LEO NEW MOON: JULY 28, 2022 @ 12:55 PM

Calling all Leos! But especially those born close to the above date with those whose birthday is on the 28th in particular…  This is your New Moon…and what a New Moon it is!

For you who will be experiencing your Solar Return on July 28th, this is a significant year for you. An early in the day Return will bestow a Balsamic Sun/Moon alignment and as we move into the later hours of the day, the Moon will be reborn in Leo to bask in the rays of the glorious Sun.

Balsamic alignments are deep, mysterious & provide the potential for insight, ‘knowing’, and deep, deep understanding. Balsamic energy is both completion & fulfillment with a promise of a new cycle in the works. If you have this balsamic alignment between the Sun & Moon in your Solar Return chart, you have the opportunity to tie up loose ends & seed your soul for new ventures. What needs resolution in your life? What doors need to be firmly closed? What new doors need to be opened? What have you been avoiding or even denying that you now realize must be faced head-on & concluded? What, exactly, have you learned about yourself? Can you put that knowledge to work to actively re-create your life? Remember, the future already exists within you. It is your job to constantly refine the garden of your SELF so that only the strongest, the healthiest, the most helpful elements remain. This is your chance if you have this exquisite alignment this year to let go of the trash & usher in the GOLD!

This New Moon occurs at 5*LEO 38” or rounded up @ 6 degrees (*). Find that point in your own chart, even the non-Leos, & ponder on what new intentions can be created in that area of your life.

If this degree is somewhere in the first quarter of the chart, usher in protocols for self-improvement.

Second quarter? Creative projects that flow from a deep sense of inner awareness could be initiated & worked on.

Third quarter? Get rid of useless or toxic relationships, make a vow to be real & keep it real on every level.

Fourth quarter? Refresh your public persona; initiate some new directives in your ‘dream’ life & align to your deepest sense of being as you do this.


Remember, New Moons are a ‘clean the slate and let’s start something new’ kind of energy. It’s all about planting the seeds for a whole new cycle of growth. If you feel the urge to MOVE and GROOVE, you are tapping into this incoming energy as we get closer to this particular NEW MOON…

Here’s a very Leo thought to consider:


“Realization is not knowledge about the universe,

but the living experience of the nature of the universe.”

 Choygal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche


The Rinpoche pinpoints the essence of the leonine perspective. It is all about the sheer joy of BEING, and not the endless rumination of what that ‘beingness’ might mean.  Instead of trying to understand—(there will be time for that later on)—just embrace the present moment and revel in the sweetness of NOW.

So, set aside some time over the next few days to just sit and enjoy or walk and enjoy or run and enjoy—well, you get my meaning… 

Mars in Taurus is closing in on Uranus with the nodal axis inexorably moving to align with both. This is a significant meeting of energies. Within days of the NEW MOON, these three will converge @ 19* Taurus. Socially, everything is in flux & this could well mark a time of unexpected fundamental shift collectively. Taurus is all about the organic reality that exists whether we recognize or accept it. There is so much that we, the collective, do not know about what is really going on in the ‘halls of power’ but we are now beginning to realize that all is not as it once seemed to be. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn uncovered the deceit, the corruption & the skullduggery of the ruling class. Once revealed, we can no longer ‘unknow’ what we have learned. A recent poll in the USA showed that only 11% of the viewing public TRUSTED the mainstream media! This is a Pluto eventuality. As more and more lies & subterfuge are uncovered, this % will diminish even more. Now, when we hear a report, we ask ourselves, “whose interests are being served?” or even more so, “who is paying for this information to be reported?” Watch the ads that are run between the news stories. That will tell you who that is.

On a strictly personal level, find 19* Taurus in your own chart & stay alert in this area of your life. Be extra mindful on a purely physical level as Mars/Uranus closely conjoined can materialize in unexpected accidents! Look at the area of life where this degree is located & take precautions to not fall asleep at the wheel whether literally or metaphorically. Taurus & Scorpio types must take extra special care to do this. If you, as a solar Taurus born around May 10, have been looking for a change, it is coming your way. Scorpios born around November 12 can expect evidence of shift as well.

This alignment will also impact by square both solar Leo & Aquarius; August 12 & February 9 birthdates (+/-).

Of course, everyone is subject to this energy on some level so the astrological counsel is to STAY ALERT to the unexpected!

Jupiter in Aries is at his Station on the NEW MOON & will begin his retrograde back into Pisces until November 23, 2022, when he STATIONS DIRECT again. At the NEW MOON, Jupiter is closely trine to the Sun/Moon suggesting a positive outcome for any & all initiatives undertaken at this time. Fire energy is inspirational, exuberant & unstoppable. If you are working on creative projects, this is YOUR time to breathe in the energy of Aries & Leo & make your vision come to life. Whatever challenges you might be facing at this time can be overcome through sheer willpower & above all, FAITH, both aspects of FIRE ENERGY.

So, the energy is there. Your job is to access it with consciousness & deliberateness. Here is an example from real life. I know a Leo who has made it his life work to just be creative whatever it is that he is doing. He does happen to be an artist but his creativity does not stop with his art. You should see his garden! He always has a notebook close at hand so that he can jot down random words or pictures or even melodies that float through his fertile mind. He has abundant creative energy and he does not let it go to waste! Be inspired & make a memo to yourself so you don’t forget!

It’s a good habit to get into and MAINTAIN. If you don’t concretize those gifts from the collective consciousness, they will for sure dissolve into the ether where someone else may catch them and use them. It’s happened to me more than a few times so I speak from chagrined experience!

It is a great NEW MOON with unlimited potential with so much of the energy in the element of FIRE. Take advantage! It’s summer. It’s warm. Everything feels fine, at least for the moment.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:







Here is a reminder that the past is valuable even as we move into an ever-changing future. It is in the ‘now’ that we can meld the two together. Use what you know from experience to create a more stable foundation as you move into your future. If we do not learn from the past, we are, indeed, condemned to repeat the very same errors that we have already made. This is true both individually & as a collective. Let us all pinpoint whatever is NOT working so that it can be repaired or replaced with something that may work better.

