Full moons are a time of both culmination & potential balancing of energy.  The balancing occurs as the culmination arrives. Nowhere is that more dramatic than within the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. Scorpio energy calls out the mystery within us & the partner sign of Taurus brings it into form. It is the axis of EARTH (Taurus) MAGIC (Scorpio). The Taurus Full Moon occurs only once (for the most part) during the yearly cycle when the Sun is transiting the sign of Scorpio. This is a potent time to review intentions & make adjustments to protocols that will further support those intentions. The Moon is at her brightest light during this time bringing illumination to all that we have set into motion. Our job is to be stoic when reviewing all that we have done & take the needed measures that will facilitate our reaching our goals.

Find the Scorpio/Taurus houses in your own chart & consider what, in that area of your life, you would like to alter in some way. What have you recently realized in connection with that part of your life? Have you discovered something that would facilitate you or that you need to remove so that there is more flow? Scorpio is connected to the mystery that can be revealed & under the shimmering light of the Taurus Full Moon, it can become crystal clear.

This particular lunation is also a PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. This increases the potential balancing impact that it can bring by opening up the ability to release anything that is creating a blockage. Eclipse times are energy vortexes that can give access to portals within the self where we can raise our vibration to more align with truth. Often, realizations occur that drastically alter our perceptions & increase our subjective awareness of what is misaligned within us. This can manifest externally as a seeming loss of something that makes up a part of our reality. And yet, over time, we come to realize that it was no loss at all, but rather, a portal (opening) into something much more desirable or at the very least, something that more accurately reflects our true purpose. It is, of course, up to us to do the work to fully let go of all that no longer fits & to develop that which more closely aligns. We translate change into LOSS when we fail to align to the energy of GROWTH & rather view it as something reactive & even frightening. Do not be afraid if you are being asked to SHIFT. Embrace the invitation & SHIFT UP into faith & optimism, not down into fear & remorse.

So, ask yourself the question:




These general questions could jump-start the process that the eclipse promises. Be willing to go deep & into the dark recesses of your inner self. Do not balk if the answer to any of these questions makes you afraid. Understand that the ego-self, that part of you rooted in this present reality matrix, is hell-bent on sustaining a sense of security…EVEN IF IT IS FALSE!!! That’s the deal; safety, hanging on to that which appears to be creating that safety. And yet, the soul self just wants to grow, to evolve, to soar. Often that means that something must be removed, something that is like a chain that is keeping you tied to a weight that is no longer useful or desirable…on a soul level. This can be a tricky & challenging process. It can involve huge life transformations that open the door to an unknown future. That is why, so often, we turn away from the invitation to step into possibility & choose, rather, to remain in what we already know, what is familiar & seemingly reliable. In the end, whatever choice is made will determine the eventual state of the inner emotional body—YOU—as you continue on in your life journey.

Here are a few mantras that you can choose to chant as the Moon reaches fullness based on the polarity houses within your own natal chart that are activated by this Full Moon.



I embrace truth & honesty in all of my initiatives & relationships.


Houses 2/8: I commit to integrity & treat others as I would like to be treated.


Houses 3/9: I stay open mentally & trust my inner ‘truth meter’ when receiving new information.


Houses 4/10: I am who I am & I do not hide my truth from others.




Houses 5/11: My heart is open & my dreams are pure.




Houses 6/12: My body is a temple & I stay close to the DIVINE.


If the Full Moon falls in your

1st House:  You are a down-to-earth sort of person. You prefer to keep things simple & you love anything that brings you closer to a sense of organic well-being. You probably love to be out in nature but even if you don’t, you likely love to look at nature from the window seat! Give yourself a make-over at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Get rid of anything from your closet that makes you feel dumpy or bored. Try something new on for size! Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again even though you know it isn’t working.

2nd House:  Your budget may need an overhaul! Be willing to review your spending habits & honestly assess if what you have been purchasing is really what you truly need or even want. Sometimes, we get stuck in routines that do not serve us particularly well & become outdated. Are you living in alignment with your internal moral compass? What, if anything, can you do to more closely represent your values in the way that you make your choices?

3rd House: Get ready to lose ideas that no longer resonate with who you have become. CHANGE YOUR MIND. It will make you feel reborn. Remember, after a bit of time, these ‘new‘ ideas will become ‘old’ & in need of change. Go for it & be courageous in your thoughts.

4th House: Take a look around at your personal private environment; at who you are when there’s no one else around. What needs to go? What do you REALLY need? When the curtains are drawn & the lights are off, who is there with you in the dark? Be brave. Be honest about it.

5th House: Sometimes we love by habit. We train ourselves to have affection for people and things just because it seems like the right thing to do. Who do you really love? Who truly thrills you? And what about you? Who do you want to thrill…if anyone? Open the door to your heart & give love a chance.

6th House: Change those nasty habits that fill up your days. Ritual is only sacred if we choose to make it so. Listen to the messages that your body is sending you. Is it time for a cleanse? Are you ready for a purge? Can you change your routines so that they are more reflective of who you have grown to be? This can be one of the more challenging areas when it comes to alterations! Habits are HARD to break, even when we know that we should.

7th House: Relationship only stays alive if we allow it to change & shift with the prevailing energy of the times. Can we outgrow our partners? What should we do if we suddenly find we have outgrown our partners? Are friends forever? How do we leave a relationship that is no longer working the way that it once did? A Full Moon Eclipse in this part of our lives is often difficult to deal with because when “I say goodbye…you say hello…” Better to cherish good memories than to create bad ones.

8th House:

It’s time to unload anything that belongs to the past. Are you hurting over wrongs that happened long ago. Dump them. Look for new approaches to old emotional blockages. It’s time to re-invent how you work your way through your hang-ups & baggage. Pay your debts or they will find you & make you do so. And that’s debt on every level, material, emotional & spiritual. A new chapter begins so close the book on that old chapter once and for all. Will any of this be simple or easy? True emotional healing is never easy & it’s always intense! So, find a damn good energy worker who you TRUST WITH YOUR VERY LIFE & go get some treatments!

9th House:

There’s a longing in your soul & it’s time to follow it. Suddenly things you’ve thought seem outdated & clumsy. Here feels restrictive & there is calling to you to get on the road & get going. A change of perspective hits you like a ton of bricks & your eyes are suddenly opened. You get it; what it all means; what the hidden messages are; what your role is in the broader scheme of things. Wisdom prevails! And you realize that there is no end to acquiring knowledge, an infinite array of possibility to grow; that the world is filled with endless opportunity to explore & learn. Oh Joy, joy, joy!

10th House:

The mask that you have so carefully constructed over the years simply falls off & there you are, revealed in every possible way. If you have been flowing with your own authentic self-understanding, you are good to go. Be prepared to make any necessary adjustments if the mask is removed to reveal something other than the true you. You will either reap the rewards or pay the price. Whichever one it is, change is at hand.

