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Shadow Energy: The Dark Side of the Sun: Taurus


Each of the individual 12 signs coincides, not with a particular month of the year, but rather, a particular time of the year. And here we are at that time of the year when the Sun enters into Taurus.


Taurus is the first of the “EARTH” signs. Think solid, steady, reliable, dependable, concerned with the tangible, touchable and measurable elements of life. In astrological terms, it is FIXED energy, emphasizing the adjectives listed above. And above all else, Taurus takes the inspiration of spirit and translates it into the ORGANIC. Concretization of the impulse is a big thing in the Taurus world. In the spiral of life, after the excitement of the impulse, a form must follow.  An idea, an inspiration goes nowhere if there is no strategy to ‘flesh’ it out. That’s the job for Taurus.


Taurus, then, is representative of the organic part of the spiral of life. Sexy, sensual and receptive, Taurus loves the simple process of just ‘being’. In Taurus we celebrate all things physical and revel in the literal 5 senses that flesh out our world.


But what is the shadow part of this glorious energy? What lurks behind that sunny smile, that contented expression?   

One of the most shadowy parts of Taurus is SLOTH. This is inertia beyond mere laziness. Taurus is never as sprightly as its predecessor, Aries, but though movement may be slow, it does move when appropriately actualized. However, when Taurus sinks into shadow, it can become utterly immovable in its torpor. The tendency to stand still longer than needed turns into a concrete pit with Taurus stuck firmly in the middle. Taurus must regularly scan itself and monitor this tendency to ‘root’ in place. There can be any number of reasons for sloth to take hold; complacency, disinterest in anything outside of itself, a sense of extreme ennui. Taurus must pull up its bootstraps and actively seek out something that will spark it into action. Otherwise, it will sink into its own deep ‘well’ of being and never emerge!

GREED is another shadow for Taurus. It is the most ‘material’ of the energies and best case, it celebrates all that it can sense on the physical level. In fact, it can lose itself in its own sensual experience. When left unchecked, Taurus just wants to consume, consume, consume. In fact, the rate of consumption can escalate to the point that Taurus can actually be consumed by the consumption…eaten up alive by its own need to accumulate. To counter this compulsion for ‘more’, Taurus must consciously relinquish, let go of things that it thinks it needs or simply wants. It must intervene in its own desire drive and give itself a stern talking to about moderation in all things.

 Finally, let’s look at the Taurus shadow of BULL-HEADEDNESS. Stubbornness can help to stay the course, to stick with whatever project is on the table. Taken into its shadow, it can become almost stupidly intransigent. Being dependable and constant is highly desirable but being unwilling to consider options or look at an opposing viewpoint is just self-defeating. Taurus is the solid supporter, yes! However, if not always on guard, Taurus can become the silent oppressor, never giving way, never giving in. Okay, Taurus, we all know you are tough and strong, just loosen up a little, won’t you?


Currently, Uranus is transiting this remarkable earthy energy. The organic world is topsy-turvy, or so it suddenly seems. All things tangible are under attack as far as the reality that this collective has created is concerned. Together we must all get up off our bottoms, let go of what WE THINK we need or want and explore alternatives.

We are the HUMANS on this rock.

We can do it!




Shadow Energy: The Dark Side of the Sun/Aries


Energy is neutral. It just is what it is. However, once the variable—the human psyche—is engaged, energy can morph into any number of variations of itself. So, there is NO BAD energy but, unfortunately, there are many BAD humans. What’s Bad? Bad is that which corrupts the purity of the impulse into something that detracts, takes away from, original intent.

What should we, as conscious beings, want to strive for? We should be focused on using our energy to achieve best possible results, to do ‘good’, to heal, to facilitate, to support, to empower, ourselves, others, the wider community each in her own way and to her own capacity.

But the truth is that where light wants to shine, shadow can follow. It is vital to face that shadow, to dive deep into that shadow, to attempt to understand it so that we can, if possible, reprogram the self to shift the shadow, which does contain elements of the light, into the light itself. Can we do it? Is it possible? Of course! We are of and from the divine and the divine is pure unadulterated light that shines eternally.

Traditionally, Aries is the so-called ‘first’ sign of the zodiac. If we mark the beginning of the cycle from the Spring Equinox, this makes sense. Just as the spring brings us a rebirth in the northern hemisphere, so does Aries challenge us to start something new, to initiate, to begin again. Used proactively, this is the energy of unbridled action, fresh, exhilarating, exuberant and optimistic. But, Aries does have a shadow side.

Rage. Not just anger but true-blue rage is an extreme manifestation of the Aries shadow. This rage is not sensible, and often, not based on anything understandable. Rather it is born deep within the solar plexus and then rises up through the spinal canal into the heart, throat and ultimately the head. It grips the heart, preventing the free flow of compassionate love. It suffocates the throat blocking ‘right’ speech. It erases all logic rendering the self incapable of reason. It is destructive both to the self and to the other who might be the object of it.

The root cause of this kind of response mechanism is usually ego based. Aries has a primal need to WIN, to prevail, to be the first, the best. Obviously, this is not always attainable. We live in a populated community system and need to learn to share that primary position with others from time to time. Aries, undeveloped and unconscious, does not comprehend this very simple concept. If there is a winner, there will also be a ‘not winner’. Aries needs to learn this and get used to taking turns in the spotlight.

Obviously, there is power in rage. Here we see the pathway out of destructive behaviour and into a positive expression of this energy. Rage, contained and properly bridled, is incredibly motivating. Rage, carefully transformed into justifiable, mindful anger can achieve incredible results. The key is to take that boundless (and usually mindless) energy and focus it onto an attainable goal; use it with strategic precision to create the result that one desires. It’s not easy but when Aries wakes up to itself, to its enviable potential, nothing, absolutely nothing can deter it from its path. And, in most cases, Aries, awake, focused, eyes forward, will inevitably reach its goal. Wake up Aries, and lead the way!

Another Aries shadow is willfulness. This, too, begins in the solar plexus. This part of the Aries shadow can lead to isolation and all out combat with anyone who gets in the way. The need to assert one’s will can eclipse any potential for dialogue and compromise. Expressing one’s WILL can become all-consuming so that no consideration is given for opposing viewpoints, alternate courses of action or other’s sensibilities. Shadow driven Aries tramples over anyone and anything in its way in its need to prevail, to conquer, to be at the head of the line. Ultimately, this kind of behavior will alienate others and at some point, Aries will find itself all alone in the center of the stage with absolutely no one watching.

Used positively, this powerful expression of WILL results in a brilliance of leadership that can inspire others to step up to whatever challenge is front and center. It can provide the Aries type with a steely staying power despite the odds against her. The key, again, is consciousness. The Aries type needs to cultivate mental discretion. She must constantly be asking herself, ‘Is this an appropriate expression of my incredible will power?’ If this kind of self-scrutiny is applied, then that powerful WILL can be used to GET THINGS DONE! And Aries will augment, become even more effective, more inspirational.

One more Aries shadow is Narcissism. The Aries type can become so self-involved that she can actually forget that others occupy space around her. Just as Narcissus ultimately drowned in his own image, so can Aries lose herself in her own sense of self-importance, drown in her own self-inflated ideas of herself. This type of self-centered behaviour also leads to isolation. Most people are repelled by narcissism. Who wants to engage with someone who does not see, hear or feel them? So, there stands Aries, all alone and interacting in a void with nothing.