The second Symbol reminds us that life is experiential. No matter how much we attempt to control it, our life will unfold according to how we interact with the energy around us & within us. In the end, it is ONLY through the absorption of the essence of any given experience that we can learn & hopefully grow (evolve).

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:

            Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced…


The message is: Use the gifts that you have acquired to live fully in the present so that the future can unfold accordingly.

Fix it in your heart, stroke it with your mind, and follow the bread crumbs to that sweet spot of contentment. It’s the contentment that comes from a path well-traveled and a hope firmly held.


As Queen so simply, yet eloquently put it, “We are the Champions of the world!”

(A very Leo thing to think and feel!)


So go at it. Do something different or dramatic or dashing…well, do anything at all for that matter!


Summer kisses to all!


Capricorn Full Moon, July 13, 2022 @1:38 PM CDT

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022 @ 1:38 PM


With the New Moon in Cancer two weeks ago, our emotional centers were triggered and the themes of self-care, self-love, and self-affirmation were highlighted. Any wounds that were hiding deep within our hearts may have been opened up to the possibility of healing or at the very least, to the beginning of exploratory work by us into sensitive areas. Now, with a glorious summer Full Moon in the partner sign to Cancer, CAPRICORN, we can take the steps that are needed to implement strong and steady strategies that could facilitate ongoing self-reliance, self-assurance, and self-promotion.

Capricorn is the energy of competency, self-motivation, and efficient management of all areas of living. Its real-time application of real kinds of strategies—not pie-in-the-sky fantasy but hard-core, down-to-earth things that actually might work in the now. In Capricorn, we set aside histrionics, moodiness, and co-dependency. Now we enter into the arena of responsible adulthood, taking charge of our reality, and ensuring the success of our undertakings. And, not because of some vague emotional desire but rather, because we have made good solid plans of action that will incrementally and inexorably lead to that desired success. As the Moon soars in the summer sky, we drink up the truth serum that she bestows upon us via the hard-nosed and unrelenting rays of Capricorn.

So, how are you doing with addressing emotional stresses? Have you taken some time to face up to any issues that may be lurking around in your psyche? If yes, good on you. Keep at it. If not, set aside some time for self-reflection and let that fat full Moon work her magic on you.

This Full Moon is full of earth-shaking energy if we choose to access it. At the exact Full Moon point, lady Moon is fast approaching Pluto and both are ruled by Saturn in Aquarius. This combo of energies reinforces objective realism. Yes, we seek meaning but we do so with a cool detached perspective, not allowing personal prejudices to influence us. We want the facts, without the editorial content. Once we have enough data, we will make our own conclusions under the light that comes from a spiritual (ideally) perspective. By around 11:00 pm, the Moon will have conjoined Pluto @ 28* Capricorn, while making a square to Mars & finishing off an earthy trine to Uranus. Unexpected rumblings can definitely still occur. Always be conscious of Moon/Pluto dances as this union has the potential to explode into awareness and especially when Mars & Uranus are involved. In Capricorn, the Moon is technically restrained, controlled & self-managed but when Pluto sticks his finger into the pot, anything can happen, even in Capricorn.

One possible manifestation of Moon/Pluto is ANGER. Monitor your responses (MOON) so that they do not get out of control (PLUTO) before you know what is happening. Plutonic energy is often hidden until it is not…LOL!

Adding a sense of lightness & frivolity to the rather somber Capricorn energy, we have Venus in delightful Gemini & Mars in sensual Taurus. Read a romance novel or even better, engage in a real romance. Go on a date. Send someone you like/love a mushy card. Throw an impromptu party. Just don’t forget about Moon/Pluto lurking in the background. Having fun can sometimes dissolve into mayhem if we aren’t careful to moderate ourselves…

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:






There are definitely times when we must recognize that it is better to surrender than to fight. If we are going through personal trial, facing issues within ourselves or dealing with issues that involve others, we must be uber aware of how to engage, how to proceed, & when to pause. If we have been long denying the reality of a given situation, let us be willing to at long last, call it like it is. And ultimately, on a strictly spiritual level, let’s recognize that we are not ‘in control’ and if we feel that we are, it may be time to surrender to the truth that we definitely ARE NOT IN CONTROL. And that is just fine.

The Cancer symbol guarantees that if we wait, with patience & composure for our ‘boat’ to arrive, it eventually will. In fact, it is the act of surrender, highlighted in the Capricorn symbol, that provides us with the capacity to be patient, to wait, to stay calm & to have faith in the inexorable process of life. Let us all stay in the present moment without regret for the past or anticipation for the future. We have everything that we need JUST HERE, JUST NOW…at this moment.

We are living in interesting times. Reality is shifting before our eyes. Nations are rising & nations are falling and we, this generation, are witness to it. Fortify your own self. Be clear about your own values. Hold fast to your own truth & TRUST that love will ultimately prevail.

Enjoy the MOON as she sails the darkening skies…

New Moon in Cancer & the Solstice..woohoo!!! June 28, 2022 @ 9:53 pm CDT

New Moons are beginnings and yes, they do come around once every month so the initiations are not necessarily large-scale but more along the lines of short-range directives and easily accomplished goals; sprints rather than marathons. I really like these little incremental strategic plans of action. Goals that are actualized always result in a sense of accomplishment and act as a spur for even more courageous initiative on the part of the successful doer. It’s the easiest way to build up confidence. Set yourself small goals, fulfill those goals, and then take it to the next level.  Baby steps are always the best course of action. No leaping off tall buildings without some kind of safety net, please. We are not super-humans—YET…

You can tailor your plans of action around the central energy of each New Moon as it rolls around each month. So, for instance, this month it’s all about the emotional body—how we feel, how we react, how we process what the heart receives. Added to this is the fact that we have just had one of the most glorious events of the annual cycle—THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. We luxuriate in those long sultry summer days that drift lazily into sweet velvety nights filled with gorgeous celestial objects that enrapture us as we gaze at them, especially for those of us in the Northern hemisphere (the more north you go, the better).