11th House:

Your aspirations are under the laser. What you once thought was important, the goals you nurtured & pursued seem stale, worn out. Take the time to renew your zest for community & cooperative commitments. Maybe a new ‘pay it forward’ undertaking? Possibly joining a new group, finding a new collective enterprise? Joining a choir, finding a new book club, maybe a sewing circle or quilting collective; what about that cooking course? Your old routines feel tedious & you are more than ready to try something new on for size.

12th House:

Suddenly your soul craves to connect to the ‘divine’. Faith could be renewed or overhauled as the case might be. You get extraordinary insights into yourself & you are momentarily amazed. Is this who I really am, you whisper to yourself. Pay close attention to your dreams & intuitions as they can be augmented under an eclipse. Create a personal care schedule for yourself that recharges your spiritual batteries & fortifies you from hidden foes.

The most significant interaction of any celestial event to points within the personal horoscope are the conjunctions & oppositions & with a very tight orb. However, it is also useful to explore what other aspect formations are being activated. So, when assessing the impact of any celestial event within the scope of a personal chart, I take into consideration, with an extremely tight orb, the whole scope of aspects that present. If you are working with your own chart & would like to dig deeply into this upcoming eclipse as it relates to YOU, email me for a personalized session:

[email protected]

The Sabian Symbols for this very potent & important Full Moon are:









Eclipses can either bring ‘second chances’ or ‘just reward’, or both, for that matter. There is a strong sense of renewal & arrival in this combo of images. How sweet it can be to suddenly ‘fall in love’ in later life. It can inspire us & reinvigorate us to at least FEEL young again. And, we savour the renewal all the more since we know how fleeting it could be. We have learned our lessons so we proceed with mindful appreciation! And we are much more certain of all that is happening since we have acquired skill, accomplishment & a measure of personal authority. We are the ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’ of our domain & we have every expectation of enjoying the fruits of our hard-won positions. As you sow, so shall you reap…truthfulness begats satisfaction; deceit begats regret.


Enjoy the EARTH Magic Moon!

Today I drew an angel card…here is the message it gave…

“I am leading you

toward the answer

to your prayers.

Please listen to & follow the steps

I am communicating

through your intuition, thoughts & dreams.”


Scorpio New Moon, November 4, 2021 @ 4:15 pm

We are now fully entered into THE SEASON OF THE WITCH! This Scorpio NEW MOON is exactly opposite Uranus (RX) in Taurus, activating this polarity energy to the max. Whatever is revealed either through external prodding or internal unveiling, has the potential to be explored & integrated if you choose to do the work! At the highest of levels, Uranus is the impulse to INDIVIDUATE, to be singular, unique. What is calling to YOU? What is stirring deep within you that is either causing discomfort or a sense of liberation? The discomfort arises when you are choosing to disregard the call of your higher true self. The sense of liberation is a result of heeding the deepest & most authentic impulses of your nature. Collectively, we are all being asked to FACE THE TRUTH. Look around carefully. What is true? And what actually just stinks to high heaven with deceit?

At this extraordinary seedtime & with the energy of the unexpected facing down the initiation of self-exploration, we are in for a wild ride into potential self-discovery. (Uranus in Taurus RX exactly opposed to the Sun/Moon in Scorpio @ 13 *). Be fearless as you uncover your own inner truths, whatever they might be.

Mars, newly entered into Scorpio is adding fuel to the fire of this lunation with a wide conjunction, having just met with the Balsamic Moon. The call to action here is to be willing to delve into the issues that are hidden deep within you even if it causes irritation & disruption. Healing on any level is associated with a certain amount of discomfort.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






It is amazing to me that these images linked to the 360* of the zodiacal wheel appear to align with the prevailing energy of the times. With the configuration of Uranus, Mars & the New Moon, this is prime time for experimentation. It’s prime time to ‘invent’ something totally new that can be used to shift the matrix of your life. If you have been feeling stuck or blocked in any way, allow yourself to access the powerful scorpionic energy of revelation & depth perception that ultimately leads to transformative process. Locate where in your own chart this New Moon falls & consider what, in that part of your personal reality, needs to be re-booted & made new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; any little effort is an effort well made. So, try things on for size and see how they feel for YOU. And keep in mind, this is all about ‘experimentation’ so if the shoe DOES NOT fit, that is okay. At least now you know it.

The polarity point in Taurus reminds us that we need every tool we can access to ‘handle the baggage’ that we are hauling around. Clever innovation can contribute to creating strategies that will enable us to do exactly that. We all have baggage, some that could be discarded but also some that we might choose to retain. ‘Baggage’ contains all that we have accumulated over the course of our life experience. It can be a useful exercise to spend regular time in meditation and review.  Think back to the way you reacted in the past & compare it with how you react now. Consider past choices & compare them to the choices you have made more recently. This analysis can be useful & shed light on parts of yourself that still need some polishing & even more interestingly, give you some sense of accomplishment. We often underrate ourselves, focusing on what we HAVE NOT managed to attain rather than focusing on the progress that we have made. It’s always a good thing to give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ from time to time.


Mercury has completed his retrograde, having turned direct on October 18, 2021, & moving totally out of the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde on November 4, 2021, syncing nicely with the lunation. This is yet another indication that we have a golden opportunity to put our thinking caps on & really zero in on any of the issues that we might be facing. At the time of the lunation, Mercury Direct in Libra forms a 5* applying conjunction to Mars, newly entered into Scorpio, suggesting clarity of thought & purpose aligned to action.

Venus, at 29*SAG 27’, is ready to shift into Capricorn setting the stage for a restructuring of personal ethics & values. In Capricorn, Venus seeks to support responsible choice-making based on integrity & morality. This is no-nonsense energy that demands accountability at every turn.



Mars is newly entered into Scorpio @ 3*SCO 33’. Intensity of purpose, devotion to honesty in action & the relentless pursuit of excellence are just a few of the characteristics of this energy.

The mid & outer planets are beginning their shift into direct motion which should allow us to feel less fettered & freer in our self-expression. Focus in on your lower chakras. Imagine that they are beating harmoniously like a series of drums, deep, deeper & deepest, giving you impetus, power & stability.

Jupiter stationed direct on October 18, 2021, @ 23* Aquarius while Saturn stationed direct on October 11 @ 7* Aquarius. The Aquarius/Leo axis is fully activated now with both of the mid-range planets resonating there. What is best for the many? How can the ‘one’ contribute to the health & wealth of the collective? Where is this little experiment called humanity headed? Meditate daily on principled LOVE, AGAPE, so that we end up in the ‘garden’ & not at the ‘gates of hell’.