Positively applied, self-love, the appropriate expression of the shadow, Narcissism, is absolutely essential. If you can’t love yourself, how in the world can you ever begin to love someone else? Self-love protects oneself from self-abuse. It strengthens. It stabilizes and most, importantly, it provides limitless energy to use on behalf of others.

Everyone has Aries energy somewhere in their psyche. Some of us have one or more of the planets or angles in this energy. But, even if you have no actual planetary placements in Aries, you have a sector of your natal chart aligned to this energy. Locate the ‘Aries’ house in your own natal chart. Think about how various aspects of the shadow may play out in that Aries house. Following is a quick cheat sheet for pin-pointing shadow energies in the various areas of our reality.


1st house          Before you do ANYTHING, ask yourself how your actions will affect the people around you.





2nd house         Be mindful that YOUR values are no more important than anyone else’s values.






3rd house        

Let other people speak once in a while.




4th house        

Intimate relationships are strengthened by open communication. Learn to listen.




5th house        

Inspire others; do not compete with them.




6th house        

Instead of being ornery & stubborn, use your out of the box approaches to encourage others to explore alternatives.




7th house        

Be kind and considerate, not overbearing and dismissive.





8th house        

Use your power to build up, not destroy.




9th house        

Honour other peoples’ ideas. You aren’t the only philosopher in the room.




10th house       Be a leader, not a dictator.





11th house      

Be a constructive change-maker, not a radical revolutionary.



12th house      

Take the time to meditate even when you are feeling impatient & itching to get going.



We have come to the SPRING EQUINOX as we shift into Aries. Time to wake up! Time to get moving! Time for action, enthusiasm & the sheer joy of being alive.







Here we are at the gates of one of the most inscrutable energies of the Zodiac. Oh Pisces, will we ever understand you?  Perhaps the answer to this question is that understanding need not be the destination in the journey into Pisces. Rather, the goal, when exploring this energy—(because EVERYONE has it wired somewhere into their psyche)—is to simply FEEL it deep within your own self.


Pisces is one of the water signs, the least personal on an emotional level. Cancer, the cardinal water sign, takes us deep into the subjective. Scorpio, the fixed water sign, introduces us to the mystery of emotion. Pisces, the mutable water sign, lifts us into the power of compassion. It is universal love rather than individual love. It is the place of peace in the left hand of the divine, that most exalted of positions. 


This is, in some ways, the most malleable, adaptable and shifting of the watery energies.  Like the ocean with waves moving in numerous directions, Pisces energy flows instinctively where it needs to flow. In the natural wheel of the zodiac, Pisces finds its home in the 12th house, a sector of the horoscope that co-relates to the unconscious mind, and to the formative period in human development since it is equivalent to the first 2 hours of life after actual birth. Much is absorbed at this most critical time by the newly manifested being and it is a time when the soul of the being is very close to the surface of the skin. The infant science of psychology has only just begun to scratch the surface of the intricacies of emotional and mental development but I think that most thinking individuals will agree that what happens to a person in their early years forms the foundation for all that follows. I would add that what happens in the first few hours after birth is critical to later development, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Pisces provides the self with a template for all of this. So, understand that this is the part of the psyche that absorbs stimuli and processes these stimuli in an organic manner, assimilating information into the most interior areas of the self. Obviously, this process continues throughout the life journey and so we can co-relate Pisces to that part of the self that intuits, senses, ‘knows’ without the need to prove or substantiate like, for instance, Virgo, the partner sign to Pisces, needs to do.

The symbol for Pisces is the dual fishes but note that they are fashioned as if pointed in opposite directions. This is usually understood to represent the dual nature of human existence, the pull to spirit and the pull to flesh. But another way to understand the movement of the two little fish is to see them chasing each others’ tails, creating a circular motion of movement. A circle of being is thus suggested and more than anything else, Pisces is the place where we can connect to the eternal, the infinite. Pisces flows through life (water) in a continuous, unbroken way. What a beautiful affirmation of the constancy of being—always the same, though always different.


We are now at the end of 2 millennia of experience that was dubbed as the Age of Pisces. The human collective explored the principles of idealism, devotion, commitment, service, compassion, union, and a variety of spiritual disciplines over the past 2000 or so years. The highest manifestation of the human journey through Pisces is the principle of LOVE expressed through faith and works of godly devotion. Reactively, we have seen a distortion of this very same impulse sometimes at the very same time as those manifestations of pure optimal expression of this energy. Fanaticism, bizarre expressions of religious devotion like self-flagellation or self-deprivation in the name of the divine, holy wars and other suchlike behaviours are examples of Pisces energy in distortion. The human collective has now explored a multitude of ways to interact with the divine. Now, as we move into the newly blossoming energy of Aquarius (as a collective), we can integrate the Pisces experience into the exploration of the Aquarius experience. We have searched for the divine outside of ourselves and now we will turn our attention inward and locate the sacred within.


So, Pisces is spirit, the yearning to find the divine, the place of understanding that supersedes any mental process, the ‘aha’ experience that makes sense of the chaos and brings light into the darkness. Pisces is intuitive, gentle, yielding, forgiving. Anyone with an emphasis of this energy in their psyche must learn to listen to their inner sense. What is universal for these types is that there IS an inner sense of some kind and that often, these types will have early life experiences that result in a sense of alienation, aloneness, and separation from others. They are often misunderstood and even shunned by those who cannot as easily connect with the ethereal world. It is essential that these sensitives find their own place of ‘ground’ or security within their own selves. They must create their own criteria of relevancy because often ‘the other’ will not ‘get it’. Nevermind, little Pisces, what you know is what others aspire to know. What you feel is that which is true so hang on and don’t let go.


Above all, we find compassion and forgiveness deeply entrenched in this energy. When the Christ was dying on the cross, he beseeched his God, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” Here we see how powerful compassion and forgiveness can be. In his moment of extreme need, the Christ thought not of himself, but rather, of the spiritual welfare of those who had wronged him. Other ‘love-based’ spiritual practices also follow this model. As aspiring spiritual beings, we seek to bless ‘the other’. We attempt to understand, with heartfelt compassion, why ‘the other’ does things that may be hurtful or incomprehensible. If we are cruelly wronged, we make an effort to lift ourselves out of ego-based vengefulness and find ways to forgive the wrong. It isn’t easy to do. It is difficult to find the balance between justifiable response and the sometimes totally unjustifiable response of retaliation. When we are wronged, we want to retaliate, to prove ourselves correct, to punish the wrongdoer. But Pisces encourages us to rise above this very understandable and human need; to shift it into something that heals all who are involved in the unacceptable situation. Just like Christ, we want to throw our burden onto the divine and let go of the need to be proven right. Trust, another Pisces attribute, helps us to believe in the immutable energy of spirit. We throw our burdens into the cache that is the divine and we trust that the divine will lead the way.


Two planets are associated with Pisces, Jupiter and, once it was observed in the sky, Neptune. Jupiter co-relates to the intuitive mind or what has sometimes been called the right brain; that part of the self that can dream, vision and create. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, representing love universal, love divine. The Jupiter connection represents Pisces connection to the divine spark of creativity, its connection to spirit. The Neptune connection shows Pisces alignment to the collective mind; thus, the reason why so many Pisces types have that famous ‘spidey sense’. Here’s a look at these two planets in current transit.