We are more relaxed during the summer and this relaxation provides us with a measure of security as we review our relationship life, our feeling nature, and the things that incite emotion within us. The question:  How SECURE do you feel about this part of your life? What fears rise up in your consciousness when you think about these elements and/or issues? Can you come up with any strategies to address the things that are not working? Take some time to sit with these thoughts and brainstorm a few ideas. Then, as the month progresses, you can see if what you imagined can actually be put into action.

The call to action, then, is EMOTIONAL GROWTH, at the very least, and EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION, if we pull up our bootstraps and really get down to business. It’s about YOU, your deep-down feelings, your intimacy quotient, your family, your roots, and the place you call…’ home’. Wrap yourself up in the cozy energy of Cancer New Moon & explore it all.

Both Mercury & Venus have now shifted into Gemini, that lovely flirtatious energy! The mind, (Mercury) wants to keep things mobile & light & Venus desires nothing much more than fun in the sun. The directive here is to find ways to lighten your tempo as you process through emotional issues. Detach a bit from overly subjective or melancholic reactions if something rattles your rib cage & tries to grab a hold of your heart. The airy signs like friendship but not necessarily, overdependence on it. A friend can wear many faces so variety is the name of the game.

Mars & Jupiter are still in Aries though Mars will shift into Taurus in early July before the next Full Moon in Capricorn. What new initiatives can you create in your own life? Can you find the impulse necessary to be a new you? Do you have the guts to go for the glory? Aries is the energy of ACTION & boldness so take a close look at your own natal chart to see where the Aries part of your psyche is being prodded into action. If you have significant Aries energy, then this is YOUR time to go for the brass ring. Sun, Moon, or Rising Aries people will feel the heat of these fiery flames to get off their behinds & MAKE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, happen! With Jupiter continuing through Aries for the next year or so, (he dips back into Pisces from October 29-December 20, 2022), this is a very special time for all of you Aries types! The more that you can create an environment of hope and trust around yourself, the more likely you will reap the rewards that come from the goodness of Jupiter.

There is an almost perfect square aspect between the Moon & Jupiter. Squares crackle with energy. This energy can be quite explosive if we do not carefully manage our responses to others. With a square it can be like turning a corner & seeing the way out or, conversely, suddenly ramming into someone at a crossing, so, don’t be caught off guard. Watch your responses. Confrontations are a result of carelessness so be careful.

Uranus & the nodes of the Moon are doing the two-step, with the north node moving ever closer to Uranus in Taurus. What is the directional flow in your life? This is especially the case for anyone with Taurus/Scorpio energy prominently featured or the nodes in that polarity. Be willing to change your reality and work with, not against the rhythm of life. Plans are only made so that they can be broken or altered. What is the cliché? Life is what happens while we are making other plans…

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:








In shamanic teaching, rabbits are connected to the primal energy of FEAR. Emotional process often elicits a fear response within us as we face those inner insecurities. This symbol urges us to FACE OUR FEARS. By yanking them out into the clear light of day, we can focus on them & transform them. Instead of those troubling thoughts that lurk behind the corners of our minds, we can shake them out, ‘dress them up’ & review them as if they were ‘on parade’. Fears strangle us only if they are kept under wraps. Heroes are not fearless; rather they are willing to meet their fears head-on & work around them. We can all be the Heroes of our lives. It is a choice.

The second symbol is yet another promise of joy & victory if we make the choice to be a HERO! There is nothing more uplifting than hearing the sweet songs of birds. Songbirds are an omen of something good coming down the pikes. Last month one of the symbols was that of a bluebird at the door while this month, that bird has entered the house & is now heralding something wonderful!

So, enjoy the New Moon. Do what needs to be done this month. And always remember to insert some FUN, no matter how difficult that might be to do!



A quick word about the Summer Solstice:

There are 4 cross-quarter points within the wheel of the year. At the Summer Solstice, we reach that point, (in the Northern Hemisphere), when the Sun is at his strongest.

This year the energy of the solstice is all about reaching for the prize, taking action, cultivating hope & faith & believing in the promise of a change! The Moon & Jupiter unite in Aries & send the crackling energy of hope to the Sun in Cancer. We are encouraged to set some clear-eyed goals to make definable changes in our lives, to shake off doubts & fears & to pursue excellence at every turn. We are responsible for the reality that we live so it is incumbent upon us to dig deep & step up to the plate. No more denial, no more blaming others, no more procrastination. If we want it, then we must go after it. Period. Hopefully, you are feeling the enthusiastic energy that was captured at the solstice, Ready, Set & GO!


Fill your tanks…it’s time to…READY, GET SET & GO!

As summer finally rolls in, we have a super-duper shiny Moon in the fiery and mutable sign of Sagittarius. It’s the kind of energy that has a hard time sitting still, so if you get a hankering for distant horizons, new adventures, or unknown locales, you are plugging into this exuberant, irrepressible energy. Devil may care? YES. Love it or leave it? You bet. Get rid of all the junk and finally be free? Close enough!

You must go outside for the next few nights and just gaze at that Moon. She’s shining brightly at the moment. Feel the hopefulness seep back into your bones as you look up at her. Yes, there is another option. Yes, the horizon beckons and it isn’t scary in the least. Yes, there is a new dawn, a new day, and even a new you if you want it.

Mercury has completed his retrograde motion thru Gemini & a dip back into Taurus and is now almost completely thru the shadow period of the retrograde cycle, nearing the degree when he Stationed RX. Creative impulses are ripe and ready to drop so be prepared to catch them, find the wave, and get carried into whatever activity brings you the most pleasure, satisfaction, and reward. For some, it might be the fullness of creative expression. For others, it could be getting right in the face of what you want to change about yourself. Whatever it is, creative energy is the energy of ACTION. If you do not actually follow through it will fizzle and wither away like a fire that is not fed. So, take that urge, however tiny or large it is and work it, baby, work it. With Mars, now speeding thru his home sign of Aries, the energy literally crackles with potential. Caution? Think twice before taking the plunge but, of course, be willing to take it!

Venus, comfortable in her home sign of Taurus is still flirting with Uranus so be prepared for unexpected events taking place! The promise of Uranus is sudden & unforeseen alteration of the status quo. A new lover could suddenly appear; money for nothing might come your way! It is the unsolicited gift, the thing that was not planned for but may well be better than the thing that was! Just roll with whatever comes your way.

