of it worse. Honestly, though, this is just another layer of energy & energy, is, at its most fundamental of levels, neutral.  The variable in the mix is the human element. How we channel ANY energy can be both positive & negative & sometimes, both, even at the same time.


To be completely HONEST, this is complicated energy because it primarily deals with the shadow, and the shadow is, by any account, more tricky than anything that is fully in the light. Scorpio is linked to MARS, the strong instinctual urge in all of us & Pluto, the deepest part of the unconscious, even, on the spiritual level, THE SOUL FORCE.


This ‘soul force’ is not personal but it fuels the personal. It is that part of us that intently desires to refine our natures. It is that part of us that aspires to return to SOURCE. (And you can insert your own word for ‘SOURCE’ as you think about this statement: the divine, Allah, Jesus, god, goddess, spirit, oneness, nothingness, and so forth. Organized religion has been constructing archetypes for this nebulous but supposedly highly desirable state for millennia.) Because of this impersonal aspect, the soul can necessitate challenging and even harsh responses from us on an ego level. The ego, after all, seeks preservation & security while the soul force aspires to transformation & ascension. These two urges are diametrically opposed, constantly at odds with each other. Still, it is the ongoing energetic exchange between these dual forces within the self that produces evolution, growth & ultimate transcendence. Scorpio energy is at the root of this essential process. It relentlessly pursues that which is seemingly unattainable. Sometimes, it even reaches that unattainable state. Sometimes, NOT.


Anyone with Scorpio energy prominently featured with that psychic grid of self, soul, and spirit is on this plane of reality to ‘do the work’ of transformation. You’ve probably had a past rich with experiences that have forced you to look within for much-needed strategies & solutions. You are working on your dissertation on becoming, your PhD! As with all PhD programs, your path can be filled with challenges & you must be relentless in your pursuit of the ‘truth’, at least as you perceive it.

So, we are well into the waning cycle of the year now. The days are ever shorter here in the Northern Hemisphere. The energy body is vibrating at a slower rate no matter the level of consciousness. The natural inclination both physically and emotionally is to cocoon. We think about building fires to keep us cozy, cooking warm medleys of harvest veggies to fill our bellies, and generally stepping back into the darker parts of the cave. This is the time of Scorpio, that mysterious, intriguing energy that is both attractive and somewhat fearful, at least when it is not truly understood.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign, part of the elemental family that includes Cancer and Pisces and the modal family that includes Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. It has more symbols associated with it than any other of the zodiac signs. They are the scorpion, the snake, the dove, the eagle, and lastly, the phoenix. (By the way, in a very Scorpio like fashion, astrologers keep adding symbols into this mix but I think that 5 is quite enough to drive the point home…lol) Each symbol demonstrates one of the many facets of this complex, impenetrable energy.


The symbol of the Scorpion speaks for itself and is the one most commonly known as the Scorpio symbol. The stinger of the Scorpion is the key here. Often, these stings can be deadly and if not mortal, then resulting in severe illness. Behind the impenetrable mask that Scorpio can wear rests a profound self-protective ability. This, actually, is the true understanding of the scorpion’s stinger. Very rarely will this little creature sting just for the heck of it. It is only when he is in danger that he shifts gears and sticks out his back end. The Scorpio psyche also can be extremely long-suffering until that point of no return is reached and it feels that it has no choice but to protect itself!


The snake is representative of the regenerative ability of the Scorpio psyche to continually ‘shed its skin’. Whenever snakes have outgrown that outer lining, a process, ecdysis, occurs. This is something that is related to growth and when we apply it to the energy called Scorpio, we begin to get an insight into a bottom-line necessity of this complex energy; that is, that it is in a constant state of becoming, needing to leave behind, in some cases, even things that appeared to be critical to its very survival—like its skin! When snakes get ready to shed their skins, they experience a loss of vision and a period of inactivity, often retreating to the darkest and most moist place they can find. Scorpio psyche reflects this by becoming intensely introspective when going through shifts, often losing objectivity and perspective. On an ego level, this can look like anti-social behaviour, a touchiness that can result in sometimes violent encounters with others, and an inability to find solutions easily. Thankfully, these periods are often short-lived and the ‘snake’ comes out on the other side with shiny eyes and sleek new skin. Basically, all growth can be accompanied by pain. Scorpio psyche, however, really feels this pain!


The Dove is one of the more obscure symbols associated with Scorpio but herein rests a truly lovely aspect of the Scorpio psyche and one which is certainly worth pursuing for all you Scorpio types. It is representative of an almost infinite capacity for the demonstration of a peace-based love, the love of the Christ, a love so large that it can heal, unite, incite to joy and generally uplift anyone who comes into contact with it. A developed Scorpio type can serve as the vehicle for this sort of inspiration to all who come into contact with him/her.


The Eagle as a Scorpio symbol is all about wisdom, vision, prescience, a certain aloofness and the connection to spirit. Just as the eagle can soar above the earth and see from a distance, Scorpio psyche can see far beyond the outside of any situation and get down to the nitty gritty, often having the capacity to ‘dive’ into the exact spot for which he is searching and find that nugget of truth that needs to be unearthed. Eagles are solitary creatures who nest in remote, inaccessible places. Scorpio, too, finds contentment in periods of aloneness and in a figurative sense is often inaccessible emotionally, hard to understand and hard to reach. However, the Scorpio type who embodies Eagle is farsighted and if the inner moral compass is highly developed can be a transformative element in any group to which he/she is aligned. The key, of course, is the ‘highly developed inner moral compass’.


Finally, the symbol of the Phoenix demonstrates regeneration, the huge capacity for both survival and rebirth that this energy can have in the face of adversity. Just as the Phoenix is reborn out of its own ash after having been consumed by a self-igniting fire, so, too, Scorpio uses its experience to reinvent itself continually. For some Scorpio types this can result in a sense of having lived many lives in one lifetime. Looking in on this process from the outside, it appears both frightening—the ignition and flame and consumption of the being—and extraordinarily beautiful—the emergence of the old/new bird out of the iridescent flames that have consumed its predecessor! And so, too, can Scorpio seem both frightening and beautiful to those on the outside. What is it that can move a being to such limits, we think, as we watch in awe this regenerative process?


When we consider the complexity of the 5 symbols, we begin to get an insight into the workings of this secretive and seductive energy. Often times, Scorpio itself does not totally understand what it is doing, though this would never be admitted. When dealing with this energy, either in yourself or especially in relationship, keep in mind the intense emotionality that lurks under that implacable surface. This is not the emotion of compassion or love. It is the emotion of passion that can easily turn into rage, a rage that can consume and destroy with its intensity and blind fury. Used proactively, however, it is the energy of incredible purpose, determination, focus, devotion. The love of a Scorpionic type is all-consuming, passionate, riveting, and tending to eclipse all others. The key, again, is to mindfully manage the sheer power of this dark organic energy.


Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio’s modern-day ruler, the planet associated with this sign was Mars and now we begin to understand the intensity, the fire, the passion that is linked to this energy. I heard someone describe themselves once as the “ultimate fire energy”, Scorpio. This person did not know that Scorpio was in the water family of signs but I can understand what he meant. He was resonating with the ruler, Mars, who’s other associated sign is Aries, one of the three fire signs of the Zodiac. No wonder that there exists a strange yet powerful connection between Scorpio and Aries. They both understand the power of impulse, the strength of passion!


One of the things that Scorpio must be mindful of is the abuse of power.  Power can only be abused if one holds it and Scorpio lives in the reality of power-brokering. Because this energy is so attracted to power, it can find itself suddenly in thrall to it, either internally or externally.  One of the lessons that anyone with Scorpio energy is learning is how to apply personal power without harming either oneself or others.


Another lesson is relinquishment. Scorpio must learn to let go of anything that restricts its growth and this could range from material possessions to relationships to old and sometimes bitter feelings. If you have Scorpio energy and find yourself brooding over things that you cannot control, crying over ‘spilled milk’, or constantly reliving past situations, this is an indicator that you still have releasing work to do. To attain maximum growth potential, Scorpio types would benefit from intense energy work, with full-body contact. Since a lot of the trapped energy is karmically based, the deeper a healer can go, the better. This deep, intense type of bodywork is not recommended for all psyches but the Scorpio psyche is tough and resilient and can ‘go the distance’. Recall the image of the Phoenix as it cycles through its death and rebirth.


