New Moon in Taurus, April 30, 2022 @3:30 pm

The Taurus New Moon is a celebration of the natural world; the sublime organic. In Taurus, we discover what it means to be alive & fully in our bodies. This year, we really, really want to experience that, to feel the sun on our skins, the wind in our hair, the sweet smell of spring in the air.  Taurus reminds us that there is a simple joy in just being & especially if we are in harmony with the organisms around us, from the rocks to the seas to the plants & creatures & especially with our fellow humans.

This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse, the first of four eclipses that will occur this year. Solar eclipses can often indicate where we can make a fresh start, move ahead & leave the past behind. Look at the Taurus part of your own chart & ask yourself what, in that area of life could use a do-over, partial, or even total!

Obviously, if you have significant energy along the Taurus/Scorpio axis (they are partner signs), this is an eclipse for you! If you have wanted to welcome change, well, the door just opened. Step on through!

But, really. Everyone can experience a fresh start with this New Moon Eclipse & if you know your natal chart, you can zero in on what area of life might be ripe for an overhaul.

In the first quadrant, (houses 1,2,3) you could find yourself ready to change the way you move through the world, value things & think about life in general. Communication & how you engage may well undergo a significant & welcome change. Certainly, there is much on the table at the moment in terms of what we understand ‘free speech’ to actually be. With this eclipse energy fueling us, we might find ourselves re-defining that or at the very least, refining our definitions.

In the second quadrant, (houses 4.5.6), we might find ourselves confronting issues around creativity, family & daily habits. Healing could well take a front-row seat for us. Perhaps we need to review our habitual rituals & ensure that they are still serving us in our pursuit of health & well-being. Projects that we have left languishing on the back burner might suddenly be revived with positive results. Family relationships could be restructured & improved.

In the third quadrant (houses 7.8.9), we might see a startling but signatory shift in our relationship life. We might suddenly realize that some people might have to be let go while new ones magically appear. Intimacy between primary partners might be intensified or falsehoods could be exposed that then lead to healing or termination of relationship. Our sights might suddenly be set on a wider range of associates, ones that come into our lives because of shared values & viewpoints. The world at large opens up to us & we feel less bound to traditions based on outworn ideals.

In the fourth quadrant, (houses 10. 11. 12). Our interaction with the world at large could shift. We might leave a career to start a new one. We might significantly change our image, literally & figuratively. Old causes might be replaced by new ones that better reflect who we have now become & all of this could emanate from a deep, private, highly personal level where only we, ourselves ever go. Remember that cave in the old ‘Star Wars’ film when Luke faces, at long last the truth about himself? Well, we just might enter that cave & unveil whatever it is that dwells therein.

The thing to focus on is that no matter where this energy forms in your own psyche, it is welcome. It is an opportunity to try again, to make changes, to refresh, renew & move along.

The Sabian Symbols for this wonderful Taurus New Moon are truly delightful!

11* Taurus:







There is no more perfect description of the essence of Taurus than the first symbol. This is a time of growth, renewal & hope. Our gardens are the thing that connects us viscerally to the truth of life, the cyclic & wonderful promise that is contained within the SEED. Let us all wish that the seeds we sow grow into beautiful flowers! As we nurture the earth, she, in turn, nurtures us. Come on, let’s get back to the garden on every level possible!

The Scorpio Symbol is all about REDEMPTION. We are the ‘drowning man’ & it is the organic mother earth that will save us if we honour her. No matter what issues we are facing, or what trials we are enduring, they will pass. We must all stay connected to the source of our salvation be it physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Take your pick. But do pick & do it immediately. As we transition on a collective level, each one of us plays a part in the choice that is made. Do we want to return to the garden? Or, are we relinquishing to destruction? Let us all choose the way of LOVE.

Okay…now go out and plant those seeds!


What seeds did we personally sow on the Aries New Moon a few weeks ago? All New Moons are seed sowing time but this is emphasized during the Aries New Moon right around the Spring Equinox. It’s like a ‘double-double’ for intention setting & new undertakings. As the Moon grows into the fullness of her light & embraces the energy of Libra, partner sign to Aries, we have the opportunity to look around & pick through the seedlings that have now (hopefully), sprouted in our life. Are we on track? Are we headed in the direction that we had intended? That’s the beauty of the Lunar Cycle; it allows us to take measured steps along our journey into becoming.

Aries always suggests something new & previously not experienced; something bold, possibly requiring a measure of courage. Libra, on the other hand, demands that we pause & deliberate on the actions that we are taking or thinking of taking. Libra wants us to LISTEN to the incoming, whether it’s actual advice from real people around us or messages via dreams, intuitions, or observations. This Full Moon is jam-packed with potential in terms of insight, action & possible evolution of self.

Moon & Sun are in square alignment to Pluto in Capricorn, now at 28CAP33. Just days away from his Retrograde Station. It’s the last kick at the can before the ‘dwarf giant’ takes another backward glance into Capricorn. This Cardinal arrangement is all about developing the appropriate way to exercise our personal power. Aries screams independence while Libra reminds us to take others into account as we push forward. Pluto holds the reins & reminds us that all actions must be based on justice & that it is our individual responsibility to discern where in that sometimes ambiguous pool of morality & ethics, we fall. Once we establish our own inner moral compass, do we have the guts (Aries) & the decency (Libra) to hold to our course? As previously mentioned, the key to successful management of all aspects of our lives is the ability to both hear & listen carefully.

Venus & Mars are now separating from each other bringing to a close their combined journey through Aquarius & into Pisces. Venus is at her peak of prowess in Pisces, able to fully embody the supplicant, the believer, the adherent. This is where compassion & grace can operate at full bore. If you were born with this placement, you are blessed, indeed, able to forgive without limitation, able to ‘see’ the divine in every being.

Saturn in Aquarius is in a happy alignment to this Full Moon suggesting that we can access our inner resolve to help us to stand in our integrity in the face of any challenges. Draw comfort & support from those who are like-minded. Let them become the community that bolsters you in the days ahead.

There is quite a beautiful cosmic alignment between Jupiter & Neptune. Both in Pisces, the god of opportunity joins forces with the divine within. We can all maximize our connection to whatever spiritual syntax moves us to faith & good works. Spirituality takes many forms so cherish your own sense of it while at the same time respecting others. We must all open ourselves to the POSSIBILITY of a multi-layered spiritual dialogue. Listen carefully as others speak to you so that you can truly understand what their heart holds.

We are in a time of transition. Collectively, we are making on-the-spot choices that will affect the entire global community. Personally, each of us has our own mountain to climb. With Saturn square the nodes, the call to action is to find our strength & to carefully refine it; to ‘learn’ ourselves; to establish clear boundaries & to truly know what they are. We are only limited in our power & ability by our own reactions to the events of our lives. We can choose to be the master or we can succumb to the role of the victim. That’s where free will comes in. We, each one of us, are the variable within the cosmic equation.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


What needs to be re-imagined? What has been ‘lost in the shuffle’, misplaced? What can we go back to so as to more fully embody it? Have we lost our compass point of ‘true north’? Have we been diverted or even misdirected so that we are not proceeding as we should? Here is an admonition to be mindful, to pay attention, to remember who we are & what we hold to be true.

Again, the last few years have been an exercise in trauma both collectively & personally. No matter where we stand on some of the issues that are currently ‘in the air’, we have all had to adjust in ways that we had NEVER imagined. As Pluto prepares to Station Retrograde on April 29, 2022, just shy of the end of the Capricorn phase, we must all get CLEAR about our perception of reality & then create a strategy to support that clearly thought-out perception. Remember, after Capricorn, Pluto moves into Aquarius, the energy of the collective, the future, the web of humanity &, interestingly, the source of all invention. We must be ready for the changes that will inevitably take place as this new Aquarius energy is transformed. Are we ready?