Uranus is in his slowdown to his Station which occurs early in 2022. He has now completed his transit of the first decanate of Taurus, the Taurus/Taurus decanate. In the New Year, he stations direct @ 11* Taurus & continues his journey through the second decanate of that energy, the Taurus/Virgo portion. The natural system of things has been upended. Everything that we thought was reliable has been called into question. We must now begin to sort through the chaos of the last few years & get a sense of what is actually real & what is patently NOT real. We must re-think how we interface with both Nature & one another & yes, once again, find a way back to the garden where we belong & from whence we came. Hang onto your hats, little flowers, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Neptune is almost stationary @ 21* of Pisces. He turns direct on December 1, 2021. At the highest level, this is the energy of sweet purity; the ability to see the rainbow despite the fog around us; the exercise of faith in the face of fear. Trust that you are safe & in the embrace of the Great Divine. We are now in the Scorpio Decanate of the Pisces energy. It is now that we take the spiritual lessons that we have been learning & root them deep into our secret selves so that we cannot be deterred from the truth that is pure & that sustains us in these times of trouble & crisis. Believe with all of your heart, mind & soul that our guides are with us & will not abandon us despite what we see around us.

Pluto, the god of the underworld of secrets, taboos & hidden power, is direct & supportive of the impulse to forge ahead & transform all that is not functional into something that is functional. In order to create that which works, we have to get rid of all that is not working. That can be scary & chaotic but it is necessary. AND, we can do it! Humans have survived for countless eons on this rock hurtling through space. There are eons yet to come!

Happy, happy, happy Scorpio new Moon. Get out your ‘witchy’ gear & fly the skies of knowing…

Be not afraid of the TRUTH that lies beneath the waves of your soul

You are a mighty warrior

You are the master of your life

Open your heart to the power of your integrity

Hold fast to the knowledge that you have uncovered

through trial

through tribulation

through the sorrow

that births THE JOY

Full Moon Aries, October 20, 2021 @ 28*

With the Sun in Libra, the Full Moon sparkles & sizzles in Aries, & more so with Mars closely aligned & opposing Eris, the dwarf planet that has been wreaking chaos in her wake! No one ever said that life would be simple or easy, did they? But that is not what we, as spiritually minded seekers of insight, are looking for. Rather, we want to understand the why of things so that we can better align to a higher purpose, a ‘sweeter’ path of becoming. Whatever might be chafing your own soul at this moment, step back and out of the drama. Try to get a perspective so that you can ride the wave rather than be sucked in by the undertow of the emotional current. It’s a Herculean task, for sure, but one that we all must attempt to do.

With Eris so close to the Full Moon, both in Aries, emotions may well be all over the place, uncontrolled, out of bounds, explosive. Our job is to get to the source of any issue that might be front & center & to methodically & relentlessly act to stabilize ourselves.  Pluto, the agent of deep & intrinsic transformation is in square alignment to Eris & the Sun while the Moon & Mars are square to Pluto. This is clearly a seminal time for confronting ‘the beast’ in whatever form it may take. Eris demands that we take another look at everything that we thought we clearly had under control. Remember, Eris is a deep, deep, unconscious force that is at the very core of YOUR soul. Nothing is ‘happening to us’ that we did not first conceive of ourselves.

In Aries, Eris demands that we re-visit EVERYTHING that we thought we knew to be true. This is the time for a fresh start on the collective level. This ‘goddess of chaos’ will be with us until mid-century by which time Pluto will have moved into Pisces, Neptune into Taurus & Uranus into Virgo. We will have the resources to begin from a SPIRITUAL base of transformation (Pluto in Pisces), align our spiritual sense to the living breathing Earth (Neptune in Taurus) & change the way we systematically exist in material reality with a focus on Healing rather than consumption (Uranus in Virgo). Of course, we need not wait until 2050. We must get down to doing all that we can RIGHT NOW. Close your eyes as you read this & envision the reality that you want to exist in. Do this at the start & end of each & every day. The more of us who focus on peace & love, in thought & action, the more likely will it come into being.

So, even it all feels a bit overwhelming at this present moment in time, after chaos comes reparation; after destruction, comes rebuilding; after confusion comes a refocusing of our collective sense of direction. The interplay between Pisces & the earthy energies of Taurus & Virgo will guide us into a deeper connection to reality if we allow it.

Keep Love first & foremost in your mind



But certainly, right now, our collective reality is being rocked to its core. As a collective, we are demanding accountability on every level, from our leaders, from our guides, from our security systems, from our information streams, from each other. It’s becoming more and more clear that the systems that have been put into place over the last ‘time out of mind’, are no longer functioning appropriately. The fact is that they haven’t been functioning all that well for centuries but we are at a point now, today, in the here and now, when we can no longer deny it, repress it, or simply not deal with it. Something has got to change if we are to recreate our human family system into something that more resembles what the DIVINE Spark intended it to be. It truly is up to us. No one else will do it. Will we?


The Sabian Symbol for the Aries Full Moon is:


Something is out of kilter. Whether it is the play that is being presented or the audience that is out of sync with the presentation, an adjustment needs to be made. We must seek to find a common purpose, a universal language that will both bind together & heal the weary soul. Many today have the sense that they are speaking loudly, yet not being heard. In the middle of a screaming mob, no one voice can be distinguished. It’s time to settle down & regroup; stop the cacophony & just listen.  If we can tame the wild beast of chaos & frustration then we will get to:


This is the point of extreme events—to push us to the place where we can begin again. Aries is the birth of all that is new, the resurgence of primal power. In Aries, we can lay down a totally new foundation that will enhance our relationship with one another (Libra).  We can sweep away (Eris) the broken bits of yesterday & open the door to a brighter & better tomorrow. That is the fundamental truth of the evolutionary principle; it is through the agony of transition that we attain a greater perfection of purpose. Suffering leads to refinement & growth if we give ourselves permission to do so. No one will ever change for the better until they acknowledge that they have arrived at the worst. Honestly consider your own circumstances. Are you at your ‘breaking point’? If you feel that you can go no further the way you are, then you are at a turning point, if you want to take it. The promise of rebirth is clearly evident in the joining of these two degrees. It’s quite beautiful, actually.

Eris @ 25* Aries: A DOUBLE PROMISE

And yet again, the oracle reassures us. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, it appears that the world has gone crazy. Yes, the wicked appear to be immune to punishment. And yet, that is NOT the whole of it. Gaia,  at the behest of the Divine, is what is really holding this reality together. We must ‘get back to the garden’ if we are to receive the fruits of the promise which is, essentially, LIFE. So, though these are difficult times, hard to deal with, we must hold the vision, keep clear the channel, stay connected to SOURCE despite it all. If we do, if we are true, if we stay the course, we will receive all that we have earned in the end.