Jupiter takes about 12 years to move around the Sun and spends about 1 year in each sign of the zodiac. In the personal horoscope, Jupiter is considered to be bridge energy, that is, it links the more personal and external impulses with the deeper, less obvious impulses. In working terms, Jupiter can demonstrate our sense of meaning, our level of faith or belief and our need to understand. It identifies the aspirational impulse within the self, where we derive our greatest sense of reward or achievement. The more that we can develop this part of our psyches, the more we will be ‘in the flow’ or ‘lucky’. Currently, Jupiter is moving through Capricorn, the energy of the real, the substantive, the nitty-gritty. When the aspirational energy that is Jupiter settles into the down to business energy that is Capricorn, it’s the time to get real. Dreaming has its place but once the dream is fully envisioned, it time to EMBODY. Right now, is a great time to DO your creative work, not just imagine it! Locate those inner intuitions and then FOLLOW THROUGH with the planning, the organizing, the do diligence.


Jupiter is one of the planets that helps us to understand our life in cyclical terms and most of us will experience at least 5 or 6 ( and often up to 8 or even 9) Jupiter Returns. (A planetary return is when that celestial object revisits the exact degree that it occupied at a given birth.)  So, for all of you who have Jupiter in Capricorn natally, you will be experiencing this ‘return’ over the next year or so. Embrace the experience of simple being over the next few months and see what spirit has to offer you.


Neptune takes much longer to transit the zodiac, having a cycle of about 165 years or, spending about 14 years or so in each sign. Currently, Neptune is midway through its own home territory of Pisces. When Neptune transits Pisces, we could collectively experience a greater sense of holistic being.  This could happen on any number of levels. We could find our home/community; develop our connection to our ‘soul group’, whatever it is. And certainly, we could, at the highest of vibrational levels, leave our judgments at the door and work together with unconditional love.


I could also talk about confusion, fog, co-dependency, addiction, deceit and so forth when exploring Neptune, and especially, Neptune in Pisces, but I prefer to default to the more positive expression of this nebulous energy. If we think negatively, we will live negatively. So, if you start feeling muddled, just let go and seek peace. If you don’t feel flow, take some time to check your own inner ‘truth meter’. Often, we lose that sense of connection because we are lying to ourselves. Especially the Neptune in Libra generation (now mostly entering their so-called ‘golden’ years), you guys just have to take those rose-coloured glasses off and call a spade a shovel. Okay? Lifestyles may radically alter, relationships may suddenly fall by the wayside and any number of elaborate shams may suddenly be revealed. The key is to have the courage to admit what the truth really is. Continuing the ‘illusion’ (Neptune) is not an option and will only result in more confusion, denial and even a downward spiral into addictive behaviour. After all, all addictions are merely mechanisms that are masking some inner sense of lack or even loss. But, sometimes, you have to lose it all to gain it all.


We are on the brink of some very exciting and interesting times. Connecting to the Pisces part of ourselves will only enhance the experience of the years ahead!

 Pisces on the angles (1, 4, 7, 10): oh! you spooky little thing!

Pisces overlaying houses (2, 5, 8, 11):  not so stuck in your ways.

Pisces overlaying houses (3, 6, 9, 12):  go with the flow, baby, go with the flow…

The Aquarian Archetype

The Aquarius Archetype: Unrestrained Originality


The 12 signs of the zodiac represent the entirety of the energies of the human psyche. Starting with Aries and culminating with Pisces, they describe the archetypal journey through the developmental process. Each of us has a unique mandala that contains all of these energies and so, everyone has the unusual, extraordinary energy of Aquarius somewhere in their psyche. Understanding the essence of this energy provides us with clues about how we think, imagine, set ourselves apart and even how we fit in.

Though the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, this is not watery energy! Rather, as we open up the complexity that is Aquarius we enter into the realm of the intellect; fixed in terms of modality and airy in terms of element, Aquarius is partnered with Gemini & Libra by element and Taurus, Leo and Scorpio by mode. Formerly, Aquarius was linked to Saturn but since the discovery of Uranus, it has been linked to that planet. And so, it is the 10th & 11th house of the horoscope where we naturally can locate Aquarius.

Some of the archetypes are The Thinker, The Visionary, The Futurist, The Revolutionary, The Iconoclast, The Community Activist.

All energies can express in both LIGHT and SHADOW. In fact, it is the Shadow that teaches us how to find the Light. If we understand the shadow parts of ourselves, we can create strategies to integrate shadow so that it is more reflective, more light-filled, more externally oriented. It is when we deny or repress our shadow selves that we can actually lose the potential for Light.

The Shadow of Aquarius is fracture, a breaking apart of that which could be whole. If you work with the Tarot, take a look at your Tower card. The seemingly solid structure of the Tower is being shattered by an unexpected force represented in some decks as a lightning bolt. Aquarius can manifest in this way within the psyche, a sudden insight that sweeps you off your feet, a jolt to all that you thought you knew that creates a reversal of fortune. The key is to be willing to consider the message and not kill the messenger! This sense of inside out-ness, upside down-ness is reinforced by a reactive response to whatever is being shaken. Ego always wants to preserve that which it knows, even when that is something that may not be ideal. The known quality is the comfortable one. We can see this play out in real terms when we find ourselves in situations that are less than desirable and yet we are either unable or unwilling to leave those situations because that which is unknown seems more frightening than that which we know. It is for this very reason that evolution is painstaking, slow and often interrupted. The self is blindfolded and walking through an unknown landscape in search of the soul. But this is exactly the key! The soul calls us to seek healing. Healing is based on finding ways to integrate, to create a sense of wholeness. In Shamanism, the skillful shaman travels into the underworld to retrieve pieces of soul that have splintered off. He brings them back to the person who needs the retrieval. This is a beautiful representation of the process that we, the astrologer shamans, can undertake by exploring ourselves via the astrological method. We can dive into the underworld of our personal psyches, face the demons that lurk therein and locate those elements of ourselves, the fractured pieces of our soul, that have been lost because of the traumas that we have endured. And we have all suffered trauma.  Trauma is not relative. It is unique to each individual. One person’s trauma does not eclipse any other person’s trauma.


So, in Aquarius, we come face to face with our individual fracture, unearth the traumas that have contributed to that fracture and, most importantly, find the means to heal from those traumas.


This is also the energy of the grand intellect. It is the future that beckons from afar. If you have ever had an inspiration that seemed to have come out of nowhere, the Aquarian part of you was probably involved in some way. Aquarius also calls you to be unique. Individualism is born in Aquarius. Interestingly, the call to individualism ultimately leads us into community, a sense of family based on shared interests born out of that core uniqueness. When we set ourselves apart, think for ourselves, we begin to seek those others who have also set themselves apart and begun to think for themselves. In the final analysis, we are tribal creatures in search of that tribe that is uniquely ours. That is the community part of Aquarius.

If you were born at the end of January and into the first half of February, you are that quirky, relentlessly unique individual who can call herself an Aquarius. Your season is that bridge time between Solstice and Equinox. You know how to build connections between the old and the new, the seed and the stem, the beginning and the middle.

But you don’t have to have a birthday in Jan/Feb to demonstrate Aquarian traits. If you have this energy at any one of your cardinal houses, the ascendant, the IC, the descendant and the MC, you march to the beat of your own internal drummer. If you have an active, heavily aspected Uranus, you know how to think for yourself. You see things in a way that is NOT usual. Strongly Aquarian types probably feel varying degrees of frustration cyclically. When everyone else sees a circle, they see a square. And yes, it is a square, but just try and tell everyone else that! If any one of your personal planets is found in Aquarius, you will approach life in an Aquarian way.