The call to action with this lunation is to be courageous, bold, and self-aware. Do what feels right to YOU and not what you think should feel right to you. There is only one person that you must please and that is yourself. If you are fully in love with that person, all else will fall into place, the life choices, the relationships, the money problems, the responsibilities, and the obligations. Knowing exactly who you are and owning it provides a strong foundation for positive interaction with all aspects of your life on this plane. The Sag Full Moon says, be who you are. Be free. Be bold and adventuresome. Just be. And, above all, LOVE IT! FOLLOW YOUR HEART…


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




What hopeful images! Bluebirds have long been an omen of good fortune. To have a bluebird at one’s door is definitely an inspiring thought!

Along with the secondary image of playful children enjoying themselves even in wintry weather, we are encouraged to find joy & happiness in simple pleasures & make the most of what is available.

With Sagittarius energy, we look to the positive & accentuate that which we CAN do to improve our reality. Let’s all get on the frisky Sagittarian horse & gallop gallantly into a greener future!


Thought for this Full Moon

I am a warrior full of courage and fire;

I reach for the MOON and catch all the stars…

Gemini New Moon: May 30, 2022 @ 6:32 am

A new lunar cycle begins in the carefree & light-hearted energy of Gemini & partner sign, Sagittarius. There is nothing but optimism with this particular New Moon, despite the rather tedious Mercury Retrograde. There is a wonderful array of movement & comfort as we have Venus in her home sign of Taurus, Mars in his home sign of Aries & closely aligned to Jupiter newly entered into Aries—oh joy! Saturn is almost at a standstill in Aquarius & ready to go retrograde on June 4 where he will join Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde motion.   

Mercury, now retrograde & at his station degree @ Taurus 27 is closely aligned to both Aquarius & Pluto, by square & by trine. The Pluto trine facilitates deep thought, serious consideration & relentless probing into the fundamentals of anything that is currently giving you concern while the square to Saturn provides steely willpower & uncompromising determination to persevere despite any obstacles that pop up. Trine energy, especially in earth gives a sense of security & well-being. In the case of Pluto & Mercury this could manifest as an owning of your own personal authority, certainty in your own viewpoints & thought processes, a knowing that you have the facts to back up the assertions; confidence. The Square energy between Mercury & Saturn suggests that any unpleasant realizations can be faced with courage & methodical action. Make a plan & even if it is a challenge to carry it through, you have the resolve to do so. This Mercury Retrograde ends on June 2, though the shadow continues on into mid-June. Once Mercury has stationed Direct, whatever blockages you may have been feeling will begin to ease & action can be initiated with greater confidence that it will actually be unhindered. This is especially true for anyone with personal energy in early degree Gemini & late degree Taurus but everyone can feel the ripples of the glitches when Mercury decides to somersault backward through our lives!

Venus & Uranus meet & greet around June 11th & 12th with the resonance of this union extending a few days on either side. If you have a lot of Taurus/Scorpio energy at the 16* point (+/-) be open to unexpected pleasures coming your way…Be willing to receive that which you did not plan for!  Whoop-de-do!

Adding to the optimism of the Gemini New Moon are Mars & Jupiter both newly entered into Aries. Expansive action is the name of the game here and this is reinforced doubly as this combo finds itself in the irrepressible & forward-moving energy of Aries. “No” is a word that this combination of energy simply does not understand so we must all be mindful of not stepping right off the cliff into thin air. No matter what you plan to do, keep a tight leash on your emotions & count the costs before leaping into it—whatever ‘it’ might be.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:



This is a truly odd pair of symbols and yet eerily reflective of the times in which we are living. Most of us have the feeling that there is little that we can do about ‘controlling’ the circumstances of our lives in the broadest of senses. We are subject to decisions made by people we do not know & who, in some cases, we have not even specifically empowered to make those decisions. But here we are, flying together, falling together & hopefully, landing somewhere safely!

The second symbol promises a safe landing. Though we might be anxious & feel tentative about our collective future, the suggestion here is that we are on the threshold of something positive, something good, something that is not what we are currently enduring. The word, “opportunity”, literally means ‘before a harbour’. We are almost there. The ‘safe landing is within sight and once we have safely arrived at the port, something wonderful awaits us. We must, all of us, dream our collective dream of love, unity, freedom & goodness. If a sufficient number of dreamers unite, the dream will materialize. It is more than time to shatter the dark energy of greed & hate & take us all back to the garden!




“Be strong and of good courage;

be not afraid,

neither be thou dismayed:

for the Lord, thy God is with thee

whithersoever thou goest.” 

Joshua 1:9

And for the non-Christians

“She is with you;

she is your mother;

she will not abandon you;

be strong & fearless

in the face of the foe…”


Scorpio Full Moon: May 15, 2022 @ 11:15 PM CDT

Oh! Glory! She sits in splendour & fills the night with her luminous light. There is nothing quite like the May Full Moon! In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are long now & at the full moon periods, when the night sky is filled with light, it feels as if we have a greater chance to be alive. If the sky is clear, then even as darkness settles, we are ‘in the light’.

Taurus/Scorpio is the ‘power axis’ of the zodiac, the energy of manifestation & groundedness. If we are fully in our bodies, aware of who we are, (Taurus), then we have the potential to manifest that which we can wholly imagine (Scorpio). This is the organic earthy foundation of Taurus in support of the etheric, nebulous potential of Scorpio.

We are now fully into a Mercury Retrograde which will last until June 2, 2022, with the Station Direct & June 19, 2022, to the conclusion of the ‘shadow’ period. This retrograde dovetails with the Sun’s entry into Gemini with Mercury Retrograde conjoining the Sun on May 22, 2022. Be mindful of how you go about connecting with others. Pay attention to technical details like computers, phones & correspondence. Read all legal contracts thouroughly before signing on the dotted line. Basically, be alert. A retrograde does not mean one should stop all activity. Rather, it reminds us to be careful, cautious & meticulous in all of our endeavors.