I stand at the gate

Naked & alone

And yet the sun shines down on me

And I see the promise of peace just ahead

I am filled with the glory of everything

I am drenched in the ecstasy of being

Joy is my name

So I dance


New Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021 @6:05 AM CDT

Get set for an energy-packed New Moon in Libra! Mars in Libra, exactly aligned to the lunation, infuses this coming month with get up & go, the will to act in full righteousness & the impulse to create superlative harmony & cooperation. Let’s set ALL differences aside & focus on the single common element that binds us together; we are a family of humans regardless our race, creed, or ideology. In UNITY we survive & thrive. In discord, we suffer & perish.

There are significant planetary shifts during October. Are you feeling the nigglings of the current Mercury RX through Libra? Keep in mind that misunderstanding can occur when words are spoken. Use the Libra energy of compromise to repair & renew the connections you have to those around you. Friendship is precious. It’s worth the effort to keep it alive. Mercury stationed RX on September 27, 2021, @ 26* Libra & will station direct on October 18 @ 11* Libra, just prior to the Aries Full Moon. Even though we don’t leave the ‘shadow until November 3, 2021, we should all start to feel a surge of forward movement supported by the shift of the outer planets into direct motion.

The real shift that we will all begin to experience is when the outers begin to turn DIRECT!

October 6, 2021: Pluto stations direct @ 25* Capricorn. It’s time to air things out, discard all that you have reviewed and found to be no longer of use. Keep what is still of worth to you but be willing to assess worth honestly & brutally. On the most literal of levels, clear out those closets of collected stuff from years of stockpiling. What, really, do any of us truly need on the material level? We should, at the very least be willing to ASK ourselves that question. On the most spiritual of levels, Pluto requires ongoing effort to transform ourselves into beings of light & love. The bad stuff occurs when we resist this force that emanates directly from the soul. Again, brutal honesty is necessary if we are to take up the ’sword of the spirit’ & ‘fight the fine fight’ against the forces of darkness around us.

October 11, 2021: Saturn stations direct @ 6* Aquarius. What have you gained from your own inner reflections? How can you be more proactive in the choices that you make? What ‘new’ enterprise could be useful for you? Look at where this degree is in your own natal chart to determine where & how you can personally take charge of your life. If you are a solar, lunar, or rising Aquarius, this shift of energy will give you a new outlook, a fresh start whether in terms of your ideals, emotions or daily activities. And look for that surge of resolve to stick to ‘the plan’!

October 18, 2021: Jupiter stations direct @ 23 * Aquarius. The gates of boundless opportunity open wide. The time to act on your ideals, your visions of the future, your sense of place within the collective is now. By the end of the year, Jupiter will have finally shifted into Pisces, one of his ‘home’ signs. The promise of the 2020 Jupiter/ Aquarius conjunction will take a clearer form. What is your place in a hope for the future? Where do you fit in with the collective vision of what we, as a human race, can be? Find your tribe; support your ideals; be your best!

With these three energies now in full gear, we all have the opportunity to put into action whatever it is that we have been meditating upon. By mid-January, all of the outers will be in direct motion, supporting this sense of forward movement on all possible levels. Let’s put the last 2 years behind us once & for all!

New Moon Meditation

from the TAO TE CHING:  isbn 1 84483 222 


Whatever is planted deeply

is not easily uprooted.

Whatever is embraced sincerely

does not crave escape.

Ever since we lost our intuition

as our main guide in life,

these virtues have had to be

consciously cultivated to survive.

Cultivate them in yourself

and they will be genuine.

Cultivate them in your family

and they will surely flourish.

Cultivate them in your community

and they will be long lasting.

Cultivate them in your country

and they will be widely propagated.

Cultivate them in the world

and they will certainly become universal.

In this way you will know others

by what you do yourself.

You will know families

by what you contribute as a family.

You will know the world

by what you do as a planetary citizen.

How do we know all this?

Because we know

that each part is the whole,

and the whole is in each part.

May the love

that is in each of us


and find itself

in the other…

Pisces Full Moon: September 20, 2021 @ 6:54 PM CDT

A time of reflection; a time to let go & just be in the present moment.

Pisces energy is, at the purest of levels, of the divine. It is where we discover the true meaning of spirituality, the essence of merging with that which is within us & around us all.

This is one of the most magically mystical Full Moons of the yearly cycle. Think back to the New Moon in Pisces last March & review the intentions you set back then. How have you done in the ensuing 6 months? Have you made progress or did you get sidetracked? No judgments allowed. Just observe & then reset where necessary.

Last March the planetary energy was all direct in motion, encouraging us to set clear intentions & then to take appropriate action according to the intentions set. Now, the planetary energy is all retrograde which reminds us that it is useful to step back from ongoing action, to re-examine our reality, to review the actions that we have taken & to make the necessary adjustments. That March 13, 2021 New Moon in Pisces was square to the nodal axis, suggesting a turning point. This Full Moon trines the nodes, indicating that energetic help is available as you follow your individual pathway.

The Sun @ 29* Virgo is conjunct Mars @ 4* Libra, trine Saturn @ 8* Aquarius, as well as being trine the nodes. Find your voice, (the airy energy), ground your feet, (the earthy energy) & get ready to stand your ground firmly rooted in your truth. With the Full Moon sextile to Pluto, transformation is possible if we just imagine it to be so, (the magic of the Pisces energy).

Venus in Scorpio stands full frontal to Uranus in Taurus demanding an accounting of what is of value, what is precious, what is meaningful. The Scorpionic Goddess will not tolerate deception so find your truth & be your truth.

Mercury in Libra perfectly trines Jupiter in Aquarius bestowing clarity of thought for those who avail themselves of it. Think critically in all things. Be open to challenging prevailing narratives that begin to make less and less sense as more information is revealed. Be willing to admit that you were wrong if it comes to it. Don’t let your pride trap you in a prison of your own making.

With Neptune closely aligned to the Moon, give yourself permission to BELIEVE. Believe that love & goodness will prevail. If you have to, turn off your media & give yourself a break from the calamity of men. It is still unclear which way the collective will go. That knowledge is hidden from us, probably because it does us no good to know too much. However, we are part of the ‘ALL IS’, the SOURCE, so we can hold onto that & maintain a calm heart knowing that whatever might occur, there is something more than just what we experience on this material level. That is the gift of Neptune; a connection to the GREAT INTEGRITY, the DIVINE, or whatever you may choose to call it.

The Sabian Symbols for the wonderful Full Moon are:


Nothing is just black or white. Reality is a varied array of the full spectrum of colours available. Truth is only absolute when we transcend this shadowy vale of tears so do not make the mistake of thinking that YOUR truth is the only truth. Be willing to explore the ‘prism’ of options and alternate perceptions. And embrace diversity in all of its many manifestations, whether literal or mythical. Our outside does not determine our inside. Train yourself to look beyond the surface of all things & dive into the truth within. There is no white, no black, no brown. All colours are part of the prism of wholeness.


