One of the loveliest objects in our night sky is our twin planet, VENUS. As the closest planet to Earth, Venus is easily observed without the aid of telescopes. Along with the MOON, she has occupied a prominent place in our ongoing mythological narrative. The orbit that Venus makes is one of the most regular that can be tracked. For this reason, there is a whole sub-school of astrological research that centers primarily around Venus & her connection to Earth. It’s a beautiful orbit that creates both a 5-pointed star & over a longer period of time a blossom that resembles a rose. Everything about this planet whispers love, beauty, order, balance, peace, goodness. Truly, she is the Queen of the Heavens!

In mythology, one of the most celebrated stories is the one about the Birth of Venus. Most of us have seen the painting where a beautiful Venus (Aphrodite) rises up from the waters on a seashell. One of the stories says that she was born from the foam that came from the severed genitals of Uranus (Ouranos) when Saturn (Cronus) flung them into the sea. This adds layers of symbolism to the mystique of Venus. Creativity, life, and regeneration are all suggested as we ponder this somewhat terrifying and yet, restorative narrative. As we sort through the multitudinous stories involving the Goddess, we witness her passion, her creativity, her often fickle nature, her loyalty, and her unrestrained generosity. It’s worth the time it takes to make a deep dive into the various Venusian myths. They provide us with a deeper insight into how this archetypal energy operates within the psyche.

As I mentioned previously, Venus has an absolutely gorgeous orbital pattern when viewed from the Earth. Even though she is understood to be an Inner Planet with a seemingly rapid singular orbit around the Sun, her extrapolated orbital path is much more complex. Personally, I do think it is useful to examine where Venus is located within each Solar Return chart but to get a deeper sense of our personal timeline, the 8-year Venus Return chart is incredibly useful. Tracking the developmental journey via this 8 Year cyclical vantage point allows us to stand back & view how our values evolve as we mature & hopefully grow in wisdom. Think about it in terms of the real-life developmental path. Who are we at the age of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88…and so forth. How do these ages coincide with other astrological thresholds? The Jupiter Return cycle? The Saturn Return cycle? The Chiron Return Cycle? The Uranus Return cycle?  Number co-relationships are fascinating & the more that we work with them, the more we will understand the rhythm of our lives on this planet.

Because of the symmetry of her orbit, Venus represents herself in the Earth sky either as the ‘Morning Star” or the ‘Evening Star”. An elaborate narrative based on the Inanna, (a Sumerian deity), myths developed over time. These myths told a story of loss, betrayal, passion, jealousy & ultimately redemption & re-birth. Inanna descended into the underworld where she moved through a series of personal trials until finally, she found her own re-birth, though not without the help of others. This same theme, the play between loss & survival, the long descent into a dark, forbidding ‘underworld’ & the subsequent ascent & renewal of life is found in the myths of many & various cultures. The Greeks retold this story in the Demeter (Ceres)/Persephone (Proserpine)/Hades (Pluto) myths. (Roman names in brackets.) It is well worth the time to dive into these stories & ponder how they might reveal the nuances of the Venus energy within the psyche. Are we caught in an ongoing cycle of re-birth that is tied to our deepest expressions of love? How do we move between grief & healing? Does the nature of our heart energy sustain us as we divest ourselves of all that we thought was dear to us? How do we express our Venus energy? On the broadest of levels, ‘Morning Star’ people externalize their Venus energy, while Evening Star people are more internalized in their process. It’s fairly simple to determine what ‘STAR’ type you are if you have your natal chart. If your Venus falls in a lesser degree or BEHIND the Sun, zodiacally, you are a Morning Star type & if Venus is in a greater degree or AHEAD of the Sun, zodiacally, you are an Evening Star type. There is, of course, much more to it than simply externalization or internalization & a truly wonderful exploration of the Venus cycle from this one perspective is the research done by astrologer Adam Gainsburg in his book, THE LIGHT OF VENUS. In his study of this complex area of astrology, Mr. Gainsburg delves into the nuances of the Venus cycle, her relationship to the Moon by conjunction & the symbology of Venus Retrograde. If you want to get to truly ‘know’ your inner Goddess, go find his wonderful book!


The Glyph for Venus is comprised of the circle & the cross.

The circle represents spirit & it sits upon the cross of matter. At the highest of expressions, Venus points the way into the eternal being of the divine from the finite expression of the physical.



Astrologically, the highest expression of the Venus principle within the personal psyche is functional discretion; that is, what we value & how we express our values. How deeply ingrained is our own inner moral compass & in which direction does it point? Today, we live in a reality where it is more common to express ourselves through the lens of ‘situational ethics”. Objective standards have given way to subjective ones. The challenge woven through this shift is that, if our subjective standards are not based on ethical premises, it can lead to decisions that are less than appropriate; that is, the discretion that we exercise can be less than functional, even dysfunctional. As we move from the Piscean age of rules & regulations (embodied in the polarity of Virgo; using systems to access the divine), into the newly forming, Aquarian Age, we must be diligent in ensuring that our individual inner moral compasses are attuned to the highest principles, in service of the greater good (Aquarius) so that we do not fall victim to self-serving ideologies (the Leo polarity), as a result. When we know what we love & why we love that thing, we can make decisions from a place of clarity. How important it is to refine ourselves in this area; to learn to love that which is healing, that which creates wellness both in ourselves & in those around us. Many of the global problems that we face today are a direct result of nebulous standards of ‘righteousness’. If LOVE is not the absolute to which we attune all else, then our inner moral compass becomes muddied. When we allow base urges to dominate, then the absolute of LOVE cannot prevail. Only purity can beget purity. One of our challenges as conscious beings is to strive towards purity & the absolute of principled LOVE.

Interestingly, traditional Astrology ascribes the exaltation of Venus to the zodiac sign of Pisces. When our basic inner values are aligned to the divine (Pisces), we can more confidently make important moral choices even when in the grips of ‘situational ethics”.

Venus has long been viewed as one of the ‘benefics’ by astrologers. Simply put, she is considered to be a source of blessing rather than one of warning. However, even Venus has her dark side. Unrestrained Venusian energy could demonstrate itself in indulgence, a self-serving persona, pleasure-seeking & hedonism. Dark Venus can overtake the senses so that one spends all of one’s time searching for the ‘next fix’ to sate the hunger within. Passion can masquerade as love, consume the heart and just as suddenly, burn out to leave the person unfulfilled and hungering for the next passionate experience. All of these kinds of demonstrations of the Venus “Principle” stem from unrefined energy, an energy that flows from selfishness rather than altruism.

Just as we discussed last month with Aries & Mars, anyone with the Sun in Taurus should carefully investigate their Venus energy. Let’s take a quick peek at how the various zodiacal placements of Venus, within the natal chart, might interact with the Taurus Solar force. There will only be a limited number of signs where Venus can be located for someone born under the Sun sign of Taurus because of the intersectionality of the two orbital paths. Venus is never more than 47 degrees away from the Sun in either direction, so she might be anywhere from mid-Pisces to mid-Cancer for the Taurus Sun person. In future blogs, we will run into Libra people who are also ‘ruled’ by Venus & explore that connection.

Sun in Taurus/Venus in Pisces:

Your ability to accept the impossible knows NO limits. Sweet, loving, forgiving, tolerant, you can overlook the warts of others without a second thought. The softest of all hearts out there…Your gift is your ability to embrace without censure.


Sun in Taurus/ Venus in Aries:

You add passionate commitment to an already loving nature. There is a spring to your step & you aren’t nearly as patient as people might think you are. Eager & irrepressible rather than staid & solid. The fire within your soul burns brightly. Your gift is a zest for life.



Sun in Taurus/Venus in Taurus:

What a lover! Solid to the core; you bring comfort & stability to everyone around you. Touchy/feely, you like to give & receive physical kindnesses. Your gift is your constancy.


Sun in Taurus/ Venus in Gemini:

You have the mobility that other Taurus Sun people would love to acquire. Your loving nature is supported with a ready wit & an even readier smile for everyone you meet. Your gift is laughter.


Sun in Taurus/Venus in Cancer:

Absolutely unstoppable when it comes to compassion. The light in your eyes makes everyone feel cared for. It never occurs to you that you have any other choice but to nurture both body & heart. Your gift is your kindness.

Finally, when Venus is retrograde, yet another layer of complexity is added into the persona. Venus Retrograde folks are rare & a group unto their own. The relational aspect of Venus is turned inward & the focus must be on developing a full & mindful inner relationship with oneself before all else. This does NOT mean that one can never have meaningful relationship with ‘the other’, but it does suggest that one needs to have inner harmony before meaningful relationship with the other can be attained.

On a mundane level, when Venus goes retrograde, that which is forgotten, hidden, lost could be re-discovered. Old friends reappear, precious objects are re-located, old emotions resurface. I always look forward to Venus Retrograde periods because I never know what treasure might be waiting for me!

Next Venus Retrograde period? December 18, 2021, at 26°29’ of Capricorn to January 28, 2022, when she stations direct at 11°5’ of Capricorn. So, get ready for some big reveals!


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The sky is dark at New Moon. At this most magical moment, Luna hides her luminosity from us. So, look at the stars & watch them circle around the space where the Moon is hiding. It’s inspiring.






This New Moon is full of the fire of becoming. The collective energy is still in full ‘go’ mode with all planets direct. Yet again, there is a laser-like focus of energy with 4 of the main planetary forces grouped in loose conjunction, this time in Aries, from Mercury @ 15* all the way to Venus @ 27*. Technically we wouldn’t normally align these 2 degree points, but in the case of this lunation, they flank the New Moon on either side. I call this a ‘traveling’ conjunction. Zodiacally, Mercury is holding the rear while Venus leads the way, & both buffer the Sun/Moon @ 23* Aries. Be mindful (Mercury) of every action (Aries) that you take so that you express the highest good (Venus).

The highest expression of Aries is the promise of birth, initiation, self-expression. With Mercury & Venus involved, we are asked to consider how we express ourselves; what the nature of our self-expression reveals; how fiercely we align to our own inner truth. Chiron is also present in this intense Aries energy. Astrologers have only just begun working with Chiron consciously, (discovered in 1977), but the collective has been working with this energy un-consciously for millennia. Representative of the core wound within the psyche, Chiron is one of the principal energies that we can access for healing work. Facing the part of ourselves where we deny the fullness of self-expression is a critical part of any personal integrative process. Under the fiery inspirational force of this New Moon, we can turn inward & review where we break trust with our own personal moral codes, not to punish or recriminate, but, rather, to refine & improve. We all fall short of the ideal that we imagine for ourselves. How could it be otherwise; we are human and still in the process of re-discovering our true nature. What is necessary, if we are to keep growing into a better version of who we are, minute by minute, is to lovingly admit our failures, seek assistance if needed, ask for help when appropriate & keep polishing the inner jewel of our soul force. One of the hardest things that anyone can do, as a human, is to say, “I am wrong; please forgive me…” Aries, with all of its inherent courage & warrior energy, provides us with the will to stand up & say those words. The energy of the SOUL WARRIOR!

In the broadest sense, Chiron in Aries demonstrates the need to fully embrace selfhood, to stand strongly in one’s power, to simply BE YOU. But it’s hard &, I would say, at this strange time in our social history, being singular, autonomous, self-directed & feeling secure about it, is a monumental undertaking. As a collective, we are at the front end of re-imagining ourselves through the lens of community structure. The onset of the techno age has given rise to all sorts of distortions in the area of connection, communication & the dispensation of information. What seemed like a good idea at the time, (going digital) has morphed into something other than what was originally intended. One of the directives for FB was to ‘create community’. Is that all that has been developed? Do the benefits outweigh the harm? Has it led to greater unity or hidden division? In order to thoughtfully address these issues, we MUST ask these questions. If we are to grow together into something better than what we are now, we have to ask them and, even more importantly, to engage in OPEN & HONEST dialogue around these questions, without censure, judgment, or vilification of opposing viewpoints. Dialogue is the key to true healing of conflict. Be like the rock that hones itself as it rubs against another rock and both rocks become sharper, shinier, smoother as a result.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: 


We all hold within ourselves secret burdens that we carry not only through life but from life to subsequent life. Some of these burdens manifest within our present consciousness as demonstrated by our natal Chiron. The key tucked into the Sabian Symbol is that these secret burdens might be heavy but they are also VALUABLE, just as the burden of pregnancy is hidden, heavy but supremely valuable. Focus on what your wound, this hidden, heavy, valuable thing, gives you, not what it has taken away from you. Facing the true nature of your WEAKNESS provides you with clarity as to the direction that you must take to strengthen what is weak within you. Again, it is not always simple or easy since, for the most part, we are tackling our individual weaknesses from a subjective rather than an objective vantage point. But, by accessing the archetypal symbols of ASTROLOGY, we can create a more objective appraisal of what we need to do to refine our nature.

If you know the structure of your natal chart, start by locating Aries. We all have a sector of our psyches where this energy is tucked away.  Whatever house in the natal chart holds 23* Aries, examine it carefully. What area of life is involved? Do you have any personal planets in the vicinity? Can you locate any aspects that may be triggered, or, is 23* Aries making an aspect to anything in your natal chart? This is a really fun exercise. Start with the broadest connections & start narrowing them down. As an example, in my own natal chart, Aries is my 7th house. I could begin by jotting down some keywords for this: contracts, relationships, the other, compliance, listening, interaction & so forth. Then, I can brainstorm how my personal relationship life might be infused with the courage of birth, how I might re-imagine how to be in relationship, how I might make a new start in this area.

Next, I might look at any planets that I might have in Aries or in FIRE. In my chart, 23* Aries is very close to both my Chiron & my Pluto. This lunation forms a GRAND FIRE TRINE with those two planetary archetypes. I can then brainstorm what that might look like for me personally.  Can I make a fresh start in some of my relationships? Can I use the healing power of Chiron to transform (PLUTO) relationships that might be suffering or crumbling? In my chart, this lunation is almost exactly conjunct my VERTEX POINT. I understand that whatever transpires as a result of actions that I take in the coming months, will be of the utmost importance to me. I want to be sure to act from a place of love & forgiveness so that maximum growth can be attained. I have come to understand, over the course of my life, that it is through relationship, through the exchange of ideas, that I am able to grow, as long as I am open to what I receive from others without judgment or censure. I am excited to access the FIERCE HEALING LOVE of this NEW MOON in the coming weeks & hopefully purge myself of unwanted connections so that room can be made for new upbuilding connections; to work hard at healing wounded relationships so that both partners can grow & thrive together; to listen carefully & with an open heart & mind when others reach out to me. The fierce fire of this Aries New Moon can get me started in this healing direction.