As always, energy is neutral & will flow in the path of least resistance. Each one of us, individually is the variable in the mix. We must refine ourselves to be like the river that is flowing freely so that we move with the energy. We do not want to be caught in a dam of our own making and somehow miss the opportunity to merge with the ocean ahead.

The Aries New Moon opened up the potential to make a fresh approach to long-standing situations in our personal lives. (Think carefully about the Aries part of your natal chart. How could you do something ‘NEW’ in this area of life?) The Libra Full Moon encourages us to shut our mouths & quiet our minds & really LISTEN to the feedback we might be getting on the actions that we have been taking. Once we have listened  carefully, heard the incoming &, most importantly understood what that feedback actually means, then we can make any necessary adjustments so that we get the maximum return on the efforts that we make as we work hard to create the reality that best reflects who we ACTUALLY are deep down inside where truth lives unencumbered by artifice.

New Moon in Aries


There is always a certain hopeful excitement about the fresh spring New Moon in Aries, even under the direst of circumstances. This year, on April [email protected] 1:27 AM, the Moon meets the Sun @ 12* Aries. We have just passed through one of the 4 gateways of the year, the Spring Equinox which is technically the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. This is a time of new beginnings & this year, after 2 years of unprecedented events, most everyone is ready to get going on a ‘new’ beginning.

We have, for the past few months been traveling in a dynamic ‘go forward’ kind of energy. Mid-January the planet Uranus was the last outer to station direct & since then, as of early February when Mercury stationed direct, all of the planets have been in forward motion. Now, I have nothing against the retrograde movement of planets. It’s useful to re-boot, reflect & realign on a regular basis. However, it is also useful to feel the surge of opportunity when all of the energy aligns to flow unencumbered by reflection or retraction. These past few months have been such a time. What to do with this? For most of us, it has probably been a period of increasing clarity as to what we might think is most reflective of who we are. How have we, individually, responded to the past 2 years? Have we wholeheartedly complied? Have we had doubts as to what was actually going on? Or have we simply ‘gone along’, not wanting to rock boats or even consider alternatives? Whichever of the courses described, the point is that we have had the opportunity to test our mettle against the prevailing reality of our times. We now know much more about ourselves than we did at the start of this strange journey. I know that some of us have lost friends & even family members either to death or to disagreement. How have we responded to that? Some of us have eliminated former friends from our lives due to contrarian viewpoints? How do we feel about that? For the majority of us, we just want this to end, to return to some kind of semblance of normality or what we thought was normal. What is the state of our emotions in that case? The answers to those questions are deeply personal & only known to each of us individually. What we do with those answers is also deeply personal. The key is to actually explore ourselves so as to get a better sense of who we are as we move forward along the timeline.

There is still time to tackle all of the above since the retrogrades don’t begin their march until the end of April when Pluto once again stations retrograde in Capricorn. And, with this pair of lunations, the New Moon in Aries & the Full Moon in Libra that follows, we get our last kick at the can!

Set your intention to make a fresh start, to brush away all of the old anxiety, to find the courage & tenacity to be true to your own self, whatever that might be. There is no need to judge or criticize others for the choices they make. There is only the need to valiantly defend the choices that YOU have made, calmly, without anger or spite or finger-pointing.

There are several cosmic arrangements at this New Moon that are worth considering. Firstly, the ongoing Venus/Mars alignment is still viable. Remember that Venus demonstrates our essential value system while Mars demonstrates the will to enact. This close alignment in Aquarius impels us to consider collective consequences of actions taken; to act on behalf of not only personal interest but that of the ‘greater good’. What kind of society are we wanting to create? Can we create it if we continue to demonize those who do not agree with us in every detail? Freedom is a hope wired into the soul of humanity. What, really, is freedom? When you look around you today, do you see an expression of freedom? Are you willing to allow others who share space with you to have different viewpoints from your own? How far will you go to defend that? Or not?

Secondly, Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces this month. For those who are on a spiritual path, this is a most blessed alignment. It promises an opening of spirituality, the possibility of tremendous growth & opportunity on a spiritual level. There are some amongst us who feel strongly that we are at a pivot point in terms of human development. With Jupiter so closely aligned to Neptune, there is the opportunity for expanded insight, for sudden & profound understanding, for the chance to touch the face of divinity itself.

Conversely, this alignment could lead to even greater confusion, an increase in anxiety if we are operating solely on the material level. The call to action is to focus on reaching beyond ourselves & seeing the bigger picture of anything that we are currently engaged in. One of the reasons that our society appears to have ‘lost its way’ is because we have relegated the divine (whatever that means to you personally), to the farthest back seat of the bus, even for some, right off the bus into the ditch! The technocrats of this reality want to assume the position of ‘the divine’, be the arbiters of life itself. They will not succeed but it may take time & untold grief to millions before their failure is complete. For there to be harmonious life here on this planet, we need the optimism of Jupiter & the sweet compassionate unconditional love of Neptune. We must not get sidetracked by temporary riches or glory. The operative word is TEMPORARY. So, use this beautiful alignment which will continue to resonate to a greater or lesser degree for most of the year to move closer to your own sense of the eternal, closer to grace, closer to union with rather than separation from those with whom you share space & that realm that is unseen but, nevertheless, very real.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune @ 24* Pisces; (start meditating April 9 & make it a practice for the remainder of the year)

Sabian Symbol? AN INHABITED ISLAND: We are in this together. We are a collective. No matter our individual intentions & dreams, the greater collective must find a way to DREAM TOGETHER. It is from collective dreaming that all manifested reality springs. And we can ‘dream together’ for a world free from hate, greed & division. Clear yourself of all contentiousness. Love your fellow human. Divinity dwells in each one of us.

This gorgeous alignment is in harmonious aspect with the nodal Axis @ 24* Scorpio/Taurus. Find your inherent strength to follow the healing path. Be true. Be fierce. Be bold. Never give up. We all know what we have to do. It is programmed into our DNA. We must be HUMAN.

Finally, use this wonderful fiery Aries energy to motivate yourself to whatever course of action is relevant to YOU. Aries is full of promise, ready to challenge the narrative of the past, willing to move forward even if the path is not entirely clear. Allow yourself to be the courageous warrior for the ‘right’ that Aries can inspire. Make a fresh start & believe!


New Moon in Pisces, March 2, 2022, @ 11:38 pm

The New Moon in Pisces leads us into the sweetest of all energies. It is in Pisces that we can truly find our own connection to the divine element that exists within each of us. After the chaos, the bickering, the animosity of the past few years, and especially the last few months, we can choose, with this lovely New Moon to set things right, both within ourselves & with those around us. And, listen, it’s not about setting things right with people who agree with you, it’s about finding a way to set things right with people who DON’T agree with you. Can YOU do It? Can you be the one who takes the first step into forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love? Can you?

There’s a pretty interesting alignment at this New Moon between Venus & Mars. These two celestial objects align by conjunction fairly regularly but it is not so often that they travel together, by conjunction, for as long as they do this current year. Their first point of contact was in early February with the initial exact conjunction @ 16* Capricorn just ahead of the Leo Full Moon. This ongoing union continues until the end of March when, finally, they begin to seriously separate while both are in Aquarius. That’s quite the journey! When the authoritative force of will (Mars in Capricorn) is conjoined to a just moral code (Venus in Capricorn), we can expect to witness incredible events of bravery! To add to this union of energies, Pluto, the force for transformation & truth, is also exactly in alignment with Venus & Mars; all three marching determinately together @28* Capricorn. There is a sense here that people are coming together to fight for what is essentially human, to stand for principle, to be heard. Think of historical events like the marches for racial justice in the last century or the protests to gain India’s independence, also in the last century. When it’s time to stand for truth & justice, the people will unite. The call to action on a personal level is that we individually locate our own internal truth meters & make the choice to peacefully but resolutely stand in alignment with them, no matter the cost.