The big shift is Jupiter’s ingress into Aries, leaving his home sign of Pisces for a few months. Jupiter will dip back into Pisces later in the year but the shift into the aspirational firey energy is now begun! At the full Moon, there is a wide, out of element Trine between the Moon in Scorpio, (26*) & Jupiter in Aries, (1*), suggesting that aspirations can be manifested if the emotional energy of faith & belief is present. It’s a great time to dream the dream & set the intention to make it so!

Mars in Pisces, in an almost perfect Trine to the Full Moon in Scorpio, supports an active intentional process in support of the ‘dream’, the hope, the aspirational self. And, with Saturn squaring both the lunation & the nodal axis (this is an eclipse!), we can tap into the steely resolve to do what we must in support of the pursuit of our dreams & hopes.

Because this is a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, we have the opportunity to shed the old self & make room for the new self. Think back to the Solar Eclipse that we experienced on April 30 at the New Moon. Who do you want to be? What part of your emotional self do you want to discard? Can you make it happen? As the portal of possibility opened at that former eclipse, now you can step through with the emotional resolve to activate it.

Consider initiating new habitual rituals in your life. Set new intentions. Clear away anything that is inauthentic in your life. Take off the mask and just be real.

I have a friend who is blessed to live at the very heart of nature. She shared one of her daily rituals with me and was gracious enough to give me permission to share it in this blog.

She wrote:

My New Moon seed is to go every day across the frozen river and walk to where there are two tall trees together, one a spruce and one a pine, and a view of the mountain to the North. Then I invoke spirits of Earth and Sky and Beyond and say my call for the highest good for ourselves and all we love and all who suffer and finally ALL sentient beings.

Every night after Chi Gong energy sweeps I send Love geographically moving out.

My friend has made this her daily practice, thus inviting a practical spirituality to be an integral part of her life. This is just an example of how we could choose to infuse our awareness with supportive and intentional actions. We cannot all live as close to the natural world as my friend does but to the extent that we are able to, we can invite natural forces into our lives.

(Thank you,


for sharing your wonderful practice with us!)




The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:







Love takes many forms & can be expressed in a variety of ways. In the above images, a communal kind of love is depicted by the cooperative efforts of a group working together along with an expression of passionate love between two individuals. Interestingly, community is built on the intentions of single individuals. A community is only as strong as the individuals that comprise it. If love is not present at the individual level, it cannot be present at the community level. Usually, the thing that destroys any community is a lack of love. When love is no longer the foundational binding force, animosity, distrust and even hate eventually take the place of love. We must be conscientious ‘gardeners’ within our communities, work hard to ‘weed out’ negative elements, and nurture with loving kindness that which we do want to grow.

Our current global community is in crisis. Something is out of sync. The infrastructure that has been developed over millennia no longer appears to support the humans who are dependent upon it. Whether organic, economic, social, or political, it’s just not working. We have the opportunity right now, at this moment in time, to restructure the reality that we all share. It is up to us to decide whether we want to embrace the Earth or to reject her; whether we want to continue to tolerate deception, corruption & wrongdoing or to stand against it on every level. What will we do?



New Moon in Taurus, April 30, 2022 @3:30 pm

The Taurus New Moon is a celebration of the natural world; the sublime organic. In Taurus, we discover what it means to be alive & fully in our bodies. This year, we really, really want to experience that, to feel the sun on our skins, the wind in our hair, the sweet smell of spring in the air.  Taurus reminds us that there is a simple joy in just being & especially if we are in harmony with the organisms around us, from the rocks to the seas to the plants & creatures & especially with our fellow humans.

This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse, the first of four eclipses that will occur this year. Solar eclipses can often indicate where we can make a fresh start, move ahead & leave the past behind. Look at the Taurus part of your own chart & ask yourself what, in that area of life could use a do-over, partial, or even total!

Obviously, if you have significant energy along the Taurus/Scorpio axis (they are partner signs), this is an eclipse for you! If you have wanted to welcome change, well, the door just opened. Step on through!

But, really. Everyone can experience a fresh start with this New Moon Eclipse & if you know your natal chart, you can zero in on what area of life might be ripe for an overhaul.

In the first quadrant, (houses 1,2,3) you could find yourself ready to change the way you move through the world, value things & think about life in general. Communication & how you engage may well undergo a significant & welcome change. Certainly, there is much on the table at the moment in terms of what we understand ‘free speech’ to actually be. With this eclipse energy fueling us, we might find ourselves re-defining that or at the very least, refining our definitions.

In the second quadrant, (houses 4.5.6), we might find ourselves confronting issues around creativity, family & daily habits. Healing could well take a front-row seat for us. Perhaps we need to review our habitual rituals & ensure that they are still serving us in our pursuit of health & well-being. Projects that we have left languishing on the back burner might suddenly be revived with positive results. Family relationships could be restructured & improved.

In the third quadrant (houses 7.8.9), we might see a startling but signatory shift in our relationship life. We might suddenly realize that some people might have to be let go while new ones magically appear. Intimacy between primary partners might be intensified or falsehoods could be exposed that then lead to healing or termination of relationship. Our sights might suddenly be set on a wider range of associates, ones that come into our lives because of shared values & viewpoints. The world at large opens up to us & we feel less bound to traditions based on outworn ideals.

In the fourth quadrant, (houses 10. 11. 12). Our interaction with the world at large could shift. We might leave a career to start a new one. We might significantly change our image, literally & figuratively. Old causes might be replaced by new ones that better reflect who we have now become & all of this could emanate from a deep, private, highly personal level where only we, ourselves ever go. Remember that cave in the old ‘Star Wars’ film when Luke faces, at long last the truth about himself? Well, we just might enter that cave & unveil whatever it is that dwells therein.

The thing to focus on is that no matter where this energy forms in your own psyche, it is welcome. It is an opportunity to try again, to make changes, to refresh, renew & move along.

The Sabian Symbols for this wonderful Taurus New Moon are truly delightful!

11* Taurus:







There is no more perfect description of the essence of Taurus than the first symbol. This is a time of growth, renewal & hope. Our gardens are the thing that connects us viscerally to the truth of life, the cyclic & wonderful promise that is contained within the SEED. Let us all wish that the seeds we sow grow into beautiful flowers! As we nurture the earth, she, in turn, nurtures us. Come on, let’s get back to the garden on every level possible!