Try this exercise out for yourself. If you want some assistance, do not hesitate to reach out. I could do a ZOOM session with you & explore how this Aries New Moon might interact with you.  The rate is a suggested $2/minute by donation.

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It is Aries time: March 20-April 19! Let’s go!



Understanding the general import of the 12 signs of the zodiac is the beginning of all there is to know…in astrology! LOL…

But…there is SO much more to it than just taking a magical mystery tour of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces!

Each individual ‘sign’ (read: energy), is associated with a specific planet, (sometimes more than one), in the solar system. The planets of the solar system are representative of fundamental ‘drivers’ within or facets of the personal psyche. Simply put, they are aspects of the self, viewed through the lens of archetypes & mythology. Astrology is probably the longest-running lab experiment in human history; that is, through the process of OBSERVATION & CORRELATION, we have compiled a vast amount of data about the workings of the human body, mind, heart & soul. Over millennia, this data has been investigated, applied, tweaked, and otherwise worked with so that we can, with a high degree of certainty, make some pretty accurate observations about human behaviour by looking at the birth chart (SOUL MANDALA) of any given individual. This process is so uncannily accurate that even the hard-core skeptics have to do intellectual gymnastics to deny its often eerie pronouncements. YIKES!

Exploring the planets of the zodiac provides us with a deeper look into the workings of the persona, and often, it explains why we don’t resonate with the description of our ‘sun sign’ when we read about it in a piecemeal astrology cookbook. Suddenly, when we start to uncover the planetary connections to the signs, we are not just Astro scavengers scratching around the surface dirt of the astrological ‘dig’, we have gone to the next level of meaning for any given energy that is featured within the mandala of our soul—the birth chart.

I want to keep this blog short enough that I don’t lose your interest so I’m going to be as brief as possible. What I am trying to say here is that there is no way that I am going to cover EVERYTHING about MARS. But I’ll make a start. As always, do your own digging. Get a lot of different perspectives. We are so fortunate these days that we have this seemingly infinite storehouse of knowledge literally at our fingertips. Get those fingers moving & discover, unearth & learn!

So, what’s this planet, MARS, all about? Here we go!

Astrology drew on the myths of many people to construct the archetypes that are currently understood to represent the planetary energies. I believe that we are in the midst of a shift of perception in this regard but still, to create the future, one must draw upon the past. With that in mind, here are some mythological keynotes on ARES or as the Romans knew him, MARS.

Ares was the offspring of Zeus & Hera but, it appears that he was not overly liked by his parents; too impulsive, headstrong & unpredictable. Often confined and left alone, we moderns would most probably assign some kind of psychological abandonment disorder to poor old Ares (Mars). Some of the stories tell us that it was Hermes (Mercury) who eventually forged a relationship with Ares. Priapus, Hermes’ son, became his tutor and taught him the art of dance & movement. Eventually, he acquired great prowess as a warrior, thus the sense of power & might that we often feel around folks with highly focused Mars energy. And the elegance of movement! Have you noticed that? That is the dance part of the process. Interestingly, war (the domain of Mars), has often been likened to a dance or an art.

Ares (Mars) grand passionate love affair was with Aphrodite (Venus), with whom he had several children and though Ares was not faithful, their relationship endured despite the infidelities. The Romans, who named him Mars, believed that the twins, Romulus & Remus, were his offspring. These two, born of a woman & suckled by a wolf went on to found the great city, Rome. Mars energy is co-related to the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, the source of creativity. Truly great artists are often unrestrained, passionate, uncontrollable, even aggressively so.

Mars is most often known as THE GOD OF WAR, but that is not all. Mars is associated with Birth, the Vernal Equinox, or Spring, thus reinforcing that sense of initiation, beginning, renewal.

As we ponder these various stories, we get an insight into the energy of Mars. This is the energy of eventual self-determination, strong will, singularity born of necessity & passion. Ares (Mars) learned how to stand on his own two feet early on. He took matters into his own hands despite obstacles put in his path. He loved fiercely. He avenged wrongs brutally. His actions were not so much calculated, but rather, born of impulse & emotion. Thinking was not his strong suit. It is interesting that early on he was tutored by Priapus, the son of Hermes, (Mercury), suggesting that it is via the intellect & reason that we can learn to manage our passions & impulses.

As I said earlier, I believe that our understanding of the archetypes shifts as our collective experience evolves. We moderns have developed many strategies to manage this primal energy within our psyches. Mars energy is the energy of survival so it is not surprising that when survival depends on immediate response to life-threatening situations, it can often be deployed in an aggressive & even violent fashion.

In the so-called lesser developed parts of the world, we can still see the unsubtle, raw energy of aggression & assertion demonstrated in the name of sheer survival while in the so-called advanced societies, we have learned to mask our primal urges and even repress them.

Mars is considered to be the lower octave of Pluto. Pluto is the most distant of the outers & along with Neptune & Uranus, Pluto represents the deepest part of our psyches & even beyond that, the soul, itself. Mars, then, as the lower octave energy represents the deployment energy of the soul force energy. It is through the auspices of our individual Mars energy that we enact the needs of the SOUL. If we can align our Mars functionality to a higher vibrational resonance, it is far more likely that we will eventually align to our individual soul purpose. It is for this reason that most major spiritual practices have exhorted their followers to refine, control, manage their desire body.  If desire is left unchecked, spirit cannot be served. Aligning desire to spiritual pathway then channels these base impulses into a higher form of expression on this earthly level.

So, in the birth mandala, Mars tells us a lot about how we make things happen in our life; how we take action; our ‘M.O.’, modus operandi. Whatever energy you have, overall, your Mars placement informs your STYLE, the way that you present yourself out there in the world around you. Let’s look briefly at how Mars might function in the 12 signs with the qualification that this is merely a superficial peek into this complex & essential energy. All observations will be modified by the inter-relational aspects of Mars, as well as the area of the mandala that it occupies. However, a good starting point is Mars through the 12 zodiac signs. Once you look over these initial descriptions, your homework is to brainstorm more descriptions based both on your ongoing study & your personal experience. Keep your brainstorm lists & keep adding to them. You will be truly amazed at the depth of your own understanding as it is right at this moment, & at the manner in which it grows if you keep at this process.

Let’s consider that Mars is our INNER WARRIOR, showing us, through the symbolism of the zodiac, how we fight for what we want, how we enact our basic impulses, not only for survival but also for advancement & improvement. And let’s look at both sides of the picture, the light & the shadow side. Keep in mind, Mars in the chart symbolizes our warrior energy while the sign it is placed in DESCRIBES the flavour of that energy. We all have an INNER WARRIOR but he deploys himself uniquely for each one of us.


When Mars is found in:



































































The key to working with these types of brainstorming lists is to be very fluid when compiling them. Do not be overly critical of your list. You can add or delete descriptions at will. NOTHING is ever written in stone. Reason? The birth mandala is a living thing. It represents YOU, a complex pattern of energy that is always in flux. As you move through life, so does the energy around you move through a variety of expressions which then interact with your natal energy resulting in a beautiful breathing living being. Delightful!


So now we come to the last bit of this current blog, and that is the bit about what, in astrology, is called RULERSHIP. Mars is the ‘ruler’ of Aries & the co-ruler of Scorpio. Everyone born under the Sun Signs of Aries & Scorpio will have their basic solar energy MODIFIED by whatever sign of the zodiac their natal Mars is occupying. Simple, really & oh boy, several lights switch on once we see this connection! That is the next level of delineation that I mentioned previously; the reason why some have questioned the validity of astrological description. The chart is like a complex woven cloth. The individual strands of energy weave in and out of one another creating a unique pattern that cannot be duplicated. Its magical & mysterious all at same time. This month we will stick to Aries as it is the birthday time for solar Aries folks. Later, we will look at Scorpio as well. So, if you were born under the Sun Sign of Aries & know where your Mars is located, consider the following:

Mars, ruler of Aries in:

Aries: You will be a true Aries type for the most part. Direct, impulsive, unrestrained, headstrong & absolutely certain you know what you are doing. Be careful to manage that exuberant fire energy so that you do not burn everyone around you!

Taurus: You are an unstoppable force, much less flighty & way more grounded. You have the capacity to put your ideas into concrete form because you have the back up of determination & constancy of action. Be careful that you do not crush everyone in your path because you definitely have the ability to do so.

Gemini: You clever monkey! Fire & air combine here to give you incredible versatility & the ability to multi-task your way into success. Ideas come fast & furious for the most part. Intuitive to the extreme. Be careful that you manage your organic self as you have the capacity to run on empty without realizing it.

Cancer: Your fighting spirit comes in a sweet & nurturing package. You can be a fierce fighter for those who are in need of a champion. One of the nicest things about this combo is that you can make people feel really safe when you are around. Be careful to monitor your emotions as sometimes you will act defensively when there really is no need to do so. Sometimes, the monsters in the closet really are merely clothes on a hangar.

Leo: Fire energy is supported by Fire energy to create an ongoing creative explosion of self-expressiveness. You have big energy, big ideas, big, big big. If you want the support of those around you, stop & notice who they are. They have big ideas too!

Virgo: You are blessed with the ability to sort your way through any initiative. Able to see the eventuality before it actually arrives, you can make corrections to your strategies as you need to. A good inspirational planner, your presence in any group provides thoughtful leadership. Learn to honour both your analytical & intuitive sides. If you feel irritated by others’ failings, count to ten before flying off the handle. Remember, perfection is an illusion.

Libra: You are fierce when it comes to equality, justice & truth. You will stop at nothing to create peace. Your courageous leadership is facilitated by a finesse of implementation. You understand conflict on a gut level & thus make one of the best conflict resolvers. Try hard to be as brutally honest as you can be so you don’t lose the respect of those around you.

Scorpio: Your passion is supported by an intense drive to succeed. You have twice the courage, twice the stamina, twice the commitment to your initiatives. Be aware that not everyone has your single-mindedness of purpose or the amount of sheer forceful energy that you have. Try to be gentle with those around you. You are the Supreme General; they are your foot soldiers.

Sagittarius: Your enthusiasm for adventurous initiatives knows no bounds. Always eager to get to the next project, start the next enterprise, you can be tireless in the pursuit of your vision. Your presence in any group can be inspirational to its members so make sure that you follow through & don’t leave them in the lurch. Slow down so you don’t trip over your feet.

Capricorn: This is EXECUTIVE energy. Your capacity to manage & lead can result in ongoing success for you. You have a keen eye for planning along with an innate ability to know when to take action & when to delay action. This gives you a firm grip on that exuberant Aries energy from a deep inner level, the gut. Used appropriately, this is manifesting energy. Don’t overlook the heart in any situation. Consider how others feel from time to time. It’s never all about the bottom line.

Aquarius: What do you want to accomplish? It’s your choice. You are the Master of many trades if you choose to be. Able to fit into any group & contribute to it, you are passionate about your ideals. If what you are doing does not align with those ideals, you can become cynical & ruthless so make sure that you are working in harmony with core values. Learn to respect other peoples’ principles so that you can find a way to work with rather than against.

Pisces: This placement will add an element of compassion & sensitivity to a sometimes insensitive, uncompassionate energy. You have the ability to tune into what others are feeling & then to modify your behaviour to facilitate progress. Just your presence in any group will lower the temperature if it gets too hot. On the highest of vibrational levels, you are a transformer for other’s chaotic emotions so make sure that you regularly ‘debrief’ by clearing your aura after being immersed in conflict, discord, or anger. Best way? Salt baths that replicate the oceanic environment. Salt scrubs to cleanse your skin & etheric body. If you feel overwhelmed, leave the environment you are in. Don’t be a hero at your own expense.


As I have said more than once, everything here is merely a starting point. There is so much ingrained in the beautiful thing I call THE BIRTH MANDALA. Every layer we reveal leads us to another layer yet to be revealed. Take some of these descriptions & then brainstorm your own. If you cannot think of anything for a particular combo, let it go & move on to the next one. This is an unfolding process and there are no rules except the ones that work for you.

So, Happy birthday, all you Aries folks! It’s your month; March 20-April 19…Happy SPRING EQUINOX!


Next month, goddess willing, we will look at Venus, ruler of Taurus & Libra.



By now, if you have been keeping up with this ongoing exploration of the energies of the zodiac, you can anticipate what I am about to say.

Pisces energy is somewhere in EVERYONE’S psyche! This is the energy of all that is mystical, dreamy, imaginative & for some, spiritual.


Pisces is one of the 3 water signs, the other being Cancer & Scorpio. In Pisces, emotion is expressed in the least personal way of all three. This is the broad brush of emotional energy, far-reaching, altruistic, principled. Let’s use a watery image to attempt to capture the nature of Pisces. It’s like the ocean; vast & seemingly without end, deep & hard to penetrate, mobile & with sudden shifts of directional flow. The ocean can inspire but it can also overwhelm. Pisces emotion is best described as compassion devoid of attachment to the object of the compassion. It is universal love rather than individual love. It is the place of peace in the left hand of the divine, that most exalted of positions. 


It is a mutable energy, one that is adaptable, malleable, and shiftable.  Like the ocean referred to previously, the waves can move in numerous directions all at the same time. And so it is with Pisces; this energy flows instinctively where it needs to flow. In the natural wheel of the zodiac, Pisces finds its home in the 12th house, a sector of the horoscope that co-relates to the unconscious mind, and to the formative period in human development. In the first few hours after birth, much is absorbed by the newly manifested being and it is a time when the soul of the being is very close to the surface of the skin. The infant science of psychology has only just begun to scratch the surface of the intricacies of emotional and mental development but I think that most thinking individuals will agree that what happens to a person in their early years forms the foundation for all that follows. I would add that what happens in the first few hours after birth is critical to later development, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Pisces provides the self with a template for all of this. So, understand that this is the part of the psyche that absorbs stimuli and processes these stimuli, assimilating information into the most interior areas of the self. This absorption is multi-faceted, organic, sensate, emotional, ethereal, of the heart, of the mind & of the soul. Obviously, this process continues throughout the life journey and so we can co-relate Pisces to that part of the self that intuits, senses, ‘knows’, without the need to prove or substantiate, as opposed to Virgo, the partner sign to Pisces, which absolutely needs to disseminate & analyze in order to absorb data.


The symbol for Pisces is the dual fishes but note that they are fashioned as if pointed in opposite directions. This is usually understood to represent the dual nature of human existence, the pull to spirit and the pull to flesh. But another way to understand the movement of the two little fish is to see them chasing each other’s tails, creating a circular movement. A circle of being is thus suggested and more than anything else, Pisces is the place where we can connect to the eternal, the infinite. Pisces flows through life (water) in a continuous, unbroken way. What a beautiful affirmation of the constancy of being—always the same, though always different.