Another significant alignment with this lunation is Jupiter conjunct the Sun & Moon. This expansive & affirmative energy opens up the heart & aspires to hope & goodwill. The very highest expression of Pisces is unconditional LOVE. Look deep into your own heart at this time & ask yourself where in your life you can be more forgiving, more generous, kinder, more inclusive.

Yet another interesting alignment is Mercury closely situated to Saturn in Aquarius & in square relationship to the nodal axis. This is the energy of objective reality, dispassionate assessment & judicious evaluation. Get rid of the emotional drama & step back from any fractious, intense situations. Try hard to be detached from your own fearful knee-jerk reactions when making your assessments. The very minute that emotion weasels its way into the heart & mind, objectivity is hampered, even destroyed. To be critical thinkers, (which this combo facilitates), we must rid ourselves of all bias & just examine the hard cold facts of any situation. This is not easy to do but with the sweet energy of the Jupiter-led lunation backing us up, we can aspire to focus on unconditional love, compassion & forgiveness. Humanity at odds with itself is the end of humanity as we know it. If we, as a species cannot find a way to live together in peace & harmony there will not be a future for us on this planet. Period.

Set the intention with this New Moon to seek what is good in your fellow human & to encourage right action by example, not by punitive criticism. And always, choose the action that DOES NO HARM. Some astrologers consider that Pisces energy reflects Christ Consciousness. The message of the Christ was a message of Love, not hate, union, not divisiveness. This New Moon gives us all an opportunity to set the intention to exemplify this call for grace & goodness in our own lives.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are truly spooky when one considers what has been going on socially.



It’s well past time to put down our swords! There has to be a way to negotiate with one another without violence. The second symbol suggests that everyone must get a grip on their emotions & step away from heated responses. The response to the global situation has been diverse. Those who have complied have the absolute right to do so but they do not have the right to condemn those who have had doubts & walked the contrarian path. It is now clear that there is NO SINGLE SOLUTION & that the measured & clear-headed approach to dealing with sars cov 2 in all of its variant forms is to take a multi-pronged approach. There is a niggling energy at work in every human. We all want everyone to agree with what we choose to think or do. This need for approval from others can result in unacceptable action being taken by some who insist that everyone walk in lock step. If coercion or brutal force is implemented to force someone to agree, to align, that is NOT OKAY. Stop & consider where, in this world, force is used to keep people in line. There was a time when those places were widely condemned by the so-called ‘free’ countries of the earth. Is that still the case today? We must not allow ourselves to be governed by emotional hysteria. We must attempt to be rational, calm & constructive at all times.

This is even more relevant as we see the events unfolding in Europe. The higher energies are begging us to step away from force & violence. How long must we suffer at our own hands? Now, more than ever before, we must find a way to create peace with our neighbours. When will we learn our lesson?


FULL MOON IN VIRGO; March 18, 2022, @ 2:20 AM

After the inspirational energy of the Pisces New Moon, we bask in the healing light of the Virgo Full Moon. If we set our intentions to aspire to love & goodness under the direction of Pisces, then we now have the opportunity to fully embody that intention & allow it to heal whatever needs repair in our lives. Virgo energy seeks to establish appropriate protocols for any endeavor; it creates systems that allow us to function at optimum levels if we adhere to them. Once a system has been put into place, we do not have to keep re-inventing the wheel each time we tackle a certain task. That’s the beauty of systems that work. They truly are the key to success. As an example, think of the system used by recovering addicts that focuses on the ONE DAY AT A TIME protocol. This mantra is regularly repeated until the individual has fully integrated it into their psyche. It becomes an integral part of the person’s awareness & he no longer dreads an endless future of battling his addiction but rather is able to meet the singular challenges of simply one day. Eventually, that one day stretches into weeks, months, years, decades & he realizes that he has successfully navigated his obstacle course! He instituted &, more importantly, faithfully followed a system that led him into healing. The practical, common-sense energy of Virgo is what can assist to create these kinds of structures in our life so that we can tackle the challenges that we face.

This Full Moon shines a light into that part of your life where Virgo is found. It can assist you to refine & realign as the case may be. Virgo loves getting into the weeds of anything so, if there is a need to research or investigate, this detail-oriented energy will facilitate that examination.

Once again, we have a quantity of energy in Aquarius; Venus, Mars conjunct & Saturn leading the way. Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune join the Sun in Pisces adding an element of beautiful sweetness into the mix. As previously mentioned, Pisces energy is of the divine on the most essential of levels. So, at this Full Moon, we are encouraged to examine our actions & determine if they align with our ideals. Faith without works is dead, so said the Christian writer & we know that if we do not ‘walk our talk’ we are merely pretenders in the game of life. The call to action is to hold yourself to a high standard & to base all of your choices on that standard. Be who you were always meant to be, no excuses, no regrets…

The days that we are now living in are strange & wonderful all at the same time. It could be said that we are in a fight for the very essence of who we are as humans. As the Moon shines her light down upon us, we should all determine that we will continue to fight for what is right, for what is true, for what is human.

The Sabian symbols associated with this Full Moon are:



What do you think when you see a bald-headed man? Often, we relate a bald head to a well-functioning brain; to someone who is superbly intellectual, smart, a profound thinker. The suggestion here is that we should access all of our intellect, our ‘brainy’ power to create a sensible & productive protocol that we can rely on. Think things through. Explore all of the available data. Be smart about it. When we use the power of the mind to support the action of the heart, we are much more assured of success in our efforts.

The Pisces symbol is a promise of return for the effort made. In the natural world, the Moon is strategic when it comes to the planting, sprouting & growth of seeds. If we follow the directives that we have established through careful mental research (the Virgo Symbol), we can be assured that we will reap the rewards that come from the efforts that we make. Everyone just wants to live in peace & harmony, to enjoy the fruits of their labour, to be satisfied at the end of a good day of work. The myths suggest that we were born in a garden of plenty. At the core of the human heart is a fervent desire to find our way back to that garden. Let’s all do the work & reap the reward.

New Moon in Aquarius; Full Moon in Leo

January 31, 2022, @ 11:49 pm CST we have a New Moon in Aquarius. All three of the rest of the personals are still in Capricorn with Mercury nearing his Station Direct within a few days of the lunation, Venus now beginning to move forward after her retrograde period & Mars newly entered into that energy. The electric energy of Aquarius is held firmly to ground by the earthy support from these three archetypes.

Keep in mind as you ponder this New Moon that this is a time for the initiation of intention. What do YOU want to create? The Aquarius energy in YOUR chart is activated by the New Moon & collectively, we are all triggered to imagine what is possible. This is a most auspicious time to actually concretely articulate your hopes & dreams. Get them down ON PAPER. Set up a sacred altar space & place them on it surrounded by objects that are meaningful TO YOU. This is how to frame rituals in your own life.

Saturn forms a close conjunction to the New Moon adding a sense of resolve to the possibility of a new way forward. Collectively, we sense movement in the air, a feeling that we must all step up to the plate & create the kind of reality that we would like to live in. Aquarius is the future. It’s change, alternative thinking, inventiveness & ingenious solutions. Most of us are now admitting that, whether we are amongst the compliant or the contrarian, we are DONE. Something has got to shift. We are weary & beaten down by the insane condition of our social circumstances. Aquarius stirs the rebel deep within us & encourages us to imagine the unimaginable, to think way beyond the perimeters of THE BOX; to question, to challenge; to take the old & make something new from it.