For those who are inclined to shamanism, Scorpio is The Shaman. As the Shaman, Scorpio feels no fear when facing the unknown. The lower worlds of primitive animal energies are familiar to the Scorpio psyche. The upper worlds where spirits dwell hold no mystery to Scorpio. When we enter into the realm of Scorpio, we are stepping into magic. Yet another archetype linked to Scorpio is The Magician. It feels as if Scorpio ‘knows’ something while everyone else is in the dark. This, of course, is the essence of magic, the ability to perpetuate an illusion and sustain its apparent reality even in the face of denial.


Strongly Scorpionic types can have an almost palpable energy field around them that both attracts or repels, depending on the consciousness behind the field. It is this energy that can make others’ skin either crawl or tingle depending on the chemistry involved.


All of these various characteristics demonstrate how vital it is that Scorpio learn to understand itself and then to apply its considerable magnetic power to appropriate use rather than ego-driven manipulative use.


So much more can be discussed in reference to this complex, magical, and seductive energy. It is old, old energy, that pulsates deep within the collective heart, comes from a long-ago place of being. Finding the right balance in this so-called ‘modern’ world is one of the challenges that anyone with pronounced Scorpio energy has to deal with day to live long day!

So, what’s it like to live in the Scorpio Shadow?


Sun in Scorpio:   You are relentless in your pursuit of all things ‘true’. You don’t like bullshit and can smell it a mile away. Hard to read both by others but even more importantly, by yourself. In fact, you will often surprise yourself with your insights especially when they are about your internal process. Its never a halfway thing for you and so you must learn to manage your energy. Take regular reboot days and give yourself permission to just veg out. Remember, your ‘partner’ sign is Taurus, the ultimate organic energy. This is a reminder to you that you must not neglect the body and its needs, that the emotional body must be nurtured, even coddled a bit, that the mental body requires a meditative process to recharge itself and that the spiritual body is intrinsically linked to the lower bodies and will either bloom or fade depending on how you care for them. And you are complex. Your world is not linear; it is multi-dimensional. Your ability to see things from many angles is what gives you your keen sense of knowing and your ability to facilitate others on their individual transformational journeys.

Your SHADOW:   Power-hungry; manipulative, vindictive, unforgiving; secretive without any reason to be; jealous; nasty; you get the drift…


Moon in Scorpio:  You are the most inscrutable of the emotional types. Often, you don’t even know yourself what it is that you are feeling. However, the feeling is huge, deep, infinite and it swallows you up. Yup, it’s a trip, for sure. The upside is your absolute devotion to those you decide to love so focus on that and stay out of your dungeon.


Your SHADOW:   Depression; self-loathing; inability to access emotional clarity; overly possessive of those you are attached to; absorption of other’s toxic energy. You need to set up good boundaries both with others but also with your own negative impulses. Good cop/Bad cop: be on the side of the good cop.


Ascendant in Scorpio:  Your magnetism is super-charged. Walk into a room and even if they don’t like you, they can’t seem to take their eyes off you. You, however, prefer to wear dark glasses and hide those all-seeing eyes of yours. You may appear to be quiet but inside it’s a college roar. Why? Because you can ‘hear’ everyone’s inner thoughts. Learn to shield yourself from unwanted intrusions. If you are inclined to the healing arts, you are the ultimate channeler of energy from the etheric to the material. Your touch can literally heal physical illness and that might be one of the reasons why people are so attracted to you.


Your SHADOW:   Underhanded action; spy games; playing games to get your ends; ruthless tactics; walk-aways with no explanation when you are done in relationship; intolerance of other’s sensibilities; rigid judgments & no negotiation; obsessions that lead to disaster.


Wherever Scorpio is located in your own natal chart is where you require authenticity. It’s the deepest part of your psyche in many ways so pay attention and do the work. Remember, Scorpio is the PhD dissertation of life.




When the Sun finally moves into his transit of Libra, we have reached the midpoint of the astrological year. This is the time of the Autumnal Equinox. Light is once again balanced with shadow and we are now well and fully into the waning part of the sun’s cycle which began at Summer Solstice, and moving into winter’s silence from this point on.


And that’s a great word when considering Libra. Balance. In Libra, we encounter the relentless, indefatigable pursuit of that elusive state called balance. Equilibrium. Evenness. And, make no mistake, it is a PURSUIT. Libra’s polarity is fiery, unstoppable Aries so just as Aries rushes forward without a thought to staying on her feet, Libra puts on the brakes so that she CAN stay on her feet. The reflex to maintain equilibrium is so powerful in Libra that there can often be an UNBALANCING result from reflexive actions. And therein lies the mystery. Because of this powerful urge to stay EVEN, Libra can find herself completely and utterly UNEVEN. And so the cycle begins again; off she goes to PURSUE BALANCE.


Libra is an interesting energy. Associated with the planet, Venus, the focus is on the external dynamics of Venusian impulse; getting along, creating harmony, establishing healing communications, listening carefully to ‘the other’. This is the energy of cooperation that eventually builds community. Naturally occupying the 7th house of the horoscope, Libra wants equity in relationship, order within union, a fair and balanced give & take. It looks across at independent, self-assertive Aries, it’s partner sign, & cautiously recommends consultation before action. It instinctively understands that its role is to provide a counterpoint, to slow things down, to mediate if necessary.


This is a cardinal air sign. There is implied action here and mental clarity that is often hidden behind the smiling face of conciliation. Libra’s opposite sign is the fire sign of Aries, also cardinal energy, and just as Aries seeks to establish its sovereignty and individualism, Libra is avid in its search for dialogue and partnership. However, do not be fooled into thinking that Libra will always concede to someone else’s desires. This is not at all the case. Libra’s ability is best understood when we understand the contradictory image of the iron fist in the velvet glove. Libra knows how to forward its cause while appearing to consider everyone else’s needs and desires. So, though the picture may appear to be one of dialogue and compromise, the back story is all about absolute devotion to the pre-determined resolution that Libra has arrived at all on its own! Tricky little Libra…


Libra has the ability to review and assess in advance, plot out a strategy and then maneuver through the situation, all the while adjusting, finessing and shifting but never, never, never, getting off track. When Libra responds with non-commitment to a query or suggestion, it is merely because it is looking for the temperature of the situation before making the next move. In most cases, Libra knows exactly what it wants even while appearing to be indecisive.

One of the great skills that this energy can have is the ability to create comfort. This is why Libra type people can be successful as negotiators. They have the mental clarity to keep on track, the emotional equilibrium to maintain balance, and the simple sweetness to make everyone feel safe, not threatened, a necessary quality when it comes to finding common ground. This is somewhat dependent on where the ruler of the Libra Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is located but more on that later.


The symbol associated with Libra is the Scales, the only non-living representation of a Zodiac energy. Sometimes, the Goddess of Justice is included in the symbol, holding those scales and weighing out whatever matter is at hand but for the most part, when we think of Libra, we think of those balancing plates, swinging back and forth like a teeter-totter. Remember, Libra is in PURSUIT of balance, not necessarily in a place of balance. Thus, we see Libra’s determination to appear calm, even, peaceful. That which we focus upon is usually the very thing that is in short supply within ourselves!


The shadow side of Libran energy is the tendency to manipulate and manage others. The reason for the manipulation is usually related back to Libra’s need to create congeniality in its environment. Because of the mental clarity that can be associated with this energy, the Libra psyche is a great assessor of situations, able to nail down just exactly what is necessary in order to find solutions and develop compatibility and union. Any manipulative behavior, then, is derived from this insight and the sure belief that the end—peace and coherence– must justify the means—seducing others into following Libra’s intention—emphasis on the seduction, by the way! One thing is certain, Libra makes it easy! This energy is so graceful, so accommodating that it is often not evident when coercion is being used. Libra makes us all want to do it! No aggression, no brow-beating, just simple sweetness and lots and lots of cupcakes to tempt us into it!