So, Pisces is spirit, the yearning to find the divine, the place of understanding that supersedes any mental process, the ‘aha’ experience that makes sense of the chaos and brings light into the darkness. Pisces is intuitive, gentle, yielding, forgiving. Anyone with an emphasis of this energy in their psyche must learn to listen to their inner sense. And I will say here that not all Pisces types will ‘hear’ their inner voice in the same way. What is universal for these types is that there IS an inner sense of some kind and that often, these types will have early life experiences that result in a sense of alienation, aloneness, and separation from others. They are often misunderstood and even shunned by those who cannot as easily connect with the ethereal world. It is essential that these sensitives find their own place of ‘ground’ or security within their own selves. They must create their own criteria of relevancy because often others will not ‘get it’. Nevermind, little Pisces, what you know is what others aspire to know. What you feel is that which is true so hang on to that truth about yourself.


As with all energies, Pisces has a Shadow. Confusion is one such manifestation. Pisces types must work hard to stay clear. Think back to the image of the ocean. There’s just too much water! So it is, with Pisces. Depending on the rest of the chart, of course, the Pisces like person is acutely sensitive to all forms of incoming energy, whether positive or negative. Because of this, the Pisces-like person must be rigorous in her attempt to develop discernment & maintain healthy boundaries. This is a steep process so until a level of hard-headed analysis is reached, confusion can be the result.

This can lead to another shadow—a lack of focus. Often described as dreaminess from a positive perspective, lack of focus can rob the individual of ever finishing what she has started. Again, this is a broad-brush commentary; every Pisces-like person is unique. The rest of the energies in the birth mandala will be instrumental in how the Pisces part of it actually concretizes in the form of characteristics & proclivities. As an example, you may be a solar Pisces with the Moon in Capricorn or your Ascendant might be in Capricorn. Your so-called lack of focus will be much less in evidence than another solar Pisces with the ascendant or Moon in Gemini. Gemini will contribute to a personality that is much more casual & fun-loving while Capricorn will give you the tools to turn your dreamy power of imagining into something tangible & useful. Happy you, if you have been blessed with the Geminian love of fun & lightness! Lucky you, if you happen to have a good dose of Capricorn in you!

Another Shadow is a tendency to form addictive behaviors. Pisces can easily fall into varying degrees of dependency, different forms of compulsion & a pattern of seeking escape from a sometimes-harsh reality. Again, the positive side of this problematic shadow is a brilliance of artistry. Pisces has the ability to imagine the unimaginable & if the shadow is avoided, it is in Pisces that we find the POET, the ARTIST, the DREAMWEAVER.

An example of a Solar Pisces who was able to use the positive side of the shadow, was Albert Einstein, born March 14, 1879. His Pisces Sun was firmly grounded by Neptune in Taurus & provided him with a high degree of dispassionate objectivity by Jupiter in Aquarius. His Moon in Sagittarius was similarly ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius, providing him with a capacity for fearless adherence to principle, albeit ones that he considered to be of prime importance. With both Mercury & Venus in Aries, ruled by an exalted Mars in Capricorn, he had the inherent capacity to be a fearless thinker & apply values that were founded on individualistic experience. He was not a follower by any stretch of the imagination. That Capricorn Mars, in mutual reception to his Saturn in Aries, provided him with the focus & drive that he needed to ride his solar Pisces energy right into the heart of matter & energy, and in a way that had never been done previously. He was a “one of a kind” independent & fearless thinker. A famous story often told about Albert was that his theory of relativity came to him in a dream. What an absolutely perfect Pisces process! And he, with all that enterprising & uncompromising energy concretized that dream into the foundations of our modern world. Amazing!

To see Albert’s chart, just click on it.


Here are some possible descriptions for Pisces through the personals.


Moon in Pisces: Sensitive to the extreme, you can ‘feel’ others just by being in their vicinity. Sometimes, this is not even necessary since you have the ability to IMAGINE being in their vicinity! You are constantly adjusting yourself to the changing environment around you with an innate ability to go with the flow once you get the hang of it. Compassionate to the core, you are a heart-based giver to all. You may find yourself ‘alone’ but you will never be lonely since the interior of your mind is filled with engaging ideas & dreams. Take as much personal time as you need. Seclusion recharges your batteries. Make it a habit to commune with the Moon. Just go out into the night when Luna is shining bright & breathe her in!


Mercury in Pisces: The potential for so-called ‘psychic’ ability is high. The nature of your thinking is, at the best of times, dimensionally creative. ‘To imagine is to create…’ could be a mantra for you. Able to make connections that others marvel at, take the time to explain how you got to your conclusions. We all wish that we could leap from mountain peak to mountain peak the way that you can. Love is your natural language. Use it. Develop your own unique vocabulary by allowing the words to rise up in your consciousness uncensored. Not always easy but once you get the hang of this process, you will find that your language will inspire those who hear it.


Venus in Pisces: Universality in the expression of divinely inspired LOVE is your strong point. Able to love without judgment, you are the natural healer of the zodiac. You can be moved to the very core of your soul by an inspiring piece of artwork as by another individual. It’s how it impacts you on that most intimate of levels. Practice discrimination from time to time so you don’t get lost in the depths of your feelings & keep on the watch for all those ‘three-legged dogs’, whether animal or human. Your non-judgmental ability to accept the most broken amongst us could, if not monitored carefully, lead you into problematic situations. Remember…BOUNDARIES!!! Practice therapeutic touch because you have the capacity to relieve others of their stress.


Mars in Pisces:  The potential to find one’s path instinctively by following flow is high. Conversely, because of the fluid nature of this placement, one must be mindful about setting boundaries & establishing protocols for action taken. All initiatives are linked to the feeling nature so to succeed, one must believe in one’s goals, be they material or spiritual. Romantic to the core, the sexual nature can only fully express itself if Love is included. One of your objectives is to develop DISCRIMINATION. You get so many messages that you need to discern which are valid & which are merely background noise. Remember, not all intuitions are founded on objective reality. A LOT of what you sense is coming from the emotional centers of ‘the other’, many of whom are unconscious, living in fear & muddled up. Learn how to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ & once you have mastered the art of discernment, throw the chaff quickly into the fire so that it does not contaminate the wheat. How to develop discernment? The very first thing is to maintain an attitude of skepticism & once a message comes through, either via a dream, a sensation, or a download, take the time to sit quietly with it and feel it in your entire body, organic & etheric. Read the signals methodically. How does it make your body feel? Is there a specific sensation somewhere in your body & if so where? What is your heart saying? Is your spiritual self nourished or depleted by the incoming message? In what way? Using a filtering process can tremendously improve your ability to discern if your intuition was valid or merely at the mercy of collective chaos. Especially now, we are living in a sea of chaotic energy, and those of us who are sensitives MUST become adept at discrimination. Otherwise, we will surely drown in a sea of tumult.


Ascendant in Pisces: Like Mars in Pisces, your spidey senses are like radar & if you learn to interpret them accurately, you will always find your way through any situation. Trust your gut response but first learn to understand what your gut response really means. Depending on the rest of the mandala, your messages may come in the form of body signals, including auditory ones, mental messages, a holistic type of simple ‘knowing’ or visual images either through omens or dreams. Your job is to figure out what your messaging protocol is. You can sense your way into any situation & your ability to MERGE with those around you is both a blessing & a curse; a blessing because this allows your exquisite empathy to provide others with comfort but a curse because you absorb the emotions of others so easily. Boundaries are of the utmost importance for you. You may find that you are most comfortable with friends who provide you with stability and grounding and who are able to translate what you nebulously ‘feel’ into understandable language. Keep developing boundaries & keep them strong so that you are not inundated with meaningless sensations. Also just like those with Mars in Pisces, you must cultivate DISCERNMENT above all. If you are having challenges in managing your personal boundaries, look at the placements of both your natal Jupiter & Neptune to develop strategies that help with this.

If either of your ruling planets is in FIRE:

–meditate regularly

–create rituals to connect you to your spiritual center

–visualize a flaming ring of fire that surrounds you at all times & disallows unwanted intrusion into your personal space


–spend time in nature daily

–engage in drumming which syncs your heartbeat to GAIA

–visualize yourself protected by trees, rocks, or any other representation of nature, somewhere in a safe, protected place where only those you permit can find you; & imagine you are barefoot!!!


–practice deep breathing techniques

–chant healing mantras, either your own or ones you have learned from spiritual teachers; sing loudly & often

–visualize yourself surrounded by an electric web that none can penetrate without your conscious permission


–fortify & guard your heart by focusing on it during a meditation; (place both hands across your heart while meditating)

–be selective about who you engage with organically; purge yourself regularly with saltwater baths to rid yourself of others’ emotional plasma

–visualize yourself in a large fluid egg (womblike) laced with gold thread that stops all negative energy from permeating your personal space; (my colour of choice is pink; use your own inner guidance to find the colour that suits YOU best)





Star Crossings: What’s in the soup right now?


Two planets are associated with Pisces, Jupiter, and once it was observed in the sky, Neptune. Jupiter co-relates to the intuitive mind or what has sometimes been called the right brain, that part of the self that can dream, vision and create. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, representing love universal, love divine. Jupiter, as the sub-ruler, demonstrates Pisces’ connection to spirit via the avenue of creative, left-brain process. Neptune as ruler shows Pisces’ connection to spirit via alignment to the collective consciousness; thus, the reason why so many Pisces types have that famous ‘spidey sense’. Here’s a look at these two planets in current transit.


Jupiter takes about 12 years to move around the Sun and spends about 1 year in each sign of the zodiac. In the personal horoscope, Jupiter is considered to be bridge energy, that is, it links the more personal and external impulses with the deeper, less obvious impulses. In working terms, Jupiter can demonstrate our sense of meaning, our level of faith or belief, our need to understand, and the drive to succeed as we do so–the reward factor. The more that we can develop this part of our psyches, the more we will be ‘in the flow’ or ‘lucky’. Currently, Jupiter is at the front end of its journey through Aquarius. Collectively this is a great time to envision our future as a human race & set the goal, collectively, to reach that reward.



Jupiter is one of the planets that helps us to understand our life in cyclical terms and most of us will experience at least 5 or 6 (often up to 8 or even 9) Jupiter Returns. ( A planetary return is when that celestial object revisits the exact degree that it occupied at a given birth.)  So, for all of you who have Jupiter in Aquarius natally, you will be experiencing this ‘return’ over the next year or so.

Following is a listing of dates going back to 1949 for Jupiter’s transit of Aquarius. If your birthday occurred within the scope of these dates, then you are currently experiencing a Jupiter “RETURN”. And, obviously, dates indicate the time periods when anyone with Jupiter in Aquarius experienced a Jupiter Return. Note the time elapse between the sequential dates. An interesting exercise is to go back to any records that you might have as to what was going on in your life around those dates. This will provide you with real-life data as to how your own Jupiterian energy operates for you and, even more importantly, how it has changed in terms of operation. Remember, the way energy works within us individually is directly co-related to the level of our own personal vibration. This vibratory level can alter depending on our egoic reactions to our life experiences.




April 13-1949-June 27, 1949

(the planet’s retrograde takes him back into Capricorn)

December 1, 1949-April 14, 1950

(the planet moves into Pisces & then retrogrades back into Aquarius)

September 16, 1950-December 1, 1950

ruler: Uranus in Cancer


March 15, 1961-August 11, 1961

(the planet retrogrades back into Capricorn)

November 4, 1961-March 25, 1962

ruler: Uranus in Leo


February 23, 1973-March 7, 1974

ruler: Uranus in Libra


February 7, 1985-February 20, 1986

ruler: Uranus in Sagittarius


January 22, 1997-February 3, 1998

ruler: Uranus in Aquarius

(some of these souls had Jupiter conjunct Uranus–wow!!)


January 6, 2009-January 17, 2010

ruler: Uranus in Pisces


Note that some of the dates are interrupted by a span of a few months. This is due to the regular retrograde cycle that the planet follows occurring near the 0* point. 


Anyone with Jupiter in Aquarius will have the potential for incredible uniqueness. She will more likely be open-minded rather than rigid. The Uranian element within her persona will lead her in new directions, give her the appetite to explore new concepts, philosophies, ideologies, and spiritual protocols. There is a real possibility of genius on some level. (look to the house placement & aspects that Jupiter is making, especially to Mercury, the 3rd & the 9th house.) In Aquarius, Jupiter will be ‘high-minded’, particularly in areas to do with equality, equity, social action, community activism. Again, depending on the rest of the energy of the natal mandala, this could be a person who innately understands technology and particularly pursues scientific understanding. Sudden insights can take place so look at the ruler, Uranus, to determine the subtext of the “Jupiter in Aquarius” person. This individual is the big picture person; the one who can see beyond the single tree of a forest. She prefers to view the forest in its entirety. The need for ‘reward’ is most likely linked to these same broader social issues, the furtherance of social justice, the establishment of community equity, the application of objective morality in the context of human interaction. Able to see far beyond the current social condition, the idealistic Jupiter in Aquarius can envision a future utopia even when dystopia appears to be the prevailing circumstance.


In Esoteric Wisdom, Jupiter is powerful as the soul-centered ruler of Aquarius. The heart & mind unite to serve fellow humans via the auspices of society. Truth can flow from an individual who attunes to this level of expression & she can become a beacon to others in their spiritual search for meaning. Used in the most light-filled manner, this energy can become a ‘loudspeaker’ that dispenses inspirational ideas. Communication of positive concepts can fill the ‘darkening void’ with the light of wisdom.



Neptune, the modern-day ruler, takes much longer to transit the zodiac, having a cycle of about 165 years or, spending about 14 years or so in each sign. Currently, Neptune is transiting Pisces, having entered that energy back in 2011. He is about 2/3rds of the way through the energy of Pisces @ 20*, finally entering the third (Scorpio) decanate. The transit will conclude in 2025 at which time, Neptune will move into Aries & the two other outers, Uranus & Pluto will have shifted into the energies of Gemini & Aquarius. These next few years will be a signatory period in terms of the re-making of the current structure of the status quo. The shift into airy energy collectively, along with a fiery Neptune in Aries which will be ruled by Mars, will then provide us all with the opportunity to re-imagine (Aquarius: Mercury exalted) & explore (Gemini: Mercury ruled) new collective initiatives (Neptune in Aries). Society will not disappear but the way society operates will undergo a massive re-birth & the re-imagining of the social structure will be initiated & concretized by Mars, the warrior energy in us all. Fasten your seat-belts, kiddos, it’s going to get interesting!