This spirit of freedom is further reinforced by transiting Uranus in Taurus in a dynamic relationship with the New Moon energy of Aquarius & supported by the solid, responsible energy of Mars/Venus in Capricorn. Is it time to re-examine our core values, create strategies to refine & polish those values so that they more authentically represent what we love & aspire to? With Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn closely aligned to Pluto in Capricorn, we are determined to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the reality around us. We want to get to the bottom of the why’s, who’s & what’s of it all. Answers, we want answers that MAKE SENSE & that are based on measurable data, facts, not suppositions & manipulated numbers. As more and more data is uncovered, we want SOMEONE to pay the price for the decisions that have led to this current state of collective trauma. Capricorn & Aquarius are both linked to Saturn, the planet archetype that most closely represents KARMIC LAW. What goes around, comes around & in the end, the TRUTH will most certainly be revealed. Have no doubt, a payment for the foolish & destructive decisions of the past 2 years will be paid. The ‘fat man’ will finally get his just reward.

This is further underlined by the nodal shift into Scorpio (south node)/Taurus (north node). Whatever has been kept secret is due to be made public. We understand that this is a fight for survival at the most basic of levels & we stand in solidarity for OUR CHILDREN, the future of the human race.

The Sabian Symbols for the New Moon are:


Change is occurring. We sense it, even as we still struggle in uncertainty. And we know that the darkest time is JUST BEFORE the dawn when the pressure that erupts into change is the greatest. Often, at critical times such as these, we can feel hopeless. We can feel as if we cannot continue but the oracle is encouraging us to remember, that at the very moment that we think that we simply cannot go on, that will be the moment when we have arrived at that ever so critical tipping point. So, we must hold on & we must turn on our critical thinking faculties to the MAX so that we can carefully examine all of the incoming data & read it correctly. We will not be fooled again into believing a lie. What is the lie? That there is a SINGLE SOLUTION to any given problem. There are many ways to solve a problem (beat a virus)!


Meditative consideration is of utmost importance before decisions are made & subsequent actions are taken. The oracle informs us that we are still in the ‘waiting’ period, restlessly (the rocking motion) anticipating the call to action. We are encouraged to ‘hold the line’; to wait until the optimum moment when any action that is undertaken will result in the maximum of positive results. Keep investigating. Keep challenging yourself. Keep looking for more information to either support your suppositions or refine them. That is the REAL scientific method, ongoing observation & co-relation of the observation to potential conclusions. And, as we increase our knowledge base, as more and more information is added to our analysis, we MUST have the honesty to make adjustments to what we think is true. That is the real way to tackle any problem whether personal or collective.

February 16, 2022 @ 10:59 am CST: Full Moon in Leo

At the highest of levels, Leo/Aquarius is about the potent & creative energy of LOVE; how we love ourselves & how we love the rest. It is out of the vibrant energy of the heart (LEO), that we find the strength to extend ourselves out to the collective (AQUARIUS). This Full Moon forms a dynamic square to the Nodal Axis in Scorpio/Taurus.  Is this an opportunity to reboot? Do we have the capacity to ‘do over’? Are we brave enough to admit our errors, courageous enough to face the truth & revise our thinking & our actions? Our survival as a society & even more broadly, as a species is what is at stake here (Scorpio/Taurus).

The personals are still in a vital formation to support all of the above. Mercury, now direct & in Aquarius is still aligned to Pluto but now with a fresh approach & willing to explore new perspectives. Venus & Mars are tightly joined in Capricorn promising stamina, resolve & purposeful action. Jupiter in Pisces is closely aligned to Uranus in Taurus, suggesting that the explosive energy at the New Moon can now be sweetly directed into loving solutions to any long-standing issues that we are dealing with. By July of 2022, Uranus will meet the North Node & the change that we are sensing, the decisions that we are now making as we sense that incoming shift, will erupt around us. Will we be ready? Will we have the personal capacity to go with the flow of the change? We must, all of us who are even mildly awake to what is going on set the intention of LOVE for the changes ahead.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are:


There is a reality beyond this current reality & it is full of magic & promise. What we are capable of imagining, we are capable of creating. Yes, it will take effort & determination to ‘swim that turbulent sea’ but if we are fitted out with the right equipment, (like the mythical creature, the mermaid), we will be able to do it. Let’s use our collective gifts in the service of the greater good. Let’s develop ways to live in harmony with our environment, both physical & spiritual. Let’s make this human experiment work by throwing out the bits & pieces that obviously are no longer working & instituting new bits & pieces that work better. If we dream it, it will come; if we imagine it, it will be.


What an absolutely wonderful & hope-inspiring image! Out of the magic of possibility, change can be realized. It is as natural as breathing. The life story of the butterfly as it passes through its various stages is ORGANICALLY MAGICAL. It is a mystery beheld but impossible to understand. Who says there is no design to life? The fool says it. So, as we create possibility within our hearts & minds, we are assured that we will eventually SEE that possibility come into being through the inexorable process of transmutation. The oracle instructs us to HOLD ON, HAVE FAITH, ENDURE TO THE VERY END because the reward is worth the wait. Once that butterfly emerges, freedom will be our name.


My heart beats

in harmony

with the drums of freedom

I raise my arms high

up to the Sun

I sing my song

of liberation

from the bottom of my soul

under the light of LUNA

and to the ends of the heavens

it is there

that i will dwell

with the angels

blessed be

forever amen

The First New & Full MOONS of 2022

New Moon in Capricorn:

January 2, 2022 @ 12:35 pm CST

The first Lunar Cycle of this New Year, 2022, gets off to a deliberate start on January 2 @ 12:35 pm CST. We have a newly retrograde Venus traveling back through Capricorn, having just made conjunction with Pluto. Venus/Pluto requires a transformation of fundamental values & especially so in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn & with a Venus retrograding there. The call to action is that we take RESPONSIBILITY for the things that we have chosen to value, love & cherish. Are they worthy of our energy? Are we focusing on what is real or are we being consumed by something illusionary, not long-lasting? Where do YOU put your energy? This is a necessary question to explore in these strange & shifting times.

Jupiter is newly entered into Pisces where the aspirational part of our psyches can stretch out & imagine what might seem impossible. This is magical energy so believe that miracles can happen both in your own personal life & in the life of the social collective. At the highest of levels, Pisces energy is able to remove obstacles & create sudden opportunities as if out of thin air. Watch for these kinds of magical events in your own life as you tackle any existing situations that need a solution. One keyword for Jupiter in Pisces is BELIEVE, so find a way to believe in that which you thought you could not. This Jupiter in Pisces is square the nodal axis that stretches across Sagittarius (south node) & Gemini (north node). Squares to the nodes suggest a repeat & redo directive. Examine your belief systems (Sagittarius), your perception of what is true (Gemini), your aspirational focus (Jupiter) & ask yourself if you are open to changing things up. Is there something in your life that has been blocking you from reaching your full potential? Can you articulate it clearly enough so as to start to develop strategies to alter it? Take this energetic opportunity to do so. What may have been relevant in the past may no longer be reflective of your current state of mind.

An almost stationary Uranus @ 11* Taurus is in an almost perfect trine to the lunation @ 13* Capricorn. Figure out what you need to do to expedite your life process & then throw out the rulebook & think outside the box. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. (You can dig a little deeper into this Uranus Station in Taurus in my blog under ‘star stuff’, the 2022 overview…


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






Find your passion & exercise your divinely given right to express your personal authority. Fire worshippers are devoted, committed. They are the ones who give all of themselves to what they profess to believe. The image of the slightly flexed hand suggests power & forcefulness. In palmistry, a prominent thumb indicates a leader, someone who is willing to take matters into their own hands & do what needs to be done. You have the opportunity to find your inner warrior & stand firm for your cause with determination & passion & unwavering doubt.


The CANCER Full Moon that follows this Capricorn New Moon occurs on January 17, 2022, @ 5:48 pm. Let’s all pray for a clear night!!!