The Scorpio Symbol is all about REDEMPTION. We are the ‘drowning man’ & it is the organic mother earth that will save us if we honour her. No matter what issues we are facing, or what trials we are enduring, they will pass. We must all stay connected to the source of our salvation be it physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Take your pick. But do pick & do it immediately. As we transition on a collective level, each one of us plays a part in the choice that is made. Do we want to return to the garden? Or, are we relinquishing to destruction? Let us all choose the way of LOVE.

Okay…now go out and plant those seeds!


What seeds did we personally sow on the Aries New Moon a few weeks ago? All New Moons are seed sowing time but this is emphasized during the Aries New Moon right around the Spring Equinox. It’s like a ‘double-double’ for intention setting & new undertakings. As the Moon grows into the fullness of her light & embraces the energy of Libra, partner sign to Aries, we have the opportunity to look around & pick through the seedlings that have now (hopefully), sprouted in our life. Are we on track? Are we headed in the direction that we had intended? That’s the beauty of the Lunar Cycle; it allows us to take measured steps along our journey into becoming.

Aries always suggests something new & previously not experienced; something bold, possibly requiring a measure of courage. Libra, on the other hand, demands that we pause & deliberate on the actions that we are taking or thinking of taking. Libra wants us to LISTEN to the incoming, whether it’s actual advice from real people around us or messages via dreams, intuitions, or observations. This Full Moon is jam-packed with potential in terms of insight, action & possible evolution of self.

Moon & Sun are in square alignment to Pluto in Capricorn, now at 28CAP33. Just days away from his Retrograde Station. It’s the last kick at the can before the ‘dwarf giant’ takes another backward glance into Capricorn. This Cardinal arrangement is all about developing the appropriate way to exercise our personal power. Aries screams independence while Libra reminds us to take others into account as we push forward. Pluto holds the reins & reminds us that all actions must be based on justice & that it is our individual responsibility to discern where in that sometimes ambiguous pool of morality & ethics, we fall. Once we establish our own inner moral compass, do we have the guts (Aries) & the decency (Libra) to hold to our course? As previously mentioned, the key to successful management of all aspects of our lives is the ability to both hear & listen carefully.

Venus & Mars are now separating from each other bringing to a close their combined journey through Aquarius & into Pisces. Venus is at her peak of prowess in Pisces, able to fully embody the supplicant, the believer, the adherent. This is where compassion & grace can operate at full bore. If you were born with this placement, you are blessed, indeed, able to forgive without limitation, able to ‘see’ the divine in every being.

Saturn in Aquarius is in a happy alignment to this Full Moon suggesting that we can access our inner resolve to help us to stand in our integrity in the face of any challenges. Draw comfort & support from those who are like-minded. Let them become the community that bolsters you in the days ahead.

There is quite a beautiful cosmic alignment between Jupiter & Neptune. Both in Pisces, the god of opportunity joins forces with the divine within. We can all maximize our connection to whatever spiritual syntax moves us to faith & good works. Spirituality takes many forms so cherish your own sense of it while at the same time respecting others. We must all open ourselves to the POSSIBILITY of a multi-layered spiritual dialogue. Listen carefully as others speak to you so that you can truly understand what their heart holds.

We are in a time of transition. Collectively, we are making on-the-spot choices that will affect the entire global community. Personally, each of us has our own mountain to climb. With Saturn square the nodes, the call to action is to find our strength & to carefully refine it; to ‘learn’ ourselves; to establish clear boundaries & to truly know what they are. We are only limited in our power & ability by our own reactions to the events of our lives. We can choose to be the master or we can succumb to the role of the victim. That’s where free will comes in. We, each one of us, are the variable within the cosmic equation.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


What needs to be re-imagined? What has been ‘lost in the shuffle’, misplaced? What can we go back to so as to more fully embody it? Have we lost our compass point of ‘true north’? Have we been diverted or even misdirected so that we are not proceeding as we should? Here is an admonition to be mindful, to pay attention, to remember who we are & what we hold to be true.

Again, the last few years have been an exercise in trauma both collectively & personally. No matter where we stand on some of the issues that are currently ‘in the air’, we have all had to adjust in ways that we had NEVER imagined. As Pluto prepares to Station Retrograde on April 29, 2022, just shy of the end of the Capricorn phase, we must all get CLEAR about our perception of reality & then create a strategy to support that clearly thought-out perception. Remember, after Capricorn, Pluto moves into Aquarius, the energy of the collective, the future, the web of humanity &, interestingly, the source of all invention. We must be ready for the changes that will inevitably take place as this new Aquarius energy is transformed. Are we ready?

As always, energy is neutral & will flow in the path of least resistance. Each one of us, individually is the variable in the mix. We must refine ourselves to be like the river that is flowing freely so that we move with the energy. We do not want to be caught in a dam of our own making and somehow miss the opportunity to merge with the ocean ahead.

The Aries New Moon opened up the potential to make a fresh approach to long-standing situations in our personal lives. (Think carefully about the Aries part of your natal chart. How could you do something ‘NEW’ in this area of life?) The Libra Full Moon encourages us to shut our mouths & quiet our minds & really LISTEN to the feedback we might be getting on the actions that we have been taking. Once we have listened  carefully, heard the incoming &, most importantly understood what that feedback actually means, then we can make any necessary adjustments so that we get the maximum return on the efforts that we make as we work hard to create the reality that best reflects who we ACTUALLY are deep down inside where truth lives unencumbered by artifice.

New Moon in Aries


There is always a certain hopeful excitement about the fresh spring New Moon in Aries, even under the direst of circumstances. This year, on April [email protected] 1:27 AM, the Moon meets the Sun @ 12* Aries. We have just passed through one of the 4 gateways of the year, the Spring Equinox which is technically the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. This is a time of new beginnings & this year, after 2 years of unprecedented events, most everyone is ready to get going on a ‘new’ beginning.