But, back to Neptune in Pisces, boundaries disappear during this transit & that certainly appears to be the case quite literally as demonstrated by the so-called pandemic. Watch the messaging carefully over the next few months. Neptune in Pisces is also about illusion. We are already beginning to experience a shift in the prevailing narrative about the current global “pandemic”. Open your eyes wide to get the full picture.


I could also talk about confusion, fog, co-dependency, addiction, deceit, and so forth when exploring Neptune but I prefer to default to the more positive expression of this nebulous energy. If we think negatively, we will live negatively. So, if you start feeling muddled, just let go and seek peace. If you don’t feel the flow, take some time to check your own inner ‘truth meter’. Often, we lose that sense of connection because we are lying to ourselves. Especially the Neptune in Libra generation, (1942-1957, now mostly entering their so-called ‘golden’ years), you guys just have to take those rose coloured glasses off and call a spade a spade. Okay? Lifestyles may radically alter; relationships may suddenly fall by the wayside and any number of elaborate shams may suddenly be revealed. The key is to have the courage to admit what the truth really is. Continuing the ‘illusion’ (Neptune) is not an option and will only result in more confusion, denial, and even a downward spiral into addictive behaviour. After all, addictions are merely mechanisms that are masking some inner sense of lack or even loss. Sometimes, you have to lose it all to gain it all. That’s where the practical, hard-nosed energy of Virgo comes in. As the partner sign to Pisces, Virgo yanks the wild flights of fancy of the Pisces motif back to earth. Virgo encourages Pisces to base speculation on some cold hard data. Imagination is fine as long as it is fully understood that it is, in fact, IMAGINATION, & not a proven, peer-reviewed conclusion. It’s truly beautiful how the various energies complement each other and never more so than in the Pisces/Virgo polarity partnership, currently at work & embodied in Transiting Neptune!


There’s a lot to dig into with Pisces energy. It’s subtle, complex, inscrutable, mystical, magical, inspirational in a gentle yielding sort of way & lovely to be around when present in the psyche of others. When I think of Pisces, I find myself singing that little ditty:


“Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily merrily, merrily

Life Is But A Dream…”


Dream on, little Pisces, dream on…




The Aquarius Archetype: Unrestrained Originality

The 12 signs of the zodiac represent the energies of the human psyche. Starting with Aries and culminating with Pisces, they describe the archetypal journey through the developmental process. Each of us has a unique mandala of our soul that contains all of these energies and so, everyone has the unusual, extraordinary energy of Aquarius somewhere in their psyche. Understanding the essence of this energy provides us with clues about how we think, imagine, set ourselves apart, and even how we fit in, particularly in the area of life that is represented by each person’s natal placement.

Though the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, this is not watery energy! Rather, as we attempt to unravel the complexity that is Aquarius we enter into the realm of the intellect; fixed in terms of modality and airy in terms of element, partnered with  Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio by mode & Gemini & Libra by element. Formerly, Aquarius was linked to Saturn but since the discovery of Uranus, it has been linked in a primary sense to that planet. When doing an astrological analysis, it is important to consider both the present-day ruler, Uranus, and the sub-ruler, Saturn. It is in the natural 11th house of the horoscope where we find Aquarius.



Some of the archetypes are:

The Thinker: “Cogito, ergo sum…”

“I think, therefore, I am…”

Rene Descartes



The Visionary: “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper & re-imagines the world…”

Malcolm Gladwell




The Futurist: ” the best way to predict the future is to design it…”

Buckminster Fuller



The Revolutionary:The hopeless don’t revolt, because revolution is an act of hope.”

Peter Kropotkin
(interestingly, this fellow was born on February 8)





The Community Activist: “Most activism is brought about by us ordinary people.”

Patricia Hill Collins



The Technocrat: She, who believes that technology will create the necessary miracle that will propel the human race into its inevitable future.



The Egalitarian Dictator: “follow your own directives as long as they are in line with mine…”




All energies can express in both LIGHT and SHADOW. In fact, it is the Shadow that teaches us how to find the Light. If we understand the shadow parts of ourselves, we can create strategies to integrate shadow so that it is more reflective, more light-filled, more externally oriented. It is when we deny or repress our shadow selves that we can actually lose the potential for Light. Shadow creeps. That is the nature of SHADOW. Over time, if care is not taken, shadow can fill every corner of one’s psyche.

One of the Shadow sides of Aquarius is fracture, a breaking apart of that which could be whole. If you work with the Tarot, take a look at the Tower card. The seemingly solid structure of the Tower is being shattered by an unexpected force represented in some decks as a lightning bolt. Aquarius can manifest in this way within the psyche, a sudden insight that sweeps you off your feet, a jolt to all that you thought you knew that creates a reversal of fortune. A moment so earth-shattering that cognitive dissonance ensues, leaving one in the grips of confusion, dislocation, chaos. But, remember, the other side of the shadow is LIGHT. Shadow, by its presence, demonstrates that light is there, to be found.

The key is to be willing to consider the message and not kill the messenger! This sense of inside out-ness, upside down-ness is only reinforced with a reactive response to whatever is being shaken. Ego always wants to preserve that which it knows, even when it is something that may not be ideal. The known quality is the comfortable one–for EGO. We can see this play out in real terms when we find ourselves in situations that are less than desirable and yet we are either unable or unwilling to leave those situations because that which is unknown seems more frightening than that which we know. It is for this very reason that evolution is painstaking, slow, and often interrupted. The self is blindfolded and walking through an unknown landscape in search of the soul. But this is exactly the point! The soul calls us to seek healing. Healing is based on finding ways to integrate, to create a sense of wholeness. In Shamanism, the skillful shaman travels into the underworld to retrieve pieces of soul that have splintered off. He brings them back to the person who needs the retrieval. This is a beautiful representation of the process that we, as astrologer shamans, can undertake by exploring ourselves via the astrological method. We can dive into the underworld of our personal psyches, face the demons that lurk therein and locate those elements of ourselves, the fractured pieces of our soul, that have been lost because of the traumas that we have endured. And we have all suffered trauma.  Trauma is not relative. It is unique to each individual. One person’s trauma does not eclipse any other person’s trauma.

(And, I want to emphasize here, that one does not have to be a so-called “qualified’ astrologer to enter into this process. The beautiful, wonderful thing about astrology is that it is useful to ANYONE who delves into it at whatever level of expertise they have. Even just understanding a tiny bit about one’s own solar or ‘sun’ sign can lead to tremendous insight into the self.)


So, in Aquarius, we come face to face with our individual fracture, unearth the traumas that have contributed to that fracture and, most importantly, find the means to heal from those traumas. Leo is the polarity (opposite) energy to Aquarius & it is in Leo that we locate the sublime self, the uniqueness of the individual, the heart of humanity. It is through total acceptance of who we are, warts & all, complete love & forgiveness that we find not only ourselves but the tribe to which we belong.


This is also the energy of the grand intellect. It is the future that beckons from afar. If you have ever had an inspiration that seemed to have come out of nowhere, the Aquarian part of you was probably involved in some way.

A shadowy side to this future-oriented energy is the improper use of technology. We are entering a time when we, as a collective, must make difficult choices about how we interface with technology. The shape of our future as humans depends on our working mindfully with the advances that are currently being made. It’s happening. What remains to be seen is how far it will reach into our personal existence; how will it enhance or detract from our essential humanness. In Aquarius, we face the delicate issues of what it actually means to BE human. With Saturn in Aquarius now setting the stage, along with Jupiter, & Pluto soon to be entering into this energy, we will not avoid the questions that will inevitably present themselves. The choices are already being made, with more to come. Will we keep our digital devices? Will we discard them? Will we implant them into our flesh? Will we?

Aquarius also calls us to be unique. Individualism is born in Aquarius. Interestingly, the call to individualism ultimately leads us into community, a sense of family based on shared interests born out of that core uniqueness. When we set ourselves apart, think for ourselves, we begin to seek those others who have also set themselves apart and begun to think for themselves. In the final analysis, we are tribal creatures in search of the tribe that is uniquely ours. That is the community part of Aquarius.

If you were born at the end of January and into the first half of February, you are that quirky, relentlessly unique individual who can call herself an Aquarius. Your season is the bridge time between Solstice and Equinox, known as ‘the cross-quarter time’. You know how to build connections between the old and the new, the seed and the stem, the beginning, and the middle.

But you don’t have to have a birthday in Jan/Feb to demonstrate Aquarian traits. If you have this energy at any one of your cardinal houses, the ascendant, the IC, the descendant, and the MC, you march to the beat of your own internal drummer. If you have an active, heavily aspected Uranus, you know how to think for yourself. You see things in a way that is NOT usual. Strongly Aquarian types probably feel varying degrees of frustration cyclically. When everyone else sees a circle, they see a square. And yes, it is a square, but just try and tell everyone else that! If any one of your personal planets is found in Aquarius, you will approach life in an Aquarian way in that part of your psyche which is demonstrated by the placement.




Here are a few thoughts on individual planets in Aquarius:

The Moon in Aquarius:      

Cool, calm, and collected; always in control—maybe a tad too much at times; able to navigate emotional dramas with a skill that far surpasses the rest of us. You need to work on your heart chakra and open yourself to the energy of love so that your natural fellow feeling is amplified and strengthened. Once you are able to navigate emotional territory without shuddering, you can become the rudder for others as they navigate the very same emotional territory. Great energy for the mediator.

Mercury in Aquarius:           Innovative, out of the box thinker; able to make connections that the rest of us can never find. You are the genius of the Zodiac. You have to monitor your freewheeling intellect so that the rest of us can catch up to you. Possibly a tad too much in your head from time to time. Remember to include emotions.

Venus in Aquarius:  You can love just about anyone and anything. Distinctions do not bother you. In fact, they tantalize you. The bigger the difference, the better for you. You love approaching ethical situations from every point of view except the accepted one. You have the capacity to challenge the status quo and bring in new ways of understanding the world we live in. Egalitarian to the core! Your challenge is to make it more personal with those select few who have penetrated your cool exterior.

Mars in Aquarius:    Jack of all trades and also, master of many! Clever and capable, able to learn how to do things quickly and easily. You are indiscriminate when it comes to getting things done. Whatever works is what you will use. Non-judgmental, inclusive, able to work well with others or go it on your own. There could be a tendency to get lost in the possibilities while not paying attention to daily reality. You must watch your electrolytes because you can run on empty for much longer than the rest of us.   

Wherever you have Aquarius in your birth mandala, this is where you may manifest that quirky, unique, individualistic part of yourself. And it is vital that you do so. Aquarius will take you into your own potential. It will guide you into the brilliance that you can be. Follow the breadcrumbs into the shining parts of your soul force. Be unique. Be singular. Find your tribe!

If Aquarius is found in your 1st house:

You like to do things in your own way and at your own pace. You know how to take the lead but not because you want to be a leader. You are able to approach situations with innovation and adaptability. Watch out for a tendency to be ornery just for the sake of it!

2nd house:

You need to create a unique set of values. It isn’t easy for you to go along with your ancestors’ point of view unless you first make it yours. Money is a tool, not a commodity for you so you might find that you go through cycles of prosperity and cycles of want.




3rd house:     

Communication is universal for you. You need to be able to understand EVERYONE and you would like everyone to understand you. Innovative and creative when it comes to intellectual pursuits, you might have to slow down a bit so that the rest of us can catch up.




4th house:

At the core of your being, you are completely and utterly one of a kind. Family for you is based on a commonality of philosophy more than genealogy. Emotionally independent for the most part, watch that you do not detach yourself from others to the point of no return. Your job is to keep it personal with those that you need to keep it personal with.

5th house:

You need a measure of independence when it comes to romance. Creative, and prolifically so for the most part. There is a uniqueness in the way you express yourself so depending on the rest of your chart, you could be an artist that cuts a new path societally.





6th house:

You prefer to create your own work habits and your approach to the day to day is singular. You know how to work independently and how to set your own time schedules when it comes to completing projects. Inventive? You bet! Work on being focused.

7th house:

Relationship is like a book that has yet to be written for you. Conventional ways of relating make you want to pull your hair out. If it’s weird, you can handle it. If there are rules, you want to get up and leave. The thing that is the most seductive to you is anything that doesn’t conform to predetermined codes of conduct. Keep them guessing is your motto. You will probably be drawn to quirky kinds of people.


8th house:

You can be fearless when it comes to the mysteries of life. Nothing can stop you when it comes to exploring secrets both within yourself and others. If something doesn’t make sense, you will keep trying to make sense out of it until you do. Nothing shocks you when it comes to the underbelly of why people do the things that they do. Because of your ability to detach, you can be a real facilitator to those who are experiencing trauma.

9th house:

You are intoxicated with all that you have yet to discover. Strangeness does not phase you and you prefer the company of those who you do not yet know intimately. Always ready to go one step further than the rest, you are an intrepid traveler both literally and philosophically. You enjoy challenging yourself with cutting edge ideas and approaches to being alive.

10th house:

You have the ability to create new strategies both personally and socially. You can inspire others to step outside the lines, to be unconventional, to challenge the status quo. Because you have the vision to see a possible future, you can be a leader when it comes to changing things. If something is established but you can see that it is no longer working, you have the courage and insight to put a new plan into action. There can be a tendency to rebuff the traditional so watch out that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.


11th house:

You love the tribe. Community is something that is a core motivational force for you. What you want is a new kind of community, a different way of being part of a group. You are a revolutionary, a one of a kind activist when you find the thing that makes you want to fight for the right!

12th house:

The depth of your psyche is a weird and wonderful playground. Often able to pull up memories that come from other times and even other psyches, you are not afraid to be alone with your own thoughts. There is always something new to discover deep within yourself. Complicated and yet strangely simple, they broke the mold after they made you!


Aquarius is the flavor of the future. As we shake off the last vestiges of the Piscean age, we sense that something wonderful and exhilarating is just a breath away. The egalitarian energy of Aquarius promises us equality, justice, and truth. Do we have the capacity to embrace the nobility of that promise? Can we build something that will be fair for all? I guess we are about to find out!

The big transit this year is Jupiter & Saturn moving through Aquarius. The Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020 kicked this journey off, giving it added significance.

Jupiter in Aquarius is about Justice for all, Truth, Equality, Fraternity, Liberty.

With Saturn also transiting thru this energy, gravitas is included in the mix. The God of time-based reality demands that a solid foundation be put into place for any new enterprise. We are reminded to do a thorough review of anything that we want to establish in our lives. Aspiration must be accompanied by some hard-nosed accounting of a cost/benefit analysis. Is this a reasonable goal for me, is a good question to ask yourself before embarking on a project.