Libra can appear to be indecisive but again, we need to look a bit more closely at this. Usually, Libra knows exactly what IT wants but is reluctant to commit in case this commitment creates conflict. So, in fact, it is not indecisive so much as it is desirous of maintaining peace within the context of the relationship. Look a little closer and you’ll see that often as not, Libra will manage to find a way to do exactly what it has wanted to do all along and everyone else goes along willingly. Ever heard the term, Passive-Aggressive? Calm down, Libra, we all love you!


A great example of a famous (and, dare I say it, successful!) individual with a ton of Libra energy is Bill Clinton—Rising sign supported by both Venus & Mars!!! After all that Mr. Clinton has been accused of, alleged to have done and known to have been involved in, we just can’t help but love him. He makes it hard not to. To this day, his partner is still married to him. How many of us could have gone through such a thorough and public humiliation and then chosen to stay the course? I will let you all think about that! He was also one of the greatest diplomats ever and to this day is called on for his negotiating skill. It was under Clinton’s management that peace talks between Egypt and Israel took place culminating in that famous concord announced on the White House lawn! Clinton’s indubitable Libra ability to bring together diverse and apparently discordant opponents as partners in the process, was at work there.


Libra, then, is the energy of coordinated action, measured, and appropriate application of the energy of peace and unity. Very fitting for a Venus-ruled archetype!


Wherever you find Libra in your own birth chart, the issue of relating to partnership, inner balance, values, and how to attune to them into your life will somehow be brought into play. The Libra part of your psyche is concerned with finding the right words to create dialogue. How do you enter into relationship? What sorts of strategies do you use when trying to establish common ground? Where is your own inner balance point and what forces are at play within your own psyche in this regard?



For all of you Aries people, this is your half birthday, a good time to review how your own birthday year has gone so far. Accomplishments? Realized goals? Non–realized goals? And what are you going to do about it? Take some time to sit and think about how you would like the next 6 months to look.


So, how is the basic Libra energy modified by where her ‘ruling’ planet is located?


If you have Sun in Libra

Ruled by Venus in Aries:

            Your sweetness will have a measure of spiciness blended into it. You will have a higher degree of sensitivity to autonomy & self-assertion. Maybe not quite as diplomatic as you could be.

            Shadow?        Rash in action & harsh in judgment.


Ruled by Venus in Taurus:

            You are a double double sweet latte! You can make people feel safe both physically & mentally. A calming influence wherever you go.

            Shadow?        Too complacent & a little self-indulgent.


Ruled by Venus in Gemini:

            You probably have tons of friends who always want to be around you. Maybe a tad disconnected from your emotional body.

            Shadow?        Don’t trivialize others’ concerns; some things do matter.


Ruled by Venus in Cancer:

            The perfect Mother always ready to care for her little babes. This combo adds a nice amount of emotional energy into your psyche.

            Shadow?        Over control & emotional game playing.


Ruled by Venus in Leo:

            You have a real flair for the dramatic but without it being in everyone’s face. Elegant, regal & striking to the end.

            Shadow?        Emotionally demanding & sometimes loud.


Ruled by Venus in Virgo:

           You are precisely perfect in all that you do…or, at least that is what you aspire to!

            Shadow?        Critical of others’ failures & uncompromising about strategies.


Ruled by Venus in Libra:

           All of the Libra qualities that we have discussed are operating at their peak within your psyche. You have an unerring nose for spotting the thing that needs to be corrected.

            Shadow?        Unable to be upfront because you definitely have an agenda.


Ruled by Venus in Scorpio:

            Not quite as yielding as your fellow Libras, you are always ready to ensure that all action is based on truth and authenticity of expression.

            Shadow?        Quite willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your desired ends. Remember Machiavelli?


Ruled by Venus in Sagittarius:

            The best possible judge! You are dedicated to serving justice at any cost.

            Shadow?        Hasty judgments & less considerate than you could be.


Ruled by Venus in Capricorn:

            Nothing will prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities. A worker for the good of others.

            Shadow?        Way too rigid & unwilling to give in.


Ruled by Venus in Aquarius:

            Your altruism knows no bounds. You are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

            Shadow?        Disconnected from the emotional element in any given situation, you might make an error in judgment because of not factoring in the human element.


Ruled by Venus in Pisces:

           The Mother Teresa of the group. Your heart exceeds all things.

            Shadow?        Watch your boundaries. If you are not careful there won’t be anything left of you!


Finally, a little nod to that beautiful planet, Venus, the ruler of that lovely sign, Libra:   When we gaze up into the night sky, we can often see Venus shining brightly in the inky sky. There is comfort and a sense of connection to be derived from this simple experience. No wonder that the ancients attributed such positive characteristics to this planet. She brings us comfort. She gives us hope and she makes us gasp in awe and wonder. Almost close enough to touch and yet just beyond our reach. Ah! The magical, mysterious Venus!



The Venus Affirmation

I align my inner desire

with the path of highest good,

creating peace and grace

everywhere I go

and with everyone I meet.






Goddess, smile down on me

And let me rest

In your loving arms

I am the dreamer

And this is the dream

You are my keeper

And I am the kept

 Keep me safe

in the soft love

of your

infinite heart…



Very Very Virgo

Virgo, that down to earth, practical and functional energy is all about integration, healing, synthesis & application. Used appropriately, it is one of the most productive and efficient energies that we can access. At the highest of levels, this is the energy of the HEALER, she who makes things whole. A strongly ‘Virgo’ person is an absolute must if there is a project underway. They will organize, manage, run interference, and generally carry all the anxiety if given the opportunity. Creativity is brought to fruition through the process of Virgo application. Creativity is good. It’s a necessary element in any project but without the practical, down to earth common sense that Virgo can offer, creativity can vanish. Virgo says, “OK, DUDE, LET’S GET DOWN TO WORK!”

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their psyche. If you know the structure of your own personal mandala (horoscope), then you can give some thought as to how Virgo might operate within you. Wherever you find Virgo–& we’ll get to that in a moment—your part of the process is to create a plan of action that will result in success. If you do not give solid support to them, good intentions go nowhere. I want to lose weight, you say, after I eat this black forest cake. Well, how’s that working for you? Intention must be immediately and emphatically reinforced with forward movement based on a thoughtful assessment of the situation. Virgo provides the impetus for this in spades. To continue with the cake analogy, Virgo will ensure that no cake is purchased or baked. Worst case scenario, that it goes promptly into the recycle trough if it is lurking around in your refrigerator. That’s the beauty in VIRGO; a dispassionate, common-sense approach to every situation that it encounters. Virgo assesses, organizes, and makes a plan that has several contingencies built into it. Thorough, systematic, and careful to cover all bases, Virgo does not like to leave anything to chance. That is why the Virgo individual is an excellent asset when undertaking projects.

Let’s take a peek at how Virgo might show up in the personals. You might not be born when the Sun was transiting Virgo but what about the Moon? Mercury? Venus? Mars? Each planet mentioned has a unique flavor when found in Virgo.

If you have the Sun in Virgo:

                Your organizing energy will be focused on INTEGRATION. There is a desire to make everything work smoothly. Order is important to you. By the way, that does not mean that being orderly will come easily to you. Not at all! For some, it might but the point is that you will want to develop order out of the chaos of life, and if you are not naturally orderly, you will feel frustrated when in disorder. Obviously, a useful strategy would be to work hard to develop your own management system, one that makes sense to you. And honestly, it does not have to make sense to anyone else. After all, YOU are the king or queen of your castle.

Archetypically, the Sun in Virgo is THE HEALER. At the highest of levels, this is the energy of practical compassion; hands-on service to others.

If you have the MOON in Virgo:

                Your emotional energy is precise, meticulous & practical. You may often find yourself questioning whether something is worth your emotional investment; its usefulness, both in terms of output—what you can give & input—what you can get. You will want to organize your emotional life so that it makes sense to you. You are probably happiest when sharing an activity with others that upbuilds, heals & enhances process. Anything extraneous or non-productive emotionally will most probably be discarded over time. It’s all about getting down to business emotionally for you.

Archetypically, this energy is THE RITUAL WORKER, she who innately understands HOW to do what is necessary in order to accomplish the goal of healing, integration & manifestation. Moon in Virgo naturally KNOWS what to do in crisis situations with efficiency & skill.