We have, for the past few months been traveling in a dynamic ‘go forward’ kind of energy. Mid-January the planet Uranus was the last outer to station direct & since then, as of early February when Mercury stationed direct, all of the planets have been in forward motion. Now, I have nothing against the retrograde movement of planets. It’s useful to re-boot, reflect & realign on a regular basis. However, it is also useful to feel the surge of opportunity when all of the energy aligns to flow unencumbered by reflection or retraction. These past few months have been such a time. What to do with this? For most of us, it has probably been a period of increasing clarity as to what we might think is most reflective of who we are. How have we, individually, responded to the past 2 years? Have we wholeheartedly complied? Have we had doubts as to what was actually going on? Or have we simply ‘gone along’, not wanting to rock boats or even consider alternatives? Whichever of the courses described, the point is that we have had the opportunity to test our mettle against the prevailing reality of our times. We now know much more about ourselves than we did at the start of this strange journey. I know that some of us have lost friends & even family members either to death or to disagreement. How have we responded to that? Some of us have eliminated former friends from our lives due to contrarian viewpoints? How do we feel about that? For the majority of us, we just want this to end, to return to some kind of semblance of normality or what we thought was normal. What is the state of our emotions in that case? The answers to those questions are deeply personal & only known to each of us individually. What we do with those answers is also deeply personal. The key is to actually explore ourselves so as to get a better sense of who we are as we move forward along the timeline.

There is still time to tackle all of the above since the retrogrades don’t begin their march until the end of April when Pluto once again stations retrograde in Capricorn. And, with this pair of lunations, the New Moon in Aries & the Full Moon in Libra that follows, we get our last kick at the can!

Set your intention to make a fresh start, to brush away all of the old anxiety, to find the courage & tenacity to be true to your own self, whatever that might be. There is no need to judge or criticize others for the choices they make. There is only the need to valiantly defend the choices that YOU have made, calmly, without anger or spite or finger-pointing.

There are several cosmic arrangements at this New Moon that are worth considering. Firstly, the ongoing Venus/Mars alignment is still viable. Remember that Venus demonstrates our essential value system while Mars demonstrates the will to enact. This close alignment in Aquarius impels us to consider collective consequences of actions taken; to act on behalf of not only personal interest but that of the ‘greater good’. What kind of society are we wanting to create? Can we create it if we continue to demonize those who do not agree with us in every detail? Freedom is a hope wired into the soul of humanity. What, really, is freedom? When you look around you today, do you see an expression of freedom? Are you willing to allow others who share space with you to have different viewpoints from your own? How far will you go to defend that? Or not?

Secondly, Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces this month. For those who are on a spiritual path, this is a most blessed alignment. It promises an opening of spirituality, the possibility of tremendous growth & opportunity on a spiritual level. There are some amongst us who feel strongly that we are at a pivot point in terms of human development. With Jupiter so closely aligned to Neptune, there is the opportunity for expanded insight, for sudden & profound understanding, for the chance to touch the face of divinity itself.

Conversely, this alignment could lead to even greater confusion, an increase in anxiety if we are operating solely on the material level. The call to action is to focus on reaching beyond ourselves & seeing the bigger picture of anything that we are currently engaged in. One of the reasons that our society appears to have ‘lost its way’ is because we have relegated the divine (whatever that means to you personally), to the farthest back seat of the bus, even for some, right off the bus into the ditch! The technocrats of this reality want to assume the position of ‘the divine’, be the arbiters of life itself. They will not succeed but it may take time & untold grief to millions before their failure is complete. For there to be harmonious life here on this planet, we need the optimism of Jupiter & the sweet compassionate unconditional love of Neptune. We must not get sidetracked by temporary riches or glory. The operative word is TEMPORARY. So, use this beautiful alignment which will continue to resonate to a greater or lesser degree for most of the year to move closer to your own sense of the eternal, closer to grace, closer to union with rather than separation from those with whom you share space & that realm that is unseen but, nevertheless, very real.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune @ 24* Pisces; (start meditating April 9 & make it a practice for the remainder of the year)

Sabian Symbol? AN INHABITED ISLAND: We are in this together. We are a collective. No matter our individual intentions & dreams, the greater collective must find a way to DREAM TOGETHER. It is from collective dreaming that all manifested reality springs. And we can ‘dream together’ for a world free from hate, greed & division. Clear yourself of all contentiousness. Love your fellow human. Divinity dwells in each one of us.

This gorgeous alignment is in harmonious aspect with the nodal Axis @ 24* Scorpio/Taurus. Find your inherent strength to follow the healing path. Be true. Be fierce. Be bold. Never give up. We all know what we have to do. It is programmed into our DNA. We must be HUMAN.

Finally, use this wonderful fiery Aries energy to motivate yourself to whatever course of action is relevant to YOU. Aries is full of promise, ready to challenge the narrative of the past, willing to move forward even if the path is not entirely clear. Allow yourself to be the courageous warrior for the ‘right’ that Aries can inspire. Make a fresh start & believe!


New Moon in Pisces, March 2, 2022, @ 11:38 pm

The New Moon in Pisces leads us into the sweetest of all energies. It is in Pisces that we can truly find our own connection to the divine element that exists within each of us. After the chaos, the bickering, the animosity of the past few years, and especially the last few months, we can choose, with this lovely New Moon to set things right, both within ourselves & with those around us. And, listen, it’s not about setting things right with people who agree with you, it’s about finding a way to set things right with people who DON’T agree with you. Can YOU do It? Can you be the one who takes the first step into forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love? Can you?

There’s a pretty interesting alignment at this New Moon between Venus & Mars. These two celestial objects align by conjunction fairly regularly but it is not so often that they travel together, by conjunction, for as long as they do this current year. Their first point of contact was in early February with the initial exact conjunction @ 16* Capricorn just ahead of the Leo Full Moon. This ongoing union continues until the end of March when, finally, they begin to seriously separate while both are in Aquarius. That’s quite the journey! When the authoritative force of will (Mars in Capricorn) is conjoined to a just moral code (Venus in Capricorn), we can expect to witness incredible events of bravery! To add to this union of energies, Pluto, the force for transformation & truth, is also exactly in alignment with Venus & Mars; all three marching determinately together @28* Capricorn. There is a sense here that people are coming together to fight for what is essentially human, to stand for principle, to be heard. Think of historical events like the marches for racial justice in the last century or the protests to gain India’s independence, also in the last century. When it’s time to stand for truth & justice, the people will unite. The call to action on a personal level is that we individually locate our own internal truth meters & make the choice to peacefully but resolutely stand in alignment with them, no matter the cost.