The shadow side of Aquarius is at play just as much as the hope-filled side. We see the collective fracturing in ways that, even a year ago were unimaginable. However, after fracture comes reparation. Nothing is broken forever. As part of the collective, we must all do our own individual part to repair what has been broken in our own lives. The Polarity energy for Aquarius is Leo, the part of the wheel that celebrates ‘the ONE’. Many ‘ones’ make up the whole so lend your own unique skills to creating healing however YOU can.

This coming year will be overlaid with the flavour of Aquarius, both LIGHT & SHADOW. This is an energy that can take us into a most glorious future, one filled with humanity, universal love, a spirit of egalitarianism & equity. It is the binding of the collective consciousness at the highest of vibrational levels; the place where we find our common song, one that we can share without hatred, malice, or enmity.

We must be on the watch for the SHADOW. It can creep up on us & enfold us in darkness. Seek commonality rather than difference. Work hard to create a bridge of understanding even with your enemies. We are here for a short time. This is merely a way station. Do not become so enthralled with your own point of view that you are not able to see another point of view. It’s not worth it to lose your connection to those who are sharing this journey with you. Certainly, be sovereign, but recognize that you are not the only sovereign individual who is part of this pack we call the HUMAN RACE.

Embrace the Aquarian part of your nature & reach out your hand to your brothers & sisters in arms!


2021 Overview

Every year is a newly forming energetic landscape. Most of you follow several forecasters so I will not go into a detailed description here. I will include highlights monthly as they feature. However, there are some key elements that are worth watching out for as you plan out the year ahead.


Firstly, track the Moon. It is worthwhile to be mindful of the New Moon & the Full Moon each month. This is a simple ritual to create for yourself. Be aware that it spans a 4-week arc, so as you become comfortable with noting the two mentioned phases, you will also start to sense the quarter phases that fall in between them. Align energetically to the call to action of each phase. That’s a great place to begin.

NEW MOON       The WISH phase

                                –what do I want to create over the next month?

                                –what is my core desire?

In this phase, just go for it. Wish for the thing that you most desire. The New Moon is akin to the intensity & force of the conjunction aspect. It is formative, not yet fully realized. The sky is dark & can be filled with whatever lights you choose. It doesn’t mean that your wish will come to fruition but if you track what you wish for, & consistently work towards the realization of that wish, it will tell you something about yourself, who you are, what you want & love, how you pursue that thing.

Here’s a little trick: Look at the energy of the New Moon and align your wishes to that particular area of your life. It makes the wish a little less nebulous, more substantial & REAL.


                                –how successful have my efforts been?

                                –did I really want this thing?

                                –should I move on? Or what do I need to do to better accomplish this?

In this phase, it’s all about reflection & adjustment. The Full Moon brings maximum light to any situation. It is similar to the opposition aspect. Used effectively, this aspect is most useful. Don’t be afraid of it. Access the balance & perspective that it can give. The reason that some of us experience conflict when dealing with oppositions is that we are not exercising the most important function of LISTENING to incoming. Objectivity can be shocking when one is drowning in subjective perspective. Never underestimate the value of GOOD FEEDBACK.

Look back at what you wanted at the New Moon & ask yourself if it was actually worth pursuing.

How tangible were you able to make it?

What do you need to do to tweak your ongoing project?

Is it worth continuing?

The little trick mentioned for the New Moon also applies at Full Moon. What is the energy, & more importantly, where does this energy fall in your own chart? Wherever that is, apply some OBJECTIVITY to that part of your life & be brutal about it. That’s how you grow.

So, to sum it up, start something on the New Moon, analyze it on the Full Moon & move along, little doggie, move along.

Here are the New & Full Moons for 2021:

Find the house where the Moon falls in your own natal chart:

01-12-2021          New Moon in Capricorn

                Get the year off to a good start by planning your strategies NOW. What would you like to BUILD and/or ACCOMPLISH? Focus, meditate & organize yourself for appropriate action.


01-28-2021          Full Moon in Leo

               This is one of the most glorious Full Moons there is. Creative, inspirational, self-assertive. Work on GIVING under this juicy energy. Put on a happy face no matter what. We are still dealing with the craziness of our current social situation so we all have to step up & try harder. Leo energy always gives us a sense of hopefulness, a sense of youthfulness, that we can, indeed begin again.


Following is the list for the rest of the year. Mark these days in your own personal calendars & then track yourself on a bi-weekly basis. Watch for my monthly blogs to get a sense of how to apply the energy to yourself.

02-11-2021          New Moon/Aquarius

02-27-2021          Full Moon/Virgo


03-13-2021          New Moon/Pisces

03-28-2021          Full Moon/Libra


04-11-2021          New Moon/Aries

04-26-2021          Full Moon/Scorpio


05-11-2021          New Moon/Taurus

05-26-2021          Full Moon/Sagittarius


06-10-2021          New Moon/Gemini

06-24-2021          Full moon/Capricorn


07-09-2021          New Moon/Cancer

07-23-2021          Full Moon/Aquarius

08-08-2021          New Moon/Leo

08-22-2021          Full Moon/Aquarius


09-06-2021          New Moon/Virgo

09-20-2021          Full Moon/Pisces


10-06-2021          New Moon/Libra

10-20-2021          Full Moon/Aries


11-04-2021          New Moon/Scorpio

11-19-2021          Full Moon/Taurus


12-04-2021          New Moon/Sagittarius

12-18-2021          Full Moon/Gemini


Yet another set of transits to keep an eye on are the retrogrades of Mercury. I am not one of those astrologers who portend doom on any activities undertaken when Mercury is retrograding but I do advise mindfulness. Awareness contributes to appropriate action. To make the optimum choice is to be conscious of one’s surroundings. So, check things carefully when Mercury is retrograding & again, especially in the areas of life where he is doing his little two-step in YOUR chart.

January 30-February 21


Mercury will step out of the shadow of this particular retrograde on March 13, 2021. The shadow part of the transit is similar to the restorative process. Whatever was stirred up during the actual retrograde, will now begin to settle in. Mindfulness is recommended but the energy will feel less convoluted.

Back up all your devices. Do visualizations regularly. The Leo Full Moon occurs just a few days prior to the Station Retrograde. Plunge into Leo energy & use the juice of that Full Moon to navigate your way through the following few weeks. The Aquarius New Moon on February 11, 2021, facilitates inner work during this period.


May 30-June 23


Shadow ends July 8, 2021.

Focus, focus, focus! Gemini retrogrades are particularly ripe for imaginative adventuring. Dig out old projects that you may have set aside & spiff them up. A fresh look at an old project can lead to breakthroughs. Watch your communications. Sometimes we think that people are saying one thing when they are actually saying something quite different. Drink plenty of water to keep those electrolytes under control.


Sept. 27-Oct 18


Shadow ends Nov 3, 2021

Review your relationships, both personal & professional. Either walk away or recommit depending on what your heart & body are telling you. A Libra retrograde provides us with the opportunity to listen to the signals. Don’t hear any signals? Slow down & create the space around yourself so that you can receive them. If you are involved in any kind of negotiations, read the fine print carefully.


December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022

Every 18 months Venus does her retrograde loop. At the very end of 2021, she will engage! This retrograde period is through Capricorn. Making your values work for you is key. What you put your faith in has to, above all else, make sense to YOU. Incorporating ethical decision making into your life is what will enable you to feel self-respect & pride of ownership. Anyone who cannot hold to their own moral compass will, ultimately pay the price for their ambivalence. Venus in Capricorn is about exercising true inner authority. To do that, you first must be cognizant of what it is that you believe, be clear about your own evaluation of ‘right’ & ‘wrong’. The retrograde period can assist with some hard-nosed self-reflection! A GREAT way to end off what will hopefully be a much more productive year.

Another slower vibrational co-relation to Venus Retrograde (in any energy, really), is the re-emergence of lost friends & lovers into your life. This is especially so for those of you with Venus in Capricorn & the family of cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer & Libra. But, in truth, I’ve seen evidence of this quirky phenomenon for just about anybody. So be on the lookout for re-ignited love affairs, communications from long ago friends and so forth. Sometimes it can even be just finding a letter from someone that was written years before & as a result, the relationship is rebooted. Wonderful energy!


After the tempestuous transit of Mars in Aries that gobbled up a big part of 2020, he will move fairly rapidly through the following signs, spending not much more than a few months, sometimes even less, in them.

January 6, 2021:  into Taurus: We should all feel a bit more settled and ready to tackle the nitty-gritty issues facing us all. Steady as she goes!


March 4, 2021:   into Gemini: The pace quickens. Hopefully, we lighten up. Ideas & solutions come fast & furious. Let’s go!


April 23, 2020:  

                  into Cancer: Back to the earth & what nurtures us. Get outside as much as possible. Its quite clear that being in nature will do more for us than staying indoors. Take care of your body & heart.


June 12, 2021:                   

into Leo: We feel re-invigorated as we approach Summer Solstice. The Sun becomes central to our lives. Soak it up & store it for the months ahead. Include fun activities into your daily routine.



July 30, 2021:                    

into Virgo: Hard work & attention to the details of the process is in itself healing for the body, heart & mind, not to mention our souls. The aspiration of the soul force to materialize & experience the physicality of existence reminds us that creating ‘habitual rituals’ for ourselves is the way to connect spirit & flesh. Devise a personal routine for yourself. Do the things that fill you with a sense of purposefulness & do them regularly. Here’s an example:  Get up every day at the same time & do a personal gratitude ritual that acts as a foundation for the hours ahead.  As you get used to this one habitual act, begin to incorporate others at strategic times throughout the day. Always offer thanks before ingesting food. Do it your own way. An associate who is a magnificent Pranic Healer always cleanses her food before eating. She rarely reacts to food that she has not herself prepared.


September 15, 2021:      

into Libra: Seek balance after the hard work of the summer months. Listen carefully to feedback from trusted friends & advisors. Mars takes a well-needed break when he moves through this energy, calming things down & reflecting rather than reacting.


October 31. 2021:            

into Scorpio:  At this time take a few moments to review the Mars through Aries transit of 2020. It is now that we could truly ground out whatever was stirred up a year previous. Mars finds a secure place of action in Scorpio, less chaotic, less impulsive & truly focused. Extract any remaining bits & pieces from that Aries transit & find a purpose for them. If a relationship ended back then, clean up any loose threads. If your career circumstances were altered, how have you adjusted? If you experienced anxiety because of the prevailing social situation, are your strategies to stay grounded & calm working? If you had an awakening, have you managed to deal with the cognitive dissonance that accompanies any such transformation?  The month of November 2021 could be extremely productive if we access the energy appropriately. Do it. Mars through Scorpio is a time for sheer guts!!

December 13, 2021:       

into Sagittarius: So, we begin the year with Mars in FIRE, cardinal & we end the year with Mars in FIRE, mutable. We may not be where we thought we were going to be. The impulse of Mars in Aries is not always all that clear-eyed, but, Mars in Sagittarius will re-align us with a purposefulness of action, with an acknowledgement that it is spirit that is most vital in our lives. Mutable energy is the most adaptable of the three modes. It bridges action to actualization, intention to realization. Take the time to re-state your own personal intentions.

Who do you want to be—really?

What do you truly love?

Do you speak your truth fearlessly?

Who will you die for, if need be?

What is your greatest passion?

What daily activity brings you maximum joy?

Can you identify your truest friends & lovers?

What restores your faith in humanity?

Are you working in harmony with your inner intuition?

Do you walk your talk ‘out there’ in the world?

Are you incorporating GIVING into your life?

Do you take the time to check in with yourself on a regular basis?


The first quarter of the year, the energy is mostly forward moving.

So, we should all feel a second wind, a sense of movement rather than stagnation.



Jupiter, of course, has now begun his transit through Aquarius.

He will move rapidly through that energy, into Pisces by May, 2021 for about 2 + months.

Then back into Aquarius until the end of December.

Jupiter RX:                          

June 20. 2021-October 18, 2021:

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius:  May 23, 2021-Oct. 11, 2021

Note that these two retrogrades overlap.

This will give us all time to reflect & review how we have each individually incorporated the energy of the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020, into our realities. Did we hear, see, feel our own unique message? Have we attempted to incorporate a more altruistic & HUMAN perspective into our lives? Do we understand what our mission is? For each individual, it will be different. We are not zombies or robots that all think & feel in the same way. Honour your neighbours for their sovereign right to choose their own unique paths just as they should honour you. It’s not easy but the Aquarian call to action is, ultimately, about respect for others. That is how successful community works & survives; by acknowledging difference while celebrating unity.

Uranus turns direct: January 14, 2021, & moves along in Taurus until August 20, 2021.

He will then retrograde once more. Remember, the outer planets are all retrograde for about 6 months of the year.

We will be midway through the energy of Taurus at this point. The second decanate of Taurus is the Virgo part of the energy & is all about adjustment of whatever has been shifted or disrupted. Uranus is the archetypal energy of shift & disruption so now is the time to begin the review & restoration process. What can be salvaged? What must be discarded? Are we letting go of the things no longer useful? Taurus is about the earth, the organics, the fundamentals of life. How are we doing in that sphere?

Neptune retrogrades from June 25, 2021-November 30, 2021:

Now in the last decanate of Pisces, the Scorpio part, it’s all about deep introspective work. What is the nature of your spiritual perspective? Do you work in harmony with your inner intuition? Are you getting the messages or are you super-imposing your own ego-based evaluations onto the messages that you are receiving? It is VERY easy to do this so watch yourself carefully, Neptune is, at the very least, nebulous in nature.

Finally, Pluto turns retrograde April 27, 2021-October 6, 2021.

In Capricorn, Pluto is transforming the very structure of our current social systems. It’s by no means finished. We are in the application part of the process. What foundation is being laid for his ingress into Aquarius?

Will it be the Great Reset?




Will it be the Great Awakening?




Both options are currently in play & it is up to us, the Aquarian collective to choose. Are we the sheeple? Are we the rebels? Are we the usurpers? Are we the Humans?

I suppose that we shall see soon enough.

Capricorn: The Turning of the Wheel

This is the time of Capricorn. Winter solstice is both an entry into an ever-increasing time of light—the days are now beginning to get longer in the Northern Hemisphere–& the time when the Sun, our centerpoint, begins his transit (passage) through the zodiacal sign of Capricorn. It is a time when we remember that there is an order to all things, that there is a process that will not be denied. How fitting that one of the most significant turnings of the Wheel of the Year, the Winter Solstice point, is aligned to this ingress of the Sun into Capricorn in the western or tropical zodiac.   Sabian Symbol associated with 0*-1* Capricorn is:




Personal authority & an appetite for it, is clearly illustrated here.