If you have MERCURY in Virgo:

                You can think your way through just about anything. This is the mental energy of proficient analysis. It’s easy for you to ‘see’ the patterns in the project you are tackling. This ability allows you to easily structure your thoughts so that they make sense, not only to you but to others. You know how to break things down so that order naturally forms. Categorizing comes easily to you. That’s why tasks like cleaning drawers & closets is a cinch for you. This applies to a cluttered mind as well. If you have Mercury in Virgo but feel scattered & disorganized, some of your planetary alignments may be the fly in the ointment. The good news is that, with a little bit of effort, you have the capacity to create an organized mental energy for yourself. Chat with a professional astrologer about strategies that might be useful in this regard.

If you have VENUS in Virgo:

                You aspire to create a calm & soothing atmosphere wherever you go. You naturally know what your partner needs & you diligently apply yourself to the business of providing it. You are most fulfilled when you feel needed & useful. Your need for neatness & cleanliness creates a pleasing environment on a physical level. The Venus in Virgo person will always look very well put together & smells good too!

Archetypically, Venus in Virgo is THE PERFECTIONIST LOVER. It’s all about excellence in service for you. You not only want to ‘do it’, you want to do it perfectly. It’s a noble aspiration, Venus in Virgo, but often not entirely met in reality. Be content to provide the best that YOU can within the limitations of human existence.

If you have MARS in Virgo:

                Diligence is your attribute. There’s a crazy kind of single-mindedness here. Once a project is begun, Mars in Virgo just can’t leave it alone until he has affected some kind of conclusion. Project management comes easily and as a result, completing projects is often the outcome. Process & systems are naturally created for initial projects & then easily applied to subsequent tasks. Efficiency is paramount. Let’s find the quickest, the shortest way to get this done, says Mars in Virgo. On the other hand, if it takes longer than I thought, that is okay, too, he says with a shrug! Detail work is a snap for this little worker. Mars in Virgo loves to get into the nitty-gritty of any enterprise. Ensuring that all the cogs fit into the wheels is actually satisfying for this energy. A relentless ‘doer’, Mars in Virgo is a terrific addition to any team when it comes to the implementation of the ‘big idea’.


Archetypically, Mars in Virgo is THE DILIGENT DOER. Able, ready, and always willing to step up to the task at hand, this little engine can go, go, go long after the others have faded into the dust! He takes a certain joy from creating order & finishing up whatever needs to be finished.

And now, what about THE SHADOW?


Virgo types can sink into a critical attitude about almost anything; the way another looks, the way another speaks, the way another operates. It is endless. This, of course, then leads to an underlying sense of dissatisfaction with one’s lot in life. Things are just not ‘good enough’. But what exactly does that mean? This sense that nothing is good enough can also do damage to one’s sense of self-worth. The criticism is turned inward and Virgo begins to nitpick itself leading to an overall sense of gloominess, even depression. Having a critical mind and eye, if used appropriately is a great asset. Spotting weaknesses in order to improve the situation is useful. An inquiring and critical mind can be used to ferret out the real facts of any situation. Balanced Virgo energy is able to apply the TOOL of critical analysis but unrefined Virgo energy can get lost in the ‘less than’ universe of inadequacy. Rather than seeking ways to improve, the ‘less than’ Virgo, can’t let go of all the shortcomings. The aspiration to perfectionism traps the aspiring Virgo type so that nothing ever quite satisfies.

   The key to dealing with this debilitating cycle of dissatisfaction is for Virgo to reach across the wheel and immerse itself in Pisces where beauty is discovered in all things, perfect or imperfect. Pisces understands that on this plane of existence reality is constantly unfolding & more importantly, transforming. Perfectionism implies that there can be no more shift or change. The wisdom of Pisces says, the only thing that is constant is change. Once Virgo integrates this concept into itself, then the realization that there is no point in criticizing becomes self-evident.


Virgo’s need for order can lead to an obsessive preoccupation with creating that order. When this mythical order is not attained, Virgo can spiral into anxiety. Disorder is perceived to exist everywhere, thus accentuating the stress that Virgo experiences as it scans its reality. Virgo’s anxiety can lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviour that centers around cleaning, organizing, sorting, and so forth. In and of themselves, these types of activities are positive but when they take precedence over all others, they lose their healing characteristics and turn into toxic habits. How many times a day must one wash their hands so as to prevent becoming infected with germs? What results if one cannot meet that criterion? Virgo is connected to the space between the navel and the anus. What happens to one’s body when one is constantly anxious? The intestines seize up. Digestive issues develop. Going to the bathroom becomes an ordeal. Not fun.

Again, the solution is found in relinquishment, a Pisces attribute. To counter the anxiety that is experienced when one HAS to control all aspects of one’s reality, letting go of that control is a good place to begin.


Because of the relentless pursuit of perfection, Virgo can end up feeling like a failure. Note the word—FEELING. It’s all in Virgo’s head and NOT based on any kind of objective measure. In fact, others may be impressed with Virgo’s skills and abilities while Virgo secretly sinks into self-negation. It’s the ‘not good enough’ syndrome. Of course, the yardstick that Virgo is using as a measuring tool is ridiculously unrealistic. It’s that mythological ‘PERFECT’ yet again. The self will always fail if the criteria are based on unrealistic perfectionism. I remember when I was first learning to knit, I often made ‘mistakes’ in the stitches. I would spend hours unraveling back over multiple rows just to eradicate ONE wrong stitch. More often than not, this mind-numbing process ended up in even more ‘wrong’ stitches. Finally, (and not soon enough), I came to the conclusion that the so-called wrong stitches added personality to the completed project. Once I fully understood that, then my knitting became much more pleasurable and satisfying. (By the way, I have Saturn in Virgo & in my 12th house aligned to my nodal axis. Lots of past lives trying to be perfect !!) Virgo needs to KEEP ON STITCHING past the errors and keep its eyes on the prize of the completed project. That’s the gift that Virgo’s complementary partner sign, PISCES, provides; a broad perspective. Within the greater whole are many bits and pieces that may, on their own, be viewed as incomplete but when seen as part of the bigger picture, occupy an important place within it. To get rid of sabotaging oneself takes effort and finesse. Love of self plays a big part in it so Virgo can take a lesson here from the previous sign in the zodiacal order, LEO, and cultivate self-love to fight against the pull of self-sabotage.


Here are a few ways of dealing with Virgo energy through the 12 houses. We all have it somewhere!

If you have Virgo on your ascendant:

Keep telling yourself that THERE IS NO PERFECT METHOD for any exercise. Be open to making the occasional error. Stumble, fall & get your ‘a$%#’ up off that floor & get moving.


House 2:

Be aware that life is cyclical so you will inevitably go through highs & lows on the resource level. Hanging on to that should help to reduce anxiety when the bank balance shrinks.

House 3:

There is no single correct way of thinking. Hold on to your own viewpoint but allow others to hold onto theirs.



House 4:

It’s okay if your house does not resemble a showroom every single moment of every single day. Loosen up.

House 5:

Let your children get dirty once in a while.

House 6:

Create habits for yourself that make you feel like you have succeeded. Don’t set the bar so high that you will never ever be able to jump over it. Please, please, please, do not sweat the small stuff!

House 7:

Love the imperfections in your partners. If you can’t do that, you will end up with NO partners.

House 8:

Cleanliness is NEXT to godliness. It is NOT godliness.

House 9:

Be willing to explore alternative approaches with an open mind. Just because you live according to one set of standards does not make others’ standards less acceptable.

House 10:

Its okay if you step out in a suit & tie. Its okay if someone else chooses to go barefoot and kaftan clad.

House 11:

Follow your dreams enthusiastically but don’t get overly attached to any particular outcome. Dreams have a way of changing magically over time.

House 12:

You absolutely do not need to understand every single thing that you feel impelled to do. Learn to release things without obsessively worrying about them. What’s done is done. Get on with the next exciting imperfect adventure.

Shadow Energy: The Dark Side of the Sun: Leo

Leo, the Royal of the Energy Wheel would rather not dwell on any shadow but, as with all energies, where there is light, the shadow follows.