Illumination & Realization are just two features of the symbology of Full Moons. And this Full Moon promises revelation that will turn us upside down! Both Mercury in Aquarius & Venus in Capricorn are retrograde, while Uranus is at a standstill in Taurus, on the verge of turning direct. Pluto is almost perfectly in union with the Sun, thus opposing the Moon. Things MUST transform. Truth must be spoken. Keep checking in with yourself & your own personal ‘truth meter’. The stationary Uranus in Taurus is in a dynamic relationship to Mercury RX & Saturn in Aquarius. We must all THINK FOR OURSELVES & stop allowing others to dictate what we should believe or not believe. Do your own research of anything that you are not sure of, anything that you might be beginning to question (Mercury RX). Just because you hear it, does not make it true. To clarify this thought, go and get a copy of George Orwell’s “1984”. Read carefully how easily the media was used in that narrative to control the way people thought about the things they were told to believe. Here’s an example…WAR BRINGS PEACE. Really? (If you read that statement & immediately began to justify it, then you, & I include myself in this, have been influenced by the ongoing narrative around the use of power & might.)

Mars, who triumphs when in Capricorn, will soon leave Sagittarius & enter that sign. Mark down this date: JANUARY 22, 2022. (That is in the Central Time Zone.) Once transiting Capricorn, he will meet & greet both Venus & Pluto. Mars/Venus is all about Passionate Action while Mars/Pluto is all about Indomitable Will Power. On a more mundane level, Mars/Venus could ignite passionate responses & Mars/Pluto warns that we must be mindful of all of the actions that we take. We will explore these touchpoints in future blogs.

The Sabian Oracles for the Full Moon Degrees are :




Break those restrictions! Cross those lines that divide us! Be a humanitarian in the best possible sense! Embrace the diversity of the human experiment & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fellow humans. We are a species that NEEDS to flock together. We NEED to have contact, to communicate, to relate. If there is any good that has come from the social experiment that has been perpetrated upon us over the last two years, it is that we NEED each other & that without that sense of community & belonging, we will wither & ultimately die. So, let us all recognize that we want to find that place called home where other like-minded beings also dwell; that we can make a better tomorrow if we only take hold of our today & shape it into the kind of reality that reflects the highest of values & aspirations. Capricorn energy leads the way. Supported by the heart energy of Cancer, let the practical, no-nonsense approach of Capricorn fill you up and give you the strength to carry on. Listen to your heart & follow your gut!

The Last Moon Cycle of 2021

As we approach the final weeks of this current year, we will experience the last eclipse of the season with the NEW MOON on December 4, 2021, in the sign of Sagittarius. This is also the beginning of the last COMPLETE Lunar Cycle for this current year, climaxing with the Full Moon in Gemini (the partner sign to Sagittarius) on December 18, 2021, just days ahead of Winter Solstice. In fact, the whole of December holds much potential for transition & significant shifts, beginning with the Station Direct of Neptune on December 1, 2021. The most hopeful aspect of this shift of unconscious energy is that lingering confusion, doubt & the general sense of malaise that has been seeping through the collective consciousness could finally begin to lift. Neptune in Pisces can be nebulous energy at the best of times and when retrograde, the ambiguity descends into the very core of our being so stay alert for a feeling of ‘clouds clearing on the horizon’!!

With the direct motion, we can dig down into our deepest selves & access our sense of wonder & faith which has been challenged during these dystopian times. It still exists; it is up to us to rekindle the fire & let it blaze brightly from within us.

The push for change & release continues with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the fiery, adventuresome & intrepid sign of Sagittarius; December 4, 2021, @ 1:44, AM CST @ 13*. Take a deep breath in & then as you exhale, consciously let go of everything that is preventing you from living your own truth.

This lunation demonstrates the hopeful possibilities that can ensue when we clear away the blockages from our emotional selves. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that we experienced last month paved the way for a fresh outlook devoid of lingering doubts about our own inner sense of what is RIGHT, what is TRUE & what impels us to continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! As we remember the past, we can more freely begin to build on the present towards a future unencumbered by lingering anxieties & regrets. If we choose NOT “to remember the past then we are condemned to repeat it”. (George Santayana; The Life of Reason; vol.1, ch.12; 1905). Be willing to delve deeply into your own history; identify the toxic patterns; intentionally create strategies to change those patterns. This is working with the energy of shift. Nothing will change if we do not aim to change it.

Awareness of the situation leads to a setting of CLEAR Intention to address elements within the situation which then can lead to Manifestation of positive results from the efforts made. That is the A.I.M. principle.


Simple but not necessarily easy! It requires committed effort on our part. The good news is that Sagittarius energy is EVER HOPEFUL, INTREPID & UNSTOPPABLE in its quest for what is good, true & positive. If you ever have to fight through challenges, make sure you have a Sagittarius to support you! Strongly Sagittarian folk are the best cheerleaders one can have in a pinch!

Mercury is closely aligned to this New Moon, & all three celestial objects, the Sun, the Moon & Mercury are ruled by a now direct moving Jupiter in Aquarius; (direct since October 18, 2021). The call to action is to think boldly about the world that we are all creating on a collective level; to imagine possibility; to speak our individual truth in a positive & compassionate way so as to upbuild & support ALL whom we may encounter, not just those we agree with. Let us all resolve to make a fresh start at seeking common ground, creating fellowship & harmony to the best of our ability.

This is the HIGHEST expression of Aquarian energy—the call to unite despite difference but rather BECAUSE OF difference; to secure common ground from which we can build to a better future based on proactive principles. Diversity is an essential ingredient in the creation of a healthy & productive society. WE DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A ONE-NOTE REALITY! That is just another form of eventual non-existence.

Saturn in Aquarius closely aligns to this triple conjunction of Sun/Moon/Mercury. How powerful it is when people unite! There is support to stand in our truth, to stay focused on the highest of ideals as we move forward into our collective future.

As of December 1, 2021, all outers except for Uranus are in Direct Motion. By mid-January, Uranus will also be direct. The time for reflection is temporarily suspended. Hopefully, you will feel a subtle shift of energy as the New Year approaches.

There will be a Venus Retrograde from December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022. This regularly occurring shift of energy (every 18 months), nicely aligns with the forward moving outer planet energy. As we reflect on various past dynamics, the deep unconscious energy within us is ready to enact & create new patterns. Meditate on your values. Tear them down & rebuild them using the powerful lower chakras to support you as you transform your reality. It can feel scary to admit that long-established values no longer are applicable. Whenever we challenge ourselves to review all that we thought was true or valuable, we can experience anxiety & distress. That is especially so at this very chaotic time. We are, all of us, under great duress due to the unusual methods that have been used to control the current global situation. Humans need social interaction. We are a congregating form of life, not inclined to solitary confinement. That is why solitary confinement has been a common form of PUNISHMENT! So, be aware that we have all been PUNISHED for the last 2 years, separated from each other, beaten down & kept in a state of fear & anxiety. It will obviously take its toll. Our job is to counteract as best we can by keeping ourselves strong in body, mind & spirit. Take your vitamins; take in positive & upbuilding information & stop listening overly much to the fear-mongering mainstream media; do your own unique spiritual practice on a daily basis. This current global situation WILL change. Trust that thought.

During the retrograde period of Venus, she will align with Pluto @ 26* Capricorn on December 24, 2021. Be extra cautious around this holiday time to exercise compassion & forgiveness. If old hurts surface, try & see it from the ‘others’ point of view. We all hurt one another as we inter-relate, sometimes intentionally & sometimes unintentionally. How big is our heart energy? How much can we let go of our own ego & be willing to admit our own wrongdoing? Do we HAVE to be right all the time? Pluto energy is, at the highest of expressions, transformative. Be willing to transform on every level & especially in the area of relationship. Exercise gratitude for all that you have received from any of your relationships & be willing to let go of them if they have run their course. Endings are merely the forerunners of beginnings. Hold on to that thought.