The Moon:     Cool, calm and collected; always in control—maybe a tad too much at times; able to navigate emotional dramas with a skill that far surpasses the rest of us. You need to work on your heart chakra and open yourself to the energy of love so that your natural fellow feeling is amplified and strengthened.


Mercury:       Innovative, out of the box thinker; able to make connections that the rest of us can never find. You are the genius of the Zodiac. You have to monitor your freewheeling intellect so that the rest of us can catch up to you. Possibly a tad too detached from time to time. Remember to include emotions.

Venus:           You can love just about anyone and anything. Distinctions do not bother you. In fact, they tantalize you. The bigger the difference, the better for you. You love approaching ethical situations from every point of view except the accepted one. You have the capacity to challenge the status quo and bring in new ways of understanding the world we live in.

Mars:            Jack of all trades and also, master of many! Clever and capable, able to learn how to do things quickly and easily. You are indiscriminate when it comes to getting things done. Whatever works is what you will use. Non-judgmental, inclusive, able to work well with others or go it on your own. You must watch your electrolytes because you can run on empty for much longer than the rest of us.

Wherever you have Aquarius in your birth mandala, this is where you may manifest that quirky, unique, individualistic part of yourself. And it is vital that you do so. Aquarius will take you into your own potential. It will guide you into the brilliance that you can be. Follow the breadcrumbs into the shining parts of your soul force. Be unique. Be singular. Find your tribe!

If Aquarius is found in your 1st house:

You like to do things in your own way and at your own pace. You know how to take the lead though not because you want to be a leader. You are able to approach situations with innovation and adaptability. Watch out for a tendency to be ornery just for the sake of it!


2nd house:

You need to create a unique and creative set of values. It isn’t easy for you to go along with your ancestors’ point of view unless you first make it your own point of view. Money is a tool, not a commodity for you so you might find that you go through cycles of prosperity and cycles of want.

3rd house:  

Communication is universal for you. You need to be able to understand EVERYONE and you would like everyone to understand you. Innovative and creative when it comes to intellectual pursuits, you might have to slow down a bit so that the rest of us can catch up.

4th house:

At the core of your being you are completely and utterly individualistic. Family for you is based on a commonality of philosophy more than a genealogy. Emotionally independent for the most part, watch that you do not detach yourself from others to the point of no return. Your job is to keep it personal with those that you need to keep it personal with.

5th house:

You need a measure of independence when it comes to romance. Creative and prolifically so for the most part. There is a certain uniqueness in the way you express yourself so depending on the rest of your chart, you could be an artist that cuts a new path societally.

6th house:

You prefer to create your own work habits and your approach to the day to day is singular. You know how to work independently and how to set your own time schedules when it comes to completing projects. Inventive? You bet!

7th house:

Relationship is like a book that has yet to be written for you. Conventional ways of relating make you want to pull your hair out. If it is weird, you can handle it. If there are rules, you want to get up and leave. The thing that is the most seductive to you is anything that doesn’t abide by predetermined codes of conduct. Keep them guessing is your motto.


8th house:

You can be fearless when it comes to the mysteries of life. Nothing can stop you when it comes to exploring secrets both within yourself and others. If something doesn’t make sense, you will keep trying to make sense out of it until you do. Nothing shocks you when it comes to the underbelly of why people do the things that they do. Because of your ability to detach, you can be a real facilitator to those who are experiencing trauma.

9th house:

You are intoxicated with all that you have yet to discover. Strange-ness does not phase you and you prefer the company of those who you do not yet know intimately. Always ready to go one step further than the rest, you are an intrepid traveler both literally and philosophically. You enjoy challenging yourself with cutting edge ideas and approaches to being alive.

10th house:

You have the ability to create new strategies both personally and socially. You can inspire others to step outside the lines, to be unconventional, to challenge the status quo. Because you have the vision to see a possible future, you can be a leader when it comes to changing things. If something is established but you can see that it is no longer working, you have the courage and insight to put a new plan into action.

11th house:

You love the tribe. Community is something that is a core motivation force for you. What you want is a new kind of community, a different way of being part of a group. You are a revolutionary, a one of a kind activist when you find the thing that makes you want to fight for the right!

12th house:

The depths of your psyche is a weird and wonderful playground. Often able to pull up memories that come from other times and even other psyches, you are not afraid to be alone with your own thoughts. There is always something new to discover deep within yourself. Complicated and yet strangely simple, they broke the mold after they made you!


Aquarius is the flavor of the future. As we shake off the last vestiges of the Piscean age, we sense that something wonderful and exhilarating is just a breath away. The egalitarian energy of Aquarius promises us equality, justice and truth. Do we have the capacity to embrace the nobility of that promise? Can we build something that will be fair for all? I guess we are about to find out!


The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is one of the most magical times in the ‘wheel of the year’. The Sun is reborn and the earth begins to turn her frosty face towards him. From now on, the days will get just a little bit longer and the light a little bit stronger. Yay!

It is always useful to take some moments and reflect on all that has transpired since the last Winter Solstice. These Cardinal Ingresses are much more a ‘New Year’ than the calendar date of January 1.  However, the Capricorn Ingress is so close to the calendar date that the secular world uses that we can just extend our reflectiveness all the way into January.

This magical moment is filled with the hopes and dreams of generations of our ancestors. Long before this time was linked to Jesus, it was a pivotal time of celebration in the so-called pagan world. The traditions that we moderns associate with Xmas are drawn from rituals and symbols that depicted re-birth, renewal & restoration. Way back in the 300’s a very clever Roman emperor named Constantine married the old pagan ways to the new Christian ways when he formalized the then new Christian faith. Recently converted himself, he very astutely recognized that there was no way to stop these zealous Christians from proselytizing. He understood that it was merely a matter of time before there were just too many Christians to keep killing as had been the custom until then. Feeding them to the lions was becoming a non-option. What to do? He decreed that the birth of the new god, Jesus, would be celebrated right around the Winter Solstice! This kept the pagans happy and pacified the Christians all at the same time. Remember, Winter Solstice is the re-birth of the Sun which by its warmth and light bestows life on all. Jesus, the Saviour, gave the hope of everlasting life to all when he sacrificed his life on Calvary Hill and was resurrected 3 days later as a spirit being. The co-relationship is unmistakable. The most beautiful part of the Story of Jesus is this hope and faith in something everlasting, something that supersedes pettiness, rivalry, hatred and everything dark. Just as the Winter Solstice marks the return of the LIGHT. so does the essence of the Jesus story. Clever Constantine!

So, at 10:19 pm on December 21, here in the central time zone, we shake off the last few fiery impulses of Sagittarius and enter into the steady and secure energy of Capricorn. I know. It doesn’t feel all that secure or steady. In fact, with Pluto transiting Capricorn and only about halfway through this cardinal earth sign, any steadiness is being shaken. We see it all around us on a global level. I know that it feels like CHAOS but step back, take a breath and really observe what is going on. Birth, transformation, actually transmutation, is messy, often indescribable, incoherent, even bloody. Evolution—and this is what is happening, involves a measure of random destruction. Whatever is no longer useful or applicable must be done away with. Not everyone will be on-line with that and sometimes, it may not even look like that is what is going on. Trust the process. Though it may be incomprehensible from this point of view, there is a method in the madness. Set your egoic fears to one side and try to see the big picture. To come up with a new world order, an old world order must be eradicated. Remember, we are merely at the beginning of the process. Most surgery, at the start, can be scary.