By diving into the shadow, we are able to pick away at the film that is covering the light within ourselves, so, it is always a useful exercise to face up to the dark side of any part of our psyche.


Remember, everyone has Leo energy somewhere within that complex arrangement of personality. Wherever that is, you could locate some of these shadow traits within yourself.




As the royal energy, LEO can easily slip into prideful behaviour.  There can be a sneaky kind of sense of entitlement threaded through that lustrous sense of self that LEO has.  That shadowy pridefulness could result in an inability to admit shortcoming, wrong behaviour, or mindset. That would be an admission of weakness, thinks the cocky LEO person. I have to be right at all times, contends the slightly insecure LEO person. Being right means dominance, power & superiority—all elements that are seductive to the LEO personality. Don’t forget, LEO is the ROYAL of the Zodiac, shiny, sexy and magnetic. It’s easy to slip into an over-inflated sense of self when you have so much going for you!

A measure of pride is an absolute must for everyone and especially for someone with a lot of LEO energy. It’s all about balancing the need to be proud of one’s skills and talents and the need to exercise a measure of moderation when standing in that sense of pride. No one likes a person who is constantly self-deprecating, right? And no one likes a person who can never let anyone else have the limelight.

So, LEO, know your own capabilities but also know when to keep your mouth shut about them! We will always love you, anyway!


EXAMPLE:  You aren’t a LEO SUN, MOON, or ASCENDANT but you have LEO in your THIRD HOUSE. So, yeah, you have great ideas and you should take delight in the way your mind works. You can, in fact, inspire others with your brilliance and wit, your fast-talking charm! But watch out that you don’t slip into thinking that ONLY YOU have those great ideas, that you are THE most clever, the wittiest, and more charming than anyone else. That could become old rather rapidly. So, be enthusiastic but let others join in on the fun. Don’t swallow up all the air in the room. You know that you can be kind of loud, right?



Like children, Leo types can be very self-centered which spills over into downright selfishness. The emphasis on ME is so powerful that one can easily neglect to pay attention to all of the ‘YOU’s’ around that mountainous ‘ME’! It’s a little about ownership, that sense of entitlement that everything must somehow belong to ME; that ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’ am the most deserving of whatever is available; that self-absorption that prevents one from taking others into account.

In small doses, selfishness is a protection of sorts. We must take care of our own needs, ensure that we are nurtured, and maintain good, clear boundaries so that we are not taken advantage of. A little bit of selfishness, that is self-awareness, allows us to do this. Once again, it’s all about moderation, not something that comes all that easily to LEO.

Here’s an example of how selfishness can be used PROACTIVELY:

You have Leo in your 6th house of service & work. You are a great ‘doer’, always on the ready with your time and energy. You take pride in what you can do! Here’s where a teensy bit of selfishness in the form of self-awareness can be useful. Don’t overreach. Know your limits. Before exploding onto the scene willing to carry ALL of the loads, sit down and count the cost. Can you do it? What will you have to PAY if you take on too much? Pull that enthusiasm in and be just a little selfish with your time and energy.

Here’s an example of how SELFISHNESS can lead to ruin:

You have Leo in your 7th house. Relationships revolve around YOUR needs. You must be the center of your partner’s focus AT ALL TIMES. When things go south between the two of you, you see everything that your partner did to create tension. It’s never about what you did. If the relationship crashes & burns, it’s all about YOUR heartache, how YOU suffered, what YOU lost. A little selfish? Maybe…


Narcissism is yet another trap that LEO can fall into. In small doses, it’s a good thing to have self-love, the healthy expression of narcissism. Without self-love, we are not taking care of the single most important item in our tool kit—the SELF. Think of your body, mind & heart as the vehicles that your soul gave to you so that you could fulfill your soul’s desire. Just like any tools, you must keep them in good order, well-oiled, sharpened, and ready to use. That requires, at the very least careful attentive action and ideally, love of those tools. If you really cherish your body & mind, you will not engage in toxic activity that HARMS like smoking, drinking, drugging, and other death-dealing choices. You will guard your heart like a mother eagle so that it does not become overburdened by anxiety, worry & fear. These are conscious choices that YOU have to make minute by minute. However, taken too far, that healthy self-love suddenly morphs into narcissism and you are all-consumed with self. The other fades into non-existence, becomes irrelevant, even irritating. It is burdensome to pay attention to anything except that which stares back at you from the mirror. Watch out that you don’t get sucked into the abyss of self-preoccupation and drown in your own self-inflated concept of who you are.

To avoid falling into the trap of narcissism, watch yourself like a hawk and especially in terms of your interactions with others. Do you give space to other peoples’ values and opinions ( 2nd & 3rd house)? Do you allow others to take center stage from time to time ( 1st& 10th house)? Do you allow others to take the lead from time to time ( 9th & 11th house)? Do you share (5th  & 7th house)? Just a few areas of life to explore!

As always, there is lots more that could be explored when diving into any of the shadow energies so get out your pointy pencils, roll up your sleeves, and get down to work. Research however you can, keep your mind and heart open and flexible, and don’t take it personally. It’s all about refinement. The more that we polish, the brighter we become!


Leo…Fire…Fixed…and really a lot of fun…most of the time!

As one of the 3 fire element signs, Leo is full of inspirational force. It sizzles with energy! Linked to the 5th house of the horoscope, this energy, more than most any other is the creative impulse, not just a spark but rather a flame that does not flicker. It burns like a beacon within the soul and lights up any environment in which it is found.

Wherever this energy is found in the NATAL chart, there is where you could display LEO like tendencies. Remember, the self is a kaleidoscope of energies all dancing together in beautiful harmony—well, sometimes!


Leo is the energy of the inner child where we find unabridged enthusiasm and unfiltered expression. If we can remember how simple it was when we were children to express ourselves without censure, that is Leo!

Creativity flows from the heart. Anyone can be technically proficient but not just anyone can infuse their creation with energy that is vibrant, compelling, and inspirational.  Why is it that some art captures the collective imagination while some other goes unnoticed? Heart-inspired creation is why. I know an artist—a Leo, as it happens, who creates the most beautiful images in his artwork. Though he has not achieved world-famous status, everyone who sees his work cannot take their eyes off it. I’ve seen people stand transfixed in front of his artwork almost unable to move from the spot. He has reached their HEARTS! Leo is, of course, linked to the heart both physiologically and metaphorically.

You’ve probably read a lot about Leo as the Sun sign in your chart; that is if you were born between July 22-August 22 (more or less). It’s also interesting to look at how Leo operates in you if you were born with Leo on your Ascendant. That is a very important part of the psyche, the seat of motivation & action. To get a deeper look at your MO, we would combine the Leo on the ascendant with its ruler, the Sun, in whatever sign it finds itself. Listed below are some phrases to kick start the analysis of just how you might present yourself if you are one of the lucky ones who has Leo on the Ascendant.

Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Aries

                You are a FIRECRACKER! Never short on motivational force, you are a leader, a go-getter and unstoppable. Watch out that you don’t consume yourself with all that irrepressible fiery energy!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Taurus

                Its all about the STEADY BURN FOR YOU! Your switch is usually in the ON position and you are able to sustain your creative impulse and get to the finish line with any of your projects. We need you!




Leo Ascendant couples with Sun in Gemini

                CREATIVE NETWORKER! Its easy for you to make connections and put that puzzle together! You quickly see how things could work together and this makes you a great asset when it comes to project management. A great idea person!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Cancer

                The MOST ROYAL MOTHER! Nothing will come into the way of your love for your children. You are fierce when it comes to protecting them. You may appear to be soft but appearances can be deceiving.




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Leo

                You are the SUPREME BEING!  You draw others to you with your sizzle and shine. Its easy for you to assume leadership. You need to express yourself and there is no end of ideas that get you motivated into action. Stay humble, if you can!



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Virgo

                ORGANIZED CREATIVITY! This combo could be the perfect union of the RIGHT & LEFT brain. All creative efforts will be approached with precision, organization, and a superlative system of operation. This is potentially the artist who runs an efficient studio with maximum output.

Leo Ascendant with Sun in Libra

                CREATIVE COMPROMISE! Your magnetism makes others want to cooperate! You have the common touch and the ability to bring polarized groups together. Diplomatic and persuasive, you never forget about the individual in any circumstance.