There is SO much information floating around that it can be overwhelming to discern what we should pay attention to & what is not worth paying attention to. The sense here is that it is incumbent on each of us individually to DO THE RESEARCH to the best of our capacity. It also appears that there is yet more to be revealed to the general collective since the knowledge is still ‘secret’. Whatever we do, we must not just blindly accept the prevailing narrative because it is easy to do so. In our current global situation, there is a growing number of professionals from all walks of life who are beginning to question the ways & means that have been used to combat what has been labeled as a ‘pandemic’. Substantiated accounts are beginning to come out about corruption, coercion & deceit at the highest levels of governmental oversight. Never overlook the fact that this current world system is based on greed & avarice; a kill or be killed kind of attitude. Look into your heart. Explore the ‘secret knowledge’ & follow the path of principled love.

The following is taken from THE TAO TE CHING;

ISBN 1 84483 222 8


Allow the heart to empty itself

of all turmoil!

Retrieve the utter tranquility of mind

from which you issued.

Although all forms are dynamic,

And we all grow and transform,

Each of us is compelled

To return to our root.

Our root is quietude.

To fully return to our root

Is to be enlightened.

Never to experience tranquility

Is to act blindly,

A sure path to disaster.

To know tranquility is to embrace all.

Justice is the foundation for wholeness.

Wholeness is the GREAT INTEGRITY.


Is the infinite fulfilling itself.

May you all find some comfort at this glorious & hopefully TRANQUIL FULL MOON.

Blessed be.

NEW MOON IN VIRGO September 6, 2021 @ 7:52 pm CDT

It’s New Moon in Virgo time again! By now, you know that we only get to experience each particular energy about once per year as a NEW MOON. Occasionally, we will have two successive lunations within the same sign but usually, it is an annual event.  Having a collective New Moon in Virgo is always welcome for those of us who want to sort things out!! Virgo energy facilitates clear thinking & strategic implementation of initiatives.

On a more esoteric level, this is the ‘HEALING’ Moon. When functioning at an optimum level, this is the energy that can trigger start a clearing process both physically, but even more importantly, emotionally & spiritually. Settle yourself down & focus on what in your personal reality requires adjustment. Healing, on any level, is an adjustment of that which is malfunctioning so that it can function more efficiently. Virgo energy is about purge, clean-up, removal of what is no longer of use. And, this time of the year, as we begin to move towards Autumn, is a great time to start to sort & organize both the physical & spiritual reality.

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo ( 14*VIR38’) is exactly trine to Uranus RX (14*TAU39’). The energy of the unexpected, of change is supporting the urge to clear away & begin anew. Earth energy is highly featured here. It is the impetus to get down to the nitty-gritty, to work hard at getting things into order, to serve where it is possible to do so, to practically & methodically go through the junk of one’s life & clean it up!

This New Moon is particularly significant for anyone with the Natal Sun or Moon in Virgo. If that is you, take a moment to check in with yourself to locate any areas of life that need to be re-booted, re-ordered, or even summarily dismissed. Stay open to new perspectives & be willing to alter old habits that may not be working anymore. Try a fresh approach to old standing issues to see if you can kick start the energy of shift & healing.

Everyone can benefit from this process. Locate where in your natal chart this energy is located. Wherever that is, this is where you can initiate something; a new attitude, a new protocol, a new directive for yourself. Ask yourself the question: “How can I improve this part of my life?” And always bear in mind, that above all else Virgo can heal & repair what is damaged, broken, traumatized. The kindly attentive Virgo ‘nurse’ will never abandon her patients!


Are you acting in harmony with what you actually think? How many of your relationships are based on solid ground? Get rid of habits & people that no longer serve your highest good!


Have you fallen into a slump when it comes to your inner moral compass? Do you allow others to bully you into doing things that conflict with those values? Have you become lax with your resources? Make a budget & stick to it!


What can you do to refresh your mind? Are you willing to explore new ideas & philosophies? What kind of things could help you to communicate more effectively? Get rid of the ‘word whiskers’!


Is it time to tackle the build-up of unnecessary accumulation in your home environment? Getting rid of ‘stuff’ can lighten up your image & help to present a new ‘face’ to the world. Start with just one drawer!


Are there relationships in your life that need some tender affection? Do you need to find a new set of ‘soul-mates’ to support you & your ideals? What is impeding your heart energy? Throw it out, baby & start anew!


Old habits die hard, they say. Use the powerful healing energy of this New Moon to create new Habitual Rituals for yourself. Here is just one small suggestion. Never leave your bedroom until you have made your bed. It takes about a minute once you develop a system & coming home at night to a smartly made bed refreshed the weary soul! On a spiritual level, promise yourself to renew your contract with the divine, whatever that is FOR YOU. There is something beyond that which we can touch & see & it is the thing that infuses meaning into this sometimes chaotic & nonsensical dance of life. Grab it & hold on tight. It will get you through any storm!



The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:


Historically, in chivalrous times, a beautiful handkerchief was used to denote favour bestowed by the patron to the champion. It acted as a reminder of what was at stake in the challenge or battle that was at hand. We must ‘wear’ our figurative handkerchiefs at all times & remind ourselves that we are striving to act with honour, be diligent in our pursuit of excellence in action. Whatever we want to put into order, clean up, heal in our lives, we must be attentive to how we proceed and we must DO NO HARM as we do so.


Nothing ever gets done without a solid, clear plan of action. This is ‘get down to business’ time in whatever area of life is featured. Take the time to think carefully about what you want to accomplish & then create a strategy to help you achieve your clearly envisioned intention. Systems are the KEY to success!


By the way, because we had two Aquarius Full Moons in the preceding months, we are back to an energetically successive lunation cycle. This Virgo New Moon will be followed by a Full Moon in Pisces on September 20, regularizing the energetic flow.


The following is VERSE 29 from LAO TZU

From the translation by Ralph Alan Dale


published in 2002/ISBN: 1 84483 222 8



Those who have the most power and wealth

treat the planet as a thing to be possessed,

to be used and abused

according to their own dictates.

But the planet is a living organism,

a Great Spiritual Integrity.

To violate this Integrity

is certain to call forth disaster

since each and every one of us

is an inherent part of this very organism.

All attempts to control the world

can only lead to its decimation

and to our own demise

since we are an inseparable part of what we are senselessly trying to coerce.

Any attempt to possess the world

can only lead to its loss

and to our own dissolution

since we are an intrinsic part

of what we are foolishly trying to possess.

The world’s pulse is our pulse.

The world’s rhythms are our rhythms.

To treat our planet

with care, moderation and love

is to be in synchrony with ourselves

and to live in the Great Integrity.