So, what to do on an individual level at this most magical, most mysterious time of the year? The Sabian Symbol for 1*Capricorn is AN INDIAN CHIEF DEMANDING RECOGNITION. I will restrain myself and not co-relate it to the literal world—smile.  Rather, let’s find that inner personal place of authority and use it in this coming year. What have you learned? What do you know to be true? Have your values changed, grown, shrunk, whatever? These are useful questions to ponder because what we are is the sum total of all that we have experienced. Have your experiences opened up your heart and mind or have they shut it down?

The light of the Capricornian Sun is fully focused on the 2nd quadrant. The heart is being activated to express itself in full creativity. How can we align our actions to our deepest sense of who we are? Are we expressing ourselves positively, fully, and with love? Can we connect to the archetypal Artist who lives in all of us and let her SHINE?

For this Solstice, the Moon embraces the mystery and magic of Scorpio. The authority of Capricorn is underlined by the power of Scorpio. This is intense energy that demands to be felt. We are being asked to go deep, to be fearless in our quest for truth, to define ourselves with authenticity and courage no matter what we find in the secret places of our hearts. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let’s pull up our britches. We can do this!

This Solstice is powerful! Saturn, transiting Capricorn, sits side by side with Pluto. There is no more time left for shirking our duties. We must accept responsibility for all that we have done and all that we have become. Be willing to stand in front of the mirror and accept what you see. No more denial. No more rose coloured glasses! If we do not acknowledge that we must alter our behavior, we will never do so. That is the definition of insanity, refusing to recognize that what you are doing is NOT WORKING. Yes, its hard to admit error but it’s even harder to refuse to admit error. Truthfulness will lead us into transformation. Self-deceit will lead us into DEATH.

Finally, Keep an eye on the pesky fellow, Uranus. The fire of Prometheus has sparked many of us into action. His transit through Aries for the last 7 years has ignited the hearts and minds of people globally. We know its time for CHANGE. We want it. We are impatient as we wait for it. Now, Uranus has shifted into Taurus. The next seven years, as Pluto continues his transit through the last half of Capricorn and Uranus transits Taurus, will set the foundations for the change that is underway. Intrinsic structure is shifting. Everything that we thought we understood is morphing. The very essence of our reality structure is changing right before our eyes. Make no mistake, this is momentous. We must pay attention in our own lives to the things that we hold dear. What incentivizes us? What motivates us? What are our deepest held desires, beliefs, values? The answers to those questions will define who we are as we move into the next year and beyond. Don’t forget! Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius in a few short years. Let’s get ready NOW. Let’s make this mess work! We can do it!!

So, take a moment this Saturday and set some intentions for yourself. Who do you want to be this coming year? If you can’t come up with a coherent response, then give some thought over the course of the day and when you have a quiet moment, see if you can articulate a plan of action. If you can’t, never mind. The alternative course of action is to just move lightly through the next few weeks and let your feet find their pathway.


Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night!

The Age of Aquarius

This blog was first posted in 2010. It is even more timely today…

The Age of Aquarius

SO much has been expressed about this incoming ‘age of Aquarius’. There is, probably, no one in the western world who has not heard this expression. It is possible that no one anywhere in the world has not heard this expression.

We all know what it means when we call someone an ICON—a representative of a particular time, a symbol of a collective idea, someone who is more than themselves, even other than themselves. Well, this expression has become iconic. It suggests limitless possibility, unimaginable freedom, absolute justice; the fullness of what the future might bring to us all.  It is the hope that we all hold deep in our hearts. So many dreams are woven into this expression; so much anticipation, even longing. When we hear the expression, we look forward to something brighter and better, something that is more than all that we currently can imagine. It is a testament to the power of the astrological model that this little phrase has so permeated our consciousness, even to the point of being the title for a popular song, first released in the 1960’s.


The astrological ages follow a precise schedule and as we observe this apparent movement through the Zodiac we can co-relate the flavour of any given era on earth to the Zodiac sign that is associated with that time. The complete cycle through the 12 signs, when observed this way, takes about 26,000 years. Thus, each individual ‘age’ is about 2000 +/- years long. When we study history using this broader timeline, we can more easily see the major trends of any given epoch; the things that define a particular age. Futurists can gain great insight when studying history in this way and their predictions become more insightful, more precise. Looking back at history is always a good tool to use when attempting to look forward to the history that is yet to be made.


Obviously, at the transition point between the ages, things become intense, muddled and chaotic. At this point in time, we are in the final few gasps of the Age of Pisces or, put more positively, the first few breaths of the Age of Aquarius. Either way, both of these energies are manifest around us, collectively.


One of the resonances of the Piscean age was DEVOTION. This passionate mindset took many forms throughout the last 2000+/- years but we can see it very clearly in the KIND of philosophies, both secular and religious, that dominated. As a collective, we believed that we should be followers of a ‘god’ or of his apparent representatives here on earth. We deferred to ‘his’ better judgment and gave ourselves over to any number and types of dogmas and creeds. We saw ourselves as disciples or devotees of whatever doctrine we followed, whether religious or secular. We sacrificed ourselves to our passion, our chosen way of life. Who has not heard the expression, “For God and Country!” This is surely indicative of this type of devotion to something other than ourselves.  This kind of ‘devotion’, which can lead to the ultimate sacrifice, is aptly symbolized by the image of a man hanging on a cross. Who does not respond to this iconic symbol with some kind of emotion? It surely could be regarded as the symbol of the Age of Pisces, at least here in the west. Certainly, the symbol of the supplicant, whatever the religious protocol, is another of the images that can be associated with the Age of Pisces.


At the optimum level of vibration, Pisces taught us to aspire to higher principle, to believe in the magical aspects of faith; that it could sustain us even in the face of unimaginable circumstances. We learned to serve others and to exercise compassion to all. Reactively, we gave our power away to something outside of ourselves. We learned to feel like victims or martyrs to something that was larger than we could ever be. The distortions of this energy led to holy wars, wholesale killing in the name of some lofty ideal, judgment, censure and genocide. The primary lesson that we (hopefully) learned was that the essence of ‘god/dess’ could not be found outside of our own perception of reality.  Ultimately, we learned to turn inward and to locate the god and goddess in ourselves through the process of faith, that is through the DOING of good, rather than through some nebulous attachment to the idea of faith which, in and of itself, has no impact on our immediate community.


And so, here we are at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. What are the next 2000 years going to look like? Well, that really depends on us. In Aquarius we discover the principle of lateralism or egaliterianism. We understand that hierarchies belong to another time. We begin to truly understand that there can be no mediator between the god principle and the human being, thus, laying to rest the religious disciplines of the past 2000 years. We, each one of us, are the gurus. We, individually, can find our own pathway into illumination.