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Scorpio

                CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION. You have the ability to open people’s souls with your creative energy. You could be anything that you imagine yourself to be. There are no limits to your creative impulse!





Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Sagittarius   

The IRREPRESSIBLE SEEKER! Fearless in your pursuit of the unknow, you are the one who is willing to go where none have gone before! Your zeal for truth and justice knows no bounds.



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Capricorn

                The BOSS! Your ability to manage others and keep things under control is stellar. Whether you are running a small family or a large corporation, it’s a breeze for you. You know how to funnel your resources so that you maximize your return. Another leadership combo!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Aquarius

                COMMUNITY ORGANIZER! You have a deep commitment to bringing diverse peoples together to form coherent communities. Always able to create a vision of the future and then follow through on bringing it into concrete form. Your ideas and concepts are an inspiration to all!

Leo Ascendant couples with Sun in Pisces

                MAGICAL EXPRESSION. You could be whatever you might imagine with the capacity to create absolutely anything. Whatever you might choose to do it will be filled with mystical poetic magic. Your creative projects could have an otherworldly kind of aura and your pies will be extra yummy and feel good in the tummy! In other words, you are magical in all that you do.

Obviously, there is much more that could be said and other factors that could modify or even alter completely any of the above descriptions. An astrological analysis is complex and, just like the human psyche, cannot be summed up in a single sentence. The best thing to do, if you want to dive into your own psyche, is to find a reputable astrologer who can guide you through the labyrinth that is YOU!SHADOW ENERGY COMING SOON!




Three aspects of THE SHADOW SIDE of Cancer energy are:





When the Cancer personality exhibits DEPRESSION, it’s all about emotional chaos. To first understand this sometime roller-coaster ride that these sensitive souls can find themselves in, look to the ruling planet of Cancer. The Moon.

Of all of the celestial objects that we can see in the night sky, it’s the Moon that grabs our attention. She moves fast and flies through the entire 12 signs of the zodiac in only about a month. All the while that she is in constant shift zodiac wise, her literal appearance is also constantly changing; from no Moon visible at all growing into the full fat globe and then gradually shrinking back to nothing. This physical and metaphysical ongoing transformation lends insight into the ever-shifting nature of the Cancer psyche. At the very least, we can call it moodiness or inconstancy of nature but at its worst, it can manifest as outright depression, an emotional disorder that can profoundly affect the day to day life.


You can’t alter the natural flow of energy but you can work with it mindfully. If you have strong Cancer in your psyche, then you, of all people, should track the Moon. This is a project that can be super simple; just track the moon for a few months marking when its new and full. Create a legend to use to describe your EMOTIONAL self at the end of each day. It can be as simple as D for down, N for neutral, and P for positive. Tap into your own sense of your feeling nature to create a legend that instantly speaks TO YOU. At the end of each day, use either a calendar or datebook to record your sense of what the day felt like for you emotionally. Don’t overthink this. Just do it faithfully for at least a few months. Then the review can begin. See if you notice a pattern. The 2 weeks from new moon to full moon are a waxing time; the moon is increasing in brightness. The 2 weeks from full moon to new moon are waning time; the moon is decreasing in brightness. It can be that simple. Which period of time is more emotionally fluid for you? When are you more settled? Is there any difference? Knowledge is power especially when it comes to the feeling, irrational side of life. Once you spot a pattern, then you can create strategies that will facilitate a smoother passage through the more turbulent parts of your emotional cycle. Remember, Cancer is always going to be sensitive and changeable. That’s a given. The YOU element in the equation is how you manage the sensitivity and changeableness.


If you know your horoscope, then noting what sign the Moon happened to be in when you were born is also useful. Not all Cancer psyches are equally sensitive and prone to depression. For instance, if your Moon happened to be in Sagittarius, you will navigate emotions much more adroitly since the fiery Sag energy of the Moon provides you with a good dollop of optimism, joi de vivre and a philosophical outlook. On the other hand, if that Moon happened to be in Scorpio, you may want to be even more mindful of emotional triggers that could send you into a downward spiral. Consult a professional astrologer for your unique blend of energies to tailor make a strategy that suits you perfectly.


Here’s what depression can do FOR you. It’s a signal that something is off balance. Think of it as a massive STOP light that is telling you to reboot, take a pause, change your direction. It’s a symptom and when you get it, its time to look for root cause. Of course, it will take effort and persistence. It is NOT simple or easy. But, then, nothing that is worth anything is ever simple and easy.


The second shadow to explore is ANXIETY. Above all things, the Cancer psyche craves security. Remember the crab who hauls around his little house with him. That hard shell is protecting a soft interior and so it is with the Cancer person. Self-protection is of paramount importance because there are so many perils out there that could demolish that sense of safety that is so vital. And thus, anxiety ensues. What could happen? What if this or that happens? And so on. The emotional imagination begins to concoct all sorts of dangers that could threaten and rob one of security. And once anxiety begins, it is difficult to rid oneself of it. That vivid emotional imagination can escalate even the smallest of obstacles into insurmountable mountains.


Anxiety is a slippery shadow. One useful response is to focus totally on the present moment. “BE HERE NOW’, goes the old adage. Another useful strategy is to use physical techniques to slow down heart rhythm like deep and mindful breathwork. ‘COUNT TO TEN & THINK OF ZEN’, goes another old adage. Visualization or hypnotic techniques could also be used to counter irrational anxiety. Imagine that you are on a beach, in a forest, by a river, anywhere that brings you a sense of wholeness and calmness. Better yet, go to a beach, forest or river and just be there for a bit. Nothing is more healing than nature.


A proactive use of anxious energy is caution. When those little whispers start up, take it as a signal to double-check, to be vigilant, all the while doing what you can to calm the irrational responses.


The last of the dark shadows to explore is FEAR. When Cancer exists in a state of insecurity, this can trigger the reactive energy of fearfulness within the psyche.  The future can become looming and full of peril. Danger lurks behind every bush and barrel. The reactive response is to withdraw completely into a self-protective shell and hide away. Worst case scenario is that Cancer is unable to DO anything for FEAR of doing something wrong. It can truly immobilize the working, day to day self, and the accompanying paranoia can infuse every situation with toxic energy that is a challenge to diffuse.


The call to action is to apply critical, not emotional thinking when gripped with fear. If Cancer can access its partner energy, Capricorn, and use the power of practicality and strategy to deal with irrational situations, then some measure of balance could be achieved. Capricorn does not deny that challenge exists but it approaches that challenge with an eye to a solution-based strategy; practical, one step at a time, and matter of fact.


Overall, the key issue with the Cancer shadow is the management of emotions. Actualized, this is an energy that can embrace others, nurture and meet the needs of others, provide comfort, compassion and motherlove to others out of the depth of a full and calm heart. The overriding archetype for Cancer is THE MOTHER. So, Cancer, put on your Mother mode, face the shadow of fear, anxiety and depression honestly, willing to create little strategies to shift the shadow into the light. It won’t always be simple or easy but it will always be worth the effort.

Cancer: The Great Embrace


Summer Solstice!

The time of the ‘great light’ here in the northern hemisphere is upon us. We have arrived at the ‘Full Moon’ point of the yearly cycle. At Winter Solstice, we were at the point of ‘least light’, with the days short and the nights long. This point can be co-related to the New Moon. If you go outside at New Moon and look into the sky, you will see stars but no trace of Luna. It appears that the sky is moonless!  New Moon time is the seeding time, a time of gestation, womblike, mysterious, and fertile. On the other hand, Full Moon is a time of revelation, fruition, and manifestation. This is a natural  cycle of becoming and does not alter in its flow. First comes seeding and birth, the beginning, followed by an unfolding until that point of full manifestation occurs so that all is revealed. The celestial sphere mirrors this cycle beautifully, as a reminder to us to pay attention to the natural cycles of being around us.