Meditation for the month:

I open


to healing;

I receive

the infinite love

of the divine…


This year we have the pleasure of TWO AQUARIUS Full Moons, the first one being in July at the beginning of the Sun’s transit through LEO & now, at the very end, 30* of the Sun’s transit through LEO. As with any Full Moon, the polarity energies are activated so find the LEO/AQUARIUS houses in your own natal chart & consider what areas of life are being triggered in your own personal reality.


1/7:    Relationship

2/8:    Resources

3/9:    Communication & Connection

4/10:  Personal Identity/ private & public

5/11:   Self-actualization & Community Consciousness

6/12:   Well-being/physical & mental



This collective Full Moon is a breath of fresh air after the last few lunations of deep introspection & soul-searching. It’s as if the divine universe is giving us permission to open our hearts & show our true colours to all & any who care to see them!

Jupiter is in close proximity to the Moon adding extra buoyancy & optimism while Venus Trines Saturn within about a degree (very close!) infusing us with the power of our considered certainty in all things. Both Venus & Saturn Trine the asteroid, Ceres, also in tight orb, emphasizing that care & nourishment of others works best when the mind is calm & the heart is strong.

We believe in the magical power of the heart & we are grounded in the knowledge of all that we have learned & discovered. No one will shake us from that which we know to be good & true no matter how hard they try. Saturn in Aquarius provides us with the stamina & strength that we need to stand squarely in our truth with love & light as our backdrop. Venus in Libra opens our throat chakra so that sweet words can flow & heal those around us. Ceres in Gemini connects us to those we associate with, in friendship.

All of these celestial objects are in the air element, suggesting clarity of thought, the objectivity of perspective & the ability to detach from emotionalism when interacting with others in potentially volatile situations. Air element infuses a cool, calm & collected atmosphere into the scene. We are rational. We deliberate. We do not jump to conclusions without doing the research. We are thinking beings, able to separate emotion from process. This is truly how we provide care & nourishment to those around us; by being steady in the face of fear & methodical in the face of terrorism. Make no mistake about it, we have all been terrorized over the past few years by improper handling of this so-called ‘threat’ to our physical safety. Most of us are traumatized without even knowing that we are traumatized so be kind to yourself & give those around you some slack as well.

Take the time for the few days around this Full Moon to just ‘BE’ in the energy of creative living. Feel the flow of it deep within your soul & body. Give yourself permission to express your deepest & possibly secret thoughts & feelings, if only to yourself & then incorporate them into your everyday activities to the extent that you are able to. The energy of method & process is highlighted at this lunation by the close conjunction of Mercury & Mars in the analytical sign of Virgo. Do not JUMP to conclusions without first thoroughly exploring as many of the so-called ‘facts’ as you can. Virgo says to be anal in your search for the data that makes sense. And do not forget that we are all operating from behind the film of fear. If you have only been listening to one narrative for the past few years, you have NOT been getting a balanced view of what has been happening. Critical thinking requires that a diversity of opinions be explored & examined & that is not what we have experienced since this hysteria has been perpetrated on the global village.

This lunation is square to the Nodes suggesting that we are at a crossroad. Which way will we go? Will we allow the goodness & truth of Jupiter in Aquarius to lead us out of this slavery to fear? Will we use the power of Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius to fortify us in the face of terrorism? Hopefully, we will.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


This mystical place, the blooming field of Ardath, was a destination where a traveler could find peace, rest & kinship. It could be likened to that spot to which spiritual seekers are drawn. It is in this hallowed place that the seeker finds his soul family & experiences a union of spirit with those who are like-minded. It is a place called HOME; the home that we all long for; that we spend entire lives searching for. Of course, it is to be found deep within each one of us; that is both the magic & the mystery of it; that which we seek is always right at hand if only our eyes of understanding could see it clearly.  In these strange & chaotic times, we must challenge ourselves to find our very own ‘field of Ardath’; to create peace out of friction; to bring peace to that which is not at rest. We must not wait for someone else to do it for us. We must do it for ourselves.

30* Leo:               AN UNSEALED LETTER

What do you want to know? What do you need to know? It’s all there for the taking but you do have to make the effort to actually pull it out of the envelope. Being informed is a choice. Today, many of us are choosing to NOT KNOW more than is comfortable to know. With knowledge, comes the responsibility to act on that knowledge. It is sometimes easier to just stay asleep & not be put into a position where some sort of action needs to be undertaken. This symbol also suggests personal action is necessary when seeking knowledge. If all that we do is turn on the TV & listen to the ‘party line’, we are not active participants in the search for truth. But, Truth is there, in that unsealed envelope, just waiting to be read! And truth, little seeker, will set you free to be at peace in the ‘fields of Ardath’ where humanity can finally find their HOME & reside in unity & peace.

Blessings to all…

mantra for the glorious Aquarius Full Moon

i am one we are one all is one blessed be

NEW MOON/LEO; 08/08/2021 @ 8:50 AM CDT

A new monthly cycle begins for the collective as the Moon meets the Sun @ 17* LEO on 08/08/2021. On this significant ‘21’ day (when summed horizontally), Mercury, The Messenger, joins the LIGHTS in a close conjunction @ 24* LEO, adding perspective & insight.

Saturn opposed the Sun August 2 & the Moon moved to oppose Saturn on August 7, just before this current New Moon. There’s a definite sense of gravity here. When Saturn is involved in a relationship with either of the ‘Lights’, we are reminded to pay attention to the things that we OUGHT to do & the things we NEED to do.

What is the measure of your responsibility? Are you willing to step up to the plate & stand in your own power? Both of these opposition aspects are about the exercise of personal responsibility; the call to autonomy; the need to set boundaries that both empower & protect. This can manifest through your interaction with others & through experiences that may, at first, appear to be happening ‘to me’. However, every experience you have is one that can be used to better understand how to take action, respond, react, to be mindful of how you position yourself within the context of relationship.

Sun /Saturn is the call to stand firmly in your personal power, with certainty & resolve; to establish who YOU are both in your own mind & in context to the ‘other’. Moon/Saturn is the NEED to exercise that power & resolution. If you were born with Saturn in aspect to either of your Lights, you have the capacity to rise to your own personal best–in spades! If you choose success, you will attain success. That is not to say that it will be easy, without challenge, but this energetic combination does promise that you have the inherent capacity to deal with whatever challenges may come & to overcome them! Trines provide facilitation in the face of difficulty while squares give grit!