Right around the same time, on December 24, 2021, Saturn in Aquarius will form his last square to Uranus in Taurus, bringing to a conclusion this interaction of forces, the struggle to control juxtaposed against the struggle to be free. Oppression versus Liberation. Authority & the Status Quo faced down by individual liberty & freedom of expression. This battle of fundamental principles has been ongoing for most of this current year. Those who hold positions of power have been attempting to establish social norms that THEY deem to be correct while the collective common peoples of the earth have been fighting for their right to express their freedom in their own way & on their own terms. There have been more and more severe crackdowns on Free Speech & Thought, resulting in more and more demonstrations in the streets against these totalitarian actions. Media is also divided with the mainstream media supporting government & more and more alternative media demanding that their voices are also heard. Obviously some kind of concord must be reached if we are to survive as a free & expressive society.

This Moon Cycle climaxes on December 18, 2021 with the Gemini Full Moon. What a breath of FRESH AIR the last Full Moon of this year is! There is a truly beautiful TRINE between the Moon @ 28* Gemini & Jupiter @ 29* Aquarius.  The focus is on clarity of thought, objectivity & detaching from emotional angst. With a stationary Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, we are absolutely resolute as we unravel our emotional hang-ups. We have the intestinal fortitude to face down anything that is causing us distress & carefully analyze our way through the nuances of the situation, whether it is a deeply personal issue, a relational issue, or a monetary issue. Nothing can be fixed unless it is first acknowledged to be broken. Admit to the broken bits of your life, whatever they might be & then methodically proceed to repair what you can, ONE LITTLE PIECE at a time. No rush. This is not a hundred yard dash; it’s a marathon X 1000!

As the nodal axis is set to shift into the Scorpio/Taurus polarity, Mars activates the nodes from the south node point in Sagittarius. One word: Freedom! from the chains of past action. Re-write your personal karma by increasing positive intentional energy in your present actions. Karmic debt is repaid over and over again by what we CHOOSE to do on a daily basis. Every ‘wrong’ thought increases the chains of past karma. Every ‘right’ thought loosens those same chains. Every ‘wrong’ action cements the bricks of past karma around you. Every ‘right’ action breaks those same bricks down. Intentionally choosing to ‘do good’ is a powerful therapeutic for the ills of the past. DO IT! Forgive those who have harmed you. (They will receive all that they gave threefold in their own lives. This is a fundamental law in terms of the way energy moves. Believe it. YOU do not have to take revenge. It is already in the works as soon as evil is born!)

So, act from a place of FAITH. Be bold as you choose to live a conscious intentional life based on positive principles that build those around you up.


The Winter Solstice arrives this year on December 21, 2021 @ 9:59 AM CST. As the LIGHT begins to increase in the Northern Hemisphere, we are encouraged to initiate real change in our lives. There is a BRILLIANCE around this Solstice. Watch for my blog on this wondrous energetical shift in the next few weeks!


Full moons are a time of both culmination & potential balancing of energy.  The balancing occurs as the culmination arrives. Nowhere is that more dramatic than within the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. Scorpio energy calls out the mystery within us & the partner sign of Taurus brings it into form. It is the axis of EARTH (Taurus) MAGIC (Scorpio). The Taurus Full Moon occurs only once (for the most part) during the yearly cycle when the Sun is transiting the sign of Scorpio. This is a potent time to review intentions & make adjustments to protocols that will further support those intentions. The Moon is at her brightest light during this time bringing illumination to all that we have set into motion. Our job is to be stoic when reviewing all that we have done & take the needed measures that will facilitate our reaching our goals.

Find the Scorpio/Taurus houses in your own chart & consider what, in that area of your life, you would like to alter in some way. What have you recently realized in connection with that part of your life? Have you discovered something that would facilitate you or that you need to remove so that there is more flow? Scorpio is connected to the mystery that can be revealed & under the shimmering light of the Taurus Full Moon, it can become crystal clear.

This particular lunation is also a PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. This increases the potential balancing impact that it can bring by opening up the ability to release anything that is creating a blockage. Eclipse times are energy vortexes that can give access to portals within the self where we can raise our vibration to more align with truth. Often, realizations occur that drastically alter our perceptions & increase our subjective awareness of what is misaligned within us. This can manifest externally as a seeming loss of something that makes up a part of our reality. And yet, over time, we come to realize that it was no loss at all, but rather, a portal (opening) into something much more desirable or at the very least, something that more accurately reflects our true purpose. It is, of course, up to us to do the work to fully let go of all that no longer fits & to develop that which more closely aligns. We translate change into LOSS when we fail to align to the energy of GROWTH & rather view it as something reactive & even frightening. Do not be afraid if you are being asked to SHIFT. Embrace the invitation & SHIFT UP into faith & optimism, not down into fear & remorse.

So, ask yourself the question:




These general questions could jump-start the process that the eclipse promises. Be willing to go deep & into the dark recesses of your inner self. Do not balk if the answer to any of these questions makes you afraid. Understand that the ego-self, that part of you rooted in this present reality matrix, is hell-bent on sustaining a sense of security…EVEN IF IT IS FALSE!!! That’s the deal; safety, hanging on to that which appears to be creating that safety. And yet, the soul self just wants to grow, to evolve, to soar. Often that means that something must be removed, something that is like a chain that is keeping you tied to a weight that is no longer useful or desirable…on a soul level. This can be a tricky & challenging process. It can involve huge life transformations that open the door to an unknown future. That is why, so often, we turn away from the invitation to step into possibility & choose, rather, to remain in what we already know, what is familiar & seemingly reliable. In the end, whatever choice is made will determine the eventual state of the inner emotional body—YOU—as you continue on in your life journey.

Here are a few mantras that you can choose to chant as the Moon reaches fullness based on the polarity houses within your own natal chart that are activated by this Full Moon.



I embrace truth & honesty in all of my initiatives & relationships.


Houses 2/8: I commit to integrity & treat others as I would like to be treated.


Houses 3/9: I stay open mentally & trust my inner ‘truth meter’ when receiving new information.


Houses 4/10: I am who I am & I do not hide my truth from others.




Houses 5/11: My heart is open & my dreams are pure.




Houses 6/12: My body is a temple & I stay close to the DIVINE.


If the Full Moon falls in your

1st House:  You are a down-to-earth sort of person. You prefer to keep things simple & you love anything that brings you closer to a sense of organic well-being. You probably love to be out in nature but even if you don’t, you likely love to look at nature from the window seat! Give yourself a make-over at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Get rid of anything from your closet that makes you feel dumpy or bored. Try something new on for size! Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again even though you know it isn’t working.

2nd House:  Your budget may need an overhaul! Be willing to review your spending habits & honestly assess if what you have been purchasing is really what you truly need or even want. Sometimes, we get stuck in routines that do not serve us particularly well & become outdated. Are you living in alignment with your internal moral compass? What, if anything, can you do to more closely represent your values in the way that you make your choices?

3rd House: Get ready to lose ideas that no longer resonate with who you have become. CHANGE YOUR MIND. It will make you feel reborn. Remember, after a bit of time, these ‘new‘ ideas will become ‘old’ & in need of change. Go for it & be courageous in your thoughts.

4th House: Take a look around at your personal private environment; at who you are when there’s no one else around. What needs to go? What do you REALLY need? When the curtains are drawn & the lights are off, who is there with you in the dark? Be brave. Be honest about it.

5th House: Sometimes we love by habit. We train ourselves to have affection for people and things just because it seems like the right thing to do. Who do you really love? Who truly thrills you? And what about you? Who do you want to thrill…if anyone? Open the door to your heart & give love a chance.