Capricorn teaches us to find our own personal authority through the evidence that we can see outside of ourselves; to go to the root and hold fast to it knowing that it is grounded in reality and truth; to put our faith in the inexorable cycles of life because we have been witness to them in the past. We have no reason to think that we should expect any other eventuality than the one that we have always experienced; that life does follow a pattern and that it always will.


As I have previously mentioned, the ingress (entry) of the Sun into Capricorn is a beginning—like the New Moon. The Solstice point marks a shift in perspective, literally. The increasing light promises illumination is on the way. And, just as we can attune to new intentions, create new wishes and begin to construct new designs at the New Moon, so, too, at this time of the year, we can take a few moments to renew our intentional selves and attune to new pathways of becoming. This is especially relevant in 2020.


And, it is most appropriately linked to Capricorn, an energy concerned with building, construction, growth. It is in the element of EARTH that process begins and Capricorn is an earth sign, part of the family that includes Taurus and Virgo. The modality is cardinal where it is joined by Aries, Cancer and Libra. In the Natural Zodiac Wheel, it rests firmly at the southernmost part of that wheel or, as the eye sees it, the top. In astrological terms, it is aligned to the Midheaven, the most elevated point in the chart. So, though this energy is often quiet, reserved, contained and cautious, it is also deliberate, determined, goal-oriented and resourceful. It understands how to measure worth and then how to utilize that worth for maximum return. No wonder that it is often linked to business, commerce and management of some kind. With its alignment to the most visible part of the Natural Wheel of the zodiac, it also demonstrates the manner in which authentic, true leadership should be exercised; quietly, with caution & reserve; deliberately, with restraint & consideration.


The most ancient symbol associated with Capricorn is the Sea Goat, a mythic creature with the body of a fish and the head and shoulders of a goat. In modern times this symbol was gradually morphed into a plain goat. Thinking back to the original esoteric symbol, we glean something about the energy. Overtly, the Capricorn psyche aligns itself with the obvious, the goat. Clever, persistent and sure-footed, the hardy mountain goat can navigate just about any terrain. However, underneath that visibly competent exterior swirl the complexities of a different kind of nature and one that starkly contrasts with the practical, down to earth one we usually ascribe to this energy. Yet again, we are reminded that there is much more to Capricorn than meets the eye, literally demonstrated in the fishy body hidden deep in the water. Another way of understanding this dual nature is that this is, above all else, an energy that is able to find solutions to problems. The original myths associated with the Sea Goat involve the magic of shape-shifting in order to elude capture and survive. Capricorn is resourceful, able to assume many different forms in the face of danger, challenge and threat. If one strategy does not work, Capricorn will devise an alternate one until solution is realized. What an energy! Willing to face anything, able to go the distance, dependable and trustworthy and indestructible! Or, at least that is what it would like us to think!


This strange original symbol also indicates an internal nature—the hidden fish—that is much different than the obvious visible demeanor—the goat. Inside, Capricorn is not so rigid, more fluid as he navigates the watery realms of emotion. In fact, he does have the equipment necessary to deal with emotional complexities. He just does not necessarily trumpet it out for all to know.


But what about all that merry-making that goes on at Winter Solstice or Christmas? How does that co-relate to the energy of Capricorn? The answer is simple. Real celebration is that which is experienced as a result of accomplishment and Capricorn understands how to accomplish. So, when the work is finally done, this energy knows how to let loose and revel in its own success. Under that seemingly reserved and cautious exterior, is a sensuous, even hedonistic interior that is merely waiting for a reason to express itself—think, sea goat yet again! So, if you are a Capricorn type or have Capricorn types in your life, this is a good thing to understand—that they actually need an outlet on a regular basis, that without an outlet, they could well become so compressed that a distortion in the persona may even occur. Whenever something is not expressed openly and freely, it will find some other way to express itself. And this is the case with Capricorn. It is important to acknowledge it when there is a need to ‘let loose’.  So, all you Capricorns, all work and no play makes ‘Jack’ a dull boy, right?


Capricorn is the Elder energy of the Zodiac. An intrinsic part of the soul contract of anyone having an accentuated Capricorn energy, (several personal points located therein. Pluto in Capricorn or the nodes along the polarity of Capricorn/Cancer), involves a culmination process. Depending on the structure of the individual psyche, we can see someone who is operating in full fruition of the qualities expressed by the chart or, conversely, someone who has contracted to ‘payout’ the debt of past lives through the current life experience. Whatever the case in question, there is a deep knowledge contained within this energy, knowledge of application that leads to a result, the knowledge of how to persevere under any circumstances, the knowledge of how to apply determination and true grit of spirit to get results. Reactively, if the current life is a life of ‘payout’, the ego can experience frustration and even despair as a result of unrealized potential or dealing with the feeling that every move is impeded somewhere and somehow. Acceptance is a great tool when facing frustration and even despair. Focusing on the cyclical nature of life is also helpful. In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card demonstrates this truth; that life is constantly changing. In the popular song, “That’s Life’, the songwriter expresses this idea very nicely when he writes, “riding high in April, shot down in May…but I’ll be back on top, back on top in June…that’s life…” If you are one of those Capricorn types who is facing challenges in your life (and at this current moment in time that would not be overly surprising), find the Wheel of Fortune card and use it as a focusing device. Gaze at this card and examine the nature of the wheel. Note that it appears to be in constant motion. Move into the motion of the Wheel and feel it inside of yourself. Trust that whatever is difficult, challenging, even unbearable, will, indeed, pass. Try it. You might find some relief if you need to endure just a bit longer.


Capricorn is an energy that loves to construct, to build, to sustain, and to order all that is in disorder. Its sense of wealth is founded on minimalism rather than accumulation. And yet, through skillful management of whatever resource it has, it can create substance seemingly out of nothing. It is like the soup pot that sustains the family for the whole week, simple yet nourishing, spare yet filling the belly. Ah, Capricorn, what would we do without you!


Competency is second nature to this energy and if there is something that needs mastering, there is a strong will to apply to the task. As an earthy energy, Capricorn concerns itself with what is real, what is, not with what might be. This is one of the great strengths of this energy; the ability to work in the present with what is available, a can-do kind of spirit that avoids self-pity at any cost, sometimes even at the cost of its own self. So, for those of you who are in relationship with a Capricorn type, nurture them even when they appear not to need it!



If this energy is not consciously worked, the Capricorn psyche can be cold, seemingly unsympathetic and harsh. There is a danger that one could become too hard-nosed, overly matter of fact and suppress all the magic that is also a part of this crazy life we live. The need for results can sometimes lead to ruthlessness and even cruelty. The expression coined by Machiavelli that, “the end justifies the means’ lends insight into the darker side of Capricorn ambition. And, just as the Mountain goat can jump over obstacles and land sure-footed on almost any surface, so, too, can the driven, goal-oriented Capricorn psyche disregard the welfare of those around him and even ‘under’ his metaphorical feet as he leaps into his self-perceived destiny. There can be a disregard for tender emotion and even impatience with others’ less practical attitude to reality. Interestingly, it is by accessing the feeling nature of the opposite or partner sign, Cancer, that Capricorn can bring some balance into its sometime too black and white world view. This means making an effort to open the heart chakra, ‘hear’ the ringing of the bell that is the heart chakra sound and becoming attuned to the message that the bell brings when it rings. For those of you who have experienced the ‘Heart Bell, you know how full of emotion this sound is, how it opens the self to the love that is the universal spirit of compassion and forgiveness, both qualities to which Capricorn must mindfully aspire. Once Capricorn determines that it must become more compassionate, more emotional, it will pursue this just as it pursues anything else, with determination, perseverance, single-mindedness and devotion. No wonder this energy can do just about anything!


The planet that is associated with Capricorn is Saturn.  In mythology, Saturn (or Cronos) is one of the primary gods. Saturn’s story is a story of passion, power, and pain. He overthrew his own father in his lust for power and then ate his own young so as to maintain his supremacy. Ultimately, he was overthrown by one of his own children, Jupiter, who then assumed the primary position amongst the pantheon of gods in Olympus. These mythological stories serve to illuminate something about the qualities of this planetary archetype. We begin to understand, when we meditate on them, that we, all of us, have built into our psyches the drive to dominate, to control our reality, to succeed according to whatever criteria we have set for ourselves. We have as deep a resonance of fear as we do of love and unless we consciously work through this resonance of fear, it can dominate our lives. In the Saturn function that is wired into the persona, we face the limits of our consciousness and we pay the price for every action we take (karma).


Saturn teaches us about the measure of time, that there is a cycle for everything. The physical planet has an orbital time of about 30 years so astrologers use the Saturn cycle to mark turning points in the life cycle. The first Saturn threshold comes at about 7 years of age. There is a whole body of work on this period of life, demonstrating how critical those first formative years are for the developing child. At 7 we begin to assume a more defined sense of self and it is the experience of the preceding 7 years that contribute to that sense of self. The next Saturn threshold is at about 14-15, the onset of adolescence, then 21, the entry into a preliminary kind of adulthood and then finally, 29-30 when, in most cases, we deal with the results of our choices, stepping fully into responsibility for not only ourselves but often for the family that we have begun to grow. If, at this point in the cycle, you have not put in the ‘time’ to create a firm, stable foundation, you will have no choice but to do so in whatever way is available to you. As an example, if you have not made an effort to develop some way to support yourself, you could experience any number of ‘hardships’ at this point in time. Nevertheless, the brutal reality is that you will have to deal with whatever it is that you have done. No skills? No job. No job? No money. No options? Well, off you go and work to find some. It may take time and require effort but the promise of Saturn is that if you put in the effort and take the time, you will begin to turn things around.


Saturn is all about the ultimate reality check. It is through the process of facing up to our actions, counting out or measuring the cost of all that we have done, that we learn and grow. If we heed the inner teacher, the Saturn function, we gather strength, we stabilize and we prosper. If we ignore the lessons of Saturn, we will not escape the consequences that ensue. In a sense, Saturn teaches us about the delicacy of true balance, about the process of finding that pivot point within the self. It is vital that we work hard to construct an inner structure that will enable us to maintain the reality that we are manifesting. Through Saturn, we truly learn who we are, and slowly, with determination and perseverance, we can hone ourselves to become diamond-bright souls rather than coal dust that can be scattered with a mere gust of wind. So, though we use words like containment and limit when discussing Saturn, we understand that it is a containment of security and a limit that creates comfort.


In the mythic story, Saturn is ultimately overthrown by Jupiter. This part of the story informs us that Goodness will always triumph over Evil. Our job is to maintain Trust that this is, indeed, so. Paradoxically, by accessing the Saturn Function within the self, we can actually arrive full-blown at the Jupiter function, that is to live in full faith and within the arms of spirit.


The thing to focus on is that any part of the persona has a reactive side and that it is sometimes easier to give in or give up than to stand firm and hang in. That is why we often associate so-called ‘bad’ things with Saturn. In fact, the truth is that there is relief in any situation if we only keep going and maintain faith. By connecting with our own inner will, another aspect of the Saturn part of the psyche, we can master whatever it is that we are experiencing. Thus, the reference to the teacher archetype associated with Saturn. At times, we can feel as if we are being ‘tested’ by our life experiences but if we draw on previous lessons learned and maintain an attitude of determination, we can grow into true masters rather than mere victims.


Saturn moves slowly through the signs of the Zodiac, spending about 2 ½ years in each one & we have just passed the moment when Saturn has finally exited his home sign of Capricorn & moved into the sign of Aquarius, along with Jupiter. It was a crystal moment in time & for those who were able to view the so-called ‘great conjunction’, breathtaking! We are looking ahead to a significant restructuring over the next 2 ½ years. For the next 200 or so years, these two giants will be meeting in air signs every 20 years. As a collective, we will be exploring the limits of our minds, the extent to which we can create new technologies, the very essence of creative thinking itself. Will we follow these threads into a more egalitarian society based on giving, love & humanity or will we get lost in the digital universe that seems to have separated us from one another & created a false reality in the process? Let’s all hope it is the former.



So, what can be said about ‘Saturn-like’ experiences. If the experiences are challenging, even threatening, you are being asked to reconsider what you are doing.  How can you be more diligent, pay greater attention to the bottom line, take more responsibility for any actions that you have taken or are taking? Where in your life must you hold fast, stay steady, hang tough? On the other hand, you might be reaping the rewards for hard work already accomplished, feeling full and content, experiencing a sense of safety and security. This, too, is the Saturn effect. If you know your chart, you can locate the Aquarius sector, and then explore just what is going on in that part of your life that could co-relate to some of the ideas I have discussed here.


House 1—body/self



House 2—resources/values



House 3—mental body/communication


House 4—home base/the personal




House 5—love/creativity & luck



House 6—daily routine/work/habits/health



House 7—interpersonal life



House 8—life/death/taxes & all things intimate



House 9—travel/education/the higher mind



House 10—you in the world out there/social personal




House 11—group associations/social causes




House 12—the inner life/unconscious drivers





As you can see, these 12 categories of experience pretty well cover what life is about, from the mundane concerns like resource and occupation (houses 2 & 6) to the more complex issues of meaning (house 9), relationships (houses 7& 8), and the inner life (houses 4 & 12). We move through our lives and like a surfer on his board, we navigate the waves, sometimes riding high and other times wiping out. Through the experiences we have, we acquire life skills, knowledge, and even, for some fortunate few, wisdom, the fruition of self. The key is that this is an ongoing experiential process. There is never a full stop and even transition from this physical life to whatever lies beyond merely takes us into yet another aspect of this spiral of becoming.



When considering Saturn, we face the bottom line of whatever sphere of life is being activated. As we stand face to face with the reality that we have created, we reap the results of our actions, positive or negative. If, in fact, we experience challenge or suffering, the assurance is that, if we pay attention to the ‘lesson’, we can then begin to shift our reality, brick by brick, so as to alleviate the extent of the suffering. The thing to keep in mind is that life is a wheel, always turning, never at a standstill even when it might appear to be so to our limited subjective minds.