Jupiter is newly re-entered into Aquarius as well. The fabulous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 2020 is echoed during this Sun in Leo time as the Leo/Aquarius polarity is triggered. When Jupiter & Saturn meet, as they did last year, a new cycle of growth is initiated. In Aquarius, we aspire to a broader vision, to a collective union, to an expansion of humanitarian expression. Where do we fit in within the greater collective? What is our place in this global family? Can we make the leap into an egalitarianism that truly erases superficial differences & is focused on those things that unite us as individuals within a greater group? Our social climate at the moment is full of confrontation & aggression. Instead of creating commonality, various factions within society appear to be fueling division. The promise of Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius seems to have slipped out of our fingers. At this New Moon we should all take the time to RE-IMAGINE ‘the dream’. We should look within & determine how we can amend our actions so that humanity is served through love & compassion. Hatred & division destroys. We must find a way to forgive those who have hurt us. We must try to understand why someone chooses to do what they do without judgment. It will not be easy but if we are to survive as a collective, we must try to do this.

Another facet of Aquarian energy is an emphasis on ‘the collective’. This is, hopefully, the time of the ordinary individual, the unheard citizen. As Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius blast open the portals of ‘liberty, equality & fraternity’, the hope is that the global family will respond to this call for a wider union based on a true sharing of resources.

Hopefully, the time of the ‘ROBBER BARONS’ is coming to an end even though, at this painful moment in time, it appears as if those ‘ELITES’ still hold the balance of power. Despite this apparent stalemate, we hope that we will begin to see ongoing adjustments to the way that we are accessing the limited resources that this planet has to offer. Is it time for the ‘little man’ to have his say? The HEART of humanity, the rainbow coloured spectrum of humanity, shouts out a resounding ‘YES’!

If you are feeling hopeless & frustrated, just remember the FRENCH REVOLUTION (1789) when the ‘little man’ rose up & addressed the centuries-long oppression of the French ruling classes in the most brutal & uncompromising way. The ruling class of that day did not see it coming and so it is today; we may ‘not see it coming’, until it is well & truly upon us.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:

17* LEO: 








Is it possible that old patterns, old protocols, old rules need to be altered? Can we still ‘sing’ in unison with others even though the ‘song’ might be one we are not familiar with? Can we draw on the past without getting stuck in it? Can we ‘watch’ that which has been so that we can extract the best possible lesson from that past experience? Can we use what we have learned to create a better today & an even better tomorrow?

Be vigilant as you observe what is going on around you. Do not accept anything without first researching it. Test out your conclusions against what you have found to be accurate &, even more importantly, against your own inner instincts. If something feels off to you, give yourself time to dive deeply into it so as to reassure yourself of its validity. In these days of rampant & uncontrolled social media, many voices are loudly shouting many divergent things. Do not just accept that which you hear until you have sufficiently proven it to be true to YOUR own satisfaction. Be a critical thinker. Just because you have heard something from the media does not mean that it is true.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity is highly creative. This is the energy of brilliance in thought & the will to bring those thoughts into manifest form. It is about thinking outside the box from the deepest part of our secret self. It is about the expression of uniqueness that can trigger similar actions in others. It is about creating community from diversity, bringing together a wide variety of ideas & expressions to form a living, breathing, evolving whole. Celebrate yourself & give your gifts to your community of choice. It’s the right thing to do!






Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 2021, 9:37 pm CDT

The challenging emotions triggered at the last New Moon, (Cancer) are now out in full view. How are you doing? With the Sun newly entered into Leo, we have the opportunity to shake off the moodiness & just enjoy being. Leo is the energy of wonder & delight, innocent appreciation for anything & everything, a celebration of self! The eternal & irresistible child in us all.

Since this current Full Moon is in Aquarius, Saturn figures into the energetic mix. That planet is currently retrograde & within a wide orb conjunction to the Full Moon.

Whatever challenges we may have experienced over the past little while Mars in Leo opposed Saturn in Aquarius (end of June-the beginning of July) while at the same time pulling in the square to Uranus in Taurus, we now have the opportunity to step back, pull up our breeches & resolve anything that might need resolving. With the wide conjunction of the Moon to Saturn, we can aspire to objectivity in all things emotional, take responsibility without a high degree of drama about the condition of our reality.  While forming a conjunction with the Moon, Saturn is also moving into an exact alignment via opposition to the Sun over the next few weeks with that opposition being exact on August 2, 2021. (For the purposes of inner work, however, we are already in the ‘orb’ of the opposition since Saturn is within 10* of the Sun at this current Full Moon.)

Both Saturn & the Sun are considered to be heavily magnetic energies that have powerful ‘pulling’ power so this alignment could well be felt for several weeks prior to & after the exact opposition. With Saturn in retrograde motion the sense is that he is moving into the range of the Sun’s energy field adding emphasis to the aspect. Because Saturn moves so slowly, he only aligns with the Sun by conjunction or opposition in any of the polarities every 15 years or so with the planets switching signs every other time. For the next year or so, the focus will be on the interaction of the energy with the Sun in Leo & Saturn in Aquarius; (these two planets meet by opposition again in August of 2022). In January of 2035 Saturn will be transiting Leo as the Sun moves through Aquarius, flipping the alignment.

And, of course, we will also experience a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in early 2022, but more on that in another post.

As Saturn makes his slow transit (approx. 30 yr cycle), of the zodiac, each energy is given the opportunity to rise to the height of its capacity of actualization. Saturn, the wise old man of the archetypes, facilitates the psyche to move into full maturity, accept responsibility, do what is appropriate for itself in that moment of time, be his/her own ‘boss of me’. It is now the Leo/Aquarius time to feel the conjunction/opposition impact of this growth into selfhood while the other two fixed signs, Taurus & Scorpio, will experience the energy through the action of the squares.

Sun/Saturn encourages us to establish our individual power & especially so when the Sun is in Leo. Someone who is ‘strongly’ Leo might feel that they are being challenged from every quarter with Saturn representing the collective energies. Or, they might feel that the ‘chickens are coming home to roost’, with past actions now resulting in present-time consequences. Alternatively, you might feel as if the collective energies are fueling you to clarify your own position in any number of circumstances. Who are you in terms of the social group you align to? Do you feel as if the social group around you is supportive? Are you comfortable with your place in that social group? Does the construct of your own personal reality align with who you truly are? Are you living in your truth or are you perpetuating a falsehood? Use the next few months to sort out how you feel about who you are & how you represent yourself.

And, of course, while this drama is played out between the Sun & Saturn, there will be opportunities several times a month to dig deep into the emotional energies you need to get to a place of sovereignty because the Moon will step into the dance as she rapidly transits the zodiac. With this current lunation, the Moon & Saturn are widely conjunct, as previously mentioned, so the energy of Moon/Saturn is marked at this time. This is the energy of emotional control; the energy of personal commitment & of potential accomplishment & success. Until March 2023, the Moon will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius once every month. If you are a fixed energy person, someone with a focus on Aquarius, a Moon, Sun or Rising in Aquarius, or someone with any of these points in fixed energy signs or airy signs, these monthly periods (about 3 days) will be particularly sensitive for you. Prepare yourself to explore emotional fortitude, increased personal empowerment & potential resolve & determination to enact your intentions. If you experience discomfort, dig deeply into that discomfort. What is causing you impediment? Why do you feel resistance? What needs to be altered so that your energy flows more coherently? This can be laborious, tedious & downright hard but in the end, it’s worth the effort that you make.