Another significant alignment with this lunation is Jupiter conjunct the Sun & Moon. This expansive & affirmative energy opens up the heart & aspires to hope & goodwill. The very highest expression of Pisces is unconditional LOVE. Look deep into your own heart at this time & ask yourself where in your life you can be more forgiving, more generous, kinder, more inclusive.

Yet another interesting alignment is Mercury closely situated to Saturn in Aquarius & in square relationship to the nodal axis. This is the energy of objective reality, dispassionate assessment & judicious evaluation. Get rid of the emotional drama & step back from any fractious, intense situations. Try hard to be detached from your own fearful knee-jerk reactions when making your assessments. The very minute that emotion weasels its way into the heart & mind, objectivity is hampered, even destroyed. To be critical thinkers, (which this combo facilitates), we must rid ourselves of all bias & just examine the hard cold facts of any situation. This is not easy to do but with the sweet energy of the Jupiter-led lunation backing us up, we can aspire to focus on unconditional love, compassion & forgiveness. Humanity at odds with itself is the end of humanity as we know it. If we, as a species cannot find a way to live together in peace & harmony there will not be a future for us on this planet. Period.

Set the intention with this New Moon to seek what is good in your fellow human & to encourage right action by example, not by punitive criticism. And always, choose the action that DOES NO HARM. Some astrologers consider that Pisces energy reflects Christ Consciousness. The message of the Christ was a message of Love, not hate, union, not divisiveness. This New Moon gives us all an opportunity to set the intention to exemplify this call for grace & goodness in our own lives.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are truly spooky when one considers what has been going on socially.



It’s well past time to put down our swords! There has to be a way to negotiate with one another without violence. The second symbol suggests that everyone must get a grip on their emotions & step away from heated responses. The response to the global situation has been diverse. Those who have complied have the absolute right to do so but they do not have the right to condemn those who have had doubts & walked the contrarian path. It is now clear that there is NO SINGLE SOLUTION & that the measured & clear-headed approach to dealing with sars cov 2 in all of its variant forms is to take a multi-pronged approach. There is a niggling energy at work in every human. We all want everyone to agree with what we choose to think or do. This need for approval from others can result in unacceptable action being taken by some who insist that everyone walk in lock step. If coercion or brutal force is implemented to force someone to agree, to align, that is NOT OKAY. Stop & consider where, in this world, force is used to keep people in line. There was a time when those places were widely condemned by the so-called ‘free’ countries of the earth. Is that still the case today? We must not allow ourselves to be governed by emotional hysteria. We must attempt to be rational, calm & constructive at all times.

This is even more relevant as we see the events unfolding in Europe. The higher energies are begging us to step away from force & violence. How long must we suffer at our own hands? Now, more than ever before, we must find a way to create peace with our neighbours. When will we learn our lesson?


FULL MOON IN VIRGO; March 18, 2022, @ 2:20 AM

After the inspirational energy of the Pisces New Moon, we bask in the healing light of the Virgo Full Moon. If we set our intentions to aspire to love & goodness under the direction of Pisces, then we now have the opportunity to fully embody that intention & allow it to heal whatever needs repair in our lives. Virgo energy seeks to establish appropriate protocols for any endeavor; it creates systems that allow us to function at optimum levels if we adhere to them. Once a system has been put into place, we do not have to keep re-inventing the wheel each time we tackle a certain task. That’s the beauty of systems that work. They truly are the key to success. As an example, think of the system used by recovering addicts that focuses on the ONE DAY AT A TIME protocol. This mantra is regularly repeated until the individual has fully integrated it into their psyche. It becomes an integral part of the person’s awareness & he no longer dreads an endless future of battling his addiction but rather is able to meet the singular challenges of simply one day. Eventually, that one day stretches into weeks, months, years, decades & he realizes that he has successfully navigated his obstacle course! He instituted &, more importantly, faithfully followed a system that led him into healing. The practical, common-sense energy of Virgo is what can assist to create these kinds of structures in our life so that we can tackle the challenges that we face.

This Full Moon shines a light into that part of your life where Virgo is found. It can assist you to refine & realign as the case may be. Virgo loves getting into the weeds of anything so, if there is a need to research or investigate, this detail-oriented energy will facilitate that examination.

Once again, we have a quantity of energy in Aquarius; Venus, Mars conjunct & Saturn leading the way. Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune join the Sun in Pisces adding an element of beautiful sweetness into the mix. As previously mentioned, Pisces energy is of the divine on the most essential of levels. So, at this Full Moon, we are encouraged to examine our actions & determine if they align with our ideals. Faith without works is dead, so said the Christian writer & we know that if we do not ‘walk our talk’ we are merely pretenders in the game of life. The call to action is to hold yourself to a high standard & to base all of your choices on that standard. Be who you were always meant to be, no excuses, no regrets…

The days that we are now living in are strange & wonderful all at the same time. It could be said that we are in a fight for the very essence of who we are as humans. As the Moon shines her light down upon us, we should all determine that we will continue to fight for what is right, for what is true, for what is human.

The Sabian symbols associated with this Full Moon are:



What do you think when you see a bald-headed man? Often, we relate a bald head to a well-functioning brain; to someone who is superbly intellectual, smart, a profound thinker. The suggestion here is that we should access all of our intellect, our ‘brainy’ power to create a sensible & productive protocol that we can rely on. Think things through. Explore all of the available data. Be smart about it. When we use the power of the mind to support the action of the heart, we are much more assured of success in our efforts.

The Pisces symbol is a promise of return for the effort made. In the natural world, the Moon is strategic when it comes to the planting, sprouting & growth of seeds. If we follow the directives that we have established through careful mental research (the Virgo Symbol), we can be assured that we will reap the rewards that come from the efforts that we make. Everyone just wants to live in peace & harmony, to enjoy the fruits of their labour, to be satisfied at the end of a good day of work. The myths suggest that we were born in a garden of plenty. At the core of the human heart is a fervent desire to find our way back to that garden. Let’s all do the work & reap the reward.