In the northern hemisphere, winter drives most of us inward, we slow down and even, for some, hibernate, metaphorically speaking. This meditative state can facilitate the birth of new projects, new mindsets, new protocols. After the gestation period, we start to implement until finally, we see the results of all of our dreaming and activity. So, if you follow the flow of energy mindfully, you can take a moment now, as we approach the Summer Solstice, and review for yourself, how you have worked with your own cycle of growth. Did you set any specific goals back in December? (New Year’s resolutions could serve for this purpose.) How have those goals or resolutions formed so far? Are there aspects of your own unfolding reality that need adjustment and refinement? If you are a journal keeper, you can look back at your December and January entries and note how you have evolved over the past few months, how initial ideas have changed, how your perspective of situations has shifted. Now is a good time to make some evaluations and necessary adjustments!


It is now, as the Sun enters Cancer that the cycle shifts into waning of light. The days will begin to shorten and slowly we will move into the dark. But, for now, for these glorious sun-filled days, we are bathed in the light and warmth of summer.


This year, 2020, is full of increased shift and change with a heightened eclipse season. In general. Eclipses herald a tremendous surge of energy that both opens and closes whatever is currently in the mix for each one of us personally. Not everyone will necessarily feel this surge, in the same way, in their personal lives depending on the structure of their psyches but collectively we are witness to the incredible forces at play around us and in that sense, each one of us will be personally affected. As is always the case, the key is not what occurs but how we respond to what occurs. Our health and welfare are directly connected back to how conscious we are as we move through the ultimate four-letter word—LIFE. Reactive response leads to further negative consequential experience. Lose your temper, damage a relationship. Lie to your partner, destroy trust. Steal from your friend, create an enemy. Respond with kindness and love, gain an ally, stand in your truth, receive respect, give from your heart, create fellowship. Its not rocket science, just good old common sense.


Cancer is one of the Water signs, flowing, emotional, and sensitive. It is also cardinal energy, keyed to movement, relatively swift in its reactions, and attuned to growth. The element of Water is usually associated with the emotional body and Cancer does indeed correlate to the breast area of the physical body as well as the stomach. The breasts are the outer layer of the heart area, suggesting a connection here with love and nurturing. The stomach, of course, is critical to our well-being, since we need nourishment in order to live and Cancer is the nourisher.


The celestial object associated with Cancer is the Moon. Constantly shifting above us in the sky, the Moon is the least constant heavenly body except for, perhaps, the comets and meteors. At any given moment, we can look up and see a transforming Moon, first a little sliver, then a delicate crescent, then a whole half pie, then a humped back old woman and finally, the full and fat globe that rivals the sun—sort of… The Moons changeable nature lends insight into something important about Cancer. This is an energy that is constantly flowing from form to form. On an ego level, this could manifest as a certain moodiness, a restlessness that could appear as irritation. If you have an accentuated Cancer energy in your psyche, you must honour your very real need to follow your feeling nature and if you feel grumpy, it might be that you just need some downtime to unwind and re-integrate.  Experientially, Cancer types are absorbent, like a sponge, and as a result, they must take the time to sort through the wide array of emotions that they take in through their skin. Once this is understood, both by the Cancer types and their loved ones, life gets much easier to bear. The old scripture that tells us about there being a “season for everything under the sun”, (ECCL 3: 1-8) is particularly true about the Cancerian experiential process. Laughter is often followed by tears and sorrow leads to peace…and swiftly.


Cancer is found in the 4th house of the natural wheel of the Zodiac. This 4th house is all about the deep things of the personal, where we come from, where we are, in theory, most comfortable or, at the very least, where we better come to some sort of terms of agreement, our deepest emotions and our impulse to nest, to build home and family, to be ultimately who we truly are. It is the ego in search of its roots. No wonder that Cancer is attuned to caregiving and nurturing. One of the archetypes that come to mind when talking about this energy is The Mother. Of course, just what kind of a mother springs forth from the Cancer soul is quite another matter. We can witness the controlling mother, the detached mother, the oppressive mother, the ineffective mother, the monster mother, and so forth. The maternal demonstration is entirely dependant on other factors in the natal structure! However, with mindfulness and intention, the strongly “cancer type” can find her way into the arms of the ‘Model Mother’ who nurtures just enough to give support without eating her young one up!


The symbol for Cancer is The Crab. Here is the little creature who, basically, carries his house around with him. Think about this for a moment. What is a home, really? Is it a place or is it a feeling? For Cancer, it is the feeling of Home that is of paramount importance, thus the image of the little crab, trucking around all that is familiar and secure wherever he goes. And, as long as there is a sense of security, then the Cancer type can really step out and shine. It is only when she does not feel safe that she recedes into her ‘shell’ to hide away from the world.


The Partner sign to Cancer is Capricorn. Winter solstice occurs when the Sun moves into Capricorn, exactly 6 months after Summer Solstice. Where Cancer is soft and emotional, Capricorn is all business. Where Cancer can typify the feminine side of parental care, Capricorn is the disciplinarian, the taskmaster. While we recede into the security of our own space in Cancer, we face the external world in Capricorn and carve out a place for ourselves in society under the auspices of that energy! Together, working in harmony, we see a complete picture of the self, both private and public, in here and out there. Cancer is, as I mentioned, a water sign. Capricorn is an earth sign. When you mix water and earth, you get mud which, with some expertise, can be made into bricks and bricks, after all, are what make up a building, a home, a structure to be safe in and for all the world to see. What a fitting metaphor for the energy of Cancer/Capricorn!

As with all of the energies of the psyche, where there is light, there is also shadow. Keep checking in for my exploration of the Shadow Side of Cancer!



The Dark Side of the Sun: Gemini Shadow

I’ve never LOVED going to the negative, probably because it’s so easy to do it. We live in a reality where it’s the dark side that appears to dominate. That is especially true in these fractious times of division & polarization. That being said, however, it is the shadow of anything that helps one to ‘see the light’. In that context, I am forcing myself to dive into the dark side of the sun and to explore shadow.

One aspect of the Gemini Shadow is DECEIT. This energy is skillful at fabrication. “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! sums it up! What may have started out as artful storytelling can easily morph into outright falsehood. It’s so easy for intellectually adroit Gemini to pile on the words and many words can lead one into lies.

The interesting thing about all of this is that Gemini’s first victim is usually him/herself. Lying begins at home! In this respect, then, the Gemini soul may not even be aware that s/he is thigh deep in deceit. S/he is so good at narrative that s/he begins to believe his/her own bull#$%*! Of course, if one gives oneself over to dark energy, then the DECEIT becomes intentional. Once the Geminian soul experiences success when engaged in deceit, s/he can feel motivated to keep using it to get what s/he wants. The key for anyone with that clever mental wit, that irrepressible charm that can fool the observer, that rapid-fire return of serve on the word level, is to MONITOR him/herself constantly so as not to fall into his/her own web of lies. Watch out, Gemini, that you don’t spin yourself right off the Planet!

Another shadow Gemini has to deal with is EMOTIONAL DISASSOCIATION. Gemini can get completely abstracted from what s/he is actually feeling, preferring to stay in his/her heady, wordy space where s/he can’t get hurt, touched or affected by others. The call to action for sweet little Gemini is to find the way back into his/her heart. Explore your emotions when they surface, Gemini, even if it’s downright uncomfortable to do so. Call in your empathy and if you can’t find it, take the time to try to do so. What really pulls at your heartstrings? What makes you FEEL something. That’s a good place to begin. Turn to your analytical abilities and dig deep ( I know, deep is hard), into what creates emotional response in you. Even if that response is minimal, it’s a great place to begin. The goal is to reconnect the head and the heart. Sometimes, words just don’t cut it and all you need to do is hug.

The last shadow that I’ll refer to with Gemini is MENTAL BREAKDOWN. This is about nervous, electrical energy gone loco. There is so much stuff up there in the head that it overloads the entire system. There can be an inability to stop the mental babble that keeps bouncing around in the head until it gets to a breaking point and results in incoherence, both to self and other. Remember, Gemini is the adroit, elegant intellect. It loves the game of thought and subsequent communication of that thought. It revels in the gymnastics of ideas that can create a pyramid that reaches into the heavens. What fun! But, if that mental energy is not properly channeled, carefully managed, it can explode into a million little pieces that end up meaning nothing. The key, here, is to develop techniques to calm the mind, have a strict habitual ritual of meditation that clears that busy bee of a brain from time to time. Gemini, your meditation should always include movement because of your high degree of kinetic energy. You don’t have to sit in silence. Walk your nervous energy away while contemplating the organic world around you. Stop along the way and smell the lilacs. That will help you to stay grounded to what is real and concrete.  