6th House: Change those nasty habits that fill up your days. Ritual is only sacred if we choose to make it so. Listen to the messages that your body is sending you. Is it time for a cleanse? Are you ready for a purge? Can you change your routines so that they are more reflective of who you have grown to be? This can be one of the more challenging areas when it comes to alterations! Habits are HARD to break, even when we know that we should.

7th House: Relationship only stays alive if we allow it to change & shift with the prevailing energy of the times. Can we outgrow our partners? What should we do if we suddenly find we have outgrown our partners? Are friends forever? How do we leave a relationship that is no longer working the way that it once did? A Full Moon Eclipse in this part of our lives is often difficult to deal with because when “I say goodbye…you say hello…” Better to cherish good memories than to create bad ones.

8th House:

It’s time to unload anything that belongs to the past. Are you hurting over wrongs that happened long ago. Dump them. Look for new approaches to old emotional blockages. It’s time to re-invent how you work your way through your hang-ups & baggage. Pay your debts or they will find you & make you do so. And that’s debt on every level, material, emotional & spiritual. A new chapter begins so close the book on that old chapter once and for all. Will any of this be simple or easy? True emotional healing is never easy & it’s always intense! So, find a damn good energy worker who you TRUST WITH YOUR VERY LIFE & go get some treatments!

9th House:

There’s a longing in your soul & it’s time to follow it. Suddenly things you’ve thought seem outdated & clumsy. Here feels restrictive & there is calling to you to get on the road & get going. A change of perspective hits you like a ton of bricks & your eyes are suddenly opened. You get it; what it all means; what the hidden messages are; what your role is in the broader scheme of things. Wisdom prevails! And you realize that there is no end to acquiring knowledge, an infinite array of possibility to grow; that the world is filled with endless opportunity to explore & learn. Oh Joy, joy, joy!

10th House:

The mask that you have so carefully constructed over the years simply falls off & there you are, revealed in every possible way. If you have been flowing with your own authentic self-understanding, you are good to go. Be prepared to make any necessary adjustments if the mask is removed to reveal something other than the true you. You will either reap the rewards or pay the price. Whichever one it is, change is at hand.

11th House:

Your aspirations are under the laser. What you once thought was important, the goals you nurtured & pursued seem stale, worn out. Take the time to renew your zest for community & cooperative commitments. Maybe a new ‘pay it forward’ undertaking? Possibly joining a new group, finding a new collective enterprise? Joining a choir, finding a new book club, maybe a sewing circle or quilting collective; what about that cooking course? Your old routines feel tedious & you are more than ready to try something new on for size.

12th House:

Suddenly your soul craves to connect to the ‘divine’. Faith could be renewed or overhauled as the case might be. You get extraordinary insights into yourself & you are momentarily amazed. Is this who I really am, you whisper to yourself. Pay close attention to your dreams & intuitions as they can be augmented under an eclipse. Create a personal care schedule for yourself that recharges your spiritual batteries & fortifies you from hidden foes.

The most significant interaction of any celestial event to points within the personal horoscope are the conjunctions & oppositions & with a very tight orb. However, it is also useful to explore what other aspect formations are being activated. So, when assessing the impact of any celestial event within the scope of a personal chart, I take into consideration, with an extremely tight orb, the whole scope of aspects that present. If you are working with your own chart & would like to dig deeply into this upcoming eclipse as it relates to YOU, email me for a personalized session:

[email protected]

The Sabian Symbols for this very potent & important Full Moon are:









Eclipses can either bring ‘second chances’ or ‘just reward’, or both, for that matter. There is a strong sense of renewal & arrival in this combo of images. How sweet it can be to suddenly ‘fall in love’ in later life. It can inspire us & reinvigorate us to at least FEEL young again. And, we savour the renewal all the more since we know how fleeting it could be. We have learned our lessons so we proceed with mindful appreciation! And we are much more certain of all that is happening since we have acquired skill, accomplishment & a measure of personal authority. We are the ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’ of our domain & we have every expectation of enjoying the fruits of our hard-won positions. As you sow, so shall you reap…truthfulness begats satisfaction; deceit begats regret.


Enjoy the EARTH Magic Moon!

Today I drew an angel card…here is the message it gave…

“I am leading you

toward the answer

to your prayers.

Please listen to & follow the steps

I am communicating

through your intuition, thoughts & dreams.”


Scorpio New Moon, November 4, 2021 @ 4:15 pm

We are now fully entered into THE SEASON OF THE WITCH! This Scorpio NEW MOON is exactly opposite Uranus (RX) in Taurus, activating this polarity energy to the max. Whatever is revealed either through external prodding or internal unveiling, has the potential to be explored & integrated if you choose to do the work! At the highest of levels, Uranus is the impulse to INDIVIDUATE, to be singular, unique. What is calling to YOU? What is stirring deep within you that is either causing discomfort or a sense of liberation? The discomfort arises when you are choosing to disregard the call of your higher true self. The sense of liberation is a result of heeding the deepest & most authentic impulses of your nature. Collectively, we are all being asked to FACE THE TRUTH. Look around carefully. What is true? And what actually just stinks to high heaven with deceit?

At this extraordinary seedtime & with the energy of the unexpected facing down the initiation of self-exploration, we are in for a wild ride into potential self-discovery. (Uranus in Taurus RX exactly opposed to the Sun/Moon in Scorpio @ 13 *). Be fearless as you uncover your own inner truths, whatever they might be.

Mars, newly entered into Scorpio is adding fuel to the fire of this lunation with a wide conjunction, having just met with the Balsamic Moon. The call to action here is to be willing to delve into the issues that are hidden deep within you even if it causes irritation & disruption. Healing on any level is associated with a certain amount of discomfort.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






It is amazing to me that these images linked to the 360* of the zodiacal wheel appear to align with the prevailing energy of the times. With the configuration of Uranus, Mars & the New Moon, this is prime time for experimentation. It’s prime time to ‘invent’ something totally new that can be used to shift the matrix of your life. If you have been feeling stuck or blocked in any way, allow yourself to access the powerful scorpionic energy of revelation & depth perception that ultimately leads to transformative process. Locate where in your own chart this New Moon falls & consider what, in that part of your personal reality, needs to be re-booted & made new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; any little effort is an effort well made. So, try things on for size and see how they feel for YOU. And keep in mind, this is all about ‘experimentation’ so if the shoe DOES NOT fit, that is okay. At least now you know it.

The polarity point in Taurus reminds us that we need every tool we can access to ‘handle the baggage’ that we are hauling around. Clever innovation can contribute to creating strategies that will enable us to do exactly that. We all have baggage, some that could be discarded but also some that we might choose to retain. ‘Baggage’ contains all that we have accumulated over the course of our life experience. It can be a useful exercise to spend regular time in meditation and review.  Think back to the way you reacted in the past & compare it with how you react now. Consider past choices & compare them to the choices you have made more recently. This analysis can be useful & shed light on parts of yourself that still need some polishing & even more interestingly, give you some sense of accomplishment. We often underrate ourselves, focusing on what we HAVE NOT managed to attain rather than focusing on the progress that we have made. It’s always a good thing to give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ from time to time.


Mercury has completed his retrograde, having turned direct on October 18, 2021, & moving totally out of the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde on November 4, 2021, syncing nicely with the lunation. This is yet another indication that we have a golden opportunity to put our thinking caps on & really zero in on any of the issues that we might be facing. At the time of the lunation, Mercury Direct in Libra forms a 5* applying conjunction to Mars, newly entered into Scorpio, suggesting clarity of thought & purpose aligned to action.

Venus, at 29*SAG 27’, is ready to shift into Capricorn setting the stage for a restructuring of personal ethics & values. In Capricorn, Venus seeks to support responsible choice-making based on integrity & morality. This is no-nonsense energy that demands accountability at every turn.