It is essential that the current feudal-like societies, where a chosen few have privilege, while the greater majority slave to sustain an unnatural social system, become a thing of the past. The ‘top-down’ kind of system is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the collective mind to swallow. Aquarius promises us a place within ‘the web’ of life’, with no one position being superior to another. This is the age of the ‘EVERYMAN’ where all can aspire to greatness. Individually we each can find a fullness of personal expression where our talents, whatever they might be, are expressed freely, easily and contribute to our community. And, really, if we could choose one concept to define the shaping of the next two millennia, let us choose COMMUNITY and let’s really begin to think in global, even universal terms. Let’s redefine the word, “border”, so that it refers only to that edge that exists around the outside of a card. Let’s forget that it describes a world divided into parcels of land and groups of people who regard each other with distrust and fear. With the electric energy of Aquarius guiding us, we have the opportunity to redefine what ‘community’ means, to transform the way we live with one another into something that is healing, supportive and totally different from the fractured communities that exist today. We are, truly, a group of peoples who naturally like to ‘tribe’. Today, this tribal impulse has been severely distorted. Though we live in what looks like a multi-member community—cities, towns, villages, even, to a certain extent, countries, we can go for days, weeks and even years when we barely say a word to our nearest neighbour. This is unnatural and we see the results of this distortion everywhere around us; an aging population that feels a growing fear because there is no support system, youth who are left to grow without direction because the parents are caught in the treadmill of necessary materialism, entire societies that have lost their sense of purpose and expend all of their energy in defensive actions rather than in the creation of strong and vital communities which can sustain and nurture their members. As we move into this ‘new age’, we face the challenge of recreating the way we live together and of truly implementing the ideals of equality and justice so that a new society can emerge from the ruins of our current global reality. Hopefully, it will be a true global community and not the unbalanced one that exists today where the strong rape the weak and the powerful dominate through force and in the interests of their greed rather than in the interests of the collective.


Aquarius, then, is the energy of the future. It is the energy of innovation and change. It is the ‘aha’ moment, the aspiration to a greater and better vision. The Aquarian personality excels in the application of mental energy. There is an inherent ability to ‘see’ things from a variety of focal points, giving the personality adeptness in the area of problem-solving. This energy is often linked to metaphysics because it describes someone who is able to think and reason inclusively rather than exclusively. Often, Aquarian types are ‘out of the box’ thinkers, able to make that impossible leap that propels the human mind into a completely new mode of thought and being. Some of the principles that are of paramount importance to Aquarian types are ones such as community, justice, fairness, equity. Innovative, often eccentric, sometimes solitary yet always able to network and make those necessary connections, Aquarian types are the hidden leaders amongst us. Social issues and group action are often linked to this energy so it is not unusual to find Aquarian type people behind the scenes in activist groups or for that matter, any kind of association or group. They have an intuitive understanding of the principle of collectivism, that there is strength in numbers and that unity leads to victory while discord ends in defeat.


Reactively, this energy can get stuck in its own brilliance and begin to believe that it has all the answers. I call this the “Egalitarian Dictator Syndrome”. The ‘dictator’ says, and with a smile that is oh so charming, “Please, do as you choose. Just make sure that is according to my instructions!” We hear the first part while missing the second part. Because Aquarius is so mentally agile, there is always another argument to support his position and the arguments are SO good! They make so much sense! And down that rabbit hole we go!


A strongly Aquarius persona must always, always, monitor their nervous system. Oftentimes, these folks can be very ‘sparky’, even giving off real electrical charges. They need regular rest, lots of water and the kind of exercise that facilitates grounding like Tai Chi or Yoga. It is easy to stay in one’s head and suddenly realize that the body has been left behind when there is so much mental and electrical energy being generated. Anything that can remind the Aquarian type that she inhabits a physical body is a good thing. With a lot of this energy present within the psyche it is fairly easy to disconnect from the emotional body so it is important that these ‘types’ access body work of all kinds along with strategies that open and balance the emotional part of the personality.


Astrologically, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, belonging to the family that includes Gemini and Libra by element and Taurus, Leo and Scorpio by modality. Fast moving, yet strong, light yet substantial. A key lesson for all Aquarian types is FOCUS and METHOD. There is little that an Aquarian type cannot accomplish once she learns to maintain focus on first thought and develop a practical method to support that first thought. The danger is that that first thought leads to another thought and another thought and ten other thoughts and so forth and that once the mind is engaged in the sheer delight of chasing the thoughts as they flit across its screen, any hopes of developing a method of application are dashed! So, Aquarius, hang on to that first thought and follow it through to its finish. Because the mind is so fertile, it is helpful to carry around a ‘jot it down’ journal to catch the ideas as they pass through. Remember, this is the ‘age of Aquarius’ so in a sense it is the Aquarian’s time. What comes through the filter that lies between us and spirit—the ascended energies—can certainly land first in the consciousness of the Aquarian type.


The symbol associated with Aquarius is the Water-Bearer and the Zodiac symbol is the double wave, representative of flowing water. Because of this, many wrongfully assume that Aquarius is a Water sign. Water, however, means life, movement, change, all aspects of this wonderful energy. Interestingly, water serves as the source for electrical power and the Aquarius glyph of the double wave does, indeed, also evoke a sense of electrical charge. This is such an important aspect of Aquarius; that it is plugged into the very source of being. After all, without the spark that gets things going, there is no life! The Water-Bearer is one of the few human symbols found in the Zodiac, again demonstrating the potential of nobility contained herein. It is through the conscious expression of the feeling body that we, as humans can aspire to a full expression of the god/dess energy within us all. Water is also a symbol of knowledge and as the Water-Bearer pours his water upon the earth, nourishing it, so does the Aquarian part of the collective bring us all a never-ending source of information that we can use to expand our minds and grow into a place of wisdom. The search for knowledge and understanding facilitates the evolution of the human psyche. The more that we understand, the more we expand; the more we expand, the more we learn and so forth.


Each of us has this energy wired into our psyches somewhere. When it is activated, we are asking ourselves to look at things from a different point of view, to be open to invention and re-invention. Wherever we find this energy in ourselves, is where we have the potential to soar to the greatest of heights, to find a unique expression of being and share it with our community of choice. Aquarius is the potential of genius in every one of us.



in the first house                                                     unusually motivated

2nd house                                                              detached from attachment

3rd house                                                                  uniquely articulate

4th house                                                                      individualistically connected

5th house                                                            brilliantly creative

6th house                                                                          independently occupied

7th house                                                               partnership plus, plus,plus…

8th house                                                                inclusively intimate

9th house                                                            broadmindedly explorative

10th house                                                                   dramatically different

11th house                                                    aspirationally far-reaching

12th house                                                                   the singular soul


Full Moon in Gemini 2018

Gemini Full Moon: November 22, 2018 @ 11:41 CST

Original artwork by permission of CLEM

As the yearly cycle descends into the darkest of times, our souls are filled with light as the Moon reaches her fullness in the sign of Gemini. This only happens once a year on average and always in November or December, just prior to Winter Solstice when, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is reborn.

So, although the days are short and the nights are long, the energy of Gemini promises us, as the Moon dons these magical robes, that summer will return and that we will not linger too long in the arms of the night.

There is a playful magic afoot when the Moon and Gemini merge. Worries are set aside, if only briefly, and a light-heartedness overtakes us. In Gemini we find ways to laugh. We explore for the sake of exploration. We network for the sheer joy of connectivity. We make friends simply for nothing. No need to be ponderous or deep. That can be tucked away for another time. Better to embrace each other with a smile and a chuckle than to look for hidden meaning and secret intentions. We are now well into the ‘season to be jolly’ and Gemini winks at us and says…”Just go with it. Enjoy it. Have some fun. It won’t last long, after all.”

This lunation is conjoined to several significant astrological shiftings. Firstly, the Sun has now stepped out of Scorpio and into the joyous energy of Sagittarius. And with Jupiter also in this sign, the emphasis is on generosity and expansiveness. Enough with the moods and intensity, says Sol. I wanna have some fun and think about loftier things. I wanna explore and adventure myself into a stupor if need be. I wanna GO and be free. Sounds fine to most of us after those long lingering Scorpio nights and days. Let’s have another glass of the red!