Along with the monthly conjunction, the Moon will make the whole range of aspects to Saturn as well. Watch for the conjunctions, squares, inconjuncts & oppositions to access needed resolve & fortitude while the sextiles & trines potentially provide much-needed facilitation in the face of challenging circumstances. A useful exercise is to look at the month & mark the days when the Moon aligns to Saturn using a colour coding system.





ADJUSTMENT; REVIEW; PAUSE                                 



EASE; SOLUTION; APPLICATION                                



If you do this every month, you will begin to see a pattern in terms of how YOU receive the above alignments. Make this monthly review a personal ritual. Everyone is unique & what is easy for some might be challenging for others & vice versa. For instance, if you have a lot of squares & conjunctions, the red days may be really productive for you so don’t pre-judge & whatever you do, do not sit in fear of aspects involving Saturn. He is not the monster that some make him out to be. It’s merely karma, baby. Do your due diligence & Saturn will back you up every time.

Again, we will all feel the energy according to our unique natal signature. With Saturn transiting the fixed air sign, fixed energy & airy energy persons could well be more triggered. However, tracking transits is a great way to understand just exactly how your own energy systems operate. This Full Moon is a great starting point for this sort of exercise since Saturn is closely aligned to both the Moon & the Sun by conjunction/opposition. The question of personal responsibility; of action & consequence; of the bottom line ‘reality check’ process is in full view. If you are on a journey into awareness, then this is the energy that serves you.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is found @ 2* Aquarius:


There’s an old adage that says if you should expect anything, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

This is exactly the kind of time in which we live. Nothing is certain & everything is in flux. Be ready to receive sudden insights. Be open to anything new that will shift your perspective. It is often through a shock to one’s system that real change can occur. Certainly, make your plans, dream your dream but know that you have the ability to alter your course if you need to. Flexibility is the key to long-lasting success as you go through life.


New Moon in Cancer, July 9, 2021, 8:17 PM CDT

A new cycle begins & with the Sun/Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, we are challenged to carefully & methodically (Capricorn) scrutinize our emotional (Cancer) process to ensure that we are making the best possible choices for our well-being & continued growth (Pluto).

All of the outer planets except for Uranus are now in retrograde motion, suggesting introspection & meditation. Think carefully about how you feel & even more carefully about how you express those feelings (focus on Cancer-emotional). Emotions are unpredictable & with this New Moon being in its own home sign of Cancer, anything & everything is on the table in terms of emotional response. Feel it, to be sure, but take a pause before acting on whatever it is that you feel. (The Moon has long been understood to be one of the trigger energies when it aligns to any natal planet.)

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity juxtaposes practical response with emotional response. It’s a reminder that emotions are most powerful when we fully feel them and are able to appropriately express them; that we do not become victims to them. It is okay to be sad, to hurt, to be angry, even to feel vengeful. What is not okay is if we allow these raw emotions to control our behaviour. Sadness should be expressed & shared with supportive partners but it should not disempower our fight to heal ourselves. Anger & vengeance felt over injustice should lead to thoughtful strategies to RIGHT what is wrong but not to destroy for the sake of satisfying that angry, vengeful feeling.

At this New Moon, it is a good time to consider new methods of self-care. Our collective foundation has been disrupted over the past 18 months as we, as members of a global community, have attempted to find our place in this strange new reality. Though the majority has appeared to accept the so-called ‘new normal’, there is a growing push back to the narrative that has been imposed. Whether you are one of the contrarians or one of the acquiescent ones, adjustments will have to be made.

For those of you who simply do not accept the prevailing narrative & continue to ask questions & challenge the status quo, you must find ways to nurture yourselves since you are definitely in the minority at this point in time. Find your fellow travelers. Create support groups. Join with others who also prefer to think critically. This will take effort simply because there are fewer of you than those who have chosen to go along.

For those of you who have been willing to accept the prevailing narrative, be open to new information that continues to rise to the surface despite the censorship that has now become par for the course. There are now a rapidly growing number of medical professionals who are beginning to challenge the status quo. Your job is to hear what they have to say & honestly appraise it. Keep in mind that this is a singular event in the sense that society has NEVER responded to potential illness in this manner. In the past, the first line of defense was always the search for a therapeutic, & the development of a so-called ‘vaccine’ came later. At the very least, give some thought to this backward approach that has been undertaken. Ask yourself why. Go & look up the NUREMBURG CODE which was signed by the world’s nations at the end of the horrific WWII when it was discovered that the defeated Nazis had engaged in medical experimentation on those whom they had imprisoned. Consider that EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION for any kind of medical procedure is only given if there are no other therapeutics available. Look up IVERMECTIN. And if you do not find it on the first of your searches, keep digging. It is currently being used in MANY countries as the first line of defense for the virus. And remember, follow the money. It will always take you to the source of the issue. Just pause & calculate how many billions, if not trillions, big Pharma stands to make with universal mandatory vaccination that has to be boosted every 6 months. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself why the definition of ‘herd (natural) immunity’ has suddenly been modified by the powers in charge to reflect the necessity of vaccination. Just stop & consider how isolation & lockdown has actually delayed the organic & natural process of community immunity. And then go back & follow the money; see where it takes you. In the last 18 months, 9 new billionaires have emerged & they are all people connected to the pharmaceutical industry. HMMMMM…interesting…


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:

Cancer 18*01’

(remember, round up)


Relationship is sacred & no more so than RIGHT NOW. Find your sacred relationships. Stay connected to those who are part of your tribe. Nurture these relationships, feed them, protect them because they are what will keep you safe & protected in the days to come.


Capricorn 18*01’


Are we dealing with more than we are able to? Are we inundated with so much information that it is almost impossible to make any sense of it? And yet, inexperienced as we are, do we have access to data that may, in the end, help us to sort all of this out? We all have to take one item at a time out of that shopping bag & examine it until we understand what it is & how it figures into our lives. It’s a slow & challenging process but it can be done. Baby steps, & one at a time.

This New Moon provides us with an opportunity to celebrate intimacy with our kith & kin; to create relationships based on a commonality of thought & purpose; to nurture both ourselves & those who similarly nurture us. The energy of Cancer, at the highest of levels, is Love Personal; the empathic emotional connection of one being to another being. So, no matter what your viewpoint is about this current global crisis situation, base ALL of your actions & responses on LOVE. Give permission to yourself to agree or disagree without animosity. Allow others to have their own sovereign viewpoints & respect that they have come to their conclusions based on real & valid personal experiences that they have had. Do not condemn others just so that YOU can feel more validated. Whatever choice you make is your choice to make. And that goes for everyone around you as well.