On a collective level, Saturn is finally beginning to move away from his intimate union with Pluto, the God of the Underworld. These two energies have been in the same sign, Capricorn, for the last two years and over that period of time, came together in a conjunction. The conjunction aspect is considered to be a dynamic and sometimes challenging aspect. The dynamic part of this contact comes from the focus that is found when two archetypes unite. Focus contributes to result if applied appropriately. The Pluto part of this contact can be summed up in the words ‘power & transformation’. When this is conjoined to the Saturn aspect of reality, we begin to understand that the basic structure of what we see and experience is being transformed. Look at the current social climate. The very fundamentals of our culture are being re-imagined. It is not unreasonable to think that there is a power struggle ongoing between those who want to control & those who are being controlled. It is not finished by any means. Saturn is now moving into the individualistic & innovative energy of Aquarius. It is up to us to find beauty in our lives, reduce consumption, develop altruism and social consciousness, work hard and save more. We are changing and our community of choice is changing because of the change in us. There is a saying that espouses the concept that ‘we should be the change that we wish to see’. Saturn in Aquarius points us in the right direction for effecting change on the microcosmic (individual) and macrocosmic (collective) level. It is the time for the collective to rise up, to assume personal responsibility for personal actions taken and thus let that ripple out into the collective arena of society. Every day do something altruistic. Give. Share. Save. Love. Let us all reduce, reuse, and renew. Let us all seek inner contentment rather than external transitory stimulation. We are asking ourselves, both individually and collectively, to contain and sustain all aspects of our reality. No more throw-away culture, please. It takes a great effort of will to make such intrinsic changes to the status quo. We have to change the way we think, feel, and ultimately act to see even a little bit of change. We must examine our desire body and teach it to want to sustain and contain rather than consume and destroy. It isn’t going to be easy but it can be done if we have the inner grit to do it. Do we? Will we?




The energies of BEAR (as a totem) co-relate very nicely to Capricorn energy. Following is a description of this strong power animal.


Stand with me in silence.

Feel the rhythm of my heart deep within your heart, beating in harmony as the sun drops slowly into the arms of the sea.

I bring you remembrance and I bring you foresight. Use them well as you walk into the west, into the setting sun.

I am the sleeper who dreams the dream. As I lay deep within the hidden caves, I spin the story of your life. Come and join me in the world of dream and magic. In the place of magic and miracles, I will show you the Earth and I will show you the Sky. I will take you to the Rainbow Bridge that runs between the two. Rest with me in the shade of the Great Tree and gather wisdom from the rustling leaves. Silent, let it be.

In the bright light of the steamy Sun and the cool light of the luminescent Moon, we will dance together in the Great Circle of Joy. I will teach you to listen to the Sun, to feel the power within and to listen to the Moon, to hear the whisper of truth and to ride these rays with nimble feet.

If you have a question, enter into my stillness and speak. Out of the silence, I will answer and you will hear my voice. All that is asked in purity has a response born in mercy. My silence is your silence is my silence. Let it be so. And so will you know.

I am the healer and I bring you the skill of knowing the cure. Follow my lead and let your inner knowing guide you through the sickness that you seek to salve. I can tear away all that is rotten and soothe all that is broken. I know how to quiet the burning of the flesh and I know how to rouse the healer within you.

I am HE who fears nothing. I am raw courage, true, and strong. I will stand by you as you defend those that call for your help. I will help you as you help others.

If you call me to your side, I will bring you my devoted support. I will teach you silence in the face of chaos and self-certainty in the face of doubt. I will open your heart to the love that is always present and show you how to drink deep from the cup of loving-kindness. I will never leave you unless you tell me to go. Once we have bound each one to the other, I will stay at your side forever.

I am all that you wish to be and even more, that which you cannot even imagine. If you walk with me in courage and in trust, I will show you the pathway to your perfect self. Follow me. Follow me.

I am Bear and together we can dream the dream.





So, what about the upcoming Winter Solstice? Every year at this wonderful moment in time, we have the sense that the darkness is receding. When the Sun begins his transit of Capricorn, the long night is yet again behind us and we can look forward to increasing light and eventually, for those of us in the northern climes, increasing warmth. There has never been a group of people throughout history who have not marked this wondrous ‘turning point’ with some kind of celebration or ritual. As far back as the ancients, this time of the year was spent in revelry. The Romans called it Saturnalia, and yes, for those of you who are astrologically attuned, the reference is to the god named Saturn and yes, that is the planet which is associated with Capricorn.


Two thousand years ago, at the dawn of the Age of Pisces, a new religion was born in the Western World. As it grew and gathered strength, it eventually superseded the old so-called pagan polytheistic religions of the previous age, Aries. The Emperor Constantine integrated the festivities associated with Saturnalia into the new official religion of Christianity in the 300’s. This was a politically motivated move to create external harmony amongst his religiously divided peoples. The pagans could find comfort in their old festivals and traditions while the Christians could feel less alienated by celebrating along with the rest of the peoples but in honour of their new God, Jesus. So, today, those of us who have been raised as Christians celebrate the birth of Christ at this time, layering our festivities on the historical celebration of a variety of long ago pagan holidays from which many of the common Christian traditions have been purloined. Think Yule Logs, for one, a tradition that finds its source in the pagan festival of Yule.

Constantine was a clever fellow. He combined this seminal moment, Winter Solstice & the birth of the baby Jesus for a very good reason. It is absolutely appropriate that the birth of a Savior is celebrated at this time of the year. It is a time of hope and renewal, repentance, and forgiveness. It is a time when we can let go of the ‘old’ energy of the culminating year and turn our faces to the increasing sun as it begins to get stronger until finally, it brings forth new life from the slumbering earth just as the baby Jesus symbolizes for believers the hope that they will receive the gift of everlasting life. The promise of the Winter Solstice is a promise of the everlasting nature of the cycles of life and becoming.


So, what’s this Winter Solstice 2020 all about? At the moment of the Solstice, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is newly entered into Aquarius & aligned to Jupiter, also in that sign. We are at the very beginning of a long transit of Grand Conjunctions (Jupiter & Saturn conjunct) through the air element for these two giants. The collective (Aquarius) is rising. Old forms are being replaced with new forms. How we think is being challenged by our combined unconscious force. Once an idea has reached critical mass on that ethereal unconscious level, it cannot be stopped. Saturn, now liberated in the electricity of Aquarius energy, adds the necessary structures to the emerging consciousness. The stabilizing energy of the God of Time (Saturn) puts necessary parameters into place so that the new emerging liberated consciousness can more effectively reshape who we are as a species. This is a good thing though it may feel very terrifying as it settles into form.


The key principle to keep firmly in mind is that we, as ego entities, default to what we know, to the familiar. That is where we believe our security resides; in what we already know to be true or viable. Thus, any change is regarded with a measure of FEAR since it is taking us into the UNKNOWN, the supposedly UNTRIED. The current atmosphere in which we are all living is a CONCRETE representation of that visceral, underlying FEAR that urges, from deep within, every single one of us to resist change. But, as history has repeatedly demonstrated, it is CHANGE that will prevail. Without it, we are doomed to atrophy. So, gird up your battle gear & fight the fear! Cultivate FAITH in the resiliency of the HUMAN SOUL, the intrepid spirit that has defined us as a species.


I was deeply encouraged when I looked up the Sabian Symbol for the Grand Conjunction: AN OLD ADOBE MISSION. This moment in time is entirely & completely all about the persistence of FAITH. Every action that we take at this most momentous time must be founded on reinforcing that which is positive, hopeful & alive. Fill your hours with personal reminders that the human spirit always prevails. We are spiritual aspirants, not just a bag of bones walking around for a short duration. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, adhere to them, practice them, create a ‘habitual ritual’ for yourself so that the touchstones of your life support your heart & mind. Faith is ancient. And it is this ‘old’, ancient impulse, long ago inscribed into the human psyche, that will carry us all through this incredible ‘turning of the ages’.


The Moon, at that moment in time is @ Pisces 24. The Sabian Symbol? AN INHABITED ISLAND. Here we get the sense that, yet again, the collective is awakening, coming to life, possibly after a long & dreamless sleep. Are we a part of that awakening collective? What are we awakening to? With Pluto, the transformative force that also arises from the unconscious in sweet alignment to the Pisces Moon, the hope is that this awakening is one filled with light & hope. Yes, let’s go with that, shall we? We can, because Neptune is also conjoined to the Pisces Moon, pointing the way to increased spirituality, a reverence for the divine within us all. So, when you see someone worshipping, celebrate them and honour their right to worship according to their own understanding. Release judgment and do not proselytize. It is up to each one of us individually to determine what form of worship is right for us. It is vital that each one of us truly get our heads around this concept. We are currently living in a climate of incredible judgment of one another. People appear to be threatened by differing belief systems, opposing viewpoints to the point that dialogue is being shut down, debate is no longer allowed. How did this blow up in such a toxic & harmful fashion? Note that this sweet Pisces Moon/Neptune combo is in square relationship to the nodal axis, suggesting that we have been struggling with this for some time, that we are at a point of no return. If we cannot find a way to live together in harmony despite differences, we well might all perish together while feverishly holding onto those differences and using them as weapons against one another. No matter how certain you might be that YOUR position is the lawful, even right one, it behooves you to consider that the person you are in disagreement with also feels that way. Agree to disagree if a common consensus cannot be reached. That is how ‘the island’ community is fashioned. And truly, a diversity of viewpoint is what leads to innovation, adaptation & growth. How uninteresting it would be if everyone thought in exactly the same way. UGH!!


Mercury, the god of thought & communication, is closely conjoined to the Sun @ solstice in the energy of Capricorn, suggesting that its time to take responsibility for our thoughts & to exercise personal authority. Do your own research & do not lean upon the understanding of others unless you have first ‘data-checked’ their pronouncements. To accept blindly is to be a cult member. It’s vital that, as we move fully into the Aquarian collective energy, we assume personal responsibility for what we think & believe. We are not sheep being blindly led to the slaughter.


Venus, in the Winter Solstice chart is newly entered into Sagittarius @ 7-8*. The Sabian Symbol is: ROCKS AND THINGS FORMING THEREIN. Rocks come into form through a long, inimitable process. There is a sense that there is something much longer-lasting at play here. Believe in the earth who is our mother, in the singular ability of LIFE to sustain itself. Sagittarius is the energy of freedom & enthusiasm, of the ‘blue horizon’ that beckons us on in this quirky journey. At the highest of levels, it is the energy of Faith. We should begin to feel more hopeful, more alive as we move into the months ahead. Hang on!


In the Winter Solstice Chart, Mars has almost reached the degree where he stationed retrograde. As he stands squarely in line to Pluto, the enthusiastic, unbridled energy of Aries demands immediate action. Let’s clear the decks, he bugles, as he charges forward. Let’s get rid of any remaining impediments to RIGHT ACTION. We will walk our talk, he shouts as he brandishes his ‘sword of the spirit’. It’s all about truth in action, purity of intention. He will not be stopped. Be prepared for a visceral shift of energy at this time. The muck that we have been living through will most definitely begin to subside as the Wheel of the Year turns yet again. That is not to say that everything will go back to ‘NORMAL’, but it just might be the beginning of a new directional flow of energy.


This is a most significant Solstice, like none we have experienced for centuries. The brilliant, wonderful, freeing Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn, newly entered into the individualistic energy of Aquarius gives us our marching order for the next 20 years & beyond! Our individual call to action will be unique according to each one of our individual psyches but the universal impulse is to fearlessly find our way into our future which is founded on all that is worth sustaining about our past. Let’s do it! Let’s all TRANSFORM together…

December Musings

The Upcoming Lunar Events of December 2020

Did we ever think we would get here in this crazy year? The world appeared to turn on its head right before our eyes. We have, collectively, become uncertain about the authenticity of our own senses. Are we really seeing what we are seeing? Are we hearing correctly? Is this really actually happening? If you have begun to doubt yourself, you are not alone. Many have joined you there. The other day, someone posed this question to me: “What exactly is the ‘end game’ here?” There were no judgments in the question or even implied conclusions, just asking is all. But even if you have not had a single uncertain moment; if you think that you know exactly what is going on, you must agree that whatever it is, it is unprecedented in its nature and scope.


So, what is going on? Why is this happening? What exactly is this ‘great reset’ or ‘great awakening’, depending on your personal understanding? Is someone controlling it? What eventuality are we all facing?


In this age when critical thinking has basically been sabotaged by propaganda masters who train us how to reason and what to believe—THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH, no less—we must, all of us individually, try hard to step away from the filters that have been put in place and locate our sovereign ability to actually reason our way through this conundrum. No matter the point from which we begin, our job is to cut through the underbrush and get through to the clearing where objective appraisal still exists. It’s not going to be easy but it is essential that we all attempt to do it. We must make a Herculean effort to set aside our own preconceived ideas and give it all another look. Doubt leads to a breakthrough. Certainty leads to stagnation. One way we can all do this is to JUST LOOK AT THE ENERGY. What is the energetic picture? Can we derive an objective understanding by looking at it? Maybe, maybe not, but it behooves us to at least attempt to do so.


The Magnificent Lunar Events:


It’s been an active eclipse season for the past 12 months. Much has been written about it so I won’t belabor it all here. There is, however, one more solar eclipse upcoming & following that a glorious Full Moon in Cancer at the end of the month.

Eclipses are both release & rebirth points in the linear journey through time. They demonstrate where we can step away from old patterning, (lunar eclipses), & create new pathways through conscious intention & directive$, (the solar eclipses). The occlusion of either of the ‘LIGHTS’, as the Sun & Moon are called in astrology is a time of shift & change. The ancients regarded eclipses with a measure of trepidation & fear but understand that the social order of the ancients was far different from ours. Change, back then, often led to upheaval & negative consequences. Today, as individuated persons, we welcome change & shift. It moves us forward; it opens new areas of endeavor; it promises growth if we want to avail ourselves of it.

The Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 is full of positive impulse. The Sun/Moon alignment @ 23*08” (rounded up to 24*) Sagittarius is closely aligned to the Galactic Center. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


This image is SO promising for us at this most fractious time. It demonstrates hopefulness to the greatest degree. It unites the magic of the natural world with the aspiration of the spiritual self. Bluebirds have long been regarded as omens of hope & goodness. It was considered ‘lucky’ to spot a bluebird, especially on one’s own doorstep. Our job is to act in harmony with this brilliant, luminous symbol, to focus on the light, to remain calm & certain in the face of chaos and strife. We must shine like beacons into the darkness that surrounds us. We must nurture our faith that goodness & love will prevail. It is, in every way, an auspicious & powerful message from the collective consciousness that is rising.