Secondly, Mr. Mercury is once again retrograde, and this time in Sagittarius, the energy of rapid movement for one thing. This retrograde period lasts until Dec 6, 2018 with the lingering shadow continuing until December 24ish, 2018. Mind your feet. Think decisions over once, twice, three time, four times. Sag impulse is pretty hard to hold in check. Back up your computer and make sure that your electrical equipment is in good working order and won’t short out. Generally, be alert to your environment. Mercury is all about the connection between things so any area of life that involves this principle is open to ‘adventurous’ mishap.

Thirdly, Venus has now concluded her retrograde journey and will be out of the shadow by December 17 ish, 2018. Gather up your thoughts and feelings and the sensations that you explored over that few weeks and reboot, baby, reboot. With this Full Moon, Venus herself is featured in a power packed square to the Moon’s Nodes. What does that mean? We are collectively at a crossroads regarding those things that are of most value and concern to us. On an individual basis, we are faced with integrating the choices that we have been making in regards to our value systems, to our resource management, to what we love and want and what makes us feel grounded and full of well-being. There is a call to balance coming from the deepest part of our psyches, urging us to find the path of peace and conciliation, to really listen to those who may not be expressing exactly what we think is true, to seek the middle road. Walking in the middle is the safest place to be. The extremes are all much too close to the edge of the cliff. And this cliff drops off into sheer destruction. With Mars currently in the divine energy of Pisces, we are encouraged to assume the stance of the Peaceful Warrior, she who fights for the right from a place of compassion and forgiveness. So as we move into this ‘holiday season’, let’s all of us make love, not war. Put your partisan clothes in the trash can and don the robes of the light-worker, she who brings healing into this world of woe. In a hundred years, if we are still here, no one will care who the president was in 2018.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


When we still our thoughts and ground our bodies, inspiration and insight can occur. After all, we are merely shreds of spirit caught in flesh and floating within the sphere of consciousness. The more that we can ‘peer’ through the ‘glass-bottomed boat’, the more easily understood are the workings of this wonderful thing called life.


There is joy in fellowship and particularly so in the fellowship of reunion. How sweet it is to see sisters dwelling together in peace and harmony. This is really the reason why we came to this plane of existence in the first place, to find each other, to play together, to create love, to shine.


Blessed be the little children

For they will inherit the Kingdom of the Heavens…

Matthew 18:3


NEW MOON IN SCORPIO; 11-07.18-10:02 AM CST

When the Moon slides into Scorpio every month and smolders there for about 2 ½ days, the secret part of the self, the inner reaches of the heart, the most hidden feelings and emotions can be stirred up. In Scorpio we find the courage to face the unknown. Whatever is hidden, is uncovered. It can be an exhilarating few days or a harrowing few days, depending on the extent of our desire to face the shadow that resides within us.

In traditional Astrology, Moon in Scorpio was understood to be the place of the Moon’s ‘FALL’. As the word suggests, it was not necessarily a happy kind of placement. Modern day astrologers look at things a little differently. Remember, that our historical understanding of this mysterious artful science, was formulated within an era when choice was limited or even restricted; when rules of conduct were rigid and proscribed. The King was the King and the serf was the serf and seldom did the two meet. Today, we are moving into the AGE of EGALITARIANISM, (though ever so slowly), and the little person, the silent citizen, is now beginning to recognize that her voice is as significant as that of any so-called ‘King’. Rules are meant to be broken and the status quo has become a fluid, almost living thing. Are we re-inventing the wheel? Possibly so. All that is broken is now being examined and we are vigorously exploring ideas to repair, replace and re-formulate. So, we modern astrologers regard the Moon in Scorpio as an archetype of incredible will, indefatigable courage and fearlessness in the face of misfortune. Moon in Scorpio is the stalwart survivor of the zodiac, absorbing all negativity and assiduously acting to transmute it into something useful.

This particular lunation is full of magic and inspiration. The Sun/Moon conjunction—New Moons are a time when the Moon travels into the brilliance of the Sun and rests there for a few days—is beautifully aligned to the planet Neptune, creating an aura of mystical magical musing. If you are inclined that way, that is. Use these next few days to explore hopes and dream, to imagine the impossible and them to imagine it into the possible. Allow yourself to suspend reality for however long you can and let the Moon in Scorpio show you your deepest desires, your most secret longings.

Jupiter is at the final degrees of Scorpio, almost ready to burst into Sagittarius. We are ready to take off our dreaming cloak and jump onto our horse, race for the horizon. The steamy, sultry energy of Scorpio will be discarded and for the next year, Jupiter will encourage us to dream big and reach for the stars. Use this next few days to imagine the next 12 months of your life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

We are still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde cycle with Venus situated at 27* Libra RX. Are you reconsidering your values? Are you reviewing where you place your bets? What motivates you? What do you actually, truly, deep down want in your life? This New Moon in Scorpio can provide you with the little bit of extra oomph to be HONEST with yourself and spit out the truth, if only in the privacy of your own room when you are well and truly alone.

The Nodal Axis has now shifted into Cancer/Capricorn. For the last 18 months or so, we have been exploring our individual need to proclaim ourselves, to out ourselves, to be who we want to be. Now the experimentation must be grounded into the deepest part of our individual psyches. The North Node in Cancer calls us to align the external expression with a deep and abiding internal resolution. We need to FEEL our convictions deep within our bones. We need to flesh out our aspirations with rock solid strategies that will ensure that we attain the goals that we set. BE WHO YOU ARE. FEEL your way into yourself. Be true to those uncovered feelings that may have risen to the surface of your soul.

This New Moon is a promise of insight, a boost of personal power, a call to authenticity of emotion. Used wisely, this energy is healing, transformative and empowering. Glorious New Moon in Scorpio. Let us begin again.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






Smiles produce positive return. Work at being the ideal that you imagine. Happiness is worth the effort. Put your whole soul into the pursuit of a happy countenance. People love smiling eyes.

Stay ever humble. Do not over reach or assume that you have all the answers. Allow the divine to guide you and always opt for the path of righteousness rather than the path of self-interest. Joy and wisdom are born from a happy heart and an unpretentious mind. Ask rather than answer. Seek rather than find. It is in the ongoing search for truth that the answers reside.


Scorpio Magick

I am the spider who weaves the web

The shadow that covers the soul

I am the darkness of midnight and the silence of the witching hour

I am the magick in the mystery of the unseen

I am she who senses

She who knows

She who transforms

She who is reborn





Essence of life

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018 @ 11:47 am CDT

We have arrived at the threshold of


The Sun is newly entered into Scorpio, the energy of magik, the energy of power, the energy of transformation. And how fitting that we should have this glorious Full Moon in the earthy, organic, fundamental sign of Taurus.

Scorpio/Taurus are partnered in the Zodiacal wheel by polarity. When these two power players align, stuff can happen. And so, in the world of astrology, this particular full moon, arriving for us once a year around this time, is one of the most potent Moons of the cycle. When the Moon transits the solid sign of Taurus, her ethereal and often shifting energy is brought to ground. This is the MOON of MANIFESTATION. Pagan folk come together under this moon to call her energy down where it can take form. Those of us who prefer more personal ritual, can meditate under this fulsome moon and vision all that we have in our hearts and minds. But beware. Energy follows thought so think wisely and think clearly and above all, DO NO HARM. In the realm of the lightworker, there is no room for the hex magik that those who have a base nature often perform. Stay away from these hexers because the energy that they call out will inevitably return to them in triplicate. That which you send forth will always find its way back to you.