Mars is newly entered into Scorpio @ 3*SCO 33’. Intensity of purpose, devotion to honesty in action & the relentless pursuit of excellence are just a few of the characteristics of this energy.

The mid & outer planets are beginning their shift into direct motion which should allow us to feel less fettered & freer in our self-expression. Focus in on your lower chakras. Imagine that they are beating harmoniously like a series of drums, deep, deeper & deepest, giving you impetus, power & stability.

Jupiter stationed direct on October 18, 2021, @ 23* Aquarius while Saturn stationed direct on October 11 @ 7* Aquarius. The Aquarius/Leo axis is fully activated now with both of the mid-range planets resonating there. What is best for the many? How can the ‘one’ contribute to the health & wealth of the collective? Where is this little experiment called humanity headed? Meditate daily on principled LOVE, AGAPE, so that we end up in the ‘garden’ & not at the ‘gates of hell’.

Uranus is in his slowdown to his Station which occurs early in 2022. He has now completed his transit of the first decanate of Taurus, the Taurus/Taurus decanate. In the New Year, he stations direct @ 11* Taurus & continues his journey through the second decanate of that energy, the Taurus/Virgo portion. The natural system of things has been upended. Everything that we thought was reliable has been called into question. We must now begin to sort through the chaos of the last few years & get a sense of what is actually real & what is patently NOT real. We must re-think how we interface with both Nature & one another & yes, once again, find a way back to the garden where we belong & from whence we came. Hang onto your hats, little flowers, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Neptune is almost stationary @ 21* of Pisces. He turns direct on December 1, 2021. At the highest level, this is the energy of sweet purity; the ability to see the rainbow despite the fog around us; the exercise of faith in the face of fear. Trust that you are safe & in the embrace of the Great Divine. We are now in the Scorpio Decanate of the Pisces energy. It is now that we take the spiritual lessons that we have been learning & root them deep into our secret selves so that we cannot be deterred from the truth that is pure & that sustains us in these times of trouble & crisis. Believe with all of your heart, mind & soul that our guides are with us & will not abandon us despite what we see around us.

Pluto, the god of the underworld of secrets, taboos & hidden power, is direct & supportive of the impulse to forge ahead & transform all that is not functional into something that is functional. In order to create that which works, we have to get rid of all that is not working. That can be scary & chaotic but it is necessary. AND, we can do it! Humans have survived for countless eons on this rock hurtling through space. There are eons yet to come!

Happy, happy, happy Scorpio new Moon. Get out your ‘witchy’ gear & fly the skies of knowing…

Be not afraid of the TRUTH that lies beneath the waves of your soul

You are a mighty warrior

You are the master of your life

Open your heart to the power of your integrity

Hold fast to the knowledge that you have uncovered

through trial

through tribulation

through the sorrow

that births THE JOY

Full Moon Aries, October 20, 2021 @ 28*

With the Sun in Libra, the Full Moon sparkles & sizzles in Aries, & more so with Mars closely aligned & opposing Eris, the dwarf planet that has been wreaking chaos in her wake! No one ever said that life would be simple or easy, did they? But that is not what we, as spiritually minded seekers of insight, are looking for. Rather, we want to understand the why of things so that we can better align to a higher purpose, a ‘sweeter’ path of becoming. Whatever might be chafing your own soul at this moment, step back and out of the drama. Try to get a perspective so that you can ride the wave rather than be sucked in by the undertow of the emotional current. It’s a Herculean task, for sure, but one that we all must attempt to do.

With Eris so close to the Full Moon, both in Aries, emotions may well be all over the place, uncontrolled, out of bounds, explosive. Our job is to get to the source of any issue that might be front & center & to methodically & relentlessly act to stabilize ourselves.  Pluto, the agent of deep & intrinsic transformation is in square alignment to Eris & the Sun while the Moon & Mars are square to Pluto. This is clearly a seminal time for confronting ‘the beast’ in whatever form it may take. Eris demands that we take another look at everything that we thought we clearly had under control. Remember, Eris is a deep, deep, unconscious force that is at the very core of YOUR soul. Nothing is ‘happening to us’ that we did not first conceive of ourselves.

In Aries, Eris demands that we re-visit EVERYTHING that we thought we knew to be true. This is the time for a fresh start on the collective level. This ‘goddess of chaos’ will be with us until mid-century by which time Pluto will have moved into Pisces, Neptune into Taurus & Uranus into Virgo. We will have the resources to begin from a SPIRITUAL base of transformation (Pluto in Pisces), align our spiritual sense to the living breathing Earth (Neptune in Taurus) & change the way we systematically exist in material reality with a focus on Healing rather than consumption (Uranus in Virgo). Of course, we need not wait until 2050. We must get down to doing all that we can RIGHT NOW. Close your eyes as you read this & envision the reality that you want to exist in. Do this at the start & end of each & every day. The more of us who focus on peace & love, in thought & action, the more likely will it come into being.

So, even it all feels a bit overwhelming at this present moment in time, after chaos comes reparation; after destruction, comes rebuilding; after confusion comes a refocusing of our collective sense of direction. The interplay between Pisces & the earthy energies of Taurus & Virgo will guide us into a deeper connection to reality if we allow it.

Keep Love first & foremost in your mind



But certainly, right now, our collective reality is being rocked to its core. As a collective, we are demanding accountability on every level, from our leaders, from our guides, from our security systems, from our information streams, from each other. It’s becoming more and more clear that the systems that have been put into place over the last ‘time out of mind’, are no longer functioning appropriately. The fact is that they haven’t been functioning all that well for centuries but we are at a point now, today, in the here and now, when we can no longer deny it, repress it, or simply not deal with it. Something has got to change if we are to recreate our human family system into something that more resembles what the DIVINE Spark intended it to be. It truly is up to us. No one else will do it. Will we?


The Sabian Symbol for the Aries Full Moon is:


Something is out of kilter. Whether it is the play that is being presented or the audience that is out of sync with the presentation, an adjustment needs to be made. We must seek to find a common purpose, a universal language that will both bind together & heal the weary soul. Many today have the sense that they are speaking loudly, yet not being heard. In the middle of a screaming mob, no one voice can be distinguished. It’s time to settle down & regroup; stop the cacophony & just listen.  If we can tame the wild beast of chaos & frustration then we will get to:


This is the point of extreme events—to push us to the place where we can begin again. Aries is the birth of all that is new, the resurgence of primal power. In Aries, we can lay down a totally new foundation that will enhance our relationship with one another (Libra).  We can sweep away (Eris) the broken bits of yesterday & open the door to a brighter & better tomorrow. That is the fundamental truth of the evolutionary principle; it is through the agony of transition that we attain a greater perfection of purpose. Suffering leads to refinement & growth if we give ourselves permission to do so. No one will ever change for the better until they acknowledge that they have arrived at the worst. Honestly consider your own circumstances. Are you at your ‘breaking point’? If you feel that you can go no further the way you are, then you are at a turning point, if you want to take it. The promise of rebirth is clearly evident in the joining of these two degrees. It’s quite beautiful, actually.

Eris @ 25* Aries: A DOUBLE PROMISE

And yet again, the oracle reassures us. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, it appears that the world has gone crazy. Yes, the wicked appear to be immune to punishment. And yet, that is NOT the whole of it. Gaia,  at the behest of the Divine, is what is really holding this reality together. We must ‘get back to the garden’ if we are to receive the fruits of the promise which is, essentially, LIFE. So, though these are difficult times, hard to deal with, we must hold the vision, keep clear the channel, stay connected to SOURCE despite it all. If we do, if we are true, if we stay the course, we will receive all that we have earned in the end.

I stand at the gate

Naked & alone

And yet the sun shines down on me

And I see the promise of peace just ahead

I am filled with the glory of everything

I am drenched in the ecstasy of being

Joy is my name

So I dance