Locate 20*-28* Sagittarius in your own natal chart. I am giving a wide orb because I feel that this is a most powerful energy. If you are one of those lucky persons who have a personal planet or point in and around this degree, you can play a seminal role in the construct of the incoming reality. Those of you with the Sun or Moon or Ascendent at this degree of Sagittarius can be instrumental in leading the rest of us through the next few months. Reach out to those around you and provide that sharp Sagittarian insight that you innately possess.  Teach the rest of us how to be courageous & relentless in our fight for truth & justice. You were born in close alignment to the Galactic Center & this is most certainly the time for you to step up & assume your rightful role!


If you have Mercury located within this range of degrees, you can be the truth-tellers, the ones who create a bridge between diverse groups, the unifiers.  Venus at this degree point can be likened to those who can facilitate refinement of value vision so that any action taken is founded on a clarity of self-understanding, a sense of how far one will actually go to pursue what one knows is ‘right’. And for those with Mars aligned to these degrees, well, you are the ones who can show us all how to take action, how to fight while doing no harm.


At the highest level, Sagittarius is the energy of RIGHTEOUSNESS; of adherence to NATURAL LAW. We must all take the time to meditate on these immutable principles so that we develop confidence that any actions that we do choose to take are founded on truth & not on deception.


These same degrees are activated within the scope of the Gemini energy by opposition (180*) & Virgo & Pisces energy by the square aspect (90*). So, you folks with personal points in any of those energies are not off the hook. Provide support (opposition); agitate relentlessly (square) and do so according to your own unique way.


At the end of the month, we have a glorious Full Moon in Cancer. Here Luna will be at her most forceful self. The highest vibration of this Full Moon is that of allowing positive emotion to prevail.

The Sabian Symbol,


suggests innocence, purity & the need to re-locate our personal sense of wonder & awe. It could be a sign of a fresh beginning, a reboot into a more healthy and natural relationship with our living breathing environment. We shall see!


Keep checking in for my thoughts on the upcoming wonderful, glorious Winter Solstice & Capricorn…


Sagittarius: The Call of the Unending Quest 

“Hello Darkness, my old friend…” sang Simon & Garfunkel back in the day…And so we arrive at the nadir of the yearly cycle. We are a mere 30* away from Winter Solstice when the wheel of the year shifts from waning to waxing once again. This is the place of Sagittarius, the fiery mutable energy of the zodiac; intense, urgent, anticipatory. The natural world is saying, “slow down, be still, cocoon, sleep…” but inside of us we are shaking our collective heads and saying, “Something is about to be born!”

We are not quite sure just exactly what that something is, and there’s the key to Sagittarian energy: the quest for that unknown ‘something’.


We have the sense that SOMETHING is about to appear. We feel every throb of life, every beat of our pulse, every circuit our blood makes. This is the pause before the leap, that moment of almost unbearable anticipation. In the northern hemisphere, and especially the farther north that you go, we live more in the dark than in the light, eagerly looking forward to the turning point in the yearly cycle when the light begins to increase.


In some ways, we can co-relate the Winter Solstice, 0* CAPRICORN, to the New Moon phase—the beginning of all things–since this gateway marks the time of the yearly cycle when the Sun once again begins to gather strength; that is, the days begin to grow longer. Thus, this time period–THE TIME OF SAGITTARIUS– just before that singular point of birth and becoming can be aligned to the Dark Moon or Balsamic Moon phase where everything is reduced to its most essential self. The end merges with the beginning. The rich compost of experience is now poised to fuel and nudge the hard seed deep within the earth and to soften it in preparation for the call of the Spring Equinox when it begins to send forth its roots and tender shoots and to find the Sun once again. Sound exciting, confusing, intense, hopeful, sort of hard but ever-optimistic? Well, there you have Sag, an energy that has many sides to it.


It is fitting that Sag fills this most intense part of the yearly cycle with its relentless questing energy. We know that there is a brighter day just beyond the horizon and even though we sometimes feel as if we are flailing about in the dark, we remain hopeful that we will eventually find something that makes sense out of the chaos. Sagittarius is much like this, confusing, yet hopeful, intense, yet not constant, urgent but perhaps not keenly focused. And yet, at all times keenly interested in the underlying meaning of all things, looking always for the bigger picture where all the seemingly inane minutia of life begins to make some sense.


Sagittarius is part of the group that includes Aries and Leo and is also aligned to Gemini, its polarity sign, as well as Virgo and Pisces by mutability. Mutable energy is adaptable, constantly in movement with the capacity to support tremendous change. Fiery energy is action-oriented, creative, passionate, and aspiring. Sagittarius is the Free-spirited Wanderer in contrast to the Warrior, Aries, and the Royal, Leo, his fire brethren.


The symbol associated with Sag is the Centaur, a creature of myth who was part human and part animal. Contained within this symbol is yet another aspect of the Sagittarius nature. There is an aspiration to nobility and spirit as signified by the human head of the creature and a link to the animal nature of desire and impulse as shown by the horse’s body of the creature. In Sag there is an ongoing struggle to reconcile the so-called lower nature with the so-called higher nature. The Centaurs were both students, particularly of the healing arts, and carousers, given to wine, women, and song. The term ‘party hardy’ covers their attitudes nicely.  On a subtle level, however, we can begin to understand that in Sagittarius we can find the pathway to spirit through the physical experience as opposed to the usual understanding that the search for spirit necessarily means that the seeker must reject his physical self and the DESIRE body connected to it.

On the ‘natural wheel’, Sagittarius is found in the 9th house, usually associated with the higher mind and the quest for spiritual understanding. How interesting then, that we may find a clue to the means for this quest in the symbol that represents this energy, the centaur. Here is the power-packed message that many miss when considering Sagittarius. We must integrate the lower nature and the higher nature so that they work together in their ‘flight’ into spirit. This idea is nicely represented by the half-man, half horse symbol of Sagittarius. To deny that we are human, contained in flesh, subject to the desires and needs associated with being material creatures is to profoundly miss the point of why we are here on this plane of existence. Sagittarius tells us to honour the so-called ‘lower’ self; that is to feel the body, sate the mind, salve the emotional self, while also honouring the aspiring part of ourselves to reach out for the god/dess within each of us, that is, spirit. We have all come to this plane to have the material/physical experience and through that experience to find Spirit. As long as we are here, we will never find Spirit by denying that we are fleshly.


A Sagittarius persona then is a mixture of seemingly opposing drivers; the pursuit of pleasure is juxtaposed against a deep inner desire to understand the meaning of life. Joy is easily accessed in the hurley burley, topsy-turvey race into life. Decisions can come quickly and sometimes impulsively and words can sometimes spill out of the mouth before the mental body can check them for suitability. This is all due to the incredible zest that underscores every moment for the ‘Sag’ type.


The horse part of the Centaur is a powerful representation of energy in motion. As a power animal, Horse brings a sense of freedom, will-power, speed, independence. There is a sense of stamina and endurance. He is the harbinger of adventure and the distant horizon that beckons to the traveler. There is an inherent wildness contained in this symbol, a connection to the primitive power of muscle and bone. Interestingly, Sagittarius is connected to the thighs and we all know how powerful the thighs of a horse can be. Energetically, the thighs represent our ability to carry ourselves forward, to propel ourselves through life’s landscape, no matter the terrain we encounter. Sagittarius mirrors this ability. There is a deep-seated optimism found in the pure energy of Sag. Nothing is insurmountable and the cup is always half full!


The reactive or SHADOW side of this energy can be demonstrated by exaggeration, random impulse resulting in chaotic results, thoughtlessness, and deceit.  All of these things are rooted in the underlying exuberance of this energy. It is vital that anyone with a focus of Sag in their psyches maintain a watchful awareness of these tendencies. The exaggeration is a result of sometimes mindless optimism. The random impulse may well be a result of the abundant energy inherent in a strongly Sag psyche which has yet to learn managing mechanisms so that their exuberance and impatience is directed mindfully and not haphazardly in a higgledy-piggledy way. The thoughtlessness is just unchecked impulse and the result of having a kind of matter of fact attitude to being ‘honest’, without taking into account that truth is seldom absolute. The deceit is connected to a tendency to amplify and expand, the ‘storyteller syndrome’. As always, any of these negative manifestations are merely a distortion of the energy and, with some application, can be modified within the personality and used in a proactive fashion. We need persons who are optimistic and ready to tackle whatever comes their way, people who are enthusiastic, devoted to honesty, and able to entertain us with their wit and mental agility. Who can imagine a party without someone present who can make others laugh, who can incite others to fun, as an example. These are the gifts that Sagittarius gives to the collective.


In Sag, we come to understand that it is definitely NOT the destination that matters but rather the ongoing journey to some destination. Sag never arrives. Arrival at a predetermined end is anathema to the Sag spirit.

Sagittarius is, after all is said and done, an energy that seeks truth, the higher mind and meaning in the midst of the madness of seemingly random existence. It is only when we are willing to explore that which is unknown and not familiar that we can get a glimpse of the potential that we all have within ourselves. The Sagittarius part of the psyche is where we can connect to this exploratory, truth-seeking impulse!

Jupiter, the Ruler of Sag

Every sign has a planet associated with it and in the case of Sagittarius, that planet is Jupiter. There was a time when Astrologers looked for a ‘well-placed’ or ‘powerful’ Jupiter in a chart when doing delineation. They were looking for the ‘luck’ factor in someone’s life. A well-placed Jupiter was often found in the charts of those who rose to great heights or were able to achieve that which their peers could not. The birth charts of the royalty were often altered so that they contained a powerful Jupiter. Today, we understand that there is more to life than luck, the quality often associated with Jupiter. We also understand that the saying, “Too much of a good thing” can be painfully true. That is how the Jupiter part of the psyche can be—big, beautiful and rather overwhelming, taking up the whole darn room and leaving little place for anything else.


On a deeper level, Jupiter co-relates to right-brain kind of thinking, creative, circular, holistic as opposed to Mercury which is more linear, detail-oriented, and logical. We now know that these two supposedly separate parts of the brain are not so separate after all and actually work together, sending messages from one side to the other. Still, it is interesting that visionary thinkers often focus on the ‘big picture’ leaving the nuts and bolts part of the process to others to work through. The Jupiter function within the self seeks vision and an underlying theme to whatever it is exploring. Once the idea is hatched, the left brain is enlisted to work out the kinks and make things run smoothly or just make sense of it. And what planet rules the logical thinking mind?  Mercury, which is associated with Gemini & Virgo. Yup! You need more than just one energy to help logic things out, especially in our modern times when the art of CRITICAL THINKING has been almost entirely lost to groupthink & conformity. Interestingly, the partner sign to Sagittarius is Gemini and so we see the link that should exist between logical, process-oriented thinking & free-flowing, creative thinking. Each part of the process NEEDS the other part to excel.


In terms of cycles, Jupiter takes about 12 years to transit the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending about 1 year in each of the 12. For instance, someone could have a 5th ‘Jupiter return’ at age 59, just short of their 60th birthday. This once in 12-year turn of the wheel is a time of opportunity, expansion, augmentation, sometimes exaggeration, joyfulness, adventure, and often hectic activity in the area of life that the natal (or birth) Jupiter is keyed to. The Jupiter return is a great time to tweak any long term goals. It is a great time to reconnect to inner faith and renew a sense of meaning within the context of the life. This is a time of optimism and opportunity in most cases though, naturally, for a specific reading of this transit, it is useful to go to an astrologer and get detailed feedback.

Of course, as Jupiter circles through the zodiac, everyone will experience something ‘Jupiterian’ in their lives. We can get of sense of this by locating where in any given birth chart the Jupiterian energy might be active ‘by transit’. The key thought is that Jupiter augments. Augmentation can be great but it can also create challenges.


When transiting Jupiter moves through house:


1                 increase in activity

                   opportunities to explore new things

                    relationship & social increase


2                  resource riches; going out & coming in

                   getting connected to what you truly love

                   expansion of core values


3                feeling good

               about what you think & how you speak

                the mental life expands

                circle of friends increases


4                  the inner life expands

                   a focus on the home

                   sense of well-being

                   inner satisfaction


5                       fun increases

                   luck may show up

                   romance and attraction

                   the creative center is opened


6                 opportunity to refine the daily  routine

                   lots to do; benefits from work

                   a potential to create ritual in the day to day life


7                       friendships, partnerships, relationships abound

                   Luck in legal issues

                   Matters of mediation or negotiation go well


8                       the inheritance of unexpected blessings

                   a brush with the real meaning of life

                   potential for the ‘aha’ moment


9                       adventure calls

                   opportunities to travel, explore & imagine

                   honours come your way


10                the reward for effort made

                   recognition; notoriety

                   worldly success


11                the call to community feeling

                   opportunities for social action

                   potential to realize goals & dreams

                   alignment to aspiration


12                    mystical experience is potential

                   a reconnection to the divine

                   intuition increases


In all cases, the key to accessing the full potential of the Jupiter part of the self is to take the experience, whatever it might be, and look at it through the lens of meaning. This is where we are seeking a greater vision of who we can potentially be. This is that part of us that aspires towards a greater nobility of spirit, a deeper meaning of being. Wherever the floodgates of experience and opportunity are opening in our life, we must consciously manage the flow so as to not get swept away by the force of the deluge. Opportunity can easily turn into excess. Jupiter is the ‘great benefic’ or in layman’s language, the bestower of blessing. It is, however, up to each of us individually to maximize the gifts that Jupiter brings.






Here is a description of the energy of HORSE as a power animal.




Come, run with me into the valleys and across the plains. I will carry you like the wind into the future of yourself.


I am the POWER of WILL, the ability to do what needs to be done. I am FREEDOM and INDEPENDANCE. I know myself best when I am chasing the wind as it sweeps across the face of the Earth.


I can go a great distance and then keep on going. What do you need to ENDURE? I will show you how to endure it.


Listen to the pounding of my hooves as they carry me along. It is the drumbeat of life that pounds beneath me. It is the rhythm of being that carries me forward.


I will stand beside you in your journey into adventure. I will be there when you need me to whisk you away from danger. I am power. I am speed. I am distance.


Whisper into my ear and I will hear you. Run your hands over my smooth, sleek body and I will obey. But do not try to hold me. Do not fence me in. Jump up and lay your body down upon me and together we will gallop into the horizon, wild and free.


I can hear you, friend. I can hear your thoughts so think only those things that heal you. Fill your mind with goodness and with love. Be kind. Be gentle and yet be firm and strong.


I will show you how to manage your reality, to maximize what you have and to find what you need. Listen to my call and follow, follow, follow.


What do you want to do? What is your most secret dream? Where does your potential lie? I can take you to the place where the answers to these questions are waiting for you to find them. Come with me on this adventure into becoming.


Watch how I run alone. Watch how I run with others. Watch and learn.


I am HORSE and I will be your friend.