This is the Moon of REMEMBRANCE & RELEASE. Venus, newly retrograde in Scorpio invites us to review our hidden secret self. Her seductive energy provides us with dreams that take us back to before, even to past lives that may hold a gem of wisdom or a wound to heal. She draws us into the wheel of memory. Our job is to ride that wheel, to remember and to do the work that needs to be done. Are you still holding a hurt in your tender heart? Let it go. Embrace it in a holistic way but erase the rancor and the acidity of hate if it still lurks in the corners of your soul. Venus in Scorpio, closely aligned to the Sun/Moon alignment, insists that we go deep and hard into the mystery of our emotions and stretch them out like a kite in the wind. Let the celestial heights air them out and take them away. Mars in Aquarius, ruler of that Venus, asks us to be fair and just, to detach ourselves from petty concerns and hold to the ideal that we are all ONE family, despite the findings of any DNA test. Lets symbolically believe in the myth of the Garden of Eden. We have one archetypal Mother. We have one archetypal Father. We are all brothers and sisters, kith and kin. It is only when this simple, yet difficult to truly embrace concept is firmly fixed in our minds and hearts that we, as a species might actually be able to “give peace a chance”. Let it be so.

Emotionally, we are at a crossroad (Sun/Venus & Moon/Uranus exactly square the Nodal Axis). Will we take up the ‘sword of the spirit’—that is LOVE, little one—and move courageously into our collective future or will we tumble back into old patterns, old attitudes, old ways of thinking and being. NO!!! Uranus, closely aligned to this gorgeous Moon says, step out of your comfort zone. Think outside the box. Be bold. Live free. Say what is in your heart and encase it in honey. Be sweet. Yes, above all, be sweet. Be fiercely, intensely sweet and let your little light shine.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:








We all have times of emotional upheaval where events appear to come out of nowhere and unlock the hidden waves of feeling that reside within us. Just as in electrical storms, these times can lead to an aftermath that is full of a new and often refreshing energy. We must allow the sorrow, grief or, for that matter, any kind of overwhelming emotion to break free from both our physical and ethereal body and spill over, releasing the essence of its substance. If we hold, repress, ignore or avoid any negative feelings, they will, most assuredly, take form within us. Negative energy is real and our call to action is to identify it and transmute it into positive action that has a clear and certain point of intent. We are being asked to remember with compassion and to release all unwelcome thoughts into the sea of love.


Song for the TAURUS MOON

I am the


Born of dreams and visions

I hold your aspiration deep within my beating heart

Gaze upon me and believe

Look at me shine and remember

Hold me close and exercise compassion

I will encircle you

I will rock you

I will lull you

I will find you

Blessed be…


Libra, the energy of conciliation and cooperation where you can meet and greet with those you like and more importantly with those you can’t tolerate. This is an energy that demands tolerance and seeks to provide a space where one can enter into a forum for respectful debate, always giving equal time to the opposing view. Sounds alien?

Well yes, we live in a time when the RULE OF LAW—a very Libra concept—is being severely exercised and challenged. For those of us in the middle who consider themselves to be non-aligned to a specific ideology, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern just exactly what anybody is saying, maybe because they are saying it at a screaming pitch with words that are emotionally charged, with adjectives that betray a strong and biased partisanship. But Libra promises that there is a place for dialogue, that people CAN get along together, that consensus can be reached as long as everyone remembers that first we are HUMANS, and all of us are equal under the light of the divine.

This NEW MOON presents us with the opportunity to do a reboot in the way that we relate to ourselves on that very important inner level and to others on that equally important outer level. We have come to this earth to be in community and we’d better put some effort into developing some strategies that result in a more successful outcome. Libra is about LISTENING first. So, listen carefully when someone is talking with the expectation that they, too, will do some listening to you. But YOU do it first. Let your challenger speak. Let her express her complete point of view. Hear it. Consider it. Then, open your mouth, but carefully, very carefully. 

Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in a powerfully dynamic relationship to this New Moon. Pluto says, ‘Interact with integrity.’ Do not be dirty or emotionally manipulative in how you go about trying to prove your point. Be respectful and HONEST because if you are not, it will come back to haunt you. Secrets will be exposed. Past actions will be revealed. How important it is that we are vigilant in our self-examination so that we do not fall into the trap of limited thinking.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in Scorpio, newly retrograde. This is the big news of the cycle. Venus has an absolutely gorgeous cyclical pattern that results, once it completes its 8 year course, in a rose motif. Here we encounter the beautiful symmetry of reality. Venus, the planet, represents core values, that which we love and hold dear. The rose is a symbol of everlasting beauty, a token of love.  What a precise co-relationship. Our values should be beautiful and based on love. If they are formed on such principles, how much better would our reality become?

Retrograde Venus is a precious time period. It is a time of personal renewal, lost love found, introspective soul searching and the reformation of the shining diamond self. Because this retrograde period occurs in the signs of Scorpio & Libra, the emphasis is on truth speak and equity in relationship. Much can be recovered when Venus is doing the backward dance on every level possible. So a key word to keep in mind for the next few weeks is RECOVERY.

Recover your important relationships. Recover your sense of possibility. Recover your powerful self. Literally speaking, you may even recover items that you thought you had lost.  Rings. Money. Your favourite item of clothing. A pet. Truly. It has happened.

This particular Venus retrograde period will be especially active for anyone born between the following dates:

October 8-November 12: this is the conjunction of Venus to the Sun. Expect things to be stirred up. Your call to action is to put on your big girl pants and face whatever needs to be faced. You are being personally, intimately agitated into remembering, recovering and restoring.


January 5-February 9 & July 7-August 9:  This is the square of Venus to the Sun. Action in the value area of your life is demanded. Are you working in sync with what your truly believe, feel and desire? Do you follow through when that is what is needed? Are you ready to take responsibility for your past actions and deal with the consequences?

Where are YOUR big girl pants?


April 4-May 11: this is the opposition of Venus to the Sun. Listen carefully to what people are saying TO you and ABOUT you. Can you interpret the messages? Are you ready to act on what you understand those messages to be? You more than the others, could well experience the reappearance of a long-lost friend or lover. What will you do with them in your life once again?

This lovely little transit began October 5 and will last with some after tremors until December 17 (+/-).

The Sabian Symbols for this NEW MOON are:




Everything, and that means EVERYTHING, eventually passes into nothing or what we call nothing. Actually, that is a euphemism for everything. All that has ever been is the intrinsic component part of everything that now exists and so forth and so forth. Once we recognize this profound truth, that we, as the individual, are the culmination of all that has ever been, we will begin to realize the great responsibility that we all have, personally, to be the best that we can be. Moreover, it is THIS moment that is real. It is in THIS moment that we exist. Make THIS moment matter.

We are all a part of a magnificent tapestry of life that stretches across all of the dimensions of being. Organic, mental, emotional and etheric. Each one of us has an associate Deva who is dancing somewhere in the setting sun. Join her and dance like no one is watching.


The Libra Song


And sit by my side, my love

And share the setting sun

Let me kiss your shining face

And smile into your endless eyes

Be my lover, be my friend

Be my forever and ever

Let us dance together until the day is done

Blessed be.