Gemini is one of the most delightful energies of the zodiac, light, lovely, joyous. Face your shadows Gemini because we need you to stay on point and keep us inspired with your youthful enthusiasm.

Gemini: An Elegance of Mind




How entrancing you are! How you flit and fly from flower to flower, sipping at this, tasting that…the eternal youth; the glorious butterfly of the zodiac.


Gemini is the Air sign that comes after Taurus. The impulse that was born in Aries, and began to take form and consolidate in Taurus, now is ready to take flight and conceptualize in Gemini. This is the stage where that forming impulse begins to be intellectualized, verbalized, communicated, and through dialogue, adjusted. If we do not understand what we are creating, it will never come to fruition, no matter the scope of the energy or the shape of its form. We exist to interact for the most part; to share and to exchange with each other. For most humans, the community is a centralizing force for the developing self. It is through networking that we expand ourselves, adapt ourselves, and stretch beyond whatever limitations we may think that we have. Dialogue, at its most productive level, sheds light on otherwise foggy thinking. Who has not had the experience of suddenly having that ‘aha’ moment of understanding because of a comment that someone else makes? Through posing the question, through expressing doubt we find our way into knowledge and eventually, maybe, even faith. This is Gemini.


It is the mind that seeks an understanding of whatever is taking form. It is through the intellectual process that we begin to formulate the parameters of our world. Gemini is that energy which reflects the thirsty mind.


This is mutable energy indicating fluidity and malleability. It can bend itself into whatever shape is available to it and it is exactly through this process that it actually seeks its own form. The planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, designated in myth to be ‘the messenger’. Again, just this little piece of data increases our understanding of this energy. Messengers carry information. Information can greatly illuminate and enhance and even change perception. The more pieces of information that we get and integrate, the greater our fundamental understanding of whatever it is that we are exploring.


Gemini is the energy of investigation and it has a hunger for unending bits and pieces of data. No one conclusion satisfies the Gemini need to expand its perceptions. Sometimes designated as being curious, the real motivation for this curiosity is not merely growth but metamorphosis. As the Gemini persona explores, investigates, samples, tastes and discards, the very nature of its reality organically changes. Think of that butterfly. It has a garden of delights to explore. There is beauty and elegance in the intricacies of the butterfly’s flight from flower to flower. There is no partiality. Each flower is, in itself, beautiful, not lesser than or greater than any other flower. In Nature, the butterfly is one of the most delicate and adored creatures. We never denigrate the butterfly’s need to flit from bloom to bloom. Rather, we revel in watching its progress as it samples the nectar of every blossom it can. So, if you have someone in your life with a focus of Gemini in their psyche, support their desire to embrace a multitude of experiences, honour their need to move into change, and shift on every level. Keep in mind that they are acting from a deep inner need to move beyond all limitations and restrictions.


Astrologically, we understand that all energy is connected in some manner. One of the primary connections within the wheel of the zodiac is the polarity relationship defined by the 180* aspect, that is, the opposite. To understand any of the 12 energies, we must also integrate the nature of whatever energy stands across from it within the wheel. Gemini’s partner is Sagittarius. Just as Gemini has the need to search and explore in what may appear to be a random manner, when we dig into Sag, we see this very same impulse at work. But in Sag, there is a certainty as opposed to the ambivalence and skepticism of Gemini. And the balance between certainty and skepticism lies in a goodly amount of challenge and questioning.


“You can be certain of what you think you know, Sag,” says Gemini, “but I intend to keep on looking!”


So, the faith of Sag is balanced by the doubt of Gemini. It is doubt that propels the soul to seek the truth and to find faith and so the circle is completed over and over again. And really, what is life without the adventure of the quest that we see woven into the fabric of both of these energies. Essentially, there is no destination, only a never-ending journey of discovery which, on the one hand, reinforces (Sag) and on the other, creates further questions (Gemini).  Remember, without doubt, there can never be an experience of inner faith. It is the question that finds an answer. If we never question, we will never find.


Reactively, Gemini must mind its physical house. A very real consequence of not doing so could be nervous exhaustion. This is a highly charged energy and the electrical body can run fast and furious. People with a lot of this energy in their psyches should drink lots of water, integrate regular exercise into their daily routine, and preferably something that involves the feet and hands moving. Mostly, (and this is a general statement), Gemini is kinetic energy that constantly builds upon its own movement.


Another reactive manifestation of this energy could be a lack of focus resulting in unfinished projects and incomplete undertakings. Gemini has to develop protocols for itself that keep it engaged and interested. A simple technique to address this could be just keeping all projects short term. This is the sprinter, not the long-distance runner!  And really, who says that a 5-year project is somehow better than a 2-month project? For Gemini, it is the short-term project that can keep it interested and fully engaged. Multi-tasking can also facilitate engagement. For a Gemini persona, it is absolutely appropriate to have several intricate and complex activities on the go at the same time. Thus, as soon as the boredom starts to nibble at the corners of the mind, off you go to another project! Because Gemini has such a nimble intellect, it can hold a multitude of concepts in its mind at the same time, jumping from one to another easily and happily. In fact, creativity is enhanced in this way. As an example, let’s say the Gemini soul is a writer. It would be appropriate to have several stories on the go, a variety of research projects on the side. While paying attention to one, ideas for the other can be left to percolate happily in another part of the mind. Suddenly, the outline comes through, full-blown and ready to be written!


Bob Dylan is a Gemini type, born in late May. He became an icon of his age because of his exquisite talent to express concepts in language that evoked immediate images within the mind of the listener. He often wrote non-stop, many different lyrics for a multitude of songs. Some say he met the Devil at the crossroads and made his bargain there but, in fact, intellectual dexterity was the source of his genius. His entire life journey was a dance at the crossroads, outwitting the devils around and within him.


The Gemini Lover is an adept. Quick and nimble in her responses. Technique is constantly sought and explored so that being loved by a Gemini Lover can be a VERY satisfying experience. Lots of tricks up her sleeve to keep you totally engaged. Just don’t expect a marathon of love-making. Remember, this is the sprinter. Reactively, Gemini can get lost in her own mind while in the midst of the intimate moment. Detachment can take over and finally if she gets bored with you, she just might spend most of her time in fantasy where the titillation is at its max. But if you like phone sex, this is your partner in crime. No touching to drive you crazy!


Everyone has this energy wired into their psyches somewhere. Even if you have no planets located in this energy, it will be found in one of the ‘houses’ of the horoscope. It will colour that part of your life and overlay it with a mental energy, a connective energy, possibly even a somewhat nervous energy. Intuitively, you can review your own reality and try to determine when the intellect likes to take over.

Are you constantly on the go pursuing any number of different projects?     1st house


Do you prefer to diversify your resources with fingers in a lot of different pots?          2nd house


Are you constantly taking courses to increase your data bank of knowledge?           3rd house


Is it important to you that your family are your friends?                 4th house 


Are friends critical to your having lots of fun?     5th house


What are your nerves like?          (6th house)


Do you like to analyze your relationships? (7th house)


Is conversation critical to connection for you? (8th house)


Do you crave multiple degrees?          9th house 


Do you need others to see you as a mentally adroit person? (10th house)


Do you have so many friends and associates that their names fill up several notebooks? (11th house)



Are you a prolific dreamer? (12th house) 


These are just some of the questions that, if answered in the affirmative, could indicate that Gemini energy is wired into that part of your persona.


At the highest level, this is an energy of elegance, adroit and fluid, kinetic, and carefree. If you have a focus of this energy in your psyche, embrace your butterfly self, dance through the garden of life sampling the beautiful blooms therein. You have come to this plane to grow your perceptions, to open the doors of your reality into realms yet unexplored. Drink up and enjoy, thirsty soul! If you have Gemini prominently situated in your psyche, we are so glad you are here with us! You make us laugh, you keep us engaged, you challenge us with your endless questions and we love your wit!



Coming soon…The Dark Side of the Sun: Gemini Shadow Energy